Neywin Mongmaw
Neywin Mongmaw Pred 5 urami
However not happy with the Falken tires at all.. Specially their side walls in it.. Poor
Hibbi Pred 5 urami
whatever you did - i hope you got airbags
Ryan St.Louis
Ryan St.Louis Pred 6 urami
SHOW IDEA: "Our Man in Covid stricken UK" James, you said it's the hardest show to make under covid restrictions, so why not embrace that idea? You can meet people in UK, and move about somewhat, and much like travel shows where you highlight differences, you can sort of show how your home nation is like a foreign country. Maybe it won't be that interesting for Britons, but the rest of the English speaking world will really be interested.
Pingulol 12321
Pingulol 12321 Pred 6 urami
Viper and Porshe now, ACR and 911
Diglett_Dude Pred 6 urami
Hate to say it but I don't think civilised is a word anyone has ever used to describe Jeremy Clarkson lol
kikoeta Pred 6 urami
1:21 I REALLY thought that was Andrew Dotson, been watching too much physics content lately
Дмитрий Решетников
Дмитрий Решетников Pred 6 urami
Не понятно о чём говорят, но смотреть очень интересно.
Thomas Humber
Thomas Humber Pred 6 urami
My car has x1 driving MODE- my own mood......foot flat down mostly
Jin Palawan
Jin Palawan Pred 7 urami
Under 3 seconds? Haha, still slower than Tesla S?
fabslyrics Pred 7 urami
Robert J. Williamson
Robert J. Williamson Pred 7 urami
So basically they missed filming the actual crash despite having many cameras and drones only costing a few hundred pounds these days.
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone Pred 7 urami
You might want to turn the camera off, we will be killing all of Millard County Utah today with a chemical spill 'accident'...
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Pred 8 urami
'Pink is a color I struggle with' 4:37 -James may while wearing pink...
godver555 Pred 8 urami
Well, we do have a cookery show now with Captain Slow!
CpuWaiy Pred 8 urami
If this was an empty road, Hammond wouldn't be here.
waynenrich Pred 8 urami
Hamster did u put the lotto on that day
Zak W
Zak W Pred 9 urami
Sitting behind cyclists riding 3 a breast only makes me want to see a bus wipe them all out, no offence james but exciting isn't what I think when I see cyclists.
Sean Tierney
Sean Tierney Pred 9 urami
He's a great dad and you can tell. <3
John Graham
John Graham Pred 9 urami
Only found this show 6 months ago and I am hooked now fuzz is my favourite totally comfortable in his own skin and his favourite jacket he cut down from an old coat years ago
dazzaburger Pred 9 urami
That’s quite funny because Andy was a presenter on the old top gear before the revamp
richard neutgens
richard neutgens Pred 10 urami
Wishing You Well Richard H.. << From Richard N in New Zealand >> Sending You all my best healing Wishes
SodaStaples Pred 10 urami
Genuinely thought that was Hammond's coffin
Fredrik Hansen
Fredrik Hansen Pred 10 urami
Jeremy is so right!! F1 has become so boaring ☹️
ityaboi meh
ityaboi meh Pred 10 urami
Isn’t tjs g-wagon basically stock?
G&C Game and cook with jojozero01
G&C Game and cook with jojozero01 Pred 10 urami
After Richard saying environment The girls: I don’t give a f-
Mike Cunningham
Mike Cunningham Pred 11 urami
Where's the roasting?!
RG M Pred 11 urami
I'd love to see Hammond's caricatures of Clarkson and May from their latest adventures as a segment on the show (whatever they call it). I imagine Clarkson would want to retaliate with ape-with-a-paintbrush drawings of Hammond... with a wrecked car... which he would set on fire.
Ehsanuddin Ahmed
Ehsanuddin Ahmed Pred 13 urami
It's better to see James and Richard instead of hearing her boring topics
Ian Szgatti
Ian Szgatti Pred 16 urami
If only we could get an original top gear box set of DVDs or something to hold on to. Up to season 24 only.
Diorthotis TM
Diorthotis TM Pred 17 urami
Those were hard questions.
Michael Lorenson
Michael Lorenson Pred 17 urami
Well done, thanks. I always wondered about the prototype size illusion. I once saw a Porsche 917 in person, at a vintage racing event. I was absolutely shocked at how small it was.
Stuart Route
Stuart Route Pred 18 urami
Zanax anyone?
Kenneth Allington
Kenneth Allington Pred 18 urami
James, he starts as your 3rd favorite presenter on top gear and after a few years he goes up two positions.
Derek Chauvin
Derek Chauvin Pred 18 urami
I love how rich ceo says well ya but I’m not giving it to you!
OP_Alejandro Pred 19 urami
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Pred 8 urami
this made me question my life choices as a truck guy....
Michael J. Penney
Michael J. Penney Pred 19 urami
I am pretty sure Jeremy Clarkson is the "missing link".
sceti118 Pred 20 urami
Can we talk about how massive that cat is in the background?
xBananaTERROR Pred 20 urami
Absolutely no one needed to see this look into the next elephant man movie
XpLiZiTcOnTeNt7 Pred 20 urami
I’m starting to wonder if this was a extreme crash test to test the safety of the Rimac
Christopher Mears
Christopher Mears Pred 20 urami
They probably won't let you drive it because it probably doesn't actually work typical lotus
Username Pred 20 urami
That's a terrible message from every possible angle.
kenversusryu Pred 21 uro
Lindsay Lohan is hammonds daughter?
