QUENTIN30 CDUB Pred 17 urami
Tim Duncan is somewhere laughing right now
Deep Shit
Deep Shit Pred 17 urami
Imagine if Fergie performed the anthem
Ron Ruegg
Ron Ruegg Pred 17 urami
You took the top 5! idea from the Michael Kay Show.
Ravon Roseborough
Ravon Roseborough Pred 17 urami
I commented before reading all the comments and everyone agrees lmao smdh 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
Jrashidel Ali
Jrashidel Ali Pred 17 urami
He didn’t fight the Great clout trout 💯 factz
Richard Denaris
Richard Denaris Pred 17 urami
Only a black guy can say embid is a pretty boy
Big J
Big J Pred 17 urami
Does Marcus and Elle have something going on?
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker Pred 17 urami
that ref was probably accused of sexual assault
Lying Biden
Lying Biden Pred 17 urami
I think BB is sitting tight waiting to see who gets cut he knows there's going to be a lot of good players getting cut. That's why Bill isn't making any moves yet. Despite what the pros are saying BB isn't hyper focused on the QB situation he's going to take whomever he thinks is the best player available at any position.
Ravon Roseborough
Ravon Roseborough Pred 17 urami
These sports analyst suck 😒
Lake Brecheen
Lake Brecheen Pred 17 urami
This is getting out of control...Everyday another stupid segment about Baker. Of course Cleveland and the Browns believe in him. Did you not see the list of QBs before him? Did you not see this team the last 2 decades? What is there not to believe in at this moment? ESPN can’t go a few hours without mentioning him it’s hilarious.
Afonso Barros
Afonso Barros Pred 17 urami
27-0 -.-
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson Pred 17 urami
I think it's just funny how bad the warriors are losing now lol
Johnny Mason
Johnny Mason Pred 17 urami
It's too late now! Sam Darnold is done in New York! It's time to move on and get a new quarterback now!
Jay Pred 17 urami
How is Jon Jones still fighting? Dude been getting in trouble left and right and getting title shots 🤣
Hyper Borea
Hyper Borea Pred 17 urami
This man is 31 years old from New Zealand trying to act cool for America audiences
cool breeze
cool breeze Pred 17 urami
What I don’t think SAS get is when you go deep in the playoffs or make the super bowl your draft pick is not going to be good and the players u have have to be payed more
Simon Wisniewski
Simon Wisniewski Pred 17 urami
these guys together are a proper fit haha
Willis 6
Willis 6 Pred 17 urami
Lebron was wrong. These people are biased coz they’re American. If Lebron wanted to speak about humanity he would’ve condemned China. He has become a puppet. He’s more divisive than unifying constantly saying “my people.” He chooses to see his community as victims. And he’s largely misinformed. Doing his research means getting his agent to do some Wikipedia research. I can see the oppression earning 2 mill a week
Harry P Ponder
Harry P Ponder Pred 17 urami
Pippen was right and wrong!! We seen him in the playoffs then we didn’t see him after that Dame lillard Game winner
Neo Zero Luminatti
Neo Zero Luminatti Pred 17 urami
The NBA turning into a nightmare I'm mean the officials don't know what they're doing. Pathetic!
Young Mic
Young Mic Pred 17 urami
Finna be a cakewalk for Izzy..
Brandon I
Brandon I Pred 18 urami
Portland should've attempted that trade for Embiid when they had the chance. Now they have to figure some things out..
D4rKnEbUlA 123
D4rKnEbUlA 123 Pred 18 urami
They should have retired nba stars be referees no one else knows the game better than those who played it
Austin Power
Austin Power Pred 18 urami
He’s not paying homage it’s a family nickname people need to chill like he’s doing it to be him 😂
Jeremy Phillip
Jeremy Phillip Pred 18 urami
If book demands a trade as of now, he doesn't wanna win
Mark David Mallorca
Mark David Mallorca Pred 18 urami
They just gotta get every fines to fund the dying WNBA😂
Antoni ramon Molina
Antoni ramon Molina Pred 18 urami
In usa sport .goats Jordan/lebron 🏀 Tom brady 🏈 Babe ruth ⚾ Dominican : international country
TheGoldenBoot 5350
TheGoldenBoot 5350 Pred 18 urami
Gronk was debated as the best offensive player outside of Qb for a couple years
Dominic Rufran
Dominic Rufran Pred 18 urami
Running a 4.4 would be a cake walk.
