cusco gamer
cusco gamer Pred 12 urami
Quin del 1MB
cusco gamer
cusco gamer Pred 12 urami
Cabro quin del 1MB
cusco gamer
cusco gamer Pred 12 urami
Auto like pa no desaparecer
cusco gamer
cusco gamer Pred 12 urami
K chucha todos mos profe de chile nos pasan esto
Reynaldo Paez
Reynaldo Paez Pred 13 urami
Jun Mar was the key for this win. Kung wala yung mga sigaw at palakpak niya talo sana!
生茶さん Pred 13 urami
Rubber Ducky
Rubber Ducky Pred 14 urami
Jakrawan vs gilas Respect from philippines 🇵🇭
Bell Ariev
Bell Ariev Pred 15 urami
they never had a chance in the first place
Edward Mecayer
Edward Mecayer Pred 15 urami
Yeah spanish won this cup.
manorman man
manorman man Pred 17 urami
They legit need to get better at making shots they have good set ups. I can understand not doing lay ups, the usa team defense seems strong.
No Limit0
No Limit0 Pred 17 urami
The only asian team to take a lead against the best european team
Christian Geoff Pelaez
Christian Geoff Pelaez Pred 18 urami
Sino may scoresheet dito ng game? Hahahaha assignment lang
RAPPEH Gaming Pred 18 urami
Coach Chot cheering for the win had me choked up. I can see that he was hopeful for the coming Philippine Basketball program for the future because they got the W this time in the international tournament. He was hoping for the beginning of something in PH basketball. But it didn't turn out very well.
RAPPEH Gaming Pred 18 urami
Did you notice that all these tournament games of Gilas in 2014 are very close? I mean their biggest lost was to Greece by just 12 points? This lineup of Gilas was the best so far.
kriz lion
kriz lion Pred 20 urami
Laia Palau the best playmaker in the world
LITTLE Potpot Pred 20 urami
This Gilas team is the Strongest line up on Papers 🥱
Ivan A Remix Fan
Ivan A Remix Fan Pred 21 uro
Does Tina (The Official Mascot) Appear In The Draw? Because, I Think That In Every FIBA Draw, The Mascot Appears.
frederick aquino
frederick aquino Pred 22 urami
Asia !!! Uaap
강인성 Pred 23 urami
Bang Kikom
Bang Kikom Pred 23 urami
I'm so happy... Hahhaaha
Kevin Ortega
Kevin Ortega Pred 23 urami
Naijel Macasalong
Naijel Macasalong Pred 23 urami
Ang bubu ng coaching stuff!!
Coach Craig Rowe - OzSwoosh Education
Coach Craig Rowe - OzSwoosh Education Pred dnevom
Got to respect the NZ team and the Country's culture.
Coach Craig Rowe - OzSwoosh Education
Coach Craig Rowe - OzSwoosh Education Pred dnevom
Goorjian is an awesome coach. Coach education is where it's at.
Ν.Π. aueb
Ν.Π. aueb Pred dnevom
Varejao one of the dirtiest players... the rubbish of world basketball....he knows only to shut down by hitting play unfairly
Dennis Deocades
Dennis Deocades Pred dnevom
Ok n aang line up matangkad Ang problema natin , c balbwin ..Wala Ng point guard na maayos .....Alex delanio , thirdy at terrence pang enternational
Dennis Deocades
Dennis Deocades Pred dnevom
.delanio brothers ok not nieto...balbwin wag palakasan
Dennis Deocades
Dennis Deocades Pred dnevom
Terrence romeo , Alex delanio and thirdy ravena
Dennis Deocades
Dennis Deocades Pred dnevom
Wag na kayo padala nang gilas , if Hindi nnyo sali c jgl cguro na matalo
benz Pred dnevom
Alice S
Alice S Pred dnevom
Thank you for sharing her story!
Arkan Maruf
Arkan Maruf Pred dnevom
So atheltic but why in nba doncic no atheletis
Keef Bruh
Keef Bruh Pred dnevom
Turkey better
Nestor Rivera
Nestor Rivera Pred dnevom
Estelí tuvo las posesiones y no aprovechó.
nama nama
nama nama Pred dnevom
wow thats really pretty, the beads and the colors go very well w eachother. Goodluck australia 🇦🇺
Mason langley
Mason langley Pred dnevom
Who say curry hit that 3
Enrique Cajias
Enrique Cajias Pred dnevom
Eso pasa porque no dan oportunidad a los que realmente saben jugar baloncesto, y solo se ponen a escoger a tipos por su altura mas no por su talento en el baloncesto, y si la seleccion sigue asi nunca llegaremos a nada, deben ser mas selectivos al momento de escoger a un jugador que vaya a representar nuestro país.
Blake Hooton
Blake Hooton Pred dnevom
That looks really nice, a big thanks to VMLY&R Branding of Portugal who designed the logo.
Kimberly Sogbossi
Kimberly Sogbossi Pred dnevom
Here because of J Cole
N i x ?
N i x ? Pred dnevom
tangina nakaka banas lang panoorin pilipinas sa fiba
Nihat ERDEN Pred dnevom
Arnold Piladas
Arnold Piladas Pred dnevom
blatche is a beast in asian basketball touranament!
