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lizzy c
lizzy c Pred 3 urami
Me crying because my ex got a new girlfriend who is so much prettier then me oh and he actually posts her.. names in each other’s bio.. cute cringey pfps.. lyrics.. it’s crazy she got everything I want but she got everything I didn’t want too.. so I hope she likes getting cheated on and mentally abused:,))
lazy watermelon
lazy watermelon Pred 3 urami
If my parents walkt in at the beginning
Ysabelle Santos
Ysabelle Santos Pred 3 urami
I love this📌
2JZRulz Pred 3 urami
"And I just can't imagine how you could be so okay not that I'm gone". Hits hard when you thought you actually meant something to someone and realise you are just like every other guy.
:C Pred 3 urami
It’s kinda sad how when I listened to this, I was very sad and it was exactly what happened but I don’t have a drivers license
Official Edits
Official Edits Pred 4 urami
Who here after her and cardi said they going to McDonald's to buy all the happy meals
Mariz Aira Villalba
Mariz Aira Villalba Pred 4 urami
Because of tiktok I'm here 😂😂😂😂
ydnew Pred 4 urami
"Cause you said forever now i drive alone past your street".
Your Local Weeb Layla :D
Your Local Weeb Layla :D Pred 4 urami
It hurts :,)
crystal almirante
crystal almirante Pred 4 urami
parang moira dela torre ng pinas ah sakit nung kanta
Stefanbenz southafrica
Stefanbenz southafrica Pred 4 urami
Olivia Rodrigo after getting her license: *writes a hit song about it* Me after getting my license: *crashes my car*
David Burton
David Burton Pred 4 urami
Lifestyle is a vibeeee 👌🏼 I have a remix 💯👀
wwe fan tasnzm
wwe fan tasnzm Pred 4 urami
Love this music
psychoerrorgirl- Pred 4 urami
I'm not here cause i'm depressed, i don't even have a driver's license or even a boyfriend, i'm just vibing the song sounds nice-
M O O N Pred 4 urami
1:25 :the part that is popular on tiktok
Mr.krackz Krackz
Mr.krackz Krackz Pred 5 urami
NJFraney Pred 5 urami
Why is this song hyped? It’s generic
Kelsey Chloe de Torres
Kelsey Chloe de Torres Pred 5 urami
1:29 so this is where I always see those words twitter peeps always put XD
Nadid Say Omg
Nadid Say Omg Pred 5 urami
omg i love this song!!!!! the song is the best to me!!!!!!
Amina Anwar
Amina Anwar Pred 5 urami
one day, this song will gives us nostalgia, so listen to it before this stops trending and loses the hype cuz tomorrow we will miss 'those times' <3
kailey lira
kailey lira Pred 5 urami
Me, 21, has had a driver’s license for 4 years. There is so many places I drive by and my heart shatters knowing all the good memories I had that I let slip through my hands that I will never recreate no matter how hard I try.
千EELᎥNg Pred 5 urami
we weren't born ugly, we just live in a world of judgement.
Dark Nature
Dark Nature Pred 5 urami
Sonlyta Putri Hutagaol
Sonlyta Putri Hutagaol Pred 5 urami
I like this song hehe <3
Annefpro Pred 5 urami
Really hit different when I LITERALLY got my driver’s license last week and got rejected by the person I love.. We used to drive around together in his car .. But now:(
Zoelle Bjork
Zoelle Bjork Pred 6 urami
Hopefully she still made it to his house.
valid.k tv
valid.k tv Pred 6 urami
This was posted on my birthday lol
Naomi Durán
Naomi Durán Pred 6 urami
MizVirgo Pred 6 urami
Plot twist: "that" blonde girl is Regina George🤑🤑🤑🤑
Ruby Quijada
Ruby Quijada Pred 6 urami
Spicy Posty🔥🔥🌶️🌶️
Megan Fisher
Megan Fisher Pred 6 urami
Why does this song make me cry damn
prod siah
prod siah Pred 6 urami
i still think chief keef did better at 17
Abigail Saizonga
Abigail Saizonga Pred 6 urami
Not me in bed grooving to this song😂😂😂😂😂💕💕💕💕💕💕
Faze Gamer
Faze Gamer Pred 6 urami
Every Jason song is fire 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🙃🙂
Faze Gamer
Faze Gamer Pred 6 urami
I can imagine hearing this song on TikTok
Febe Apaya
Febe Apaya Pred 6 urami
That kiddo _harmoni 2
That kiddo _harmoni 2 Pred 7 urami
I just cry when I listen to this
DaphyDuck Pred 7 urami
Me: well i mean its not that good... Also me: *Listens to it on loop for 2 hours*
Chass Hdz
Chass Hdz Pred 7 urami
This came out when I’m gettin my driver license and was so scared while my ex was teachin me 2 years ago and now he keeps callin me while it took me years to move on..
Anne Go
Anne Go Pred 7 urami
No one. Its just me: Driving license thinks instantly of namjoon of bts.