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda Pred 18 urami
Lebron hates chines children!!!
Jovic Abengona
Jovic Abengona Pred 18 urami
Still mad about his decision to join the Warriors but man, you can't deny the fact that he is a lethal scorer. Living up to his Slim Reaper moniker
Gods Child
Gods Child Pred 18 urami
Future Timberwolves or pistons
Marvin Jungco
Marvin Jungco Pred 18 urami
Yes no question he is playing like a superman in the NBA right now
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee Pred 18 urami
Until Gonzaga joins a bigger conference I don’t think they will win it all. They only started getting higher recruits recently. They may have the pieces but they don’t get tested enough during the regular season. I know all the fans will come at me but they never won it so you will need to win one just one to prove me wrong.
GJ Williams
GJ Williams Pred 18 urami
All sports are soft now.
pete morgante
pete morgante Pred 18 urami
HOW is Joker not mentioned.....OH, i see
SynC Supreme
SynC Supreme Pred 18 urami
Can someone please get pierce off ESPN please I loved Paul when he played and he’s a bucket but he shouldn’t be allowed talk on espn like yeah Denver just trade away Jamal Murray to get better is like me saying yeah trade prime KG because u lost to Kobe in the finals
Amethyst Michael Jordan
Amethyst Michael Jordan Pred 18 urami
He made more threes in a game than klay Thompson the whole season 🥶🤴
Erick Santos
Erick Santos Pred 18 urami
Lakers. Before the Nets vs. Lakers, I wanna see Nets vs 76ers. Harden has never proven that he can win or lead a team to a finals. KD has never done it on his own, without Golden State, and Kyrie, without LeBron has been horrible, or at least his teams were with him on it.
Cody Ytuarte
Cody Ytuarte Pred 18 urami
Everybody who keeps talking about race in this manner is weak. Period. I've experienced racism, but the idea of being oppressed is the only thing that has ever kept me down. Change My Mind
Jimmie Pred 18 urami
The only thing they got there is Aaron Rodgers and..........cheese 🤣🤣🤣
Stacy Walton
Stacy Walton Pred 18 urami
Dak is being greedy. You will make millions of dollars and can make a lot off endorsements. Trade him for Wilson
micro fox
micro fox Pred 18 urami
None of these qbs are worth the risk really where you already have a young qb on the roster with potential. What I would do is take what QB has the most upside and not who's more polished because if your taking who's more polished it's not Zach Wilson it's justin Feilds, if your talking about who would translate better at the next level with most upside it's Trey Lance. I would trade back and take Lance at least I'm getting more picks out of my number 2 pick if Lance doesn't pan out and it's not a total waste of a top 5 pick. You can then afford to sign a Veteran or keep Darnold around to see if he can improve and play Lance in year 2. I think Lance is the pick, I say swap with the Eagles.
Pete D
Pete D Pred 18 urami
Embids not on the dreams level,not even close smh
Itay Doni
Itay Doni Pred 18 urami
Im sorry for him he had to meat bill o brian
Misses way too many passes.
Jeffrey Romero
Jeffrey Romero Pred 18 urami
Did he ever have to verse a San Antonio dynasty warriors dynasty and Celtics dynasty?
mrpostman730 Pred 18 urami
You can tell Lebron wasn’t too Beat by the lip puckered up he has going on in the Thimbnail...😂😭😂
Its Ok
Its Ok Pred 18 urami
Isiah "Dream Team" Thomas😁
King T
King T Pred 18 urami
This is definitely my favorite spot for my dawg to go even though I'm a huge Pittsburgh fan if he kould kome there man we'll be set
ThreeCreators Pred 18 urami
There’s more complete players out there that do more on the floor individually than both, and there are less complete players that dominate even more at what they do than both Lebron and MJ as well. So they definitely aren’t the only 2 goat worthy players by a long shot
Jb berry
Jb berry Pred 18 urami
Ric is the man.