Christopher Mears
Christopher Mears Pred 21 uro
I'd restore the outside to a factory Glory the drivetrain I'd make a few modifications not too many you know more than 40 horsepower
Jeffrey Anderson
Jeffrey Anderson Pred 21 uro
Traction tires lost traction and the back end slid out
Owen_ MP4
Owen_ MP4 Pred 21 uro
I don't know much about engines but i love V10s (the one from the Audi R8 and the Lexus LFA) and American V8 too for example.
sleepwalker8600 Pred 23 urami
Wonder would it fit in my B5.5 Passat🤔
tehmascot Pred dnevom
before they get too old.. I desperately want the trio to do the Mongolian Taxi (if thats still even a thing), where you go from Paris to Ulaanbataar in a 500.00 Euro car.
Cooper Uhl
Cooper Uhl Pred dnevom
He’s complimenting them
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Pred dnevom
TJ's Mercades rolled off the showroom floor as appeared, James. He is mad, but it's not his work in this case.
Killbilly9200 A
Killbilly9200 A Pred dnevom
Hilarious. This is so much like christmas with a 5 year old, theres drinks, lego and a question every minute.
bobby abercrombie
bobby abercrombie Pred dnevom
Why do people not get that the new mustangs have independent rear suspension today? It handles better than a lot of cars now.
E A Pred dnevom
whats the problem, you can't drive 2 meters without crashing into a car?
Jayskiallthewayski Pred dnevom
Yesssss, thank you!!
Niranjan Gohokar
Niranjan Gohokar Pred dnevom
Watched the video at 1.5x just to bring Captain Slow up to normal speed.
Paulo Monteiro
Paulo Monteiro Pred dnevom
Who's the old lady sitting next to Tom Whitter?
On Target
On Target Pred dnevom
So focused on winning that you didn’t see the finish line and forgot to slow down after! Glad your alive!
Isaac Pred dnevom
Why am I watching this? I passed my test 8 years ago
Stephen Piper
Stephen Piper Pred dnevom
Everybody from Cheltenham makes that joke. Lucky your future employers didn't know that.
M.J Edwards
M.J Edwards Pred dnevom
FIA announce rule change for 2022: the teams can only paint the car one hour before race start so we can watch it dry during the race. Bad-doom, tish!
Near Future
Near Future Pred dnevom
Clacrkson for sure, he's a great driver. Hammond i'd never go in a car with. May i'd go in the car with him any day as it'll take all day.
Coom Lord
Coom Lord Pred dnevom
“We all wish we could be out there doing it for real. Fortunately I am getting that opportunity.” Has now placed 4th overall in the British GP (I don’t quite remember the name of the championship he raced in) in a Praga with a total of about 70 minutes of drive time.
Jeremyk 541
Jeremyk 541 Pred dnevom
James is doing a thing that we all learned at age 5 but let’s all watch with enthusiasm and gratitude like always.
Phil Platt
Phil Platt Pred dnevom
Keith Richards is number one surely.
Caffeinated Buffalo sauce
Caffeinated Buffalo sauce Pred dnevom
Looks like he was lost at sea for 5 months
Patrick Barabe
Patrick Barabe Pred dnevom
Why the eff would youtube recommend I watch a flabby old man complaining about cycling? Algorithm fail.
David Johnston
David Johnston Pred dnevom
It just shows you how dangerous racing is. Thank goodness he's OK and thank you to the engineers who design vehicles to preserve life.
Keith Johnson - Shelby GT500
Keith Johnson - Shelby GT500 Pred dnevom
*That was pretty funny.*
minustaco42 zero
minustaco42 zero Pred dnevom
Those rims are a perfect fit for Oliver. And actually it doesn't need to be crazy rebuild but I think it should be redone as a classic rally car
Papa C
Papa C Pred dnevom
so what happens if it catches fire like a lot of lecky cars and super cars will it be a slow fire :-)
NikkePRO/Nikke Graphics
NikkePRO/Nikke Graphics Pred dnevom
Arun Balaji
Arun Balaji Pred dnevom
That's just Clarkson
Argie dan
Argie dan Pred dnevom
This man or Tesla owners still need to open a gate themselves manually? Mmm😏
Stuart Henderson
Stuart Henderson Pred dnevom
Embarrassing. Not funny. So out of date. Never marvels at how brilliant the car is. Fusses about everything. Useless presenter.
Parrot Raiser
Parrot Raiser Pred dnevom
No matter how competent a mechanic you may be, and how well-equipped you shop may be, (e.g. with a hoist that can lift a Range Rover nearly 2 metres), it doesn't make much sense to do your own oil and transmission fluid changes. They're technically uninteresting and potentially messy jobs. As long as you can find a moderately honest specialist, let them handle the responsible disposal of all the effluents and scrap (filters, towels, &c.) in return for (mostly) their modest bulk discount on the fluids involved. The one thing you might want to do is keep a sample of the fluids for an analysis and monitoring program. When concentrations of metals or other elements change over time, you may need to find out why.
Why no wing mirrors
Chad Warden
Chad Warden Pred dnevom
Don Barzini
Don Barzini Pred dnevom
Soooo orginal
Christopher Mears
Christopher Mears Pred dnevom
You girls don't talk...... Are you sure they're not the stig,s children?
Moist Moist
Moist Moist Pred dnevom
Sir crashalot never ceases to surprise me
Srinjan Das
Srinjan Das Pred dnevom
the real batcave