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grateful to be alive..
What Happened To Us
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Time to Change.
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Matt[ma] Gandhi
Matt[ma] Gandhi Pred 3 urami
WOW! After seeing this whole clip I feel I just HAVE TO give kudos the whole of this team - and of course to Wim Hof himself!! What an incredible inspiring and beautiful - and not to mention well-made - docu-styled SLpost-clip! This could easily have been aired on Netflix - or any other channel like it! Very well made, inspiring and also so beautiful to see the comradery of this close-knit crew. And also, I've - at least for the last 15 or 20 years or so - also believed that we, as in human-beings, possess a much greater capacity than we're most usually given credit for....that is that we, with the help of techniques such as meditation, breath-work or like the technique developed by Wim Hof himself are able to unlock a, for us otherwise hidden potential! Respect to everyone featuring in this clip! Much love from Sweden.
*Anja* Pred 3 urami
Likith gowda
Likith gowda Pred 3 urami
i am totally inspired by the things you guys do ,and really wish to meet you guys and experience some of your stuff in a lifetime ,and give my life a meaning
christopher white
christopher white Pred 3 urami
Yup to conclude 2020 had some bad energy for everyone. I literally broke my phone, failed a grade, and broke my ribs skating last year. Good thing most of us are still alive. Live life with no fear❤️🔥🤘
joy gabriel
joy gabriel Pred 3 urami
I wish someone asked me this.. Sky diving is in top 10 of my bucket list..ohhh god plzz send them here 🙏🙏
A- Kay
A- Kay Pred 4 urami
F8 Pred 4 urami
All the girls out there putting the speed to 0.25 to see if the editors delayed the black box, ya I know
Dave Smith
Dave Smith Pred 4 urami
Thank you so much for doing this content. Having spent a lot of time in this wonderful country, I know that the people are exactly how you depicted them. As soon as the rest of the world realise that Afghanistan is a peace loving nation, that is unfortunately known for the actions of an invading force, the better
christopher white
christopher white Pred 4 urami
These are real friends. Id choose these guys over David dobrik's group anyday ✊
Rob United
Rob United Pred 4 urami
In 1985 me my wife and 2 very close friends were driving home on from a short holiday, was driving down a country lane in the middle off nowhere and we seen a large flashing light as we were approaching it was a large oval shaped aircraft and it literally moved away so quickly. We all still tell people the story till this day and nobody believes us🤣
Steve Evans
Steve Evans Pred 4 urami
amazing, dude, bro, whoa, awesome, feckin cold man! Really smart idea yelling and screaming on a train you are illegally riding breathing in toxic iron ore. The fact the adverts for this video is about shaving your nutsack just about sums it all up.
Marek Smutný
Marek Smutný Pred 4 urami
You are amazing guys!!! Keep rolling! Love to watch <3
RRB kumar
RRB kumar Pred 5 urami
One like for that cool guide. 👍❤️
Kinan Barakat
Kinan Barakat Pred 5 urami
and to be fair, Thailand is one of the hardest countries to do this challenge in
Splashy69 Pred 5 urami
Bruh, props to the cameraman
Jagreet Hodavadekar
Jagreet Hodavadekar Pred 5 urami
This video was amazing guys! Truly inspiring and meaningful.
Aram Ciwan
Aram Ciwan Pred 5 urami
Bijî Kurd û Kurdistan ❤️ ☀️ 💚 ✌🏻
Edward Chang
Edward Chang Pred 5 urami
Love the channel! ...but nah it ain’t aliens :/
Dodie Odie
Dodie Odie Pred 5 urami
I'm wondering how these folks are eating.
Katikam Prudhvi
Katikam Prudhvi Pred 6 urami
Indian sadhus doing this from thousands of years 👍
sunny gogoi
sunny gogoi Pred 6 urami
Guys watch out Goggins will be nearby
Marek Smutný
Marek Smutný Pred 6 urami
He can not survive in Bratislava for 5€ :D I am from here... just let me know when you will be here next time
Anthony Schmitt
Anthony Schmitt Pred 6 urami
Your buddy asked if it’s safe lol.
sunny gogoi
sunny gogoi Pred 6 urami
Sky what a grt name👨‍💻
Márk Bese
Márk Bese Pred 7 urami
Mom: We have shiey at home. shiey at home:
Samir One
Samir One Pred 7 urami
The scariest thing in this world is your mind and its expectations by the imagination before the action.
