clegaainz Pred 7 urami
Not a duel when lonzo only scored like 12 points lol
Duvall Carter
Duvall Carter Pred 7 urami
These refs somehow believe we watch the NBA for them. Smh
Arvind Swatch
Arvind Swatch Pred 7 urami
Drose deserves everything in this world and more.
Devastinator Pred 7 urami
Spero Dedes!
Devastinator Pred 7 urami
Devastinator Pred 7 urami
Devastinator Pred 7 urami
Maya Gaming Roblox
Maya Gaming Roblox Pred 7 urami
I’m not sure which game winner was louder. This one or josh smith’s
Jonah Pred 7 urami
To all of the people who ask what would happen if Steph Curry was 7'0+ tall, here you go
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima Pred 7 urami
even back then when he was a rookie steph was already bullying the rockets
Swanyay Pred 7 urami
I understand why Thibs starts Payton but he really needs to sit him for the rest of the season and go with Rose, IQ and Frank for the playoffs
Hunter_ 70
Hunter_ 70 Pred 7 urami
Oh🤤 lamelo😋😫
Henry Pankratz
Henry Pankratz Pred 7 urami
you the goat fam
Tru 602 2.0
Tru 602 2.0 Pred 7 urami
That’s my brodie 🤙🏾
caden fowler
caden fowler Pred 7 urami
he knows what he did that face guilty as hell
jimmy chen
jimmy chen Pred 7 urami
The could-have-been Giannis Durant
TheGamingDuck Pred 7 urami
I bet he prolly still made it
Predator Productionz
Predator Productionz Pred 7 urami
Someone get bron a sensu bean please!
joe fortino
joe fortino Pred 7 urami
Denver got the best of utah last year.
50 Pred 8 urami
this shi is really real😭😭
Brandon Larrabee
Brandon Larrabee Pred 8 urami
Shaq and Kobe were the number one and number two player in the NBA LeBron and Anthony Davis are the number one the number two player in the NBA Kevin Durant we're still playing for Golden State no way in hell that the Lakers could beat them....period.
seansdp1 Pred 8 urami
I’m a Mavs fan but I’ve always loved AD love to see him take over and go ham
Jayden Pred 8 urami
I mean its not like the Lakers could've scored 10 points in 50 seconds. They're not T-Mac.
Brandon Larrabee
Brandon Larrabee Pred 8 urami
Obviously the NBA players for ten years now have thought that Charles argument was the right one since they keep making super teams of three superstars
mary thinn
mary thinn Pred 8 urami
AD snapped but I don’t think it would of been that easy if DA was playing
Pancit! At Rebisco
Pancit! At Rebisco Pred 8 urami
10:18 "and the Thunder win on the road(Thunder wins on their home), and take the lead on this series(the series are tied bruh)". The commentator so high af😂
mary thinn
mary thinn Pred 8 urami
AD back
Freed by Yeshua
Freed by Yeshua Pred 8 urami
God doesn’t want anybody in hell because He loves us, but you must understand why we deserve hell and why those who refuse to live under His authority will go there. He gave us the law (Ten Commandments) not to make us righteous, but rather to show us our sin (Romans 3:20). We’re not sinners because we sin, but rather we sin because we’re sinners. Sin is the nature of our flesh that we are born with due to the sin of Adam in the garden. For someone to be justified before God they have to be sinless. We’ve all sinned (Romans 3:23), and the the law demands death for those who sin (Romans 6:23). God is righteous, so He must punish our sin, which is what He did through His Son Jesus Christ on the cross. Jesus is Holy and sinless, yet He received our sin when He died on the cross, so that we can be righteous before God (2 Corinthians 5:21). When He died on the cross, He said “It is finished” (John 19:30), which means He paid the full price for all of your sins (past, present, and future) to be forgiven. He was buried and rose again from the dead. God will forgive anybody who puts their full trust in Jesus Christ alone for salvation. We aren’t saved based on our good deeds, but only by the grace of God (Ephesians 2:8-9). His precious blood that He shed is the only reason why we can be forgiven of our sins (Hebrews 9:22). If you confess that Jesus is Lord and believe that God raised Him from the dead, then you’ll be saved (Romans 10:9). You are born-again with the Spirit of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17), and are not only legally justified before God, but also are accredited His righteous (Romans 4:24). Believers live for Christ now, so get to know Him through His Word. I recommend reading the book of Romans and the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John), and watching Pastor Joseph Prince’s online sermons
Harlem Ren
Harlem Ren Pred 8 urami
This message has been bought to you by Charmin's Ultra Soft
King Kong
King Kong Pred 8 urami
The People who Dislikes this are nerd .
