Carlos was here
Carlos was here Pred 6 urami
Can't wait for the sentence: "Bacon dishes!"
Leonard Allen
Leonard Allen Pred 6 urami
Great games by KD and chubs. Weird infomercial commentator.
Skor Cemerlang
Skor Cemerlang Pred 7 urami
Should have kept Allen.
Bagong Polis
Bagong Polis Pred 7 urami
Two superstars is enough this team
Long Nguyen
Long Nguyen Pred 7 urami
gotta love slow mo
Baguio Property For Sale
Baguio Property For Sale Pred 7 urami
Trade Kyrie for Vucevic
Quer Saber???
Quer Saber??? Pred 7 urami
Imagine westbrook in nets.....the dream team of okc is back!!
S Modou Samb
S Modou Samb Pred 7 urami
Durant , Irving, Harden Jordan 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Darius Giovanni
Darius Giovanni Pred 8 urami
We should go for Gary Trent Jr and Marvin Bagley. Our starting five would be so exciting (SGA, Dort, Gary, Bazley, Bagley)
Call me God
Call me God Pred 8 urami
bacon ... in the oven
Mrjacques91 Pred 8 urami
They should’ve traded Simmons for Harden.
Dean Le
Dean Le Pred 8 urami
Kyrie who? lol
Baws Nitti
Baws Nitti Pred 8 urami
I don't see how Kyrie fits in this scenario Every team he's on looks better without Kyrie He might as well force another trade and move on KD looks good without the ball James needs the ball to be great
Toby Pred 9 urami
That was the perfect chance for simmons to shut his critics up and shoot the 3 when the game was on the line. Smh.
Jose Marquez
Jose Marquez Pred 9 urami
Gee Cee
Gee Cee Pred 9 urami
Simmons playing to damn soft and passive at that size should be average way more than that!!!!
easy assaf
easy assaf Pred 9 urami
Like Dame Ben take the shot on the many time. You are the star, stop afraid
Michael Kim
Michael Kim Pred 9 urami
More impressed with vucevic performance
OGGOAT_ _ Pred 9 urami
Simmons afraid to fuck his stats up.. lmao game on the line pass it to somebody..this is not a championship player
binhoviski1 Pred 10 urami
No minuto 3:45 , toda elegância de Harden. Fominha, erra muito... Mas é um senhor jogador!
Aggelos Stm
Aggelos Stm Pred 10 urami
Kyrie is a top 3 pg
undertable records
undertable records Pred 7 urami
@Baws Nitti lebron isnt a pg bruh stfu
Baws Nitti
Baws Nitti Pred 8 urami
LeBron Steph Dame
Aggelos Stm
Aggelos Stm Pred 8 urami
@Baws Nitti yeeee he is
Baws Nitti
Baws Nitti Pred 8 urami
No he's not
Manuel Caldicot
Manuel Caldicot Pred 10 urami
Nets , campeón, espectaculares , lo nunca visto Kevin& James
IPD Pred 10 urami
offense is good 👍 Defense so 👎 Nets need KAT or Mcgee
B.J SOUND BEATS Pred 10 urami
The best player in the Word KD yeaaaa
Bjorn Van Cauwenbergh
Bjorn Van Cauwenbergh Pred 10 urami
first game ever i saw Harden making his team better . Oh btw , Who needs Kyrie ?
Angel Man
Angel Man Pred 11 urami
dont want Kyrie Irving in this team...
Abcdefg Pred 11 urami
Trade kyrie for simmons and wtf was deandre doing not guarding vucevic the entire game? But I liked how kd played and how harden played as well
Edgard Torres
Edgard Torres Pred 11 urami
Simmons should shot the 3 to win the game !
El Nino
El Nino Pred 11 urami
Mark my words: the Nets won't do the Finals this year!
Jo Luis
Jo Luis Pred 10 urami
mArK mY wOrDs: 🤡
CEBUano Builder
CEBUano Builder Pred 11 urami
not impressed. orlando is a weak team.
Mauro De Santo
Mauro De Santo Pred 7 urami
Bro its their first game together, what are you expecting?
hwei low
hwei low Pred 11 urami
This team is good without kyrie
David Pred 11 urami
Kevin Durant choose to only score 42. He literally can score ALL THE TIME
δημητρης παπαδημητριου
δημητρης παπαδημητριου Pred 11 urami
DAILY TIKTOK V2 Pred 11 urami
0:25 I like ur cut G
lorenciandrej Pred 11 urami
It's almost good as 2K. Who needs spectators anymore.
Jal DG
Jal DG Pred 12 urami
when someone thinks he is the only one making a shot...the team will suffer. Salute with a Good play by James.
