millionaire guy
Pred 2 meseci
i just took a DNA test
when god invented jesus
tough kids in movies
Pred 4 meseci
yelling election guy
Pred 5 meseci
how they made yugioh cards
Why is Twitter video so bad?
how to post on r/videos
god awful country
Pred 7 meseci
The Starlight Forge
The Starlight Forge Pred 3 urami
Honestly “subscribe for more garbage” is what made me subscribe in the first place
Mark_p_t Pred 3 urami
Gus actually looking upstanding
Ravish Pathan
Ravish Pathan Pred 3 urami
I thought the end would be: oh the lens cap was on. But that doesn't make any sense since it was recording all this while. But I bet they thought of this before the display was turned off thing.
Cherudon Pred 3 urami
The only cards I must have in my deck are the Marron cards. We stan the goodest boi
Hyblup Pred 3 urami
Prematurely likes because I know it’ll be good Edit: it was good.
gamersonic 224
gamersonic 224 Pred 3 urami
0:45 best moment
Kean Zyrus C. SILERIO
Kean Zyrus C. SILERIO Pred 3 urami
I wore a jacket while watching even though im immune to cold for some reason
Steve H
Steve H Pred 3 urami
Kick in the balls is a great ice breaker.
anan Pred 3 urami
needed them fake leaves in the background
Noah Lopez2015
Noah Lopez2015 Pred 3 urami
Jeez man,'s just a bad show, ya know? Too political. 🙄🙄🙄✌
Bent The Metal
Bent The Metal Pred 3 urami
I don’t remember the earrape part being actual earrape my fricking ears
Brett -
Brett - Pred 3 urami
He’s gotta golden knife, who do u know that has a golden knife😂😂😂
86 Nabeel Syed
86 Nabeel Syed Pred 3 urami
I'm addicted to this video
Wissmann Pred 3 urami
''Lets can you do these make some pizza rolls?''
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute Pred 3 urami
Ryan lyu
Ryan lyu Pred 3 urami
I can't believe how much anxiety covid has given me seeing Gus talk that close to Sven's face
Michael Haydn-Myer
Michael Haydn-Myer Pred 3 urami
guava juice fell off around 2016
Joshua Tate
Joshua Tate Pred 3 urami
Proud of you Gus
Mateo Pelissier
Mateo Pelissier Pred 4 urami
This legitimately and unironically makes me want to buy a Nerf gun.
Runnr Man
Runnr Man Pred 4 urami
2:33 looks like the Jules and Vincent shot
Jacob Pariseault
Jacob Pariseault Pred 4 urami
opinions Pred 4 urami
‘Compass Pred 4 urami
Instructions unclear accidentally made a M&M review
Karlwayne petalcorin
Karlwayne petalcorin Pred 4 urami
I have bought salt Sometimes people buy salt from me
A_True_Generic_Gamer Pred 4 urami
So I got robbed. Blows. Good thing he didn't take the gorilla suit.
John Mcdade
John Mcdade Pred 4 urami
Why Tyler why??
A_True_Generic_Gamer Pred 4 urami
Accuracy 100%
Alex Mahon
Alex Mahon Pred 4 urami
dad: *doing some task on his own* me: mom: "you should ask dad if he wants you to help him me: "dad do you need any help?" dad: "nah" me: *walks away* mom: "why aren't you helping him?" me: "he said he didn't need my help mom: "but you should help him"
King Adeft
King Adeft Pred 4 urami
Gus could really kill it in Hollywood. He's too good for Hollywood, but he could. He'd be right up there with Adam Sandler.
Cobble Gaming
Cobble Gaming Pred 4 urami
Old people: you will get finger pain
Adam Haj
Adam Haj Pred 4 urami
"No more, Mr. Knife Guyy, no more, sharpeni-hi-hi-hiing"
Andrew Barnard
Andrew Barnard Pred 4 urami
Clearly the whole point of the video was to flex on how they could afford to rent a whole movie theater for the sketch. How they got the funding for it, lll never know *looks at Guava’s millions of views per video* Yeah, I really don’t get it....
REANU KEEVES Pred 4 urami
Your baby has been deliverd.
Ender Ryan
Ender Ryan Pred 4 urami
Billy "Ackerman" , I see
DSAXenoN456 Krunker
DSAXenoN456 Krunker Pred 4 urami
jack is that you?
