Vassili Sadovski
Vassili Sadovski Pred 17 urami
Vet is next money flow project
VL N Pred 17 urami
Xrp to the moon!
Sirch Rem
Sirch Rem Pred 17 urami
DASH 🎵🎶🎵🔥
The Prophetic Almanac
The Prophetic Almanac Pred 17 urami
I wan some wanchain😑😁
John Argires
John Argires Pred 17 urami
XRP 589
John Argires
John Argires Pred 17 urami
XRP 589
AQIB JAHANGIR Pred 17 urami
Shiba inu
billcoo Pred 18 urami
Got it ! Bought KAI in February 😁
Brandon Ng
Brandon Ng Pred 18 urami
KAI will be biggest gainer in 2021 by far
Lou 26
Lou 26 Pred 18 urami
100x new meme coin is 🥜 $DEEZNUTS - BSC COIN 🪙
Augustine Chukwu
Augustine Chukwu Pred 18 urami
Seedify!! go check them out
Keith Pierce
Keith Pierce Pred 18 urami
This has not aged well at all.
Mox Ryan
Mox Ryan Pred 18 urami
XRP gonna rocket with this news!!!
Kiem dd
Kiem dd Pred 18 urami
tks add. i am holding VET & ADA too
Ryan Patterson
Ryan Patterson Pred 18 urami
I was bamboozled by 589!
Oj Aloha
Oj Aloha Pred 18 urami
That car. ohhhhh my you inspire dude!
Shubham Pandey
Shubham Pandey Pred 18 urami
Nice video
John Davis
John Davis Pred 18 urami
ChainLink is gaining well.
Thembani Dube
Thembani Dube Pred 18 urami
Xsl labs/syl
Crypto Lounge
Crypto Lounge Pred 18 urami
Will wechain hit the milestone? Please say!!!!
K G Pred 18 urami
Elon Musk tweet > 420x Coin 🌲 dont miss guys lots of potential with real use case.
Brian van eekelen
Brian van eekelen Pred 18 urami
Bülent Bolat
Bülent Bolat Pred 18 urami
TheEbonicslover Pred 18 urami
As always... we don't know where to buy this
XRPGHOST Pred 17 urami
KBS Pred 18 urami
C K Pred 18 urami
🚀🌘 $ETH$ HODL!!🚀🌘 $STRONG$ 🚀🌘 $HTR$ 🚀🌘
Jon Smith
Jon Smith Pred 18 urami
is Coinbase vault secure?
Music Maniac
Music Maniac Pred 18 urami
Great informative video Ben. Btw love the car sound 👍👌
Steffen Moss
Steffen Moss Pred 18 urami
$FOR Still super cheap.
Jaime P
Jaime P Pred 18 urami
Looking Sharp on your way to Church✝️ Thanks for all the info & not letting anyone pass you haha!!
Je Orillaza
Je Orillaza Pred 18 urami
950K subs! Congrats!
Joey Nieves
Joey Nieves Pred 18 urami
Let’s goooooooooooooooo
Wasa Bista
Wasa Bista Pred 18 urami
Great discussion gents. Love Ian's data-driven approach. Do this lots!
Juan Dominguez
Juan Dominguez Pred 18 urami
someone went out drinking last night....
Cool Cooll
Cool Cooll Pred 18 urami
Aion coin is great potential with small market cab
Billy West
Billy West Pred 18 urami
Well damn, I guess I’m getting on tik tok now.
jovy reyes
jovy reyes Pred 19 urami
another click bait video
Andrea Pred 19 urami
storm chaser 395
storm chaser 395 Pred 19 urami
Anyone have dego?
Volkan Bodur
Volkan Bodur Pred 19 urami
Fox Finance ready to moon guys. Hop in the Rocket!!! 🦊
Aaron Richardson
Aaron Richardson Pred 19 urami
Andrei D
Andrei D Pred 19 urami
David Butler
David Butler Pred 19 urami
Great video, better project 👌
Crypto Isaac
Crypto Isaac Pred 19 urami
My Uncle Ben is just trying to help everyone! 👍🏽🙏🏽🚀
Shawn Eades
Shawn Eades Pred 19 urami
Shiba uni!!!!!