Cham Gomezz
Cham Gomezz Pred 7 urami
The message is as high as the diving altitude “Love over Fear” ❤️
Sabrina’s Vlog
Sabrina’s Vlog Pred 8 urami
Wow its very nice in there
s r
s r Pred 8 urami
Wow narcissism OVERLOAD self serving b.s
Nicolas Hernandez
Nicolas Hernandez Pred 8 urami
Can we talk about the camera man
Cham Gomezz
Cham Gomezz Pred 8 urami
Felt so much love seeing your friends running with you on the last mile, cheering and pushing you ‘til the finish line and yes, it made me cry even while writing this. ❤️ Continue to inspire people, you inspired one life in me.
AJAY AGARWAL Pred 8 urami
UE 177
UE 177 Pred 9 urami
Tuwalou i love u
Spacebound Pred 9 urami
Love for Afghanistan from Pakistan
ONYX CODM Pred 9 urami
I watched this video for 24/7 before my first journey
Raph Walker
Raph Walker Pred 9 urami
Tsering Kalden
Tsering Kalden Pred 9 urami
As for ur kind information, specially I want to highlight that the His Holiness Dalai Lama was born in Tibet(Takster).
Jea Vesera
Jea Vesera Pred 9 urami
The thing I'm envious of you guys is how you have so much passion and courage to chase your passion.
Dean Wen
Dean Wen Pred 10 urami
The US has a site to rent a granma ?
jrlanto Pred 10 urami
Lil' Randall
Lil' Randall Pred 10 urami
any anorexics here?
Miickhail Pred 10 urami
why not uploading?
Uigrahp Pred 10 urami
Chad Dietmeyer
Chad Dietmeyer Pred 10 urami
Amazing absolutely amazing. I just watched the Dalai Lama episode . You guys are such a special group of good hearted and smart young people. Yes theory is a fantastic creation of soul healing love in an easy enjoyable format that I wish everyone could see because I believe it would really impact everything thing we know about happyness and how it's found and practiced. I really like you guys. I may not be anyone but I really believe you gentalmen are showing a lot of people how to find happiness. Thank you
kristia DC
kristia DC Pred 11 urami
Superb beauty ...Hoping that one day that place will turn into a destination
ThatsSoVeda Pred 11 urami
Love you 3000 :) ❤️
andrew goods
andrew goods Pred 11 urami
Now I live in the most boring place ever in America
Travel with Nona
Travel with Nona Pred 11 urami
shez Pred 11 urami
It could be us from the future, either way, there are too many sightings to tell people there crazy.
ghilli Cinemas
ghilli Cinemas Pred 12 urami
Awesome guyz❤️❤️
Dulat Aldazharov
Dulat Aldazharov Pred 12 urami
sick of "No one's talking about" comments
Oddly True
Oddly True Pred 12 urami
As a Bhutanese, I couldn't be prouder to say I am a Bhutanese. Being the happiest country doesn't mean that, everyone is happy but it means that the people are happy and they understand that happiness is more important than wealth.
Sanket Riswadkar
Sanket Riswadkar Pred 13 urami
India is harsh...lol then you go to the middle East countries and they celebrating by Gun shots . Not expected from girl who travelled whole world
Manish Kumar - insightsDNA
Manish Kumar - insightsDNA Pred 13 urami
Wow the views!