Astrokidxx Pred 12 urami
nets gonna let go kyrie for some better role players and picks. theres no point kyrie there any more
The fact Kang
The fact Kang Pred 12 urami
하든 스텝백은 알고도못막고 오늘 솔까 하든없었음 졌다 부룩
Bar OfDaLouz
Bar OfDaLouz Pred 12 urami
With Harden they can win the Champ,that's not good because i'm with Bucks . Kevin and Harden are amazing players and very dangerous
Ghelo Bautista
Ghelo Bautista Pred 12 urami
Harden and Durant🔥🔥🔥
Manuel Caldicot
Manuel Caldicot Pred 10 urami
Que linda parejita
Aras Pred 12 urami
Trade kyrie for a center...
Chris Pred 12 urami
Ok so great games from the beard and KD yet they still struggled to put Orlando away?
Shane Harrison
Shane Harrison Pred 9 urami
it’s their first game together 😂
Anonymous One
Anonymous One Pred 9 urami
Lol dw nets just warming up and im not even a fan of theirs.
deafhain Pred 10 urami
I saw no struggling, both KD and Harden had always the answer to Orlando’s game. Giving LeVert and Allen away along with harden’s arrival requires some adjustments. They did more than good. And Orlando is a legit team, nothing to be underestimated.
Skiddo P
Skiddo P Pred 12 urami
Vucevic back must hurt after all this carrying, honestly i feel sorry everytime i watch the dude play being stuck there
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb Pred 10 urami
His choice.
Kan Cho
Kan Cho Pred 13 urami
Is Nets able to challenge Lakers???
Ibrahim Chatila
Ibrahim Chatila Pred 9 urami
Not this year for sure, not enough depth. Lakers can keep their momentum during the game with their squad depth. Nets are very good now but they will come short.
Marc Ceide
Marc Ceide Pred 13 urami
Kevin Durant the best
Edwin Lara
Edwin Lara Pred 13 urami
Do not let Kyrie back, cuz chemistry is already good... Kyrie destroyed Rotation and line up of great Celtics when he came there ...
Petar Gulin
Petar Gulin Pred 14 urami
There will be game where Harden goes for 20 + assists, he looks like he finally matured. And KD looks as good as he did before injury. Just one of the best to ever do it. And pls Magic, trade Vučević, don't waste his prime on your shitty roster
Tom3K GrabarzzZ
Tom3K GrabarzzZ Pred 14 urami
Offensively they look deadly my only concern is the defense the beard doesnt seem to be interested running around the screens all the time
Joel Del Rosario
Joel Del Rosario Pred 14 urami
What happened to Siakam, he performs like an average player.
mavkor Pred 14 urami
the thumbnail got me laughing
Domagoj Lenartić
Domagoj Lenartić Pred 14 urami
Finnaly pistons played some offence...
Ian German
Ian German Pred 14 urami
It's better to trade Erving for drummond
Ally ramadhani
Ally ramadhani Pred 14 urami
KD can average 40 everygame if he wants. Thats how efficient this guy is. There is no a score like kd in the nba, lebron is not KD, I put bron ahead because of leadership but in the other hand kd has never want to be a leader he just wanna hoop
Omen Porter
Omen Porter Pred 9 urami
KD is the most complete offensive player the NBA has ever seen.
Christopher Chung
Christopher Chung Pred 11 urami
Even if he doesnt want to be a leader...he has to be
Nakedi Phora
Nakedi Phora Pred 14 urami
Even if he wanted....couldn’t.Compliment your KD and leave Bron out of it🙄
finni angelie
finni angelie Pred 14 urami
swicth team garden?? net not on ricket?
Buupy Boopy
Buupy Boopy Pred 14 urami
Tobias sucks
Izuan Mt Isa
Izuan Mt Isa Pred 15 urami
Man..this team is scary if they start clicking right away.
John Alier
John Alier Pred 15 urami
Siakam is having a rough season. Hope he finds his touch soon
R TN Pred 15 urami
I hate to break the news to all you sixer fans but this team isn't winning no championship ever. Sixers are soft. When your two best players are both soft than the team will be soft. Ben Simmons is soft. He is a soft player. Joel Embiid is soft. He isn't durable. The sixers will never ever win a championship with Embiid and Simmons. I don't care if phil Jackson is the coach. These two player's are soft by nature. They can't change. The only real solution for the sixers is to trade away both of these soft as player's. Embiid and Simmons both are physically soft and mentally soft. They both need to be traded
A Na
A Na Pred 10 urami
Your mom's soft
TiBeast Pred 14 urami
Bro you ain’t callin embiid soft dawg
AreLL Lio
AreLL Lio Pred 15 urami
they can be champs 2022
Pedro Lopez
Pedro Lopez Pred 15 urami
cCc Harris cCc Turkey
Pedro Lopez
Pedro Lopez Pred 10 urami
@muzaffer erol nets ülkü ocakları başkanı
muzaffer erol
muzaffer erol Pred 14 urami
Mellenix Pred 15 urami
Simmons should have shot the 3.
