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Dwight! You Ignorant Slut
Dwight! You Ignorant Slut Pred 8 urami
Ned is definitely my favorite in this video! 😂
Wereroo Pred 8 urami
michelle Pred 8 urami
funny enough that Keith mentioned dumplings looking like ears, the origin of dumplings were herbal medicine wrapped in an ear shaped dough to cure ppl for frostbites on their ears!!
Tori walker
Tori walker Pred 9 urami
scottish snacks. and drinks. Tunnocks tea cakes, highland toffee, lorne, haggis and Bucky.
William Richards
William Richards Pred 9 urami
my "friends" like this so i dont anymore
Courtney Eaton
Courtney Eaton Pred 9 urami
Ned was robbed a rightful victory! Ned, you can create my entire wardrobe!
mdmfjdud dndnfjd
mdmfjdud dndnfjd Pred 9 urami
not me only knowing about nandos because of niall horan 😳
Brittany Schullo
Brittany Schullo Pred 9 urami
corn D<
Patrizia N. Mohr
Patrizia N. Mohr Pred 9 urami
Alternate title: The Try Guys give the foot fetishist fans what they want
anne cooley
anne cooley Pred 9 urami
I want those dumpling now. But I live in Utah ;-;
marvelsuperhero Pred 9 urami
Keith has obviously never had British Chinese takeaway where they will combine literally any meat in any combination
Kevin Noutsawo
Kevin Noutsawo Pred 9 urami
What an amazing wife you have. She is so strong, dedicated, and hardworking. The way she takes care of everyone and everything is just jaw dropping. Congrats man, you've got gold over there.
Haru chandes
Haru chandes Pred 9 urami
It's actually pronounced xiu mui or xiu mai just saying And also there is a reason why dumplings look like ears as there is a certain chinese legend about the creation of dumplings
Nidhi Pathak
Nidhi Pathak Pred 9 urami
I Love You Keith❤️
Nidhi Pathak
Nidhi Pathak Pred 9 urami
I Love You Keith❤️
Misanda Sale
Misanda Sale Pred 9 urami
Girls is always talented
Anny Pred 9 urami
9:56 “This looks like it’s 2 sauces mixed together” it’s hot oil. Strictly Dumpling would be disappointed 😂
Nidhi Pathak
Nidhi Pathak Pred 9 urami
I Love You Keith ❤️
lepidoptery Pred 9 urami
chinese green beans being vegan is not a given, there's often stealth pork (minced and seasoned, not usually "bacon"). edit: pork and corn dumplings are super common in Taiwan at least...
TheToxicZombie Pred 9 urami
Me, a Canadian: "What the fuck is a munchkin?" *Keith shows donut holes* "OH- Tim Bits!."
Richard K.
Richard K. Pred 9 urami
Chicken Tikka Poutine, yes please. Get in my belly NOW!!
Jåckål Åyuzåwå
Jåckål Åyuzåwå Pred 9 urami
Eugene: **saying stuff about Ned** Me: who _is_ this guy? Eugene: **mentions baby** Me: _Wait a minute_ Eugene: **mentions wife** Me: it’s the guy who likes red and likes to bake bread! It’s the guy who got wed - he’s the man himself... *Ned!*
Just a little human
Just a little human Pred 9 urami
Dude if I get in Keith's state from these noodles I am more than willing to travel to LA just for them Way cheaper than other shite to get one there
Amelia Joy
Amelia Joy Pred 10 urami
My life has been so chaotic lately and my mental health has been through the absolute wringer but this content is a constant in my life and for that I am so ridiculously thankful
Just a little human
Just a little human Pred 10 urami
Eugene's mindset: look this may or may not be somewhat arousing and painful to me but I will keep up my pride and suffer in silence. Also hot dAmn this is good
isaiah baughman
isaiah baughman Pred 10 urami
Eugene is the only try guy that I don’t want to punch
Jake Smith
Jake Smith Pred 10 urami
The second new hairstyle looked like Kramer from seinfeld hahaha
BookNerdKing 122
BookNerdKing 122 Pred 10 urami
I am very jealous but I can’t be mad nor jelly cause it’s Keith.
bearly riose
bearly riose Pred 10 urami
The vase behind really looks like a chili 🌶 turned upside down.
Reece Wallas
Reece Wallas Pred 10 urami
Man sounds drunk
i love guys i love this kind of videos about food mmmm yummy XD CAN U SHARE PLEASE LOL
Izza Xyril Tangeres
Izza Xyril Tangeres Pred 10 urami
You guys should do jollibee
pamela angela
pamela angela Pred 10 urami
Ned: plays it safe every time Zach: random ingredients for no reason Keith: MY FATHER DONALD HABERSBERGER -- Eugene: just a shit ton of alcohol and spice
Viola Diletta Felici
Viola Diletta Felici Pred 10 urami
I know this is off-topic, but what if you guys do a workout/fitness challenge for a few weeks and then share the transformation? Just like Ned did, but with ALL OF YOU.
LowYummy Pred 10 urami
Jade is an icon.
Bhargavi Sinha
Bhargavi Sinha Pred 10 urami
Have you shifted out keith?
