LaMelo Ball
LaMelo Ball Pred 3 urami
gelo at home sitting on the coach crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭
Keith Pred 3 urami
Luka’s fav: Mavs, basketball, and cherry picking
Xx MuhammadMian xX
Xx MuhammadMian xX Pred 4 urami
when bron back?
Isaac Hawkins
Isaac Hawkins Pred 4 urami
Luka face is most def gonna be a meme 😂😂
Toby Croxford
Toby Croxford Pred 4 urami
My god curry is something else So inspirational
Poon King
Poon King Pred 4 urami
Tim Hardaway Jr. is a hella under appreciated player
1Mrsweetness Pred 4 urami
Boston sucks.
ItzYaBoyTwan Pred 4 urami
Imagine Pelicans and Hornets in the NBA Finals.
Thomas Nikopoulos
Thomas Nikopoulos Pred 4 urami
The Boston Celtics will bounce back
dolce gabbana
dolce gabbana Pred 4 urami
LaMelo's shot is so weird, how does it go in ?
Marcelo Pred 4 urami
Coach Of The Year has to be Quin Snyder from the Jazz
Krishna Kumarappan
Krishna Kumarappan Pred 4 urami
bro im a cletics fan and there trash
Karan Liveforever
Karan Liveforever Pred 4 urami
Derrick Rose got to be the 6 man of the year
Julius Pepperwood
Julius Pepperwood Pred 5 urami
Sexton shoved him. If you can’t tell the reason Luka is angry, then you need to find a new SLpost bit.
David Opoku
David Opoku Pred 5 urami
Luka soft it was just a box out😂
Pablo Herrera
Pablo Herrera Pred 5 urami
Syrex Pred 5 urami
when you fouling in love and she looks up but you see nothing but an adam's apple...
Joey FL
Joey FL Pred 5 urami
Luka gots anger issues bro.
Kelly Oubre Jr.
Kelly Oubre Jr. Pred 5 urami
Wenyen Gabriel dirty for that @0:35
NearWrld Pred 5 urami
Drose will forever be my Favorite Gaurd of all time
Dick Ma
Dick Ma Pred 5 urami
F2!??? Fir that one swing??
Samuel de Grâce Bakayendela
Samuel de Grâce Bakayendela Pred 5 urami
What ?
Acekiller22 Pred 5 urami
Lakers in 5
Anthony Severino
Anthony Severino Pred 5 urami
People really sleeping on the Lakers lol They going to the finals, even through the playin
The Fun -_-guy
The Fun -_-guy Pred 5 urami
Scary Terry dropping 43 and Alexander-Walker shooting a half court buzzer??? THATS SOME 🧀!
Andy Velasquez
Andy Velasquez Pred 5 urami
I guess only coach Thibs knows how to bring out the best out of D.Rose!!!
SmugAcrobatic Pred 5 urami
286mic Pred 5 urami
The NBA is now softer than Charmaine.
Patrick Mccaw
Patrick Mccaw Pred 5 urami
Luka being a school threat
Drinkers Inc.
Drinkers Inc. Pred 5 urami
Pi Dong
Pi Dong Pred 5 urami
#2 vs #7
Donald Melton
Donald Melton Pred 5 urami
Devin booker only drops 21 points you gotta do better you the superstar of the franchise
The Gamer Psyche
The Gamer Psyche Pred 5 urami
:37 LE-GM!
MishDaBish Pred 5 urami
softest flagrant 2 i’ve ver seen. It wasn’t even a flagrant 1 to begin with..
Brian Rivera
Brian Rivera Pred 5 urami
D rose gone be an all star next year , trust.
Ivanners Pred 5 urami
The 2020 Eastern Conference Finalists battling it out for the 6th seed. Wild.
MalRulesAll Pred 6 urami
MasterHepburns Pred 6 urami
0:44 maybe if that hornets guy guarded alexander. They might have a better chance. Lazy ass bum!
theGod black
theGod black Pred 6 urami
Lol, cavs aren't playing for a playoff spot:😳 In reality there last place in the east for a spot....😳🤔😂🤣
Itzboss101 Pred 6 urami
Your commentary is junk.