陳嘉謙 Pred dnevom
He dunk a lot
paul hong
paul hong Pred dnevom
Japan fighting !! from south korea
UNIt0 SLAL0 Pred dnevom
Nada mas paso por la tarea, compermiso. PD: No sabia nada de las reglas del baloncesto hasta este video. xd
Wake No.
Wake No. Pred dnevom
One of the worst (if not the worst)games that Greece has played.
Master Booo
Master Booo Pred dnevom
Be thankful Indonesia cuz obviously South Korea don't force there play
Israel P.G.
Israel P.G. Pred dnevom
Great fundamentals, better player than some of his draft peers in the same position. IMHO Kai Jones or Isiah Jackson don't have as much talent as Sengun. He would fit in teams like Spurs or Raptors.
小唐 Pred dnevom
rahn Lloyd iliscupidez
rahn Lloyd iliscupidez Pred dnevom
Graet Game Strong and Fast from the Philippines Mabuhay
Aman Kumar
Aman Kumar Pred dnevom
Why no 🇮🇳 national anthem
Ahmed El Sharief
Ahmed El Sharief Pred dnevom
Ukraine 🇺🇦🇪🇺✌️
Ben Junior
Ben Junior Pred dnevom
None NBA ready....
rhasen jade alama
rhasen jade alama Pred dnevom
7 years after. That was still a foul!!! Gilas could have won this game. Great effort tho
Amirul Hajir Farih
Amirul Hajir Farih Pred dnevom
Nama pemainnya dong
Graciano Koreshsinaga
Graciano Koreshsinaga Pred dnevom
Serbia kaga bisa lompat anj anj
Lucky Banotra
Lucky Banotra Pred dnevom
China will never gonna beat USA in basketball and USA will never gonna win table tennis against China
Master Booo
Master Booo Pred dnevom
Congrats China Superpower Nation ❤️
Andrés Fernado Gutierrez Zambrano
Andrés Fernado Gutierrez Zambrano Pred dnevom
Saludos cordiales desde Guayaquil Ecuador 🇪🇨 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏
Ryan Scaggs
Ryan Scaggs Pred dnevom
Facu vs Jokic 😁😁😁
tarık Turan
tarık Turan Pred dnevom
baine khris
baine khris Pred dnevom
covid country
Saiko Soul
Saiko Soul Pred dnevom
Acá las academias en Chile son demasiado absolutistas en cuanto a los entrenamientos; super estrictos y mucho dogma en la formación del juego que siempre encontré muy innecesaria. (por sobre todo ese ego que le entregan a la regencia que se debe adoptar en el juego) .- Observen aquí los resultados, ni una puta pizca me equivoque hasta los cabros de la cancha en cual juego son mas buenos que la formación D que nos representa. Con esto me queda claro porque Sammy Reyes abandono el básquet y se fue a NFL
Gary gorbachev
Gary gorbachev Pred dnevom
Oscar Santana
Oscar Santana Pred dnevom
A los que vinieron por el meme, les aviso que se equivocaron de sala, este es otro juego del 2014, el meme es del 2019.xdxd
Amazing Survival KH
Amazing Survival KH Pred dnevom
Xavier Justin
Xavier Justin Pred dnevom
Storytelling is marketing 😴
Xavier Justin
Xavier Justin Pred dnevom
@Alice S yes, but to me, marketing generally connotes inauthenticity. So I don't think people should be pulled into gimmicky storytelling like this that is intended to create an emotional response
Alice S
Alice S Pred dnevom
well yes, they're marketing the World Cup
Amazing Survival KH
Amazing Survival KH Pred dnevom
കാസർഗോട്ട് കാരൻ ജിനു
കാസർഗോട്ട് കാരൻ ജിനു Pred dnevom
倚珲梁 Pred dnevom
malaysia needs a larger size centre
小唐 Pred dnevom
LITTLE Potpot Pred dnevom
Walang nag fifist 👊 bump sa crowd....love it
Mrtz Rcz
Mrtz Rcz Pred dnevom
"Control the rebound, control the game." Exemplified kay Pingris sa 9:06. Goosebumps pa din, 8 years ago na
LITTLE Potpot Pred dnevom
1:25:03 What a move by Hodor
Tre Boy
Tre Boy Pred dnevom
Nazli Boga
Nazli Boga Pred dnevom
Super talented 👏🏻
Elif Türkkızı
Elif Türkkızı Pred 2 dnevi
Nerden denk geldim sahur vakti keyfim kaçtı 😒
ams342t0 Pred 2 dnevi
Kai vs. Sam Froling in the NBL is a must-see rematch.
aNtaReS Pred 2 dnevi
Koymuşuz komşuya
aNtaReS Pred 2 dnevi
Son serbest atışı kaçıran salak bizdeki 2 sini de kaçırmış
lullaby Pred 2 dnevi
Great game!!!!! The Eldebrink sisters really clinched it!!!!!!!
GarkKahn Pred 2 dnevi
Hay algo d video en su lag There's some video in your lag