Francis Peter
Francis Peter Pred 10 urami
Nice work guys, the matte black theme was corny and naff. Even though it now looks a bit taxi - but you did mention that. For the wheels, why not go for black chrome so it keeps the nice white/black contrast and still matches the rest of the chrome trim. The dull black wheels on the LHS look like, well, just dirty shite. The cleaned ones on the RHS, much better but just shiny black. And, nothing looks worse than "dirty shite" black rims on a black car which is what you had. Now you can do much better ! Carry on carrying on, as Bobby Dylan said.
Ara Torosyan
Ara Torosyan Pred 13 urami
Interior problems aren't problems
Bill Smith
Bill Smith Pred 13 urami
I bet it's not the first time you guys had to wait for whoes😳
meddy hodzic
meddy hodzic Pred 16 urami
For USA market it was a scam but great quality domestically
Si Manda
Si Manda Pred 16 urami
5 loads of adverts? No sub from me
Kaitlyn Alexander
Kaitlyn Alexander Pred 16 urami
Patiently waiting for this giveaway lol. I live in deltona so you’d still be able to see her whenever you want 😭
theonlyallan Pred 17 urami
does the steering wheel controls work and the dash board show the radio status?
The Boys
The Boys Pred 21 uro
Jim Gagne
Jim Gagne Pred 22 urami
All the carbon build up you can dream of ! HAHahahahah !
Jim Gagne
Jim Gagne Pred 22 urami
Why would you want to have a unreliable car that needs lot's of constant tinkering and maintenance that cost ten times more than a Honda or Chevy that is reliable. if you want a unreliable car you should just buy a SAAB. at least that is fun.
Jim Gagne
Jim Gagne Pred 22 urami
Like I've said before , lambo's are a big piece of crap. I'll just keep my 85 C4 vette,...at least that isn't trying to pretend it's not a plastic toilet. It is.....and it's under 3000 k ....can't even fill it with gas without it over flowing. HAHahahahaha ! TOILET !
Christian Sanden
Christian Sanden Pred 23 urami
I like that car👍👍
Christian Sanden
Christian Sanden Pred 23 urami
Best car ever😂👍👍👍
YashasviK29 Pred 23 urami
My dad drives a z4. We live in a place where mods aren't really a thing and the z4 has been the most fun thing we've had since we came here, and we came here the second I was born. Convertible too, and according to my dad drives a dream.
Christian Sanden
Christian Sanden Pred dnevom
Looks like the first Golf, specially the back
Ivan Pred dnevom
It was the car for the poor folk. Luckily with the fall of the dungeon of people called Yugoslavia people got access to better cars.
RemnantSRT440 Pred dnevom
I loved the ending on this! ❤
Admiral Airsoft
Admiral Airsoft Pred dnevom
People always give me weird looks when I tell them my dream car is a 3rd gen 3000gt vr4.
Lazar Jovičić
Lazar Jovičić Pred dnevom
Dečko vodi račun šta pričaš da ne bi bio gepekovan pored plinske boce u koralu 55
charlie man
charlie man Pred dnevom
I had that from a London Mercedes Showroom. After long hassle I ended up selling it at a loss
Muni Pineda
Muni Pineda Pred dnevom
I love this man soo humble 🥺
lordhue Pred dnevom
What cleaning product did Rex use on the leather seats in the SUV?
Sumit Rai
Sumit Rai Pred dnevom
They found the whole car buried since long time & there is no rust & dent, wow 😂😂😂😂
Wendell Greenidge
Wendell Greenidge Pred dnevom
Lmao!!!!! The,”No I won’t call it McLeroy” made me laugh so hard!!!!!!!!!
Jerry Le Roy
Jerry Le Roy Pred dnevom
One of a kind mind engine Chrysler 300 Bentley V-12 AWD twin turbocharged power train ohhh 😯 yaaa lol
Jerry Le Roy
Jerry Le Roy Pred dnevom
Power train
Jerry Le Roy
Jerry Le Roy Pred dnevom
I have a poor Man’s Bentley an 2014 Chrysler 300S VVT V-6, 8speed transmission. I will trade you my power train for your Bentley V-12
Max X
Max X Pred dnevom
If Yugo is the worst car ever made, what are then Trabants from East Germany? Fools...
Max X
Max X Pred dnevom
Yugo is not that bad at all. The title is full of sh*t.
Spasko Ohrid
Spasko Ohrid Pred dnevom
clone10 10
clone10 10 Pred dnevom
who know to drive yugo he can drive everything... yugo is epick...
Mihailo Milicic
Mihailo Milicic Pred dnevom
worst yugo is the best car in that time
Branislav Musicki
Branislav Musicki Pred dnevom
Yugo is the best car ever made. And it is pronounced KRAGUJEVAC!
Ivan Pavlovic
Ivan Pavlovic Pred dnevom
RCTenforce best
RCTenforce best Pred dnevom
You need to call the TV Show "Pimp my ride" ! Xzbit from West Coast Custom can do it for sure ! And this is a challenge he never had before !
N S Pred dnevom
This model S Class is so beautiful from every angle, even better than the current new w223 shape, which imo looks like a Hyundai !! This models re-confirms the BEST OR NOTHING...Well done Tavarish, you done the car Justice man
نواف d.nf6
نواف d.nf6 Pred dnevom
العربي يطق لايك 😂
Aarya Bhardwaj
Aarya Bhardwaj Pred dnevom
Y tf was it buried tho and most importantly WHY ?
mark france
mark france Pred dnevom
Fishing line? Shark fishing maybe
Martin Pikna
Martin Pikna Pred dnevom
Rex is da champ. He should be ridin shotgun
Jacob Benavidez
Jacob Benavidez Pred dnevom
3:33 i don't think you would be able to do that with a real one 😂
Mike Barnett
Mike Barnett Pred dnevom
This show is an instant classic. I hope they make a lot more.
