rsgametech1 Pred 21 uro
Release the track!!!!
cpanaligan123 cpanaligan
cpanaligan123 cpanaligan Pred 21 uro
hitendra puwar
hitendra puwar Pred 21 uro
Harish patel ❤️
Alvi Khan
Alvi Khan Pred 21 uro
Please bring back ironman🙏
Alvi Khan
Alvi Khan Pred 21 uro
Please bring back ironman🙏
Rashmi choudhary
Rashmi choudhary Pred 21 uro
amazing thriller is coming
Cyvin Mathew
Cyvin Mathew Pred 21 uro
I love how Marvel is keeping us entertained this year! VandaVision to Falcon and the Winter Soldier Falcon and the Winter Soldier to Loki Loki to Spider Man No Way Home
Xione08 Pred 21 uro
Obviously this list is just a random list of fast marvel characters. Hell spiderman could make this list if we're being real.
Kuldeep nayak
Kuldeep nayak Pred 21 uro
Kuldeep nayak
Kuldeep nayak Pred 21 uro
Salomé Martin
Salomé Martin Pred 21 uro
Thank you, Loki will begin for my happy birthday lol, i will see the next ! His come back !
Noa _bk
Noa _bk Pred 21 uro
When is the no way home trailer?
The Marvel Lord
The Marvel Lord Pred 21 uro
0:55 lmao where this scene at never seen in the show
unknown channel
unknown channel Pred 21 uro
this movie can bring better view
C Rm
C Rm Pred 21 uro
The treat is coming the treat is here the treat is coming the treat is here the treat is here
Su !
Su ! Pred 21 uro
Rocket : How much for the arm ?
cellmate1 Pred 21 uro
Steve Rogers would never be such a jerk
No_ abe
No_ abe Pred 21 uro
Never delete any Loki scenes, because... anything can be perceived as an illusion or as an alternate reality.
Gregory Pred 21 uro
Did Steve read the book too? Captian america: "I can read this all day"
I miss those days...before the dark times. The rock music is totally cheesy. But that's what we knew back then.
Saumourai Pred 22 urami
I’m finna miss this series a lot after tony stark’s death, Iron man (2008) Avengers Endgame (2019) RIP Mr. stark.
Mark Castillo Guzman
Mark Castillo Guzman Pred 22 urami
hey tod can i add lines from the pelvic and add the legs out line the legs , also on the arms could i do it that way instead ?
Drexel Evans
Drexel Evans Pred 22 urami
Do they invite Spider-Man
Alhassan Muhamad
Alhassan Muhamad Pred 22 urami
Who is also here after 5 years😂😂
Poultry Man
Poultry Man Pred 22 urami
Imagine if marvel hadn't announced any of them besides black widow and Shang chi
Runa Sabera
Runa Sabera Pred 22 urami
Bye iron Man
ethan correa
ethan correa Pred 22 urami
Um..............what? How? When? Where? Why?
Diego Marin
Diego Marin Pred 22 urami
Wednesday is gonna be great 👍🏻
000 000
000 000 Pred 22 urami
Google user
Google user Pred 22 urami
Thor has become really profitable character after this movie . Thor love and thunder could gross 1 billion dollars
Jhonny Gutierrez Villa
Jhonny Gutierrez Villa Pred 22 urami
We r sinners, against God. We could not please Him, we could not fulfill His law, hence we were condemned to death. But God loves us so much that He sent His One and only Son to come to Earth, live a perfect life to later suffer and die on a cross. By doing so, Jesus Christ, payed off the debt which He didn't owe. He freely payed our debt, and fulfilled all righteousness. Hence when we believe in Him and accept Him as Lord and saviour, and repent from our wicked ways, God forgives us faithfully and the gift of the Spirit of Christ relates us intimately with God For the wages of sin is death but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord
MCDragon012 Pred 22 urami
Can't wait to go back to the Movie Theater!!!
Joshua Gonez
Joshua Gonez Pred 22 urami
This being recommended to me now feels important
Jeffery Freelen
Jeffery Freelen Pred 22 urami
3 years, yet one of the greatest movies of all time still feels like yesterday. when i saw this at the movies, i felt like i was in it. such a great story, action all the way through, i love this movie!
Dimas Bagas Moekti
Dimas Bagas Moekti Pred 22 urami
The theme song in this trailer so terrifying 😧
FC Mania
FC Mania Pred 22 urami
Mom: “why don’t you play with the neighbors kid?” The neighbor’s kid: 1:35
Newt Scamander
Newt Scamander Pred 22 urami
When tony stark play RDJ
PRK hub
PRK hub Pred 22 urami
I don't know why this trailer is suggested for me now 😂
Shane Byrne
Shane Byrne Pred 22 urami
I saw it and for a spilt second thought it was for no way home I was so excited for a minute
ziljin Pred 22 urami
In the comics razor fist has two swords for hands. Now I'm curious how does he eat or get dressed or go to the bathroom or travel like that?
