Alissa Vanluvender
Alissa Vanluvender Pred 6 urami
It’s like the best song on earth
Thompson Smith
Thompson Smith Pred 6 urami
See this video: slpost.info/dev/Xq2seJaxiGTOvWo/video.html
Onfonem Pred 6 urami
All my emo people stand up ⬆️
Sofía B.
Sofía B. Pred 6 urami
such a talented girl 😊 happy for u baby
Zoe Jin
Zoe Jin Pred 6 urami
*clicks on video* *scrolling through comments*
Alissa Vanluvender
Alissa Vanluvender Pred 6 urami
I love your song so so much
Thomas O'Bannon
Thomas O'Bannon Pred 6 urami
She’s a lovesick girl😭😭
tota Pred 6 urami
give me an owa owa
Charlotte Q
Charlotte Q Pred 6 urami
Name Pred 6 urami
This song has more views in a week then "All I want" (her other song) in 9 months. Thats Crazy💖
JaySungJake '02
JaySungJake '02 Pred 6 urami
I literally relate to this song, he likes the girl who's got all that i don't have. He made a poem and gave it to me, but i guess it wasn't meant for me :)
Haliey Salcedo
Haliey Salcedo Pred 7 urami
Me when I’m sad and start listening to this song and this song makes me happy :)
Juan Alan Nicolas Gomez
Juan Alan Nicolas Gomez Pred 7 urami
#1 on Billboard
Phoenix Sankar
Phoenix Sankar Pred 7 urami
songs hits diff bro 🥺 this reminds me how my girl feels about me
Imen Tini
Imen Tini Pred 7 urami
she beat Ariana Grande...
Chiniii Love
Chiniii Love Pred 7 urami
Ame😍😍estoy obsesionada con esta cancion...❤❤❤❤❤❤
Directioner_ forever
Directioner_ forever Pred 7 urami
The number of times I listen to this song in a day is really concerning . And the amount of tears I have cried over this , let's not get over there 😌😌 Like it is soooo powerful , I have never been into a relationship before nor I am in one right now .... But this song hits different ! ♥️♥️
J'deyah Carey
J'deyah Carey Pred 7 urami
I know my neighbors are probably worried about me bc i keep playing the same song over and over😂
Toastird Pred 7 urami
If white people was a song
Ella rose Eraya
Ella rose Eraya Pred 7 urami
Me:crying bout the boy that doesn't know i exist.
Matilda Pred 7 urami
Not me crying about my imaginary boyfriend
T E E Y A Pred 7 urami
my sister forced me to listen to this song. And yeah i kinda love it
millie silva
millie silva Pred 7 urami
Meu Deus q música perfeita é essa?
juliana pamfilo
juliana pamfilo Pred 7 urami
my bf broke up with me our monthsarry was yesterday were only 3 months and it hurts so bad
juliana pamfilo
juliana pamfilo Pred 7 urami
Have you ever asked myself if you are lacking?
paige jenkins
paige jenkins Pred 7 urami
Sad Potato
Sad Potato Pred 7 urami
Ugh her mix into falsetto is so goodddddd omgggggg
Thiago Gimenez
Thiago Gimenez Pred 7 urami
Imagine people coming here every day.
gnomia indie
gnomia indie Pred 7 urami
Esse é o comentário de um brasileiro que vc tanto procura !
T r a c y
T r a c y Pred 7 urami
Like idk what to say. How in fucks name could Joshua?HOW?Like please!I really want to YEET him at the moment🥶🖐🏾
Elloscyne Gray
Elloscyne Gray Pred 7 urami
This is a masterpieceㅠㅠ
Sleepy Kid
Sleepy Kid Pred 7 urami
been crying over this song since it was released. waiting for more music please
Dubinbok Pred 7 urami
Teo GuUrRrlLL
Teo GuUrRrlLL Pred 7 urami
that moment when he hurts her and she makes him famous by writing this song instead
Seraphina Lily Potter
Seraphina Lily Potter Pred 7 urami
he was already famous
Leo 72
Leo 72 Pred 7 urami
34 million views in a week on a debut single, she's gonna blow up!!!❤️
Drew Pred 7 urami
All these people in pain, yall can get through those sadness. Sending you a virtual hug!
Aliecia Michele
Aliecia Michele Pred 7 urami
really not me listening to this for the past few days and crying over my non existence love story
Janelle Lumauag
Janelle Lumauag Pred 7 urami
Angel Anns
Angel Anns Pred 7 urami
Hey im back again
Campbell Sidebottom
Campbell Sidebottom Pred 7 urami
Scrolling and listening? Yep, again
Golumeitor Pred 7 urami
Odette Vieira
Odette Vieira Pred 7 urami
Who would dump her!?
