Dawn Martin
Dawn Martin Pred 22 urami
Really heartwarming!
Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson Pred 22 urami
Love it. 😂
Andre Meyer
Andre Meyer Pred 22 urami
Doesn’t snek do poison
Stephen Mitchell
Stephen Mitchell Pred 22 urami
He just wanted the dudes candy bar lol
Luiz Guzman
Luiz Guzman Pred 22 urami
I like that wagon it drags🤑
Sandra Davis
Sandra Davis Pred 22 urami
Luke Bradley
Luke Bradley Pred 22 urami
That’s Not a bad word
Neil Powell
Neil Powell Pred 22 urami
It didn’t get hit because the train isn’t flat on the edges
I'M AWAKE ! ARE YOU ?? Pred 22 urami
Look at the speed though...😳
Shabrena Monet
Shabrena Monet Pred 22 urami
I’m just gonna assume he hugs the alpaca quite regularly.
123forafurry Pred 22 urami
your dog is a fat bitch
Siddiq Ahmad
Siddiq Ahmad Pred 22 urami
Elevated platform, outdoors. Bird flew under and away. Calm TF down
Joel Crow
Joel Crow Pred 22 urami
Those eyelashes tho 😍
Jeffrey Abbey
Jeffrey Abbey Pred 22 urami
I enjoyed how she handled her Pet cat Even her cat knew not to play anymore
darren J 37
darren J 37 Pred 22 urami
Boss: Join us, we are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided. Lone Pigeon: I don't agree! Boss: Educate him boys!
AlGoreRhythm Pred 22 urami
I don't want to alarm you but I think there might be something wrong with your dog.
IWill 4ev
IWill 4ev Pred 22 urami
Hawk: This offering is sufficient. You may keep your phone... and your eyes.
Life Is Awesome
Life Is Awesome Pred 22 urami
It died on a gloomy Sunday perhaps
DestinyRoxHope Pred 22 urami
Smooth af😍😂
위지현 Pred 22 urami
Very cute
ivvkverma Pred 22 urami
Where exactly is this?
Pine Cone
Pine Cone Pred 22 urami
Saving that one for later
seǝm Pred 22 urami
She got a trash can while her dad packin a dump truck
Maratha Empire
Maratha Empire Pred 22 urami
This Tank was built for it
Kryptix Pred 22 urami
he twitched his leg and it was over
Lynn Montgomery
Lynn Montgomery Pred 22 urami
He looks like a samoyed we had in NY.
Marcel Marcel
Marcel Marcel Pred 22 urami
Don't try this at home, you could die effortlessly too
Pancake Official
Pancake Official Pred 22 urami
When you forget to take your Duolingo lesson
Bill Nye
Bill Nye Pred 22 urami
He’s lucky that he’s lucky
TeddyRuc TeddyRuc
TeddyRuc TeddyRuc Pred 22 urami
It gets real in a NY minute. Bet that's the BX lol 😂
Shubham Jaiswal
Shubham Jaiswal Pred 22 urami
Where is his dead body? 🤔
Slippy Quack
Slippy Quack Pred 22 urami
Sounds abusive. She calls him by his name, he automatically starts panicking and asking if he's in trouble.
Dollene Liotta
Dollene Liotta Pred 22 urami
Dumbass owner
Jacqueline Smith
Jacqueline Smith Pred 22 urami
Soooo funny!
Jeannine Everhart
Jeannine Everhart Pred 22 urami
Rachel Knight
Rachel Knight Pred 22 urami
Yall fell for that then you probably will not fall for this... Read more
__Z3R0_MØØNS__ Pred 22 urami
My rabbit screams to
k.f f
k.f f Pred 22 urami
🤣🤣🤣 so cute
Arthur Pendragon
Arthur Pendragon Pred 22 urami
the thumbnail looks like a spotted yeti that's why i clicked
Charted Charizard
Charted Charizard Pred 22 urami
I just got crazy mad over losing on a game 200 times and this made it all better.
