Matias Gutierrez
Matias Gutierrez Pred 11 urami
Carnal a Mexican we family he wants a fam a team he will be better
Peggy French
Peggy French Pred 11 urami
Next Video: How GOAT CARUSO didn't even change his game to dominate in his late 40s.
Anthony Slazas
Anthony Slazas Pred 11 urami
The Cowboys are winning the leat . If I had to pick, I pick Washington because of there HC.
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour Pred 11 urami
So Jordan taking it personal just went to a whole other level. Drafted a kid just to play his father 🤣🤣🤣🤣
cbfbmc Pred 11 urami
Once again the GM figured he knows everything about basketball let's talk about that shitbag of organization you root for the Knicks
Black Fang
Black Fang Pred 11 urami
man you cant build a team around a guy that's ready to walk on you loll
eastern2western Pred 11 urami
Career ending for sure.
Kris Wit it
Kris Wit it Pred 11 urami
That is Greeny to a T
Dead Presidents Jump
Dead Presidents Jump Pred 11 urami
Whoever leaked that trade rumor should be fired
Tommy Nguyen
Tommy Nguyen Pred 12 urami
Biko Diarra
Biko Diarra Pred 12 urami
Just as good as men’s under 15 🤣 she’s delusional no gap
joseph gabriel
joseph gabriel Pred 12 urami
Lol....Perkins feelings got hurt.
Zyier’s Lifestyle
Zyier’s Lifestyle Pred 12 urami
Can we unban lavar ???
Deli Oğlan
Deli Oğlan Pred 12 urami
If he parties until the morning of the night before the match, of course he loses.
Covid19 Pred 12 urami
Taking care of his body till he plays with his son... Thinking bout it is so iconic. 😳
Kelvin Lacewell
Kelvin Lacewell Pred 12 urami
Truly thee Doctor🎤""just another move""😷📽️
Big Brother Thunder
Big Brother Thunder Pred 12 urami
When was the defense historically bad this season?
Alain Lamour
Alain Lamour Pred 12 urami
Everyone: Bam you can’t trust them! Get paid ASAP. Also Everyone: please don’t get Bam Jimmy and Giannis while also keeping Duncan, Goran AND developing Tyler Herro into a young star. We’re tired of super teams 🤷🏾‍♂️
Josh Pred 12 urami
Lamelo gonna be better than Zion
Balzac T Bagher
Balzac T Bagher Pred 12 urami
It's because Pelinka is better than magic in every way
B Ha
B Ha Pred 12 urami
Harden is garbage. I taught he was going to be that shooting guard but he ain't living the hype. Devin Booker best shooting guard in the league
XTRABIG Pred 12 urami
Feels like the season just ended.... Cus it did just that. Hello?
The3rd Splashbrother
The3rd Splashbrother Pred 12 urami
ESPN was wrong to let Perkins talk on Television.
ccsmakati takusa
ccsmakati takusa Pred 12 urami
I hope NBA implements a rule of 2 SUPERSTARS only per team and the rest are regular players, NBA is at its best when there is a team balance, or 1 Superstar and 1 All star class A and another 1 All star class B, what do you think NBA fans?
Martin L
Martin L Pred 12 urami
Steelers: win Super Bowl Stephen A.: "I don´t buy the hype"
WORD!exclaimed Pred 12 urami
Perk be getting pissed... Celtics are not winners in free agency... Tristan Thompson is overrated. There’s a reason LeBron didn’t bring him to the Lakers.
Karanveer Singh Dulku
Karanveer Singh Dulku Pred 12 urami
Thank you taker
Aisha Hummera
Aisha Hummera Pred 12 urami
Smith is better than kohli
Kirko Bangz
Kirko Bangz Pred 12 urami
KD is a marksman, he’s a long range sniper. At 6’11 with a 7’6 Wingspan and the ability to pull Up from 30! Gotta love Stephen A!
