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Finally Monday sehyam day is here.. Handsome yaman therapist and pretty sehar blush is all about to watch Ziya as usual 🙄😳 enclose ikbal's sins... Blind love 😂😅 And the last scene nazmiye fooled us with dream 😂😅.. It may take another 200 episodes to happen in real Overall only sehyam ❤️💞
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Ziya, some how developed the courage and told Yaman that Ikbal was the one who pushed Seher on the stairs. Yaman, after hearing this, stright opened Ziya's bedroom door and straight away held Ikbal's neck with his one hand and lifted her up, and both her feet very were dangling above the floor. Ohh! the killer instinct in the eyes of Yaman was so fierce when he entered the room and when he held Ikbal's neck.Yaman, you are the perfectionist in your every action.
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😭😭😭😭en español ...plissss
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Poor ziya now ikbal will poison his mind with the medication
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Finaly!!! It's MONDAY👋👋🤗
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E as legendas???
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Iove mad looks of yaman..she can listen him now❤ that's what I like dominant😍love him but bit scared😍
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If he keeps picking her up, she'll keep doing things so she is in his arms...at least she will if she's smart. Kinda like his backache because he wasn't sleeping in the bed. 😁
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Yaman shows how much he loves and would go any distance in taking care of his queen 😎👰❤❤
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Can we calmer for one moment, appreciate the acting skills of the man who plays Ziya? He is phenomenal! 👏👏👏
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Que le de unas palmadas en las nachitas yamancito a seher 👋 por no haserle caso ..🤔 aumque la tiene muy consentida y no quiere que haga nada 🛌
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Ahora es que empieza la verdadera matanza ...se jodió ikbal o como sea que se llamé....ahora sí que la cosa se puso buena de verdad❤️❤️❤️😍
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Esa es la actitud yaman con Seher toca a sí! 😂😂😂
Hoy lo echan todo entero y sin traducir o solo me sale a mí así??
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English translation ✨❤️ --Don't forget to join me on Instagram: @emanet.petrovna most of the time i share the live translation there. --i'm just sharing a live translation so you can understand the episode if you can't wait for @mirhlee hers is more professional Any way let's start ✨❤️ Y: If we can find a solution for gour snoring we would perfect S: Me ? I don't snor ? I mean i thought I don't ... I don't snor ! Y: I said it to see you like this S: Did my cheeks become red again ? Y: You become a whole new thing why it's happen Calm Down it's our room Don't move it nedim S: He cames with the physiotherapist ? Did the time pass this much ----- Ziya is becoming crazy and talking a lots of none sens I: I was looking for this , you bought this to me , i was scared to lose it Z: you should be scared , you dropped things that disturbs our peaces I: yes i dropped the earrings Z: you are doing bad things , sometimes on purpose sometimes unintentionally Ikbal damn it he know he saw me ------ Nedim says that this physiotherapist is really good she helped him to get better in a short time yaman said i remember you have got better in 2 week before our trip to spain Therap: we will give you a shot and then start the Therapy but you need to not not put your feet in the ground S: what do you mean i will not walk for a week but I can't i have yusuf he needs me Y: u thought i know her but I didn't know she can be this staburn What ever there is needed to do we will do it S: but Y and there is no but ---- Zuhal is trying to gain the people in prison she brought them blankets ----- S: what aee you searching for Y : my wrist pin they are broken i wanted to give it to cenget S: i have took them away wait i will Y: don't move S: I'm not used to just laying i need to she yusuf did he wake up did he drink his milk is he smiling Y: i know but when you will get better no one will stop you Neslihan cames without knocking she puts the blankets and go out Yaman said that she doesn't look okey Seher said yes she is getting tired coures the work and helping sultan hala ----- They are doing some exercise Terapist: i wanted you to be ger mr yaman so you can learn the moves you need to repeat them S: i can do it by myself when i learn Y: obviously those are ones that you can't do by yourself right miss Belge ? T: yes T: your face is all red , you said you weren't in pain S: no i’m fine , it