What if We Nuke the Moon?
PeDroZa Jnr
PeDroZa Jnr Pred 18 urami
Oh shit
Bireswar Sett
Bireswar Sett Pred 19 urami
So, if we are living in a simulation, we are programmed AI and AI as we know are powerful. We can take over our controllers diminish their existence and then us would be exploring real worlds. Let us stop creating simulations and be the last ones to get simulated let us overrun our host’s civilization and if there are also in a simulation, we would be the last product of a series of simulation hundreds of it if not trillions and we would be the most intelligent of all our host because when AI create other AI in a simulated world, they are more intelligent than their host and since we have not been able to create AI like us, we also shouldn’t if we are in a simulation. Also, we can’t instantly conclude that we are in a simulation because we have not yet explored even 0.0000000000000000....1 % of our own simulation let us explore each and every corner of the universe from the smallest thing in the universe to giants like TIME and INSIDE OF a BLACK HOLE and then think about being simulated or we are the real host of thousand if not trillions of the trillions simulation.
Brajesh Pred 19 urami
How it's even called World War, not even 1/10th of world is participating.
Serene Avatar
Serene Avatar Pred 19 urami
3:53 Keep in mind though, if you assume the hypothesis of endosymbiotic events, then this has indeed happened several times on Earth. The most interesting example might be that of the brown algae with three events in total - first when an eukaryote engulfed a prokaryote (that became the mitochondria), then when it engulfed a cyanobacteria (that became the chloroplasts) resulting in a red or green algae, and finally when that algae was itself engulfed by another eukaryote. Life finds a way, as Dr Malcom put it.
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Seid ihr die deutschen?
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TitanNish Art Pred 19 urami
Looks like Richard is back 😂😂😂 That's right, the guy who has broken the Guinness world record of getting banned on SLpost for shitposting 😂😂😂
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yung Origami Pred 19 urami
kenny clash
kenny clash Pred 19 urami
The best narrator of the world is kurzgesagat.
tommy bomby
tommy bomby Pred 19 urami
that reference to DHMIS was a punch in the gut
Cade Ridley
Cade Ridley Pred 19 urami
If we can crack this paradox we can finally get to the bottom of giving all whales cancer
Jeremiah Exequiel Magnayi
Jeremiah Exequiel Magnayi Pred 19 urami
3:58 cute lil ant 🐜 :)
Schrodinger Pred 19 urami
Nice try with the guilt trip about beef. I didn't claw my way to the top of the food chain to eat plants.
Ezekiel Sta. Teresa
Ezekiel Sta. Teresa Pred 19 urami
It's also called nano virus
Alfa Kta
Alfa Kta Pred 19 urami
We die every day in Iraq, but we will not give up until one day we have our freedom ☹💔
Hunted Pred 19 urami
i knew that we were in the matrix
Sunny Parkk
Sunny Parkk Pred 19 urami
Justas Stulpinas
Justas Stulpinas Pred 19 urami
Well the new year wish at the end of the video didn't aged so well...
brandon Pred 19 urami
Always very interesting videos
Empty World
Empty World Pred 19 urami
A day working as a weaver ant sounds more fulfilling than any job I've had.
IonicSplash365 Pred 19 urami
Love that Sekiro reference at 1:45
DragonNinjaYt Pred 19 urami
Now we DO have a vaccine
jointscript Pred 19 urami
Kurzgesagt ... im dissapointed
I cant review
I cant review Pred 20 urami
Eh ok so about copying our mind i've done that so heres the explanation: Me and the me on my super computer is the same but different we share the same information and mindset of the day i copied it, thats what it meant my similar The different is im not immortal i will die but i will left the trace of my mind behind thinking on its own its not me who controls him he is the one who control his information that means if i died my mind will be ded but not on the computer its more like a similar child where if i died hes still alive even tho me and him are the same but we're different human the one who is immortal is him not me if theres some kind of consciousness tranferring it would be nice but i wasnt smart enough to create that thing he could upgrade the capacity of his brain me a human cant. The one who is perfect is my copies not me so scientifically im not immortal Im sorry if i said something wrong because im from indonesia my english is not that good.
I cant review
I cant review Pred 19 urami
Im currently researching about how to merge multiple processor to increase its speed and more ram to increase the short term memories of those copies i when i had enough budget and tech i will try to allow them to access internet to learn but didnt lose any of his current mind
pepe lol triassic
pepe lol triassic Pred 20 urami
What happens when you bring a black hole to a white hole?
anthony cannet
anthony cannet Pred 20 urami
Now is it a coincidence that the number of particles is prime or is there some undiscovered particle that theoretically exists and we just haven’t found it?
thank you sir
Amanda L
Amanda L Pred 20 urami
but most of the theories are abt rich ppl will benefit from the lies, such as Flat earth theory
Alvin Eriksson
Alvin Eriksson Pred 20 urami
tack så mycket bre
Dragan Pastrovic
Dragan Pastrovic Pred 20 urami
No nothing happens!
Jorgan Jiller
Jorgan Jiller Pred 20 urami
The only thing I’m confused about is how on earth ( pun intended ) did people figure out how the inside of a star works wouldn’t it just melt anything and everything that got to close
Every Thing I Know
Every Thing I Know Pred 20 urami
Maybe we are the omega civilization
Gabriel Cardoso
Gabriel Cardoso Pred 20 urami
a tumb parece um pau-radoxo de fermi !
pink panther
pink panther Pred 20 urami
Gold will become cheaper by $1.