Ann Cridelich
Ann Cridelich Pred 12 urami
Hey ByronL & BruceA, TB is only the GOAT if you get it out of his hands in less than 2.3 seconds. It's been 11 games & you still don't get it. When the KCCs drop 50 on you next week, don't be surprised. Keep the ball out of PM's hands - HOW ? To beat the KCC, you MUST score at least 40 by the end of the 3rd. 2.3 seconds or less ! Set your players up for success. Doesn't mean running low percentage plays. Look at your game tying drive at 24-24 with a stop watch about 100 times. No Riskit, no biscuit is irrelevant. ToddB's D is to be commended for staying the best they could despite being out there a long time. In order to save the season, change the offense: 2.3 seconds, no huddle, checkdowns. Must be quicker. Two safeties means a running play. Running it 25 times in the first half makes D-linemen tired in the second half. "Everybody's got to play better ?" Sounds like Bud Grant in SB IV telling his Vikings the same thing at half-time against the KCChiefs (Lenny Dawson, Mike Garrett, Buck Bucanon, Morris Stroud, Willie Lanier, Jim Lynch, etc). Players win games & coaches lose games. No amount of talent will compensate for poor coaching.
Accolade HQ
Accolade HQ Pred 12 urami
Wow, i really enjoyed listening to max when he's not talking to Stephen A
Daddy of Drake
Daddy of Drake Pred 12 urami
They are a reversed version of Magic and Kareem
Steve Nicholas
Steve Nicholas Pred 12 urami
Bro the pain in Max's eyes knowing he's once again gotta flame Wentz.
vaanhmatbomoi nhonucuoi
vaanhmatbomoi nhonucuoi Pred 12 urami
americanidol twintoys lofijazz samanthabee
Blayne Pred 12 urami
Def not a Bengals fan and we all knew they were risking his health unessecarily
King David
King David Pred 12 urami
Akshay Varma
Akshay Varma Pred 12 urami
Ban Stephan A!
James VR4G63 Silby
James VR4G63 Silby Pred 12 urami
I'm sure these the melo boys are drakes sons hahahaha
Steve Munoz
Steve Munoz Pred 12 urami
The question is winner and loser right now Jackie not next year
Shannon Wilson
Shannon Wilson Pred 12 urami
It makes LeBron further away from Jordan with these sigings, hes not a top 5 player ever
11 20
11 20 Pred 12 urami
Man what?? He’s washed
Anthony Coats
Anthony Coats Pred 12 urami
I hate listening to him 🤦🏾‍♂️
M -
M - Pred 12 urami
Lamar is just a trash QB. He’s fast and agile, that alone doesn’t make a good QB.
Hoo Man
Hoo Man Pred 12 urami
Who gave Orlavsky? Third string QB with what 3 NFL games?
S Hassan
S Hassan Pred 12 urami
I’ll never forget him returning as the American Badass... the music, the ghost kids...’He’s back’... 11 year old me... 😎
black M
black M Pred 12 urami
they have more time left on their clock, Labron is gonna be drastically less in 2022 hes already showing signs of slowing once you get to 36-38 you get old overnight look at Kobe it happened in an offseason but injured players tend to always be hurt so that has to be taken into consideration.
Kaushik Rajan
Kaushik Rajan Pred 12 urami
West Playoff seeding 2021? 1. Lakers 2. Blazers 3-5. Clippers, Jazz, Nuggets 6. Mavericks 7-8. Suns/ Warriors/ Pelicans Rockets, Thunder to drop out of playoffs..Twolves, Grizz, Kings, Spurs to miss out on a tight race
Kaushik Rajan
Kaushik Rajan Pred 12 urami
East playoff seeding 2021 1. Nets 2. Heat 3. Bucks 4. Philly 5. Celtics 6-7 Wizards (with Wall 🤷‍♂️)/ Pacers/ Raptors 8. Hawks/ Hornets/ Raptors
JJ Diaz
JJ Diaz Pred 12 urami
No ones talking about the call to bring out the FG unit on a 4th and 1 at the chiefs 1 yard line if we score the touch down there the chiefs could have only tied the game and not one it in the last drive
P Pred 12 urami
Lol to me Lebron's legacy is stat padding, longevity and ........ recruitment!! he definitely the goat at all 3😂😂 if he didn't have sports dude would of definitely started the world's biggest recruitment company😂😂
jamming jimmy
jamming jimmy Pred 12 urami
Jokic is gonna make gasol retire
Andrei Dinu
Andrei Dinu Pred 12 urami
So many good GMs in the comments. Who'd you sign that would come to Charlotte without being overpaid? Name one player with 18 PPG, 3 rebounds, 5 assists that was a free agent now and you'd be able to sign. Players take less money for OTHER destinations or reasons (less tax, good weather, a championship). Nobody's going to come here unless he's overpaid.