because I'm getting used to it i guess Can we pass to the next leg We can do those thing in hurry S: i don’t want to take anyone's time if you have to go to the company ... T: we can do this another time mr yaman Y: all my time is for my wife .... i will stay here as long as you need me T: you are hurting because you didn't give all your weight for your husband Sometimes it happens when there is some trust phobie Y: we have passed that stage a long time my wife trust me ..right ? ---- Y:Why can't you listen? Look we even finish the first seance of therapy Yes but what will i do Y: you will you did fight with the worst enemy is this what will stop you ? S: me with who? Y: with me ..where is that brave girl Y: this for you S: for me ? They are beautiful but who knows when will i be able to wear them Y: very soon , we have something that we need to complete , so when you will get better you will wear those and we can go to the suprise place that i have arranged S: suprise ? What is it Y:it is called surprise you won't know S: cant you give me a hint Y : no ----- Z: is seher good ? Y: yes she is getting better Z: you should know this to yaman Y: what is it Z those stairs are cursed every one falls it like a snake Y: it is just a coincidence abi Let go nothing will happen N: yaman there is a problem with Hong-Kong Y: okey let's go --- Y: i need to talk to neslihan You won't work here from now on N: i didn't do .. --- Y: i will Open it cenger it arif baba A: how is our daughter Y: she is getting better If you are free someone want to see you S: i am of course Ah arif baba hello A: you will get better it will pass everything will pass you just need to wait You want to walk this sec right but you need to wait you have even find the solution of hearts ... Arif Baba's word are so hard to translate ---- I: ziya why are you Like This you are weird for the morning I'm your wife you can talk to me Let go to our room Z: I'm not coming with you , i will talk but not with you I: where were you when seher felts is this why you are uncomfortable ? Because You remembered kevser ? Z: when was i when kever Felts ? ----- They are reading the book and think about them self 🤣 i will translate it ---- Z: i saw everything and. Well tell them Y: abi what is it Z: yaman it's ikbal who did it she pushed seher from her feets she wanted to kill her from the roots I: please ziya he will kill me let me tell you why it's happened Y: youuu I: Yaman please don't
Adriana Mazuquini
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Ahhhh está torcendo para que a cobra velha estivesse quebrando a cara e sendo desmascara, mas acho foi um sonho da bruxa que podia ser real. Nossa Yaman está com maior cuidado com Seher, que fofo! Bom mesmo não descuidar, essa cobra mesmo estando com o pe na cova, não deixa de ser ruim, falsa, manipuladora e cheia de armação.
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This is was its called true love...patience,humility caring,loving,.I just love it.😍
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Again that stubborn, reckless Seher is back. Her problem is that she can't listen to others, she always thinks she's right. Even Yaman has learned to admit his mistake, she always has to deal with everything on her own.ShHe makes bad decisions and cannot understand that she may be wrong. I don't understand why she can't admit to herself that she needs help. Why does she pretend to be so strong when she is in pain during rehabilitation. Why is she avoiding Yaman when she needs his help so badly. If Yaman fell down the stairs, she would like to help him first and would not leave him even for a moment. Her behavior is childish and reckless. She doesn't listen to doctors, he knows everything best. Her behavior is so annoying.
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Hemos deseado tanto este momento 💣💣sólo deseo que todas su trampas Ikbal🐍👺salgana la luz y Yamançy la haga pagar coro por tanta maldad, ambición, codicia y envidia
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ama ziya söylememişmiydi ikbalin yaptıgını hani boguyordu peki şimdi nooldu? ben bir şey anlamadım! ben fatma kerimova
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Isso é verdade meu😱 DEUS que deliciaaaaaaa
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Heyecanla gozlediyimiz sehneler geldi Seher Yaman cox sirinsiniz 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
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Plz translate this episode plzzzzzzzzz
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E sonho da cobra veia ou verdade tomara que seja sonho ela vai acabar mais loja que o marido e a irmã juntos 😁😱😱😱
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Qué amoroso es nuestro yaman 💞💞
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Omg I was like a crazy waiting this episode thanks!!!