Constable Kennedy
Constable Kennedy Pred 6 urami
So Miami had a Heat Check?!... 👀. 🏀
Fam0us_Nate2kk Natefire
Fam0us_Nate2kk Natefire Pred 6 urami
Rozier is underrated
WHY Pred 6 urami
Chris smoove been the goat for a while now
Saran Rasiah
Saran Rasiah Pred 6 urami
What's your jumpshot
AlWasz LTU
AlWasz LTU Pred 6 urami
Ball brothers not really Ballin in 2k
Alexander Li Calzi
Alexander Li Calzi Pred 6 urami
Why is Doncic getting more violent? Amazing player but he’s starting to have a bit of the wrong mentality 🤷‍♂️
Reese Angle
Reese Angle Pred 6 urami
Not impressed
Constable Kennedy
Constable Kennedy Pred 6 urami
Is it fair to say that both Lonzo and LaMelo can Ball?!... 👀. 🏀
Irving Secret
Irving Secret Pred 6 urami
Fucking luka 🤣
rushilb6 Pred 6 urami
Waiting for djmeechymeech to do a voiceover
Kenneth Tiangco
Kenneth Tiangco Pred 6 urami
Lavar so proud right now
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan Pred 6 urami
1:15 when LeMickey recruits Steph curry next season
Stan's MGE
Stan's MGE Pred 6 urami
damn they got balls brothers
Youngboy ray Youngboy ray
Youngboy ray Youngboy ray Pred 6 urami
Who saw big daws
DownShift X
DownShift X Pred 6 urami
tim is coach of the year
sharpshooter0174 Pred 6 urami
We not playing around
tango tango
tango tango Pred 6 urami
That's a flagrant 2? NBA is so soft it's a joke.
Joshua Y
Joshua Y Pred 6 urami
I would've given him a Flagrant 1. But don't take my word 'cause I'm not a trained ref.
John Doe
John Doe Pred 7 urami
Luka and Draymond are the two most emotional players in the league
DECADE Pred 7 urami
Surprised Luka face.
LveMlike Pred 7 urami
How much luka pay for the ejection?! Is there penalty chArge when a player gets ejected??
Organic Iverson
Organic Iverson Pred 7 urami
Hey Kids DRose was the youngest MVP in NBA history.
Jude Lara
Jude Lara Pred 7 urami
lakers fluke
das tuff
das tuff Pred 7 urami
luka low key deserved it
vanessa taylor
vanessa taylor Pred 7 urami
@devon watson its a japanese skin bleaching lotion fer.la/1.It says in the article the hollywood african american celebrities use it because it is able to change the color of their skin from dark skin to light skin mixed race .it doesnt surprise me these days everybody changes their appearance i guess to feel more confident about themselves people are having insecurities.
Nykole Hudson
Nykole Hudson Pred 7 urami
Lol no cap
Srikar Velavarthipati
Srikar Velavarthipati Pred 7 urami
Everyone: looking at Lukas reaction Me: looking at sextons acne
Z I Pred 7 urami
Luka got GTA 5 eyes
Azhan Ahmed
Azhan Ahmed Pred 7 urami
Lakers need Bron to come back healthy real quick if they want to make that last run for 6th seed
Devastinator Pred 7 urami
Jose Luis
Jose Luis Pred 7 urami
Todo mentiras, ni hubo codazo , ni patada en la ingle ni nada. Típico de los árbitros, ellos juegan su propio partido.
Song Pred 7 urami
these refs are really fucking the games up
Devastinator Pred 7 urami
Lu Sichu
Lu Sichu Pred 7 urami
That flagrant is just rubbish
Blue Coca Cola
Blue Coca Cola Pred 7 urami
Look at D Rose man. so inspirational
Ghostface 7
Ghostface 7 Pred 7 urami
Guy who retaliates always gets caught, he'll learn that
Jahvon McDaniel
Jahvon McDaniel Pred 7 urami
My Knicks are back in the playoffs...what a time to be alive😭😭😭
Aaron Kyle Espiritu
Aaron Kyle Espiritu Pred 7 urami
davis hitting the floor all night
Blue Coca Cola
Blue Coca Cola Pred 7 urami
The rose that blooms in the garden 🌹
Dog Mcstuffins
Dog Mcstuffins Pred 6 urami
Mac 'N Cheese
Mac 'N Cheese Pred 7 urami
0:43 Did the shot count? If it did, it's all monk's fault
J-Dub37992 Pred 7 urami
50k for a 2 min video, that's some cheese
d33vid Pred 5 urami
check his most popular videos 😂