Shawn Eades
Shawn Eades Pred 19 urami
Beau McCoy
Beau McCoy Pred 19 urami
How is this not in the top 10
Geoff Cree
Geoff Cree Pred 19 urami
Who is this Aussie chick?
BitMod Crypto
BitMod Crypto Pred 19 urami
Her name is Ellie Gonsalves - One of the beauties of LOreal Australia
brayden lagoy
brayden lagoy Pred 19 urami
Idk who could hate this guy truly the 🐐🐐🐐
Jaya Chandra C
Jaya Chandra C Pred 19 urami
Pls make video about how to minimize transaction fees by useing Wan bridge plus Wanswap end to end scenario.
Karsu Karsu
Karsu Karsu Pred 19 urami
Great project
Quick How To Videos
Quick How To Videos Pred 19 urami
Is this an ad?
Jonathan McCord
Jonathan McCord Pred 19 urami
Khush Bhatt
Khush Bhatt Pred 19 urami
Shiba to the Moon🔥 Its the Next Doge
Yori Visuals
Yori Visuals Pred 20 urami
$BONFIRE to the moon! Check it out.
gmonsie44 Pred 20 urami
So xrp looking good then?
Crypto Maniac
Crypto Maniac Pred 20 urami
This video is almost shocking
John Alexander Sangkoy
John Alexander Sangkoy Pred 20 urami
Evan Yuill
Evan Yuill Pred 20 urami
Miguel Seguinot
Miguel Seguinot Pred 20 urami
Where can I purchase Wanchain?
Maxwell Chromes
Maxwell Chromes Pred 20 urami
KuCoin or Binance
Devon D
Devon D Pred 20 urami
don't forget the elephant in the RUNE, thorchain is already live, eating WANs lunch
A Mind With Heart
A Mind With Heart Pred 20 urami
Wanchain is out of Beijing China ... it sounds amazing but I am very concerned about that
Austin Acosta
Austin Acosta Pred 20 urami
Just get flare token when it comes out. Lol
Kevin Olson
Kevin Olson Pred 20 urami
Travis Lanterman
Travis Lanterman Pred 20 urami
btw type in DOGE200P on SLpost got this announcement on Discord 💕
Noah Vaughan
Noah Vaughan Pred 20 urami
Every Dogecoin HODLer go to DOGE200P on SLpost yes it is live 😅
James Bauer
James Bauer Pred 20 urami
Thoughts on Trias
Dirk Currence
Dirk Currence Pred 20 urami
Dogecoin guys type in DOGE200P on SLpost moon is unlocked 🤩
Baw Lawi
Baw Lawi Pred 20 urami
Dogecoin crew go to DOGE200P on SLpost go balls deep 😂
rekorddrop Pred 20 urami
MDT 🤑 🚀
Steven Moreau
Steven Moreau Pred 20 urami
TRIAS , VRA, BSCS 💎💎💎😎🔥🚀
Freetheweedz Pred 20 urami
RLC is on the moon
Sam McComb
Sam McComb Pred 20 urami
Can’t wait to see the next video about SpaceX receiving payment to launch Doge-1 in Dogecoin 🔥🔥
Frank Jay
Frank Jay Pred 20 urami
Vet is top 10 soon get it while its cheap 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
gatorfan79 Pred 20 urami
Apparently bitboy doesn't know about thorchain cross bridge already exists....
Financial Underground Kingdom Crypto
Financial Underground Kingdom Crypto Pred 20 urami
100x sounds too crazy
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith Pred 20 urami
XRP Nick
XRP Nick Pred 20 urami
XRP army
Ashish Kurundkar
Ashish Kurundkar Pred 20 urami
Gmr finance is next safemoom. Gaming token.
Christian Ley
Christian Ley Pred 20 urami
Looks like wanchain is gonna kill it by bringing this new tech to the industry