Jamie Driscoll
Jamie Driscoll Pred dnevom
Instead of wrapping AROUND....cut the strips in half length wise and do overlapping strips that follow the length. Results would have been awesome instead of the foil baked potato look 🥔
MemeBurger Pred dnevom
This is TV worthy.
MemeBurger Pred dnevom
The old fuel pump never worked, the paint job gave it all the horsepower
Vukasin Radanovic
Vukasin Radanovic Pred dnevom
Ovaj lik toliko lici na stevu djubreta da je to neverovatno
Armani Nguon
Armani Nguon Pred 2 dnevi
Dude, Rex is amazing hard worker, humble af. Chill. 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾. The car look like it rolled off the line.
Islam Mohamed AbdelkaderShaheen
Islam Mohamed AbdelkaderShaheen Pred 2 dnevi
Why motor is bmw
Tony R
Tony R Pred 2 dnevi
Was that a smaller then stock gas tank? How were you able to drop it without dropping the rearend? It's a super rare car. I can't believe you sold it for $2500! He got it for one helluva bargain!!!
G - Wolf
G - Wolf Pred 2 dnevi
I think SLpost needs to make it mandatory to leave comments if someone wants to leave a thumbs down. I'd like to know what kind of talent the 600 morons have. Most likely, none.
RemnantSRT440 Pred 2 dnevi
Man here I thought I finally see the end of the project. Excited to see the finished product!
BStard Pred 2 dnevi
Yugo nije za dugo
Robert Rulon
Robert Rulon Pred 2 dnevi
Austin Martin ftw!!!
1170stoo Pred 2 dnevi
dude... wow...
N G Pred 2 dnevi
I owned an 8 and it was more car than I was driver, I got scared, it didn't even break a sweat. It was like being an amatuer musician and buying an expensive guitar, totally worth it though.
Dario Ivankovic
Dario Ivankovic Pred 2 dnevi
Because you n USA get the worst model's of it! So sou were fcked by YU-gos!
José Vinícius .Z
José Vinícius .Z Pred 2 dnevi
Yo is that a Supra?
David Pred 2 dnevi
love jared
maroubramickski Pred 2 dnevi
So what happened with the truck?
sule rashid
sule rashid Pred 2 dnevi
Im Still wondering how this is a ugly car considering some of your favorite cars are hideous
jaws dakiller
jaws dakiller Pred 2 dnevi
You can like an ugly girl with a good personality... Same thing with cars😂
Joshua Varghese
Joshua Varghese Pred 2 dnevi
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believs in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. John3v16
BStard Pred 2 dnevi
Yugo nije za dugo :)
影のプロゴルファーKONNY Pred 2 dnevi
This is not a 2JZ engine. It has an older engine.
James Bambury
James Bambury Pred 2 dnevi
I will never forget what Clarkson said about that key. “They can it an emotional control unit. Already got one of those, it’s called a government and I do t like that either” after recent events and administrations I could not agree more!!
Pete Sorensen
Pete Sorensen Pred 2 dnevi
Already watched this, but thy will be done, Algorithm.
Alma Ducky
Alma Ducky Pred 2 dnevi
Shhhh...no one tell him about Fićo. 🤐
Frank Bliss
Frank Bliss Pred 3 dnevi
Olay Fredrico!
Chris Groom
Chris Groom Pred 3 dnevi
Pity you are trying to be a US Top Gear.....maybe try and find your own unique style.
Christopher Blackhall
Christopher Blackhall Pred 3 dnevi
Get a bra
Stephanie Pred 3 dnevi
Ok I cried!!
Derek Benjamin
Derek Benjamin Pred 3 dnevi
thining out bruh!
Hdudbdjd Dhidhd
Hdudbdjd Dhidhd Pred 3 dnevi
Who’s your carbon guy?????
Jonnie Lonestar
Jonnie Lonestar Pred 3 dnevi
who are the two guys on either side of Don Jr?
Peter H
Peter H Pred 3 dnevi
16.22 UK registration Series 2a Land Rover 1964 vintage. Great video footage
Compeer Pred 3 dnevi
Not a bad 30 footer!
Brainshatterer Pred 3 dnevi
Howdy and Hello all, some of you may have seen some of my comments here before. I got my wife on the show and still have her car. I'm working on a where are they now style update for the cars and the pimpees if I can find either. I just got my first episode up. Search for Pimp My Ride vehicle status update. It is Justin Dearinger's 1997 Toyota Rav4 and it's fate. Come check it out and let me know what you think.
Kurt Thomas
Kurt Thomas Pred 3 dnevi
Probably got what you paid for. 20 yo car, especially those EUR sports cars, cost a small fortune to maintain / repair.
Vegas Element
Vegas Element Pred 3 dnevi
Tavarish is a damn genius. Master car builder.
Stefan Kostić
Stefan Kostić Pred 3 dnevi
The most famous Yugo in the world
ATX Pred 3 dnevi
Look like they tac weld quarter inch thick aluminum squares to form the box n lmk wat all u don't won't off it I fiberglass n need things u wanna trash