Ganesh FF
Ganesh FF Pred 7 urami
Quien la escucha hoy 26 de enero
edward kotary
edward kotary Pred 7 urami
I lost my dog and i past there owner
Zach Green
Zach Green Pred 7 urami
I was just listening to music in the shower and this auto played and the beginning caught me so offguard💀💀💀
Katie Glass
Katie Glass Pred 7 urami
I really don’t know why she hates Sabrina so much but amazing song
Caylie Stafford
Caylie Stafford Pred 8 urami
Listen if me my boyfriend break up this is going to be my comfort song
MaddiePlayzz Pred 8 urami
Even tho it only lasted 3 weeks in a half that was the best 3 weeks in a half I’ve ever had I know it was long distance but it was the best we FaceTimed everyday and I can’t stop eating thinking of him and everytime I watch sad quotes on tiktok I die!! I start crying but when I listen to this it hits harder and I cry harder
MaddiePlayzz Pred 8 urami
I can’t stop even thinking of him*
Life Being Emma
Life Being Emma Pred 8 urami
idk why but at 2:51 where she’s all like ooh, ooh- it’s my favorite part lmao
VanillaCreamRoses Pred 8 urami
This song made me cry 😢
Blu Pred 8 urami
this hits different
1Pump Officixl
1Pump Officixl Pred 8 urami
mydailycupoftae Pred 8 urami
Who else is just blasting this in the shower and pretending to have a concert and act like u got heartbroken so u can be in the feels 😃✋
CMA anderson
CMA anderson Pred 8 urami
What my mom sis hears:body ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody What i hear: ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh
Dazai Osamu
Dazai Osamu Pred 8 urami
Me: thinking of tsukki and yachi
Corpse Wife
Corpse Wife Pred 8 urami
hits diff when ur sad about a toxic relationship u still miss and have nothing better to do, so u study for a driver's license bc that's my mental state and what im kinda doin ;-;
Chicken PotPie
Chicken PotPie Pred 8 urami
Coco crazy
Kennedi Alacia
Kennedi Alacia Pred 9 urami
whoever hurt her needs to be dealt with..
Tia Shepherd
Tia Shepherd Pred 9 urami
Josiah Aaron
Josiah Aaron Pred 9 urami
Tackin what you want from mmeeee
Fria Bella Patual
Fria Bella Patual Pred 9 urami
"cause how could i ever love someone else?" man, this line really hits me🙃
Tadija Pavlović
Tadija Pavlović Pred 9 urami
The kid Laroi is soo sick
Josie Surro
Josie Surro Pred 9 urami
This song makes me cry over a guy I already moved on from because this is exactly how I felt and I feel like I am living through it again
Fidel,Silem y Sofi Castro
Fidel,Silem y Sofi Castro Pred 9 urami
Aca esta el comentario en español q buscaban✌
Tim Wilmoth
Tim Wilmoth Pred 9 urami
We all had that one breakup that hit hard. Lol
jazmin smith
jazmin smith Pred 9 urami
My heart bleeds but gets stronger when i hear this
JEPETO MC TACOS Pred 9 urami
i am so sad, because my boyfriend left me after five years, and i drove past his house for five years straight. the police had to intervene, because i seemed crazy, driving 24/7 across a house. i have not slept for five years
Leobardo Robledo Rosas
Leobardo Robledo Rosas Pred 10 urami
hahaha que carajo es eso, ¿por que hacen eso con las canciones de los artistas que si se hicieron leyenda?
Ryleigh Fisher
Ryleigh Fisher Pred 10 urami
Someone should make a mashup between drivers license and skin 👀💀
Hunter Witmer
Hunter Witmer Pred 10 urami
this songs smacks
KB VIDZZ Pred 10 urami
This hits different when you have both of your AirPods on and volume all the way up😭👌🏼
grace Pred 10 urami
I love this song it's my favorite song
Natasha James
Natasha James Pred 10 urami
All 2021💯🎶🎶🎶🎶🖤
CARLOS199807 Pred 10 urami
When people learn she's a 17 year old trying to talk to a 21 year old who's happy with his own gf.
lily malik
lily malik Pred 10 urami
Me one week ago: this song is so bad Me now: *intensively relates to the lyrics for something that happened 30 minutes ago*
Liam Phillips
Liam Phillips Pred 10 urami
So they censor words that are barely profane, but not the actually moaning?
Aubrey & Isaiah Maxfield
Aubrey & Isaiah Maxfield Pred 11 urami
If your watching in 2021 than you are a Popstar!!!!!!!
Natalia Acosta
Natalia Acosta Pred 11 urami
Helena Cooper
Helena Cooper Pred 11 urami
This is ny favourite song
Gabrielle Ivie
Gabrielle Ivie Pred 11 urami
I still see your face in the white cars wow I just caught on to that yeah you have to be real tight with a person for that he must have a white car🤞🏾
Jovas Pred 11 urami