Jobi Pred 7 urami
I want to see a driving instructor react to Driver's License.
LeNa BuEnA ?
LeNa BuEnA ? Pred 7 urami
when it put me off people
Ashutosh Hindustani
Ashutosh Hindustani Pred 7 urami
People are crazy
Maryam Zaki
Maryam Zaki Pred 7 urami
she has Billie, Lorde and 2008 Taylor vibes
Sulaiman siddiqui
Sulaiman siddiqui Pred 7 urami
Ok but this song is sooooo good. I didnt even knew about her before like 4 mins ago....
NACON 33 Pred 7 urami
I just got a 98% on my permit test two days ago
cigarr8 Pred 7 urami
this is the straight version of heather
Ayanna Campos
Ayanna Campos Pred 7 urami
Ikrame Achekar
Ikrame Achekar Pred 7 urami
Hi guys i made a cover of this song and i would really love it if you could take a look at it on my page ❤
Coopdog 22
Coopdog 22 Pred 7 urami
The song is for josh
Rashid Ell
Rashid Ell Pred 7 urami
I have no idea who is she after i know she just surpassed ariana grande in fasters streaming song in spotify... but this song so so so ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Line K
Line K Pred 7 urami
how was I able to live without this?
ons ghrairi
ons ghrairi Pred 7 urami
Can someone please explain to me why are people hating on Sabrina Carpenter because of this song? PS: i'm not hating on anyone, i'm just curious.
Taehyung Daddy
Taehyung Daddy Pred 7 urami
Who’s here streaming everyday
sheentheexplorer Pred 7 urami
Watching till I memorize the lyrics haha
Tareeqah Amber
Tareeqah Amber Pred 7 urami
I'm addicted to this song!! It's so GOOD!
Maysa el Sekalle
Maysa el Sekalle Pred 7 urami
StixFigurez Pred 7 urami
I saw someone call this song generic and boring, so I proceeded to block them and kept listening cause this song is a MASTERPIECE 😤❤🔥
Tayyab Kamran
Tayyab Kamran Pred 7 urami
Me always crying when i listen to this song😭😭😭
ash Pred 7 urami
now that I'm gone
Nihira Venu
Nihira Venu Pred 7 urami
I find Olivia so pretty? Like this comment if you agree with me.
Alyssa Castro
Alyssa Castro Pred 7 urami
You are everything I am insecure about, Olivia. What you saying?
Aaron Govender
Aaron Govender Pred 7 urami
She is going to be the next Disney Superstar like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato.
Lily The Pineapple
Lily The Pineapple Pred 6 urami
probably more successful i think
Tasfia Hossain
Tasfia Hossain Pred 7 urami
Anthony De La Cuba Berrú
Anthony De La Cuba Berrú Pred 7 urami
El puente de esta canción es la mejor que puede haber 2:30
Jackpot Jackson
Jackpot Jackson Pred 7 urami
I might cry- this hit different
Patricia Pred 7 urami
I don’t mean to be mean just tryna find out why people keep talking about this song? It‘s good but sounds just like any other 2020/2021 pop song... it’s not that special?! Please explain😊
Ilaria Caiazzo
Ilaria Caiazzo Pred 7 urami
She nailed it!
she should sing with conan gray
Podj Pred 7 urami
Are we not gonna talk about how freaking pretty she is and how sad this song is 🥰😭
Claurens Nazaret Valencia Sánchez
Claurens Nazaret Valencia Sánchez Pred 7 urami
Omg this is just beautiful
stella Maheen
stella Maheen Pred 7 urami
24/7 mood rn
Ange Tryphose Kayumba Simbi
Ange Tryphose Kayumba Simbi Pred 7 urami
The girl is so pretty😶 and her voice too😍👏🏾
natea skubic
natea skubic Pred 7 urami
this song really makes me rethink my entire life at 2am.
Oliwia Kluczniok
Oliwia Kluczniok Pred 7 urami
Kto od lexy liva haha?
Everyone shut up i'm in my feels
Paris heiress
Paris heiress Pred 7 urami
Me when i'm depressed* * me putting on this song
NNz Ban
NNz Ban Pred 7 urami
I am ready for this song to hit 100 million
You are the present but sing of the past like there's no future. Your song is only comparable to a Shakespearian sonnet. No kidding.
Roaida4 Remigio
Roaida4 Remigio Pred 7 urami
Perfect for ms. Donalyn bartolome haha