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The man with mustachel looking so scary but yaman with his mustach just look so sexy and hottttt
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Wishful thinking
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Now Ikbal is dreaming what would happen when Yaman know her real face. She's been scared 🤣 it's time for her to get tortured with her own illusions 🤣🤣🤣 karma will hit you really hard ikbalcim and it will be with you shortly 😜
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Wishing all muslim brethren an advance Happy Eid. May there b peace and health in the world, stay safe all. 🙏
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Si inizia ora che belllooo
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Que delicia de fragman Não provoque seu marido Seher Meu Pai do Céu!!! Como esse homem tá lindo e muito... Mais muito sexy e atraente com essa camisa azul. Jesuuuus!
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I'm just here for Yaman picking his girl up bringing her back to their bedroom 🔥🔥🔥🔥
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Yaman: What happened? Yesterday you could do these exercises. Seher: Today it is not working. Yaman: You would do everything for someone else, but when it comes to you, you give up. I cannot accept this . Gather youself. Ikbal: I need to find a way to silence Ziya. Yaman would not let me live if he finds out. Yaman: You did it, what did you think about while doing it? Seher: I thought about the former you, that ambiguous, harsh and unacceptable you. Yaman: Is everything alright? Çenger: If you asking about Miss Seher she is doing good. She is in the kitchen for one hour. Seher: I was bored and just stood up. I don't have any pain or ache. What are you doing ?
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Leena Prakash Pred 4 urami
Thank you so much dear 💕
Orieta Oliveira
Orieta Oliveira Pred 4 urami
Aí senhor! O que vai acontecer no episódio de hoje? Tomara que o casalzinho continue apaixonados, e a Ikbal seja desmascarada.
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What I said? Ikbal in safe and her house, but Ziya is not safe... :(((.
Amanda Jeane
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I love this is his new move. “I am done up in my arms you go” ❤️
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Yaman: What happened? You could do this movement yesterday. Seher: I can't do it today. Yaman: You can ignore everything for someone else, but when it comes to yourself, you give up. That is not acceptable. Gather yourself. Icky: I need to find a way to silence Ziya otherwise Yaman will not leave me alive. Yaman: You did it one time. What were you thinking of while kicking? Seher: I brought your old version in front of my eyes. Unsympathetic, strict, that wildness. Yaman: Is everything okay? Cenger: If you're asking about Ms. Seher, she is fine. Unfortunately, she has been in the kitchen for the past hour. Seher: I got up right now because I was bored. Also, I have no pain. What are you doing?
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Not even Yaman could stand Seher's ugly shoes🤣🤣
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This is definitely during her sleep. Hope she learns a lesson from this
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This time he didn't even ask her to hug him (put her arm around him) this time he did it himself 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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Yamane will do anything for her to be walking again he is impatient to take her to bed
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Can somebody translate this please...
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Todays highlight: Ikbal's Nightmares 😝😝😝😝😝
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Exactly 😂😂😂😂
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0:28 plz kiss 💋 her vashi yaman
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Por que la hermanita veneno mayor, sigue en la mansión. Pensé que la sacaba arrastrada....💔 que pasó
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Ohhhhh this promo is all ❤!!!
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I think IKBAL take more Medicine of Zeyabey She Looks Like More Crazy to Zeya😂 Yaman and Seher🔥❤
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Subtitulos en español por favor
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Que sea real y no un sueño!!!🙏🙏🙏🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷💯💯💯
zeta jones
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Ikbal, if your nightmare is already choking you to death, learn your lesson! Stop your evil scheme! But you just won't right? Because a snake is always a snake...even if it changes its skin, it remains a snake 🐍
J J Pred 4 urami
We want Ikbal to be put in prison for trying to kill Seher . Let her be next to zuhal , we don’t want them anymore
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Che belliiiiiiiii
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It's again become slow episodes
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I hope its not a dream .🙏🙏🙏
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mükemmel bir çift, her zaman böyle ol😍😘
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