Cedric Russell
Cedric Russell Pred 20 urami
That weight might work out for him. Beasting in the paint.
dennis smith jr
dennis smith jr Pred 20 urami
He lost weight nice
Rockk Reactions
Rockk Reactions Pred 20 urami
he building that chemistry good job james harden
henry lennon iv
henry lennon iv Pred 20 urami
Play of the year
KodakBeige 1k
KodakBeige 1k Pred 20 urami
Jeff green is still in the league??
Whidbey Hiker
Whidbey Hiker Pred 20 urami
Wait, wut? I guess all of his defensive highlights must be on another video.
nuttin711 Pred 20 urami
yup i expect 100+ videos on harden
Holden Caulfield
Holden Caulfield Pred 20 urami
Watch out lakers
Onje Kaji
Onje Kaji Pred 20 urami
Dirk Nowitzki is considered one of the bests to ever play the game... no one shoots crisp/swish shots like Mr.Nowitzki
1700 Pred 20 urami
He looks happier already 😂
Outlawed Tone
Outlawed Tone Pred 20 urami
If I was the nets I wouldn’t play him until he lost 10 pounds
Holden Caulfield
Holden Caulfield Pred 20 urami
Incoming nets bandwagon
Rico McCard
Rico McCard Pred 20 urami
Everybody standing around lol. That not going win a championship 😕
Malcolm N.
Malcolm N. Pred 20 urami
Harden looking like Thor in Avengers End Game smh
Aggies Pred 20 urami
Let’s go nets I’ve been a fan since January 16, 2021
Tyson The Great
Tyson The Great Pred 20 urami
He going Hard-en that Net's uniform.
James Taylor
James Taylor Pred 20 urami
Do James look fat or it’s just me? Lol idk
The league got problems
Brandon Duran
Brandon Duran Pred 20 urami
At 55 seconds he’s slowing down cuz he’s getting fat compared to how he should be
Damian Osiris 3
Damian Osiris 3 Pred 20 urami
Oh it just hit me this is the best offense of all time
Cashmere Funk
Cashmere Funk Pred 20 urami
Just passing thur i think for the first time he i think he will win a champion ring maybe fingers across .
Ali Talib
Ali Talib Pred 20 urami
Lakers in 5
King Wes7
King Wes7 Pred 20 urami
I hate that he looks out of shape
Natural Prep
Natural Prep Pred 20 urami
holy shit its happening
Hasib YouTube
Hasib YouTube Pred 20 urami
What do u think, will Nets win the chip ?
Basketball Legend
Basketball Legend Pred 20 urami
We can tell he likes it better in Brooklyn than Houston
Justin Fencsak
Justin Fencsak Pred 20 urami
See his beard grow
Eric Loyal
Eric Loyal Pred 20 urami
God Bless Everybody Reading This ❤️🙏🏽 10K SUBS OTW LETS GOOO❤️
Lerone Williams
Lerone Williams Pred 20 urami
Strippers in Brooklyn gettin paid tonight!
Justin Lundmark
Justin Lundmark Pred 20 urami
Wow, the offence looks a lot like the Rockets' offense.
Tanish Tyagi
Tanish Tyagi Pred 20 urami
i didnt think he would pass the physical tbh
Freed by Yeshua
Freed by Yeshua Pred 20 urami
God doesn’t want anybody in hell because He loves us, but you must understand why we deserve hell and why those who refuse to live under His authority will go there. He gave us the law (Ten Commandments) not to make us righteous, but rather to show us our sin (Romans 3:20). We’re not sinners because we sin, but rather we sin because we’re sinners. Sin is the nature of our flesh that we are born with due to the sin of Adam in the garden. For someone to be justified before God they have to be sinless. We’ve all sinned (Romans 3:23), and the the law demands death for those who sin (Romans 6:23). God is righteous, so He must punish our sin, which is what He did through His Son Jesus Christ on the cross. Jesus is Holy and sinless, yet He received our sin when He died on the cross, so that we can be righteous before God (2 Corinthians 5:21). When He died on the cross, He said “It is finished” (John 19:30), which means He paid the full price for all of your sins (past, present, and future) to be forgiven. He was buried and rose again from the dead. God will forgive anybody who puts their full trust in Jesus Christ alone for salvation. We aren’t saved based on our good deeds, but only by the grace of God (Ephesians 2:8-9). His precious blood that He shed is the only reason why we can be forgiven of our sins (Hebrews 9:22). If you confess that Jesus is Lord and believe that God raised Him from the dead, then you’ll be saved (Romans 10:9). You are born-again with the Spirit of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17), and are not only legally justified before God, but also are accredited His righteous (Romans 4:24). Believers live for Christ now, so get to know Him through His Word. I recommend reading the book of Romans and the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John), and watching Pastor Joseph Prince’s online sermons
stryfetc1 Pred 20 urami
The new Nets colors are ugly, the black and gray was better.