Limón Gùy
Limón Gùy Pred 4 urami
Trica Monroe
Trica Monroe Pred 4 urami
Lucas O'Riordan
Lucas O'Riordan Pred 4 urami
We got 15 likes!
veronica voyeur
veronica voyeur Pred 4 urami
Toko Fukawa
Toko Fukawa Pred 4 urami
You got it mixed up. it’s fedex
TheSabers VR
TheSabers VR Pred 5 urami
I’ve never seen an Olympics audition tape but this looks like one
Q U A N T U M Pred 5 urami
He is approaching 666 videos. Uh oh
doot doot
doot doot Pred 5 urami
"step dad bought me a ukulele" super underrated line
talk shit get hit
talk shit get hit Pred 5 urami
Why does Gus look like Jamie from Mythbusters in this video
Justin Kelly
Justin Kelly Pred 5 urami
Don't make physical contact. Boom, just blew your mind.
Sonic. Exe
Sonic. Exe Pred 5 urami
Herald, what’s that. HUHHUAA ITSA- uh itsa keyboard uncle green.
Sonic. Exe
Sonic. Exe Pred 5 urami
My companion, tails, likes your content gus
veronica voyeur
veronica voyeur Pred 5 urami
Link Pred 5 urami
Before I post this comment there are 911 comments.
Justin Horton
Justin Horton Pred 5 urami
"Hagrid's transgender." Hoo boy, hindsight is such a bitch...
josh barbone
josh barbone Pred 5 urami
Seems legit
Rexxidy Pred 5 urami
yo tengo 🥶😭😭🤡🤡👄👄👹🥵😎😝😝🤤🥵🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽👹😎🤤🤤
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith Pred 5 urami
Autistic Indiana
russin gaming
russin gaming Pred 5 urami
I remember crayon's My great grampa got killed by crayon's now I kill crayon's
Daniel M
Daniel M Pred 5 urami
0:18 you can see the cameraman in the mirror, absolutely unacceptable. REDO RE- RECORD. SCRAP THE. ENTIRE. PRODUCTION. AHHHHH
God Pred 5 urami
Dr Phil's questions in a nutshell: When you were brutally bashing your mother's brains, out how long between each thump until you hit her the second time? When you clobbered your mother did she make a Roblox OOF noise? Did the murdering wake your neighbors up? Have you ever heard of Ted Cruz? How long until the cops were called? I'm friends with Ted Cruz he's a great guy. What, in your opinion was the alotted time for your window of opportunity to commit the crime and successfully escape? Say I wanted to beat the shit out of my wife with a brass cowboy belt buckle, in comparison who in your opinion would be more likely to have been able to flee the scene before getting caught, me or you?
Joshua Galva
Joshua Galva Pred 5 urami
The 3/5ths joke was so dark
Backyard Bass fishing
Backyard Bass fishing Pred 5 urami
Bob semple
Bob semple Pred 5 urami
This should be renamed to Mom's common sense in horror movies
Nelluc The Great
Nelluc The Great Pred 5 urami
I would like an actual produced version of going through motions. It'd be pretty great.
BlaketheBlock Pred 5 urami
At first I was like, "why is he using cardboard other then a real shovel?" and then I saw the ending lol
Captain Duckie
Captain Duckie Pred 5 urami
“God, CATCH!”
Bigcheese1211 Pred 5 urami
Damn this video has 6.9 million views and 6.9 thousand comments at the time I viewed it
Captain Duckie
Captain Duckie Pred 5 urami
Did you guys notice the crayons?
HiImZander Pred 5 urami
I love the gunshot at 3:18
Pav-El Pred 5 urami
"Quote it in the comments for me" is the most Reddit thing ever
scoldedegg • 11 years ago
scoldedegg • 11 years ago Pred 5 urami
Don't eat the bad marijuanas or else you have to fix the sink with Dad
scoldedegg • 11 years ago
scoldedegg • 11 years ago Pred 5 urami
Don't eat that bad marijuanas or else you'll see demons
Gabby Diomand
Gabby Diomand Pred 6 urami
When it's the wrong side cause the one side is already broke
BIG GREEN BOYS Pred 6 urami
stems are edible I eat them all the time
Funny radar
Funny radar Pred 6 urami
Actually where I live the usps is rather good with their packages
Seth Brech
Seth Brech Pred 6 urami
Thank you Gus Johnson for representing us Seth's. Sorry about my butt and penis.
Sopito Pred 6 urami
It's uncanny how right this is
Alex Fischer 567
Alex Fischer 567 Pred 6 urami
Legan Name
Legan Name Pred 6 urami
Im the shorts and hoodie in any kind of weather person
Dog Dude
Dog Dude Pred 6 urami
I sent this to my mom lmao
Big Yeet
Big Yeet Pred 6 urami
.m. Pred 6 urami
i like the peaceful music at the end
Spiro Slimes
Spiro Slimes Pred 6 urami
Adon Sharp
Adon Sharp Pred 6 urami
Rawr X3
Emilio Leon
Emilio Leon Pred 6 urami
Bro that how guns are in games seriously! 😂🔫