Pred 22 dnevi
I Opened A FAKE Starbucks
I ARRESTED My Best Friend
I Opened A FAKE McDonalds
the super family ost
the super family ost Pred 22 urami
Alright, you earned my sub. 😘
Avika Trigun
Avika Trigun Pred 22 urami
You should develop your own app , now....😊
chris c
chris c Pred 22 urami
You used black mirror intro
Amazon Top 5
Amazon Top 5 Pred 22 urami
I like Dumb Starbucks better..... "Not Mcdonalds" Gave me Diahreah
egg hour
egg hour Pred 22 urami
6:42 i died there i can't stop laughing
Khushboo Barnwal
Khushboo Barnwal Pred 23 urami
He used to look so different and funny before
Clever The Loner
Clever The Loner Pred 23 urami
Waiting for this week video
CrzyMonkey Bnana
CrzyMonkey Bnana Pred 23 urami
CorsonDrax Pred 23 urami
nahhhh tf have I stumbled upon??? neek.
Kyle Pred 23 urami
I was done when he said shush😂
Hey it’s me Ross
Hey it’s me Ross Pred 23 urami
And in that note I’m subbing
Ahmad Playz
Ahmad Playz Pred dnevom
Catal Pred dnevom
Nice Niko
Inversion Pred dnevom
Run again.
Tyler Turnbull
Tyler Turnbull Pred dnevom
He got 2% ldon mayor
Tyler Turnbull
Tyler Turnbull Pred dnevom
Come give me money id take it
Kevin Pred dnevom
Adrian Flux ez 10m views
Spiner Spin
Spiner Spin Pred dnevom
Save Nigga Defense league.
egg hour
egg hour Pred dnevom
11:20 who the was he talking to
12345NoNamesLeft Pred dnevom
There's no white people in England ?
Jay Ruiz
Jay Ruiz Pred dnevom
Sucks he only came 5th. Still I'mma be a lifetime sub 😂 legend
313 Design
313 Design Pred dnevom
Vote Niko
A Pred dnevom
Mr beast 2.0
C J Pred dnevom
Yungxcgate Pred dnevom
Dylan must be seething from seeing the election results
Dr-Tehnix ̧
Dr-Tehnix ̧ Pred dnevom
Damn it
LennonMC Pred dnevom
0:25 why is he sleeping in a coat 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Alexander Haile
Alexander Haile Pred dnevom
Xotiify - Fortnite
Xotiify - Fortnite Pred dnevom
As soon as you went there you shoulda blasted caramelldansen
Richard Jones
Richard Jones Pred dnevom
Look what the NDL became after this video watching in 2021 Niko dont retire
gurlyn sandhu
gurlyn sandhu Pred dnevom
V1og G0d
V1og G0d Pred dnevom
In alternative universe: *annoucer* i now announce that niko omalina is the new mayor of london niko come up here and say a few words *niko* now that I'm mayor Boris Johnson SHUSH also big up the NDL thank you very much *everybody claps and cheer*
Jello Kid 39
Jello Kid 39 Pred dnevom
I’m watching this in 2021 and it actually hit 1,000,000 likes
DIZZYD Pred dnevom
How old is he now? He looks like he’s 12 here but it was 6 years ago
Kieran McCabe
Kieran McCabe Pred dnevom
Eduard Corneschi
Eduard Corneschi Pred dnevom
He got 1.1 mil likes
Aeloe Pred dnevom
Ohh god you should se them now I almost got attacked at school today for throwing a sandwich back at someone
Bacon APo?
Bacon APo? Pred dnevom
I actually thought it was legit at the start
Jesse Pixel 2
Jesse Pixel 2 Pred dnevom
Imagine if his name started with an e.....