OG Plug
OG Plug Pred 20 urami
James Harden(Rockets): shoot more threes? James Harden(Nets): you mean to tell me I’m able to run up to the basket and lay the ball in the net?
zorriez Pred 20 urami
S H Pred 20 urami
NBA casuals just finding out Harden is an elite passer and playmaker lol
98benzcoupe Pred 20 urami
Don DP
Don DP Pred 20 urami
those blue jersey... not feeling it at all
TomCollierBlog Nation
TomCollierBlog Nation Pred 20 urami
Forgot this is a reunion between Durant harden and Jeff green to
YMcNasty Pred 20 urami
Digital Gravity
Digital Gravity Pred 20 urami
This big three ain’t gonna work out. With Kyrie’s personality and wanted to be a leader (which obviously ain’t no leader) which is why left his past two teams he played for, with one more superstar will just make their situation worse. If I weren’t Nets, trade Kyrie to get a deeper depth and gets the picks they lost and also imo, James is a better fit to play PG because he’s more of a willing playmaker to his teammates than Kyrie. KD may be saying he support Kyrie but he’s just saying that so the situation won’t go anymore complicated also between them but now that James is on his team, it’s best to let go of Kyrie now. It’s no use to keep a player that acts like that which is not showing things that’s close to his contract.
OG Plug
OG Plug Pred 20 urami
This is weird. This isn’t weird for anyone?
Kaylen Howard
Kaylen Howard Pred 20 urami
Harden smoked some crack to lose that weight
Marcus Mckine
Marcus Mckine Pred 20 urami
Them uniforms look like they accidentally mixed them with the white clothes in the washing machine.
Darth Bron
Darth Bron Pred 20 urami
Bro where was all this energy in Houston this year 🤦🏾‍♂️ dude has a whole new bounce walking up the court like he skip to my lou 🤣 that's why Houston ain't fucking with him he did them wrong 💯
T 215
T 215 Pred 20 urami
He out of shape and has more talent in his pinky than the whole comment section (me included) and in better shape STILL than most dudes walking the streets.
GoHawks Pred 20 urami
Wha- I thought he was only going to play on Monday.
Th3rthy 2wo
Th3rthy 2wo Pred 20 urami
“Oh yeah , joe Harris has a new haircut”😂😂
Tech Pred 20 urami
I hope Harden keeps improving on his passing... they’re REALLY gonna need it.
danny smith
danny smith Pred 20 urami
seems like he hate media/interviews so why keep having him on?
Lewis Moral
Lewis Moral Pred 20 urami
Lebron needs to play in the I am soft league. The "KING" of flopping and nothing else.
Drazo Pred 20 urami
Look at james man......
Mike Pred 20 urami
La redonda San Luis Potosi
La redonda San Luis Potosi Pred 20 urami
All this Nets fanboys in the comment section like they going to win a championship y'all better sit your asses down an eat a hot dog
Paul Auspitz the greatest song in rock history
Paul Auspitz the greatest song in rock history Pred 20 urami
Harden the Traveler!!!
Johnny Chang
Johnny Chang Pred 20 urami
Omg travel harden everytime
Stephen Latorella
Stephen Latorella Pred 20 urami
Charles is my boy
Tech Pred 20 urami
When are they gonna drop Harden jerseys in the NBA shop? ⚫️⚪️
Colocao Mantequilla
Colocao Mantequilla Pred 20 urami
Nobody tell about late night pizza and beer. I here that’s a new trend in Brooklyn
Orlando Diaz Covarrubias
Orlando Diaz Covarrubias Pred 20 urami
The imaginary crowd goes wild 🤣🤣🤣
Morty 215 ,30 Z9TPK RZ3
Morty 215 ,30 Z9TPK RZ3 Pred 20 urami
Three ex okc teammates lol
I am Groot!
I am Groot! Pred 20 urami
James 'dribble for 20 seconds' Harden... Now a Net... Will he ever get a chip?
MikeyNBNS Pred 20 urami
no matter what jersey he in, he gon hoop
Thomas Blanks
Thomas Blanks Pred 20 urami
Cmon now bol weighs 95 soaking wet..dunk on dwight or something
Byron Hearns
Byron Hearns Pred 20 urami
Jared allen...most underrated defender of the year
Marcos JaLeel
Marcos JaLeel Pred 20 urami
John wall: “I took it personal”
Devin Bardot
Devin Bardot Pred 20 urami
born to be 6th
Anime Fanboy
Anime Fanboy Pred 20 urami
This man must be so happy that he left Houston he probably wasn’t even trying there but in the nets he is
Ball-Steve Johnson
Ball-Steve Johnson Pred 20 urami
"Joe Harris has got a new haitcut!"
WHEREisTHEbalance Pred 20 urami
awwww cupcake
Lincoln Pred 20 urami
Buddy gained a few pounds.
Mo Campbell
Mo Campbell Pred 20 urami
Whole body language changed
Crius XI
Crius XI Pred 20 urami
Russ gotta be mad. KD wins 2 rings with the warriors, serge wins with the raptors looking to win another one with his new team the clippers. Now KD reunites with former teammate James Harden, to form a superteam with Kyrie 😂 after russ and harden had just teamed up with eachother
Jfg97 Pred 20 urami
Title: Kevin Durant talks James Harden trade to Nets KD: “I’ll wait till the deal’s finalized to talk about it” ......
Heldzt Pred 20 urami
If you are called House of Higlights, why dont u make highlights of other sports as well? u should be called basketball house of higlights. come on bruh
Rap God Reloaded
Rap God Reloaded Pred 20 urami
Why is D Mills wearing a Lakers T shirt tho?
dee dollars
dee dollars Pred 20 urami
JORI JEMISON Pred 20 urami
Harden got that quarantine 15 pack...lol
MH__ Pred 20 urami
Lmao this dude is happy af