Kerim Yilmaz
Kerim Yilmaz Pred 11 urami
One day....... maybe he will
Love_ Angel0483
Love_ Angel0483 Pred 15 urami
Brooklyn line up is so deadly.
Dee Manns
Dee Manns Pred 15 urami
Even the commentators kno Blake Griffin shooting to much 😭😭
No2d3 Pred 15 urami
Lol did ppl Forget how GOOD KD was? Let him remind y’all
Seyba Pred 12 urami
Nobody forgot fool stop fishing for likes smh
Trent Williams
Trent Williams Pred 15 urami
James Harden is the 3rd best player in the game idgaf what nobody say Bron, KD, James harden
s108t Pred 7 urami
@Nikola Doncic *drops dog food* come here buddy
s108t Pred 7 urami
@Nikola Doncic shut the heck up
Nikola Doncic
Nikola Doncic Pred 8 urami
@Tijan Luka better than these bums...
pr pr
pr pr Pred 13 urami
This comment section is just full of nonsense from people that only see highlights
Arash M
Arash M Pred 13 urami
@Tijan i want what ur smoking if you think Dame is better than KD
GREmI1987 Pred 15 urami
Ебать Харден колобок.
А Yerman
А Yerman Pred 14 urami
@GREmI1987 смотрю только игры лейкерс и клиперс
А Yerman
А Yerman Pred 14 urami
@GREmI1987 я за баскетом особо не слежу как за футболом
GREmI1987 Pred 14 urami
@А Yerman ты с луны что ли свалился,бро?)
А Yerman
А Yerman Pred 14 urami
Он когда успел перейти?)
Darwin Resipeda
Darwin Resipeda Pred 16 urami
Flawless performance for The Beard`s debut..if it continues the future is bright for the nets with KD and Harden, let`s see when Irving came back..
KELVINWEST14 Pred 17 urami
Dammmm imagine being able to tie the game to extra time but u air ball that shot🤦🏾‍♂️
FALCON 1 Pred 17 urami
Samson Manase
Samson Manase Pred 17 urami
Man AD is going to eat in the finals cuz Jordan can’t even keep up with Vucavic !
Golden Sperm
Golden Sperm Pred 13 urami
@manuel galetti I think it's better to say that Vucevic is a better scorer under the paint.
Lasha Xoperia
Lasha Xoperia Pred 13 urami
@manuel galetti i hope you are kidding.
manuel galetti
manuel galetti Pred 14 urami
AD is a better player so far but I aint sure he is better offensively than vucevic,
uropy Pred 16 urami
Nets need to improve the toughness of their paint. They need to get Jordan out.
Eseibio Pred 17 urami
Yea he is too 3
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy Pred 17 urami
Hardway Jr should be banned from 3pts area
Christian Mugisha
Christian Mugisha Pred 17 urami
Imagine not starting lamelo
John Lester Casiño
John Lester Casiño Pred 18 urami
men.. Brooklyn for championship... What a flawless plays, nice chemistry out there in the floor.
Aisaka Pred 15 urami
There's no KI so...
Loong Michael
Loong Michael Pred 18 urami
unselfish plays throughout the game by Hayden. The Team will benefit great from him and once Kyire is back.. WOW.. What a dream team..
Tomato Tomato
Tomato Tomato Pred 7 urami
Harden has always been sharing the ball. I'd be more worried once kyrie returns coz he a ball hog.
jezter flame
jezter flame Pred 15 urami
But they have to learn give and take ,they are all stars ,they need to lessen their ego.
Deron Taylor
Deron Taylor Pred 17 urami
@No Smoke magic been good this year
No Smoke
No Smoke Pred 18 urami
Against the Magic. He might as well be playing practice versus his bench.
Burrito Sexy
Burrito Sexy Pred 18 urami
KingCaL Pred 18 urami
sean fobbs
sean fobbs Pred 18 urami
espben360 Pred 18 urami
LETS GO!!!!! Good bounce back to win that! Christian wood was very good for houston. Demar playing pissed off love it!!
tindin sywon
tindin sywon Pred 20 urami
What happened there, why didn't Caulley-Stein dunk the the ball when he got that offensive rebound at 8:44??
tindin sywon
tindin sywon Pred 14 urami
@Walter Gramajo I really like this new mavs team btw, they'll get it together by the end of the season, must have been an off night.
Walter Gramajo
Walter Gramajo Pred 14 urami
8:42 A lot of things happened here... Mavs need a smart big man, the rooks are still bad, KP struggling whole game, Burke make bad decitiones, Carlise didn't call timeout when Coulein Stain get the rebound, 2 3s attemps when they're just need two point with 18 seconds in the clock, Kleba-DoDo-Rich are out, the reffs don't call a faul on López over Porzingis.🤦🏻