David Martin
David Martin Pred 8 urami
Roty melo no question!!
New Wave Lifestylez
New Wave Lifestylez Pred 8 urami
Low key goat status
marvdatboi Pred 8 urami
Damn you can tell he loves hooping. Much respect and prayers to Beal man.
fistandpen Pred 8 urami
Barely any Hakeem... 2 chips, most blocks NBA history, top 10 in steals NBA history (as a Center!), top 15 in rebounds, top 15 scoring, top 10 assist from the center position, quadruple double 5:50 How did Zach Lavine get in here?? No disrespect but OP must be a Chi fan 17:09 best fan reaction ever... "I'm sick of yo' ass" to the other team's best player (or her own team lol) 18:35 ... and I took it personally, it was all I needed.
James Robinson
James Robinson Pred 8 urami
Chris Paul stat line last night 5/9/21...14 points, 10 assists, 5 TO's and 5 fouls...MVP numbers for sure....
Tasean boyce
Tasean boyce Pred 8 urami
They all bros they played on the pels together
Braylen Rochell
Braylen Rochell Pred 8 urami
He’s crying cause it’s exhausting. Working out every day and playing with your best effort every day the been your hurting it’s like man DAMN, like he gonna get back healthy, it’s draining emotionally.
Hombre Astuto
Hombre Astuto Pred 8 urami
He would have gotten fouled real hard
Pancit! At Rebisco
Pancit! At Rebisco Pred 8 urami
it's so strange to see KD wearing a shooting sleeves
Nicholas Herrera
Nicholas Herrera Pred 8 urami
LaMelo proves me wrong every game as he continues to grow. Little dude is killing it and is fun to watch. He’s the best of the brothers by far as ol’ sunglass thief chills at home watching his brothers play.
Whatever Pred 8 urami
Look at 2:09. Lebron did play this game with his vision
Bri Asa
Bri Asa Pred 8 urami
why is there a single lebron highlight 💀
pygmie Pred 8 urami
Doncic is slowly becoming a dirty player.
Apex Pred 8 urami
When Wiz Khalifa was singing it sounded like he was crying
David Martin
David Martin Pred 8 urami
Luke need to stfu once in a while
XXX _Monte
XXX _Monte Pred 8 urami
Milos Drobnjak
Milos Drobnjak Pred 8 urami
Simple answer: No, Jimmy is a grown ass man and is playing game the way it is meant to be played.
gavin Pred 8 urami
jongis Easy
jongis Easy Pred 8 urami
The others can't be good or great if they can't get the ball from best player on the team. Michael Jordan didn't win any championship until he realized to pass the ball and believed that the others can contribute and deliver when needed. Those extra or other players win championship for MJ, if not for them he probably just won 2 or 3 rings. Must important is that they have to deliver what inspected from them, they have not been selected to be in the pro if they are not that good caliber and just be seat warmers every game. Make the most of every minute if they get thrown at the court.
Evann Llarena
Evann Llarena Pred 8 urami
for kobe 24.8
Trevor Shilo Mandar
Trevor Shilo Mandar Pred 8 urami
Russ is still "The Beast".. 😎 .. "The Beast of the East" now.. 😎😀😀
Isa Shariff
Isa Shariff Pred 8 urami
this is one of the main reason i stopped watching bball these refs are literally fucking the game up. commissioner doing a shitty ass job with these refs thats for sure rip nba bball playoffs....