Josh Binas
Josh Binas Pred 13 urami
I'm just watching movie
TheSinisterWeeb Lord
TheSinisterWeeb Lord Pred 13 urami
I have a theory on aliens and wormholes, wormholes would be used by aliens by forcefully opening wormholes to travel at high speed
Leva Bognár
Leva Bognár Pred 13 urami
I just found this video. I kinda know what I want in my life but I always doubt myself. Im a guutarist. There are better days and there are worse. I am just part of a new band, which I am proud of and happy about, yet I know I have to practice more and more. I also wanna do via ferrata climbing and sports. I just dont know how to balance these in my life. I don't know how I would be able to earn enough money for all of these dreams and not spending my half week on working for that money. Well, at the moment I am working as a student so it is pretry difficult to even go to work more often. On the other hand I want to control my life, not stupid corona or, the fact that i am a student, or the workplace I am working at. I always feel like i have to fight hard for what I want, because I always felt like that if i doscovered new things in life I may not always find my way in those opportunities. So fighting for my dreamd for me means something like: you get 10 ppportunities, and if you are good, lucky and brave enough you will get 1 out of these 10 opportunities right, as you wanted. And I mean this is life. You have to keep going and trying. I am also unsure sometimes about my decisions and actions, but that's how it works. I guess that is what Matt and all of us, human experience all the time.
Andrew Torres
Andrew Torres Pred 14 urami
I live near Death Valley and experienced 130F. When you breathe in the hot air, your throat and lungs begin to burn . Night time is no relief because at midnight the temperature could be 112. . It gets so hot that one could fry an egg on the cement or bake a cake in your car. Central A/C is a must or you risk dying.
Crystal Smith
Crystal Smith Pred 14 urami
My dad saw one when he was a kid!!so yes thier are aliens! I believe him when he told me the story my dads a serious guy with no time for stupid things!
Hosna Zobairy
Hosna Zobairy Pred 14 urami
Fabulous documentary,,, as a Kurd traveler living in the eastern part of Kurdistan, really enjoy that
kumar cherukuri
kumar cherukuri Pred 14 urami
i was worried about Ex- PM's left hand movement..Thanks..he didn't move it..
Manish Kumar - insightsDNA
Manish Kumar - insightsDNA Pred 14 urami
Love seeing videos like this one!
Jad salem
Jad salem Pred 14 urami
I agree that politicians are who to blame for all what is going on, especially those who come from the west and dictate who is going to rule these lands. Weather it is Saddam or Assisi or Hafter, they were all picked up by their uncles in the west.
Crystal Smith
Crystal Smith Pred 14 urami
The government has lied to us for decades why believe anything they tell us now!!yes thier are aliens and yes will be ok don’t believe what the government tells you!!
lukedacherry 2
lukedacherry 2 Pred 15 urami
Ahhhh why is there so many things about a Luke.
ella oldham
ella oldham Pred 15 urami
oh my gosh Symphony is so wholesome i love her so much
JAYANTA BARO Pred 15 urami
I m very excited for this video 👍👍
Abubakar Siddique
Abubakar Siddique Pred 16 urami
Amazing..... this is going to change my life for sure I promise
natural 9
natural 9 Pred 16 urami
Big props to instructor and cameraman
Canadian Kid
Canadian Kid Pred 17 urami
I can see the asbestos lingering
Pratyay Bharadwaj
Pratyay Bharadwaj Pred 17 urami
ooooofff... dude i could literally feel it. i could feel it when you were about to jump out. that feeling man... i imagine myself there and i think would i be able to jump out? i've got a great fear of heights. i was scared to see the view from that height. but that's the thing, no? you gotta seek discomfort! 💖
Timothy Leahy
Timothy Leahy Pred 17 urami
I want my art to make people happy
99 B
99 B Pred 17 urami
May God bless afghan people... Very good people ♥️💙💜💚
Timothy Leahy
Timothy Leahy Pred 17 urami
What happened to the cups
Timothy Leahy
Timothy Leahy Pred 18 urami
Thanks god your ok man
zzzx xzzz
zzzx xzzz Pred 18 urami
The best part of loosing weight like this comes from saving on toilet paper !
zzzx xzzz
zzzx xzzz Pred 18 urami
Breaking a fast should start with a small portion of lean protein like breast of chicken or white fish ! Then after an hour enjoy a full meal !
Aysha Gul
Aysha Gul Pred 18 urami
hello i am from afghanistan welcome to afghanistan lots of love from my side
Denton Fender
Denton Fender Pred 18 urami
The Egyptian guy did the right thing. What so evil, and terrible about going on adventures with buddies. His father needs to get off his cultural high horse, and accept his sons decisions in his life. What he does in an attempt to discover himself is really not his father's business.
Lige Nyodu
Lige Nyodu Pred 18 urami
17:29 drew is high lol