Are we dating again?
She cheated.
Pred 17 dnevi
i'm happy.
Pred mesecem
KSI is *REALLY* sad...
Sex tape?
Pred 4 meseci
Meet Our HOT New Roommates!
NELK got Rated R.
Pred 5 meseci
Our $250,000 Dollar Date...
Riley Reid said YES to him.
rated r.
Pred 7 meseci
i won.
Pred 9 meseci
KSI is Crying in My Insta DMs
The truth about Alissa Violet
Pred letom
Pred letom
phuck you KSI.
Pred letom
Pred letom
We had to call 911...
meet the new jana...
jaqueline baquiran
jaqueline baquiran Pred 8 urami
Haha trying to trick me? Heck no!
jaqueline baquiran
jaqueline baquiran Pred 8 urami
Trevor Richardson
Trevor Richardson Pred 8 urami
Jake was so awkward I like how he’s trying to cancel Cody of all ppl
Adhyeta Sharma
Adhyeta Sharma Pred 8 urami
I just watched their whole playlist of music videos I actually cried and I am going deaf and bleaching my eyes
xxironmanxxxe Pred 8 urami
bruh he says jake is "1-0' bro he beat ksi brother so jake is 2-0
Makeena Battiste
Makeena Battiste Pred 8 urami
aldo Pred 8 urami
the title should be "Donald Trump" came to my house watch some views and leave for no reason
dino-shark Pred 8 urami
Who's here in 2020 that watches this like if u watch this in 2020
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan Pred 8 urami
Can you make a fun video that kids can watch 11 to 13 years kids like mrbeast videos you can make try it sometimes plzz I used to watch you back in 2017 2018 becuase you were fun you were my favourite youtuber I was subscribed but then after these videos you made in 2019 and 2020 I was unsubscribed try it plzz maybe you'll get more subscribers
chas chas
chas chas Pred 8 urami
OMG this is awful...
Uronic SLIX
Uronic SLIX Pred 8 urami
We all know that money changed Jake Paul, Boxing 2
Kanacar Dee
Kanacar Dee Pred 8 urami
You guys can't rap...PERIOD..
Celia Bou Nassif
Celia Bou Nassif Pred 8 urami
awwwww cute together mayve u should tema its tyllow
Erick Aldama
Erick Aldama Pred 8 urami
Who is watching this during corona
Kevin Price
Kevin Price Pred 8 urami
Seems more humble, yet he still lies about his height lol. He’s maybe a inch taller than nate
Abigail Mac
Abigail Mac Pred 8 urami
What the hell there are clowns again
Fortnitegamerboy Hi
Fortnitegamerboy Hi Pred 8 urami
It’s lit 🤪
Shaquon Youngboy
Shaquon Youngboy Pred 8 urami
Jake is change and getting stronger he is going to fu*k up nate
Bal biswa
Bal biswa Pred 8 urami
ELMX Pred 8 urami
demon jake is on that demon time😈
Jakob Pred 8 urami
Das ey ja, ey ja fehlt
Tim Clark
Tim Clark Pred 8 urami
It’s Skies
It’s Skies Pred 8 urami
Nigga really said what people wanna see and puts everyday bro 😂
XFL Pred 8 urami
“Without no SLpost on, how is he like?” *We already discovered that 2 years ago.*
Makeena Battiste
Makeena Battiste Pred 8 urami
4 sure
Makeena Battiste
Makeena Battiste Pred 8 urami
Waiting for KSI to react on this
HG - 04DJ 828049 Countryside Village PS
HG - 04DJ 828049 Countryside Village PS Pred 8 urami
Serat Bhuiyan
Serat Bhuiyan Pred 8 urami
No ones the word humble as much as Nate; he keeps on pointing out that he grew up in slums, like nigga u were born in nba star family
Arman Khan
Arman Khan Pred 8 urami
Sean Viera Felix
Sean Viera Felix Pred 8 urami
Says he racks up views this video only has 400,000 views and ksi has 2.4 million on his video that was made recently that’s sad
keplerlovesaj 7
keplerlovesaj 7 Pred 8 urami
Jake is going to beat his @ss
Yashstar560 Pred 8 urami
Jake Paul understand that you are fucked he is gonna kill you bruh for real.
