Lj Johnson
Lj Johnson Pred 9 urami
icyhot Pred 11 urami
why does coach and arch look the same.
SANDRA Mccullough
SANDRA Mccullough Pred 12 urami
He was a laker all along
Caleb K
Caleb K Pred 12 urami
King Taylor
King Taylor Pred 12 urami
Jonathan Mitchell
Karon Keyes
Karon Keyes Pred 12 urami
I played the first game it was so fun
N.Y. King
N.Y. King Pred 12 urami
Sin City Quinn
Sin City Quinn Pred 12 urami
Their block system is terrible, too. You block the CPU and the ball goes back to the 9 times out of 10. Their shot meter is also broken on next gen. It pushes you out of the the green window after you release the shot button.
Giorgos Papakonstantinou
Giorgos Papakonstantinou Pred 13 urami
make a video for the golden state warriors!!!
Victor Valentine
Victor Valentine Pred 13 urami
Kobe almost hit that
Damars Paegle
Damars Paegle Pred 14 urami
You do know, that on legendary it doesnt show block transition arrows?
SwagBoyy RK
SwagBoyy RK Pred 14 urami
The best 2K ever...(back in 2020)
UnknownCreation Pred 14 urami
5 million subs btw
FW Pred 15 urami
One bad game makes you not better than Jordan? Yeah cmon Chris your smoking rn
Hiru G Vlogs
Hiru G Vlogs Pred 15 urami
why is his voice therapeutic ?
Billydakid 1268
Billydakid 1268 Pred 15 urami
I accidentally chose to leave and now I’m really upset, I wasn’t paying attention and it automatically chose it. I’m salty
thetruesoviet Pred 15 urami
The real 1st ankel breaker is Corykenshin
H B Pred 15 urami
You did inception on me... Jonathan Mitchell... you planted the name inside my head and replaced the old one. I had to google the old name lol
Jay Vu
Jay Vu Pred 15 urami
For Kobe <3
Jay Vu
Jay Vu Pred 15 urami
for Kobe <3
William Wakley
William Wakley Pred 15 urami
RIP Kobe we loved you
Jared Liaban
Jared Liaban Pred 16 urami
"PG only got 10 points" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
RyanDaGoat .
RyanDaGoat . Pred 16 urami
I know I’m late and I love 2K but if you haven’t yet do the season of infamy with killer croc,mr freeze,ras a goul,and mad hatter
Youtube Doctor
Youtube Doctor Pred 17 urami
Happy belated Birthday Chris Smoove.
Munashe Hungoidza
Munashe Hungoidza Pred 18 urami
Where’s the mycareer 😢
xXSebastian_MatuteXx Pred 18 urami
Imagine the 2020-2021 Golden State Warriors' starting lineup: Stephen Curry Andrew Wiggins Kelly Oubre Jr. Draymond Green James Wiseman
The Chioras
The Chioras Pred 18 urami
I just realized that Steven Adams was traded to NOP
Jeremiah Hemsley
Jeremiah Hemsley Pred 18 urami
Wait a minute OMAR is in 2K?!
K T Pred 18 urami
They couldve gotten Giannis with that 5 mil im not even joking, everybody wants easy rings these days..just kidding
Jeremiah Hemsley
Jeremiah Hemsley Pred 18 urami
Bruh has Smoove ever played park?!
CJfromGROVEst 19
CJfromGROVEst 19 Pred 18 urami
The Godfather has spoken
George Harrison
George Harrison Pred 19 urami
Lakers trying to cancel a contract NBA: and now we're gonna clap em
Mark WANG [08C07]
Mark WANG [08C07] Pred 21 uro
since mcgee's gone it only make sense for the lakers to sign pau gasol
Navasheen Roy Chowdhury
Navasheen Roy Chowdhury Pred 21 uro
Imagine if lebron went mad and dragged deng's ass for him to have a career ending injury in a game
Chuck Aviator
Chuck Aviator Pred 21 uro
Gayanis Antehhvgndatkoumpo dunks from Ben Simmons range
NBA Mix Pred 21 uro
Hawks Fan?
Real Pallbearer
Real Pallbearer Pred 22 urami
can someone gameshare me 2k plz !!!!
Real Pallbearer
Real Pallbearer Pred 22 urami
can someone gameshare me 2k plz !!!!
Real Pallbearer
Real Pallbearer Pred 22 urami
can someone gameshare me 2k plz !!!!
Real Pallbearer
Real Pallbearer Pred 22 urami
can someone gameshare me 2k plz !!!!
Real Pallbearer
Real Pallbearer Pred 22 urami
can someone gameshare me 2k plz !!!!