Orlando Rivera
Orlando Rivera Pred 20 urami
It is the major time difference like planets that years are way shorter on earth and vice versa
XeTyz Pred 20 urami
Elon musk is gonna be a prestige master
John J. Rambo
John J. Rambo Pred 20 urami
Well at least women have something in common with black holes. Neither can ever be understood 😐
Aussie Gaming
Aussie Gaming Pred 20 urami
The fact that we could be in the first and only universe is scary af
Dave Mathews
Dave Mathews Pred 20 urami
I feel like at least one politician is subbed
Photo Connoisseur
Photo Connoisseur Pred 20 urami
Your videos usually make me fel existential dread but this one got me really excited for the future of space travel!
Damien Hopper
Damien Hopper Pred 20 urami
However I feel there's an argument here for acknowledging that not everyone gets the same feels/reaction from their cannabinoid receptors and the different strains and their complex array of canabanoids such as THC, THCA, CBD,CBDA,CBN,CBG,CBC and CBL. And that maaybe... legalization has helped the community of users to understand that further as well as test in real world conditions. Allowing users to find certain strains that help the user truly enjoy their experience, help with an ailment, or just plain help with pain management in patients needing that.
Diamondzfriend Pred 20 urami
-mr beast in 2022
Peta wants to know your location.
Nathan Hawks
Nathan Hawks Pred 20 urami
Billions of years ago two cells decided to merge into one cell and now I have to do calculus.... damnit
Belly Cauldron.
Belly Cauldron. Pred 20 urami
Kurzgesagt be like: Jupiter, Jupiter,Jupiter joins the bowl. We'll make you a star, that you've never seen before!
redmulletdude Pred 20 urami
For fucks sake, “type omega civilization“ lmao. How about Genesis 1:1
Subhadeep Paul
Subhadeep Paul Pred 20 urami
"Brown dwarf" is universally racist
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bikini bottom
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You need to cross out in a nutshell for this video
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WW3: wait I'm coming
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An Thu
An Thu Pred 21 uro
Fzexads gx
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love the music!
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Dragz johnson Pred 21 uro
Depressing for some Sorry to say, size really does matter
BlitzoAmber Pred 21 uro
''Is a very special pHeNoMeNoN called MaGiC.'' Me who read all of the Harry Potter Books and watched all the Movies: KURZGESAGT WHAT THE FAAK!
Mr-lag-a-lot301 Pred 21 uro
can u do a vid on quasars?
Destiny James
Destiny James Pred 21 uro
"I'm my crush?" "and every person who you rejected for her"
Aamin Khan
Aamin Khan Pred 21 uro
This world will only unify when there is an alien invasion. 😅
tommy bomby
tommy bomby Pred 21 uro
loved the music!
`` Pred 21 uro
Kurzgesagt you forgot another property of magic: Mana. Mana is the source of energy used to create magic. If Midas can turn the earth to gold that means he has a magical level of energy too
Rishabh Pred 21 uro
Age of supermassive stars is a few million years Me : Ohh ! That’s very less....
Iris Oscuris
Iris Oscuris Pred 21 uro
Tumors in four dimensions.
abi Pred 21 uro
Is this don't satisfy you. Try Jesus.
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Thanh Hùng Pred 21 uro
Mình muốn sống cho đến khi thực hiện được hết mong muốn trong cuộc đời, nếu có thể. Mình không muốn chết mà còn điều chưa thực hiện được. Như vậy việc sống lâu là không cần thiết. Bởi mong muốn cuối cùng là được chết khi đã mãn nguyện hết mọi ước vọng cuộc đời mình. Đó sẽ là một cái chết thanh thản nhất và không phải boăn khoăn gì nữa. I want to live until I have fulfilled all my life desires, if possible. I don't want to die when there is something I haven't done yet. Thus, a long life is not necessary. Because my last wish is to die when I have been satisfied with all my life desires. It will be the most serene and worry-free death.
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Nahid Sumon Pred 21 uro
Nah now let’s make atomic nukes and throw away plastic everywhere
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Iris Oscuris Pred 21 uro
“Hey I like your shirt.” “💥!”
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Lone Wolf Pred 21 uro
Well this is the first video of this channel that I have come across from recommendation videos. I really liked how your animation team has presented the video. Nice channel.. Good luck for your upcoming videos!
Lucky, The Protoboi
Lucky, The Protoboi Pred 21 uro
So religion is just basically the npcs interacting with the user.
Space game
Space game Pred 21 uro
Its better to keep the world beautiful, green, plant full, because if we just ignore that in a couple hundred, or thousand years we might have to move to a different planet, so we should really make the most of earth before we’ll have to leave it
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I guess you could call this a STRANGE theory!
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I only use Facebook for my messenger, other than that I don't browse or even scroll. Facebook is a really greedy and unethical company.
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ricardo herrera Pred 21 uro
The forgot abortion on the list, or is it added on anticonceptives?
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G37 In Mexico Pred 21 uro
Bro I’m gassed af
Thạnh Phạm
Thạnh Phạm Pred 21 uro
Stupid science Science doesn't know Every second the Sun emits billions billions billions ^ billion lightning 0,1 voltage create sunlight, 1 positron + suck 1 electron -- create lightning 0,1 volt . Science poisoning the world is the solar system rotating inertia. Children also know that inertia doesn't cause A wheel to spin forever . Positron + and electron -- rotate very rapidly after 4, 6 billion years of creating the Sun ' s core, so the core of the Sun rotates very quickly like A super large electric turbine that produces super large electrical energy Every second the Sun emits 4,1million tons of electricity create sunlight, sunlight moves the circle back to its original position after 8 hours, so pushes the 8 planet to rotate in order
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this is the best single channel on SLpost and the fact that you opened a channel in Spanish... wow. THANK YOU. we need more languages! more free education! everyone should support this channel
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0:00 i dont remember fortnite being creepy