Arman Khan
Arman Khan Pred 8 urami
00 I’m a new person
Balkaran Singh
Balkaran Singh Pred 8 urami
TPL Pred 8 urami
The best thing is that they're bringing back boxing like crazy
Sonu Singh
Sonu Singh Pred 8 urami
i like it
Latrell Townes-Richardson
Latrell Townes-Richardson Pred 8 urami
call the fish bobble head
Wyatt Mcconnell
Wyatt Mcconnell Pred 8 urami
Jake ur awesome man
TPL Pred 8 urami
Jake just vibing 😂
Crazy GaMeZ
Crazy GaMeZ Pred 8 urami
His own brother wants to fight him damn 😂😂😂
Drayden Pred 8 urami
idk what it is but I feel like people in these comments are forgetting boxing isn’t all about experience. It’s about being a natural athlete, having heart and just being the dog that wants it in the ring. Nate has that. Jake just doesn’t and that’s plain and simple. Nate was in the nba.. jake did vine and and does SLpost.
ainayya kalyani
ainayya kalyani Pred 8 urami
just comming back to see how bad this is
Gehrig Gongwer
Gehrig Gongwer Pred 8 urami
how did they get in??
Lor soco##
Lor soco## Pred 8 urami
Nate know he getting dogged
Gehrig Gongwer
Gehrig Gongwer Pred 8 urami
TPL Pred 8 urami
I'm rooting for Jake but Nate looking tough
Rubio Souto
Rubio Souto Pred 8 urami
*England is my city*
Wikeni Wilson
Wikeni Wilson Pred 8 urami
I love SLpost videos but you stopped so I can't watch them anymore For last 2 days I've been straight bored Cause I can't watch any of the SLpost videos you are my absolute favorite SLpost but I mean favorite But it's your choice Up SLpost if you wanna stop SLpost
Brayan Gutierrez
Brayan Gutierrez Pred 8 urami
I thot that when he said nath he was talking to uncul Nathan
Isabella Corniture
Isabella Corniture Pred 8 urami
Jake Paul has no chance...
Amazing Wofies
Amazing Wofies Pred 8 urami
And this is how we will turn into robots kids
Jaxon Hall
Jaxon Hall Pred 8 urami
100 percent Jake Paul is gonna win
Gingy plays
Gingy plays Pred 9 urami
i think jake paul should of won the stuff you said was way better
Gizen Sha
Gizen Sha Pred 9 urami
You will lose😐
nur e'zzati
nur e'zzati Pred 9 urami
OVER SIGHT Pred 9 urami
WTF jake paul got Nate Robinson on his utube
NiLpIL Pred 9 urami
This wasn't on our recommended u and me searched this up Shame on u and me
Some Person
Some Person Pred 8 urami
Irvan Larvovic
Irvan Larvovic Pred 9 urami
Jake is a better boxer than ksi for sure
Brandon Edwards
Brandon Edwards Pred 9 urami
Man Nate always looks like a sad puppy on them commercials
Irvan Larvovic
Irvan Larvovic Pred 9 urami
It’s Derrick
It’s Derrick Pred 9 urami
I got him she hit lol
Babatunde Olatunji
Babatunde Olatunji Pred 9 urami
“He makes good decisions” 🤔🤔🤔
Pomsky Pred 9 urami
If Jake loses. I’m gonna like cry.
Demy Figueroa
Demy Figueroa Pred 9 urami
he said you 1 an o you 3 an o who eles thinks that jake is taking home the w
NVX Industries
NVX Industries Pred 9 urami
So this is what happens to the cool kids after middle school....
Tiffany Woodburn
Tiffany Woodburn Pred 9 urami
At is he so cute I love Titus is so cute
Perla Nieto
Perla Nieto Pred 9 urami
Andrew Corothers
Andrew Corothers Pred 9 urami
Omg they have beff so bad 😂😂😂😂
Oliver Nicholson
Oliver Nicholson Pred 9 urami
I can feel all my brain cells commiting suicide ... Poor Nate
Diego bonilla
Diego bonilla Pred 9 urami
Xbear Pred 9 urami
It’s so funny he thinks Jeff agrees with him and is on his side
Swigity swooty I'm coming 4 da booty
Swigity swooty I'm coming 4 da booty Pred 9 urami
I just saw jakes merch is it supposed to be a off brand version of tgf childish merch
ITZV3N0MZzZ Pred 9 urami
Would be funny if he loses
Irvan Larvovic
Irvan Larvovic Pred 9 urami
JA7 Pred 9 urami
Miss the humble jake
Oliver Nicholson
Oliver Nicholson Pred 9 urami
I have no idea why but this made me laugh
JACK GAYLE Pred 9 urami
i thought jake was 2-0 i stupid
Irvan Larvovic
Irvan Larvovic Pred 9 urami