Real Pallbearer
Real Pallbearer Pred 22 urami
can someone gameshare me 2k plz !!!!
Darnell hospedales
Darnell hospedales Pred 22 urami
Diamond gaming
Diamond gaming Pred 23 urami
They actually didn’t change the commentators until PS5💀
CAMO LD Pred 23 urami
10:21 they said that was 21 % lolololololol smh
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Pred 23 urami
Chris Smoove: Let me know what you think in the comment section. Me: Does he even read his comments section?
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Pred 23 urami
No one: Chris smoove: Jer-Uhmi Grant
eatcheesekobe Pred 23 urami
idk how hawks are going to run rondo and tre
B.I.G WESSS Pred 23 urami
2020 recommendations😅 yk 2k13 is one of the best 2k’s ever
Suhandi Wijaya
Suhandi Wijaya Pred dnevom
Thanks Knicks for trading him for peanuts.
Morpheus Burress
Morpheus Burress Pred dnevom
lmaoooo yea its scripted bc most people dont drop that much gwalla on vc bro
AL K Pred dnevom
Luol Deng what a boss
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Pred dnevom
Marc Gasol signs to the Lakers Smoove: That’s beautiful! That’s a great sign!
spicenug Pred dnevom
That flop was hilarious lol. The face and everything.
Awaken The Mind
Awaken The Mind Pred dnevom
My boy Chris
Timothy Houston
Timothy Houston Pred dnevom
Los Angeles Lakers Preseason 2020 schedule The Lakers Vs the LA Clippers on Friday, Dec. 11 and again on Sunday, Dec 13. ( home ) Vs Suns on Wednesday, Dec. 16 and Friday, Dec. 18. ( away )
Kickin Beats
Kickin Beats Pred dnevom
Lejohnd Of cheez
Lejohnd Of cheez Pred dnevom
Who else wants to see durant dunk on the prime you know who I’m talking about Jordan
Timothy Houston
Timothy Houston Pred dnevom
2020 Golden State Warriors Preseason Dec,12th vs Denver Nuggets ( Home ) Dec,15th At Sacramento Kings ( away ) Dec,17th At Sacramento Kings ( away )
Brandon _4
Brandon _4 Pred dnevom
Damn 10 years ago
Timothy Houston
Timothy Houston Pred dnevom
2020 Cleveland Cavaliers Preseason Game Schedule December 12th vs. Indiana Pacers (Home), 7:00PM EST December 14th vs. Indiana Pacers (Home), 6:00PM EST December 16th at New York Knicks (Away), 7:30PM EST December 18th at New York Knicks (Away), 7:30PM EST
Erick Antonio
Erick Antonio Pred dnevom
He was the goon for the team.😂
Hayden Sigurdson
Hayden Sigurdson Pred dnevom
Dort is gonna be the next Roberson but exists on offence
SpAce Spart3n
SpAce Spart3n Pred dnevom
You know somethings Up When Smoove Hasn’t Posted in a Day 😰
Abdoul Mare
Abdoul Mare Pred dnevom
Hunter Makoy
Hunter Makoy Pred dnevom
How is the steal system in NBA Live?
Jr Aguinaldo
Jr Aguinaldo Pred dnevom
FU Luol Deng 🖕🖕🖕
Green Bean
Green Bean Pred dnevom
Lakers are some cheese
Kyle Dixon
Kyle Dixon Pred dnevom
Happy Birthday Smoove
Gilbert Sanchez
Gilbert Sanchez Pred dnevom
😂 Lakers cheat code gone bad
Leestream Pred dnevom
junior bangasan
junior bangasan Pred dnevom
Media never ask about how LeBron managed to become the GM of every team he goes. In MIAMI LeBron was denied when he ask Pat about changing the Coach. That's why he returned to CAVS.
scaratop Pred dnevom
Lebron is a better gm than Jordan.
Tommie Hamlet Jr
Tommie Hamlet Jr Pred dnevom
fax why would i want shot aiming lol who asked for that
yusuf sillah
yusuf sillah Pred dnevom
it don’t matter they still got who they want
Sean Minter
Sean Minter Pred dnevom
Damn so Intimidator is only for forwards and centers? That’s garbage bro. There are many guards with the intimidator badge
LiamborninDC Pred dnevom
Well then Deng needs to suit up.
Andres Velasco
Andres Velasco Pred dnevom
Happy Birthday GOAT!!!!
Daniel Hutchinson
Daniel Hutchinson Pred dnevom
Smoove did FIFA!?!?
Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando Gonzalez Pred dnevom
dis sum salary cap cap 🧢