New Blu
New Blu Pred 22 urami
This movie and Infinity War are over 3 years old, dang times flies by real quick. Thank god for this movie and Infinity War or else Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom would have been the number one highest grossing movie of 2018. Thank you Marvel, Thank you.
Random Person
Random Person Pred 22 urami
Politics during COVID: evacuate the cities, engage all defenses and get us a vaccine Citizens: nods
jonys best friends
jonys best friends Pred 22 urami
the person with grey hair looks like howard stark
Vinicius Pred 22 urami
Kinsuk Mitra
Kinsuk Mitra Pred 22 urami
Cartoon character
Cartoon character Pred 22 urami
shreenidhhi Pred 22 urami
That hype was one in a lifetime experience.
Krrish Sharma
Krrish Sharma Pred 22 urami
Hey I am from FUTURE ! AVENGERS is going to lose this one 👍
Marco Killingsworth
Marco Killingsworth Pred 22 urami
stan lee brought this together and there for he made one of the worlds most loved movie company´s
Navaneeth Sagar
Navaneeth Sagar Pred 22 urami
2:51 I think, Antman will learn new quantum abilities like Superposition, Entaglement, Tunneling in this movie... (I hope Marvel will do deep study on Quantum Mechanics and apply those properties of Quantum Particles to the fictional characters who go to Quantum Realm)
Md Arhaan
Md Arhaan Pred 22 urami
Ithought this is trailer 9f multiverse of madness😆😆
Arsonist_Xpert Pred 23 urami
The Loki font is so disgusting
ITZYEASTIC Pred 23 urami
waiting for the IRON LADY's cameo with our beloved RDJ in MCU <3
Jose FortyFive
Jose FortyFive Pred 23 urami
Why is it, in this trailer, Thanos only has 2 infinity stones?
Akindu Dasanayake
Akindu Dasanayake Pred 23 urami
Takoda Pred 23 urami
Why is this suggested 2 years later?
Venu Nagaraj
Venu Nagaraj Pred 23 urami
Marvel I want iron man back
KK's TechArt
KK's TechArt Pred 23 urami
Every time I get the Goosebumps
tharun raj
tharun raj Pred 23 urami
What if marvel used stop copying characters from DC...
John Paul Tamayo
John Paul Tamayo Pred 23 urami
Excited for all the movies, even Fantastic 4, which may or may not be good, but still, excited.
THIRAVIDAN Pred 23 urami
coko5n Pred 23 urami
Cameron Tupper
Cameron Tupper Pred 23 urami
It wasn’t until this exact second that I knew, that this even existed
Victoria Horlacher
Victoria Horlacher Pred 23 urami
I don't feel mad at you for leaving out how to werewolf cap I feel furious at you
Genni Glassglow
Genni Glassglow Pred 23 urami
💎💎💸💸💸🌸🌸💎💎💎🍀🍀🍀🌸🌸💸💸💸💎💎 *God demonstrated His love to us by sending His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* *(look up and ask HIM)*
A. Pseudonym
A. Pseudonym Pred 23 urami
The Wakandans did him dirty by not telling him how to detach the arm himself so that maybe he could get a good night's sleep for once
Rushat Dubey
Rushat Dubey Pred 23 urami
Because that's what Heroes do ❤️
Samuel A
Samuel A Pred 23 urami
Worst marvel movie. Just horrible
Mika Postma
Mika Postma Pred 23 urami
I have a question, do you guys think there will come another avenger movie? Avengers 5?
Gustavo Ignacio Ruiz Cárcamo
Gustavo Ignacio Ruiz Cárcamo Pred 23 urami
Man that botox looks horrible
The great one
The great one Pred 23 urami
I hate my self for liking this 😆
Yeety McMuffin
Yeety McMuffin Pred 23 urami
Wait... at 2:06 ... is that... Natasha?
Binita Kumari
Binita Kumari Pred 23 urami
So excited for new movies,new stories,new heroes and new villains.😃😃..Love U Stan Lee Stan and Chadwik are together in heaven
Monica Derr
Monica Derr Pred 23 urami
If Tom doesn't whip out his Owen Wilson impression at some point on this show I will be furious.
Jordan Hurren
Jordan Hurren Pred dnevom
Does anyone know the reasoning behind changing it from Friday to Wednesday ??
HeavenHeart 14
HeavenHeart 14 Pred dnevom
where is scarlet witch?? TwT
YiLin Lu
YiLin Lu Pred dnevom
ok but that wink tho
Jessy M
Jessy M Pred dnevom
@1:33 I get chills!
Funny Experiment Hub
Funny Experiment Hub Pred dnevom
Wow 🤩 it's amazing
new and unique idea
new and unique idea Pred dnevom
Cutest villen
PrecyBhe Ang
PrecyBhe Ang Pred dnevom