Timexy Emerald
Timexy Emerald Pred 8 urami
no patience at all and just come here to kill the baby whale and call it a day
Asaye Worku
Asaye Worku Pred 8 urami
Freedom for Scotland
Ian S
Ian S Pred 8 urami
70s and 80s was carnage of both sides Military, Terrorists and most of all Civilians of both countries.
Jerremia De Ruud
Jerremia De Ruud Pred 8 urami
I just love that everyone in the comment section just turned the video into a meme
Feanedhell Pred 8 urami
Anyone who thinks that should transwomen be allowed to participate in women’s competition is a yes or no question does not understand the complexity of the issue.
Philip Wright
Philip Wright Pred 8 urami
Been hugging for over a year during this scamdemic ..Piss off Sky
Ieuan Quinlan
Ieuan Quinlan Pred 8 urami
Government mandated hugging
Steven Wallace
Steven Wallace Pred 8 urami
Hate hugs. Dont come near me for one.
Darren Edwards
Darren Edwards Pred 8 urami
Crime against humanity...stop the bullshit.....world is not playing games.....rise up people....we are being degraded....screw them
New Age
New Age Pred 8 urami
As a Brit, I'm disgusted we failed thee families so terribly, they deserved justice 49 years agob
Hans Castorp
Hans Castorp Pred 8 urami
The British army massacred civilians in NI on the basis of their ethnic identity alone, just as Israel does in occupied Palestine today
Feanedhell Pred 8 urami
Jordan peterson of rap is not the compliment he think it is, peterson is an absolute bell end
Barbara Walker
Barbara Walker Pred 8 urami
British exceptionalism is the very worst of the British and most seem to be blind to it.
Jean-Claude Pred 8 urami
Spoken like an Englishman, if he really believes his prognosis than England wouldn't have a problem letting Scotland have there referendum.
LK34 Pred 8 urami
Ira sympathisers
Brian Mcmanniman
Brian Mcmanniman Pred 8 urami
Run for leader, get rid of the dead wood in the labor party, Abbott, & the the rest, that's the only way am voting labor again, &'' Andy, listen to the real labor party voters that were lost' over not listing to the Democratic vote on Brexit.. The only vote i cast in the local elections, was for Steve Rotherham.
Gina Oconnell
Gina Oconnell Pred 8 urami
Don’t patronise 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
brett harter
brett harter Pred 8 urami
Beth was already attending gatherings of more than 30 LOL
blue dale
blue dale Pred 8 urami
Build up vitamin D in your body to fight the virus
hxjay1971 Pred 8 urami
Have we got a vaccine against the Whitty variant what a vile creature
Erin Moran
Erin Moran Pred 8 urami
give Ireland back to the Irish
got you
got you Pred 8 urami
Andrej Jamina
Andrej Jamina Pred 8 urami
Blow em all up
Siobhain Louiseoxx
Siobhain Louiseoxx Pred 8 urami
My Queen ♥️ 🇬🇧
Bigburt 82
Bigburt 82 Pred 8 urami
Why is there always this comparison with events in London as if the Northern Irish are discriminated against - it just isn’t true.
don snypa
don snypa Pred 8 urami
Autum Dew
Autum Dew Pred 8 urami
First time watching from California. Information is very helpful and informative thxs
Jenny Purcell
Jenny Purcell Pred 8 urami
70's was rife with stuff we had to deal with from there...
Dougie Johnstone's
Dougie Johnstone's Pred 8 urami
I read yesterday that their put in down or is that lies as well
Khan M.F
Khan M.F Pred 8 urami
''Hossana is a Son of David'' ''Blessed is he who comes in the name of Lord!'' ''Hossana is the highest'' Jesus christ says Engr Khan (Army Rullers Ranker's)
atch ytagyn
atch ytagyn Pred 8 urami
Quite an ominous dress choice considering the future of the union....
Pashtun Taraki
Pashtun Taraki Pred 8 urami
So where is know the conservative of worlds?
Let’s debate
Let’s debate Pred 8 urami
So where those killed by IRA past is past leave it where it belongs
Pul5ar Pred 8 urami
My efforts?🤨... oh right😲, my efforts 🙄
Smile mm
Smile mm Pred 8 urami
This bitches are just trying to start a new movement .
izzah Jannah
izzah Jannah Pred 8 urami
Wow amazing
GOOD News Pred 8 urami
These are unidentified does not mean from another planet
You Suck
You Suck Pred 8 urami
Curtis Hand
Curtis Hand Pred 8 urami
Ahh yes the famous mail in votes trickle in throughout the night to get just enough of a comfortable lead. Amazing how that works out for leftists across the planet. Anyone thinking vote counting is still legit should probably put their mask back on. 🤣
Victoria Jaferian
Victoria Jaferian Pred 8 urami
This at all didn’t sound like the queen also her cheeks are blown out;;; does she have cold also has she had botox
sam Pred 8 urami
1:40 how it should have been from the beginning