Willie Bravo
Willie Bravo Pred 22 urami
So floofyyyy: moost pet
Erin Vandalay
Erin Vandalay Pred 22 urami
That adorable Alpaca wanted hugs too
Yumi Angob
Yumi Angob Pred 22 urami
Mamu Mau Mau
Mamu Mau Mau Pred 22 urami
Those cats want out!!! The eyes are the window to the soul.....
Artzy Life
Artzy Life Pred 22 urami
My dad does that all the time to my sister
Morgan Hernandez
Morgan Hernandez Pred 22 urami
My name is sergio
Ghaushah Infinity
Ghaushah Infinity Pred 22 urami
Just a Guy
Just a Guy Pred 22 urami
The pigeon mafia
Kingcarbine Pred 22 urami
Am I the only one who's afraid that flower pot is gonna fall? when she jumped on top of it my heart dropped 😱
Ishan Sherif
Ishan Sherif Pred 22 urami
Thought that things on the door was heads of other people
e30325ikiller Pred 22 urami
thats normal in that age
The Irish Saint
The Irish Saint Pred 22 urami
He needs rubs rn
stuffclusters Pred 22 urami
Hawk: they didn't believe me when i said i can tame humans to suit my needs
Mercedes Martin
Mercedes Martin Pred 22 urami
What a great idea to get a dog!! You’re wonderful parents!!
MichelleMarieeTV Pred 22 urami
As a mom of two boys this would be devastating lol 😂 I would literally do exactly what she did and simply walk away. Notice how she was so angry she left her two young children outside unsupervised because she was so angry 😭 probably went inside to the dad and was like go get your children.
Mode1Charlie Pred 22 urami
I think he is frozen to the ground..
Johann Fer
Johann Fer Pred 22 urami
They're walking as they're the accreditation team🤣
Monica de Wit
Monica de Wit Pred 22 urami
Absolutely gorgeous baby!! Sooooo precious!!! A born singer!
ComeAtMeBro Pred 22 urami
I thought it was one kid moving around super fast and realized they were separate human beings. Twins?
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Pred 22 urami
That last flip - you looked like your legs were getting tired and slow. You wouldn't have made another one without landing wrong and hurting yourself so it's a good thing you stopped there.
Poops & Shitz!
Poops & Shitz! Pred 22 urami
Zahid Khan
Zahid Khan Pred 22 urami
I can't even get a girlfriend
JJ W Pred 22 urami
Alpaca: I wish you'd pick me up like the others...
Whale Wagner
Whale Wagner Pred 22 urami
I need therapy after seeing this
Rania Pred 22 urami
The only scream that is adorable is a ginuea pigs
Brandon Royce
Brandon Royce Pred 22 urami
Someone call Dove...I think we have their next ad campaign theme song.
Payton Plays games
Payton Plays games Pred 22 urami
I don’t know why I’m here but I like it
Ye Pirate's Workshop
Ye Pirate's Workshop Pred 22 urami
She should have kept them to match her pierced nose ring.
Lim Jack
Lim Jack Pred 22 urami
Drug addiction is dangerous so don't do drugs kids :)
Kate Lawrence
Kate Lawrence Pred 22 urami
I love. This is so cute!💕
Skai Durst
Skai Durst Pred 22 urami
Barbara Sutherland
Barbara Sutherland Pred 22 urami
He looks cute.😘😘😘👍🤗🌈
Roboanimator716 Pred 22 urami
The boogie man is down there
simon wang
simon wang Pred 22 urami
The jumbled harp bilaterally compete because whorl pathogenetically fax since a wealthy uncle. square, efficacious pear
ShadowDrifter546 Pred 22 urami
Caracal: HISS Vet: grabs neck Caracal: Dad- is that you?
champer slimmerthannone
champer slimmerthannone Pred 22 urami
Why is there a wall right next to another wall? Quite odd.
JayTheMachine Pred 22 urami
They were fucking
Puff Ball
Puff Ball Pred 22 urami
Men really do this crap and then seriously wonder why they have shorter lifespans.
Abdel Khayyam
Abdel Khayyam Pred 22 urami
This man let a cramp grip the life of his calf so we could see what it looks like what a legend