alan y
alan y Pred 12 urami
Hahahah... Well last year people bet on Clippers. Guys it's too early to tell
Baby boo
Baby boo Pred 12 urami
Rob Pelinka looks like Rob Lowe
Taylor Sampson
Taylor Sampson Pred 12 urami
The Steelers are overrated..hes absolutely right
fwd105 Pred 12 urami
Max talking garbage with age
Nelson Cabico
Nelson Cabico Pred 12 urami
Could Luka Doncic get a supermax extension?
fwd105 Pred 12 urami
Knicks had Pozingis and still blew it. Dont expect this marraige to last
Brother Kellerman
Brother Kellerman Pred 12 urami
It’s time to start worrying about Lamar Jackson but Carson Wentz is just fine?
Billy Hoyle
Billy Hoyle Pred 12 urami
Clippers replace Harrell with Ibaka, definitely an upgrade
Andreas Ryge
Andreas Ryge Pred 12 urami
Is SAS really advocating Klay take a bigger chunk of dead cap space from GS than the $40mil he'll already be setting ablaze? He'll be a shell of himself next year too so Klay's basically getting a free $75mil the next 2yrs since his on-court contribution will be next to nothing. He doesnt deserve Super max $ since best case scenario he'll earn only two-thirds of this contract if he plays every game the last 3yrs
SuperCarmelo Show
SuperCarmelo Show Pred 12 urami
Hasn't he been on the team for years and nothing has happened?
sneijder023 Pred 12 urami
Bronsexual alerts incoming.
king masih official
king masih official Pred 12 urami
chill sir hahaha its ok
Pinoy Reformat
Pinoy Reformat Pred 12 urami
Those rules sound unfair for a lower seeded teams to have to play more games before facing tougher opponents in the playoff.s
Flaming365 Pred 12 urami
Clippers need to try to get Whiteside even if they have to lose Zubac and another player.
Kaushik Rajan
Kaushik Rajan Pred 12 urami
Perkins should NOT be an analyst
saba loves those grapes
saba loves those grapes Pred 12 urami
3:58 ??
BX81 Pred 12 urami
No one saw this coming??? Yeah we didn't know this was the gen of ring chasers.
Dylan Martino
Dylan Martino Pred 12 urami
Steelers have A good offensive line Great defensive line So So secondary Great linebackers Good WR Good QB Good HB
XHUNTERX 2.0 Channel
XHUNTERX 2.0 Channel Pred 12 urami
If Giannis Not Re-Sign To The Bucks And Ad Signing 2Yr Deal To The Lakers I Think 🤔 The Lakers Could Land Giannis Next Season For Sure Imagine Having Giannis And Davis And James This Trio Will Scary To Face In The Playoffs For Sure They Are Going To Win Back To Back Champion This Year And Maybe 3Peat For Sure 🏆🏆🏆
Lasse Böttcher
Lasse Böttcher Pred 12 urami
Just my personal opinion... But I think we learned from KD. Just because you win a ring, doenst mean ditectly something positive for your legacy. Let him in Milwaukee and let him compete for the Championship... Of course he could fail, but it would be honestly to try it
lxrd Pred 12 urami
answers like someone who does not wanna be there
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia Pred 12 urami
Dylan Martino
Dylan Martino Pred 12 urami
I think the steelers played All scrubs an won’t Play anyone decent the rest of the season Besides Bills and the colt But they could give Patrick Mahomes A lot of problems
nguyenthuathu phamthuamung
nguyenthuathu phamthuamung Pred 12 urami
angrybirds kurzgesagt goosebumps fettywap
Last Ones Standing
Last Ones Standing Pred 12 urami
Losing Dwight n McGee is pretty bad tho
You Don’t Know Shit About Boxing
You Don’t Know Shit About Boxing Pred 12 urami
What tf Klay.. Golden state is the worst with those legs
Joe Kam
Joe Kam Pred 12 urami
Is he Rican or Honduran?
SENSEI NASH Pred 12 urami
We been waiting for the Simmons jumper.
Felipe Bruzaca
Felipe Bruzaca Pred 12 urami
shut up perk