Pete D
Pete D Pred 18 urami
I definitely give dianna some baby gravy👀
Nomi Withers
Nomi Withers Pred 18 urami
Me: Wanting to perform the national anthem but not having the best voice Also Me: Watching "Worst Anthem Ever" videos Still Me: "Wow, I'm never gonna make it..." They're like 100 times better than me! lmao
armando de bruin
armando de bruin Pred 18 urami
Whoaa he is wearing a Subzero outfit he must be exciting about the new Mortal Combat movie.
King T
King T Pred 18 urami
Dame please go somewhere else for your career 🙏🏾
Jeremy Hope
Jeremy Hope Pred 18 urami
John Jones would knock him out adesanya is a runner he is good but if he fought silver when he was younger knock out prove yourself by fighting Jones next he won’t do that cause he wants a perfect career. What you gonna wait untill John Jones get old ? Everybody wanna see this fight stop running
NBA Tanjiro
NBA Tanjiro Pred 18 urami
Lakers is elite..Nets in 5 🤣
Jon Snyder
Jon Snyder Pred 18 urami
Can't drop back and pass ? Well he must have missed the Cincinnati game that was 22 of 23 all drop back passes to win the game in the 2nd half. Or the Sunday night game vs Baltimore going pass for pass with Lamar. These guys are bored and just need something to talk about Baker is our QB going forward don't believe me ? Look at the last 20 years of searching then look at all the wins since Baker started playing. Is he Tom Brady or Drew ? To early on in his career to know . But I'm not letting him walk away and neither is Cleveland.
Azariah B Israel
Azariah B Israel Pred 18 urami
Max Kellerman doesn't know anything about the game of basketball. He only watches the stats. I only watch First Take because of Stephen A Smith and if he wasn't on the show, I'll turn my channel to Undisputed on Fox.
D Davis
D Davis Pred 18 urami
Shout out to melo for showing young melo some luv Respect Bruh
terrorkf Pred 18 urami
Mad respect for Lillard. I take Curry for the 1st to 3rd Quarter, but we all know it's Dame time in the 4th.
TRT Vitor
TRT Vitor Pred 18 urami
Bruh literally opposition team can do nothing when they play like this. How can they stop?
PeteGunz Pred 18 urami
Browns looking good with Baker. And Baker is looking good for the Browns! Looking forward towards the dynasty
Tony Holmes
Tony Holmes Pred 18 urami
If Magic and Bird had a baby....
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda Pred 18 urami
Chinese lives does not matter for Lebron!!
Milz Ess
Milz Ess Pred 18 urami
How the heck did these clowns get a segment ?
Nick Magro
Nick Magro Pred 18 urami
Slow day at the office huh?
ucfkid67 Pred 18 urami
You can definitely tell jefferson is still very salty towards them doing their dancing and beebopping around
anthony cornell
anthony cornell Pred 18 urami
He’s getting work done but also getting phantom calls.
Marvid Eladiv
Marvid Eladiv Pred 18 urami
zubin mehenti has a great voice doing commercials
Bryce Crook
Bryce Crook Pred 18 urami
They can have the dunk of the night highlights, well take the cutting of the net highlights
damonvaux910 Pred 18 urami
"We've won games like this." And....., now you've lost a game like this......" So, what's the problem? The Sixers bench came back on ya'll from behind 13 points. Not the starters, the bench! What the h€LL you amping up about? You shot 12 for 34, you shot 34 times to get 33 points. Dude, just shut up Simmons put you on lockdown bruh. Peace....
Bald So In The Matrixx
Bald So In The Matrixx Pred 18 urami
Stephen A. smirk got me 😂.He looks likes a very excited little girl that will unwrapped it's Christmas gift.
King Dino
King Dino Pred 18 urami
maybe next time little brother lol BIG BROS SHOW UP AND SHOWED OUT ON SENIOR NIGHT
Detroit World Television
Detroit World Television Pred 18 urami
Derrick Rose and blake Griffin should still be pistons along with Wood and Drummond
Davian Perez
Davian Perez Pred 18 urami
I couldn’t listen to these idiots for more than 57 seconds