Cammy a
Cammy a Pred dnevom
What’s your name? Prince You are now a king 🤣🤣🤣
Sam Gaming
Sam Gaming Pred dnevom
I pissed my self of laughter when Chunks went loolooloolool
Music 4MySoul
Music 4MySoul Pred dnevom
We are at the very end. At any moment Jesus Christ can return. Everyone will witness the greatest event in human history. I don't want anyone to be left behind, after the rapture of the church. Millions of Christians, and children are about to dissapear. They will be caught to up to be with Jesus Christ forever. They will soend eternity in the care of God. Those left behind will suffer unimaginably. After the rapture Christians will become hated, and killed for the name of Jesus Christ. Come to Him while the doors of mercy are still open. And please avoid the Covid-19 vaccine. Anyone who recieves the vaccine has submitted themselves to the Beast system. They are no longer in the image of God. I don't want anyone to be separated from God for all eternity. I find no pleasure in the death of sinners. It's not God's will that anyone perish, but all repent to receive eternal life. Seek life and not death. Seek Jesus Christ before it's too late. I want to see many of you transformed into His image, and all for His Glory. This is the end. Everything written in the book of revelation will be fulfilled. If you're willing, now is the time to repent, and prepare for the return of the King.
Joey Lewis
Joey Lewis Pred dnevom
Niko predicted covid talking about a disease killing thousands while the stranger is drinking corona 2:08
JWC Pred dnevom
Omg he got 1.1 mil likes wow
K S Pred dnevom
“Leave a comment because a reply from me is guaranteed”..... I’m waiting
Octolon shorts
Octolon shorts Pred dnevom
You need a political party
Not_Noziix Pred dnevom
I can't believe that niko is from stafford Literally I live there in hanley Lots of love from the west Midlands
Clever The Loner
Clever The Loner Pred 23 urami
Go meet him mate
Yuno Gasai
Yuno Gasai Pred dnevom
Morso 2410
Morso 2410 Pred dnevom
It hit a mill likes gg
Jazha J
Jazha J Pred dnevom
I want some notmcDonalds rn
Ross_HendricksPS4 Pred dnevom
Never seen someone act like that to roley...
Scaa mpii
Scaa mpii Pred dnevom
sheeeeeeeeee- this kid-
L*_*OO*_*RD *
L*_*OO*_*RD * Pred dnevom
This is like money heist irl
Dan Dearden
Dan Dearden Pred dnevom
Anyone else hear police smash the like button
a__ r.04x
a__ r.04x Pred dnevom
the guy in the intro LMAOO
Lz Ali
Lz Ali Pred dnevom
I remember when Niko got such less view mans really came so far happy for him bro many more to come man
Jay Pred dnevom
Everyone's a racist, racists everywhere!! or is it just a load of pillocks seeing something that's not there?
AnimeBoy Pred dnevom
0:39 ksi funny as shit ngl
Halim Adam
Halim Adam Pred dnevom
I was just wondering why he looked so different ( 6 yrs ago :] )
Pigby Pred dnevom
jobs don't hire niko, niko hires the job
lil Epaw
lil Epaw Pred dnevom
How does he still give off the same energy as he does almost 7 years later.
Tamia Vanneil
Tamia Vanneil Pred dnevom
Lmao these comments r so fresh
brayden porter aka 57
brayden porter aka 57 Pred dnevom
New fight coming you know what time it is
Ella Jane
Ella Jane Pred dnevom
The way he still uses the same music 6 years later
Zaheer Babar
Zaheer Babar Pred dnevom
i swear george isa real one
yusayu Pred dnevom
10:12 that’s legit one of the realest laugh from Jj I’ve ever heard
omg josh
omg josh Pred dnevom
Hitler is part of NDL
Tony Bad
Tony Bad Pred dnevom
kneo Pred dnevom
this has been on my recommended for about 4 years like twice a year
Muhammed Ali
Muhammed Ali Pred dnevom
2 years later he is running for mayor
JaedanJustWaffles FTB
JaedanJustWaffles FTB Pred dnevom
Hero_KF Pred dnevom
A McDowells would have been cool. Awesome job though.
InterRefAlways Pred dnevom
Ur just jealos of me
Ismael Wajid
Ismael Wajid Pred dnevom
Who is here in 2021 when he ran for London mayor!
InterRefAlways Pred dnevom
I'm watching TV lol
Lucy Down
Lucy Down Pred dnevom
Shoulda put chilly in the milk
Joeblx Pred dnevom
Noo he is not london mayor 😭😭
WincyFN Pred dnevom
13:10 they called you neeko 😂
Ice cube
Ice cube Pred dnevom
This definitely isn’t Mc Donalds