Lulu Meng
Lulu Meng Pred 10 urami
i wonder which one of Keith or Mike Chen has the biggest stomach. Would be amazing to see them both on a food challenge hahaha
movecount Pred 10 urami
To Eugene's credit, he really does have an impeccable Resting Poker Face.
cholky milk Mirage
cholky milk Mirage Pred 10 urami
my guy you looked like you brewed your own kumboocha before the hair cut lol.
pamela angela
pamela angela Pred 10 urami
Kashi Hill
Kashi Hill Pred 10 urami
IM tots team luuisey
Ray T Perez
Ray T Perez Pred 10 urami
How did u drink milk tea with no tapioca??? Huh
movecount Pred 10 urami
"You look like Steve Jobs' hipster son." *Oh nice*
PARADISE WORLD Pred 10 urami
For amazing Indian food recipes plz Subscribe my channel I need all of ur supports
Callie Tan
Callie Tan Pred 10 urami
As an Asian their pronunciation made me laugh lol
Pingoo 1337
Pingoo 1337 Pred 11 urami
They should rank races next
Travis Alexander
Travis Alexander Pred 11 urami
Keith's a soy boy.
May Ray
May Ray Pred 11 urami
Me, now a high school not giving a fuck about what people think I wear bc Ik I look good: 😌
maude leonard
maude leonard Pred 11 urami
5am, now I crave's one of my favorite food discovery of the last years
Micheal Pred 11 urami
PSA: If you want to support a restaurant, PLEASE ch eck to see if they deliver their own food! Third party delivery services often gouge the restaurants they deliver from. Thank you!
Brandy Brown
Brandy Brown Pred 11 urami
"I don't hate it, but I didn't plan it" Basically, my mom when I was born.
Kristine Ann
Kristine Ann Pred 11 urami
Honestly, props to Miles, Will and Sam for being a trooper 😆😊 I was expecting Jonathan to do it too lol hahahaha
pinkspongey Pred 11 urami
Them eating white rice with nothing else 😅😅😅
Samaira Gocal
Samaira Gocal Pred 11 urami
Now that's what I call a job
Ramy Faris
Ramy Faris Pred 11 urami
I’m sure this question has been asked before, but how in the heck does keith have this good stature? I’m happy for him, just curious!
Swizzle Sticks
Swizzle Sticks Pred 11 urami
8:32 - 8:39 Alright then
Nancy C.
Nancy C. Pred 11 urami
I love your hot sauce Keith it’s really good
Connor Bukowski
Connor Bukowski Pred 11 urami
7:34 look to the left😂
Yik Long Tay
Yik Long Tay Pred 11 urami
15:52 I actually read a myth about their resemblance to ears. During the cold winter months, people make drumpling soup to warm themselves and their frozen ears.
Freda Zhang
Freda Zhang Pred 11 urami
who else watching this in 2020 and yearning for such a food tour :/
CiSian Lim
CiSian Lim Pred 11 urami
Am I the only Asian that went nooooo that’s not how you do it when Keith didn’t put a straw into the milk tea and drank it straight 😂
Eileen Li
Eileen Li Pred 11 urami
Corn in the filling is quite common in Shanghai. We also do celery or 韭菜 (a kind of spring onion/chive) which makes it more flavorful. Cabbage is the most boring veggie to add.
BlackCatGrinz Pred 11 urami
I can attest. Giving up the anti-depressant/anxiety medication cold turkey is one of the hardest things I've gone through in my life. Hormones make it 10 times worse. Insomnia, paranoia, OCD, depression, towards the end of the pregnancy, i was losing about 5 pounds a week because the panic attacks started again. I was so happy when i reached the final month, and could take a low dose of Zoloft, again. The doctor actually insisted. That was definitely my LAST baby!
Christian Raphael
Christian Raphael Pred 11 urami
I want to try this at least once before I turn 40
HAPPY Pred 11 urami
Guys I found this video form looking up is noahj456 gay
Iamtotallynotanundercovercelebrity Pred 11 urami
2:59 **eats a VEGAN dumpling** Keith: “I don’t know what kind of meat this is...”
localtrxshcan Pred 11 urami
when keith put the dumpling by his ear, the first thing i thought of was “hel-lobe” get it? lobe? like ear lobe? no? ok.
Sereen Pred 11 urami
For anyone contemplating getting this procedure done>> 9:25
Nikki Pred 11 urami
Holy crap, I watched that Drag Race episode yesterday.
PsiVolt Pred 11 urami
zach's confidence is no longer so strong. I just came from the cake episode EDIT: oh god, and keith peaked here
Mimi 2-3
Mimi 2-3 Pred 12 urami
Natalie Hill
Natalie Hill Pred 12 urami
I like shark Keith
Jailyn Alderman
Jailyn Alderman Pred 12 urami
Keith: talking about how weird it would be if there was such a thing as mini hotdogs in water packaged together(7:45) Me a Midwestern: lil smokies
pinkfedoras Pred 12 urami
you took 3 photos? classic zach :)
Praharsha Nuti
Praharsha Nuti Pred 12 urami
I love the sudden hit they got with the Mango ones
Kyla Sanchez
Kyla Sanchez Pred 12 urami
omg the kitty is so cute
Skyler Stemper
Skyler Stemper Pred 12 urami
Eugene doing this with paint cans which I assume at least have some paint in them. Eugene! You gotta stop making the others look bad! I mean they’re doing great but damn dude!
Emily Wells
Emily Wells Pred 12 urami
The gas pistacion is an underrated pun
Alexandré Lee
Alexandré Lee Pred 12 urami
Cant stop thinking. Why'd you stick your chopsticks standing up on your rice? That symbolizes for food for the dead.