YankeeFan4evr Pred 8 urami
Back to the Future !!
Howell C
Howell C Pred 8 urami
Thats a 9
Bam Jones
Bam Jones Pred 8 urami
Another clip added to the "Game Winners Over Paul George" complimation.
18:47 that smirk
jjdoubleog -
jjdoubleog - Pred 8 urami
This dude is nastyyyy bro
The guardian Of the light
The guardian Of the light Pred 8 urami
No no no not on the groin area Buddy lol sad to say Luka is bringing his dirty euro league plays in the NBA he got used to it when he play there but those dirty tricks and antics don’t work here in the nba where referees are more by the books 📚
Chosen One 203
Chosen One 203 Pred 8 urami
I really feel bad for PHX or UTH if they get matched up against the Lakers in the 1st round of the Playoffs lol
Lossoxxo Pred 8 urami
You can’t even do this on 2k
Romell H
Romell H Pred 8 urami
Chirs Bosh is a other now 🤦🏽‍♂️
Doc Pred 8 urami
Lavar did a good job leading them, his job not done tho
TRiFORCE Pred 8 urami
I really hate NBA refs lol they let their feelings impact games waaaaaay too often
Btrain704 Pred 8 urami
"Jimmy dont get into it with stars" Also Jimmy Butler: Going at Lebron consistently since bulls days. Jimmy wont beef with Dame because they're similar players.
Predator Productionz
Predator Productionz Pred 8 urami
Gotta love the hornets commentators energy..reminds me of the old cavs commentators during lebrons early years.
a1wwe33 112
a1wwe33 112 Pred 8 urami
The nba is doing everything they can to try to break this man. No chance a white guy can be the face of the nba. He is the most skilled and complete player we have ever seen. The nba will continue to try to break this man
Bro get out of here. White guys have ALWAYS gotten their flowers in the NBA. They’re always praising everything Doncic does. You’re saying this like Nash, Bird, Dirk, Kidd, Manu, Petrovic, Herro, Jerry West, Pistol Pete, Bill Walton, etc... have never been praised. Get out of here wth that. The whole damn league was white until they finally integrated it. Learn something before trying to make stupid assumptions
Jake Henry
Jake Henry Pred 8 urami
Soft league. They deserve to lose the money they're losing.
Eazymoney93 Pred 8 urami
Nba being softer than Charmin ultra
- Pred 8 urami
Kenny in 2015: NBA 2K SLpostr Kenny in 2017: Through The Wire Co-Host Kenny in 2019: The Reel Host Kenny in 2021: Called Game Founder Kenny in 2023: Bulls GM Kenny in 2025: NBA Finals MVP Kenny in 2030: 1st Ballot Hall of Famer
Wesley Cornbeef
Wesley Cornbeef Pred 8 urami
These guys don't respect Charles opinion at all. Charles needs some back. I got you Charles.
Danny Stacks
Danny Stacks Pred 8 urami
bruh why is steve kerr always stopping history ... he pulled clay out early and steph a few different time let these guys keep scoring see if they can get wilt or kobe record
Ahmad Khan
Ahmad Khan Pred 8 urami
Perfect example to refute Charles argument is the raptors championship. But Kenny and shaw refer to the pistons championship a decade and a half passed... how quickly they all forget about the raptors lol
Captain Price
Captain Price Pred 9 urami
2018 lebron is the best basketball player ever no one else compares
Hafman Pred 9 urami
Chuck is “more” right on this one, IMO. The “others” don’t get a chance to make that huge impact in a game without having GREAT players on the team taking much attention from the opposing team.
D Thomas
D Thomas Pred 9 urami
Derrick Rose always cooks Paul George
bored teenager
bored teenager Pred 9 urami
KOT4Q on TNT: *everyone liked this*
Trigganometry Pred 9 urami
As a Curry fan I want Beal to be healthy and the two can truly battle it out for the scoring title. Get well soon my G!
That one kid
That one kid Pred 9 urami
Bro get the cameras off of him, he is obviously upset. no need to broadcast it to the world