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Pred 3 dnevi
HeiJah Pred uro
Not cool to post pre-game interview 30mins before game from PREVIOUS GAME.. :(
x munki
x munki Pred uro
What did you get him for birthday, Luka? A hug 😂😂😂
ライノライノ Pred 3 urami
ライノライノ Pred 3 urami
Eva Vovko
Eva Vovko Pred 3 urami
Love Boban! He is so sweet <3
ライノライノ Pred 3 urami
ライノライノ Pred 3 urami
ライノライノ Pred 3 urami
ライノライノ Pred 3 urami
J Fitz
J Fitz Pred 3 urami
it be nice if people in dallas could watch the game without having att cable like a dinosaur. fix this
V Pred uro
you can find streaming sites can probably find a streaming site from your local station that you usually watch the Mavs on for free ...or you can pay for NBA streaming services....or you can find free streams online which are illegal but only for the person hosting it...not for the person watching it
ライノライノ Pred 3 urami
lulunice Pred 4 urami
King Luka !!! 👌🏻😎😌😌
Zoran Markovic
Zoran Markovic Pred 5 urami
Great boys!
Jozef Luka Smrtnik
Jozef Luka Smrtnik Pred 5 urami
Im from Slovenia and im the BIGGEST FAN of Luka and Mavs and i dont have money for the oction but would be so blesed if iw goot a shoe or a jersey from Luka.LOVE YOU MAVS❤️🔥🔥🔥
Zoran Markovic
Zoran Markovic Pred 6 urami
Great guys!
ONLINE VIDEOS Pred 6 urami
very nice
Ryan Yu
Ryan Yu Pred 8 urami
I hope Josh Green play great next game.💪
patrick wandelt
patrick wandelt Pred 8 urami
Loved this!
Pamplona Christian
Pamplona Christian Pred 8 urami
Kobe would be proud watching Luca from above. Luca is ice-cold. To shoot a 3 to win the game in a first playoff series trailing 2-1 is unreal. His mindset is second to none.
Shazam Khan
Shazam Khan Pred 8 urami
Big fan luka and boban from india
Pamplona Christian
Pamplona Christian Pred 9 urami
Toxic Fans are not allowed here mate!👌🍿
Slick Arvin
Slick Arvin Pred 9 urami
325 comments wow the disrespect of a a legend
Aman VH
Aman VH Pred 9 urami
These guys are so wholesome
Lucio Macedo
Lucio Macedo Pred 9 urami
Please Trade THJ peladeiro and Powell !
Colton Dodd
Colton Dodd Pred 6 urami
@OGGOAT_ _ on stats alone yes but as a fit for our system no
Shazam Khan
Shazam Khan Pred 8 urami
@Colton Dodd exactly..... especially THJ in the last few games ..he has been really bringing his A game .....
OGGOAT_ _ Pred 9 urami
@Colton Dodd would you trade him for bradley beal
Colton Dodd
Colton Dodd Pred 9 urami
THJ has been amazing this season
ʞlocʞs Pred 9 urami
Loved this!
Oh Happy Ledet
Oh Happy Ledet Pred 10 urami
Love them and maxi together
ElaEnchanted 7
ElaEnchanted 7 Pred 10 urami
I’ve rewatched this video so many times! I love seeing this side of Luka & Boban is truly the sweetest ever ! 🥰
Nikola Smiljanić
Nikola Smiljanić Pred 11 urami
Lazes cavo mala 😂🏓
Thanos Pred 11 urami
Bruh it’s the booban marijuanavic dude and donacick
Jimmy Gaming and tutorials
Jimmy Gaming and tutorials Pred 10 urami
Dynamic Voltage
Dynamic Voltage Pred 12 urami
They were going to do a video of all of Brian Scalabrine's game winners but youtube's video limit is 10 hours
Nicole Davis
Nicole Davis Pred 12 urami
Trung Nguyễn Tài
Trung Nguyễn Tài Pred 13 urami
I do not want Dallas Maverick eliminated!
Renjolo Bagunu
Renjolo Bagunu Pred 14 urami
Puzzle Magnet
Puzzle Magnet Pred 15 urami
bad night on the 3 point Line for dallas, thats why the lost,
Precious Hernandez
Precious Hernandez Pred 16 urami
Coach, please make each player from our team practice their shooting. From Luka & KP up to the rookies. They need to work hard and practice especially with the COVID situation and the league is getting more competitive.
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj Pred 16 urami
yesss he is feeling it. hvala ti gospod Luka Doncic cene druga mamo pa tebe. Slovenija je s tabo❤️❤️🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮❤️❤️❤️❤️
Vishant Pred 18 urami
the one against the bucs with carlos delfino in the back always kill me😂
Swapper Hopper2.0
Swapper Hopper2.0 Pred 20 urami
I like how Europeans are getting involved in Basketball
Metody X
Metody X Pred 20 urami
19 sec before the end was the decisive moment to win. Rick has a reaction problem, it’s not the time first you’ve lost a close game because of this, very disappointed too!!
Metody X
Metody X Pred 20 urami
Rick with all due respect to you. 19 sec before the end 99% of coaches who would like to win the championship would call timeout. KP was on the ground at the time because he was knocked down. When you analyze the match in detail, you will realize that you would probably at least equalize the score or even win. Sorry but this game is lost because of you.
Nemanja_ Pred 20 urami
0:44 holyyy 4 steps
Original Hoops of Luka Doncic
Original Hoops of Luka Doncic Pred 21 uro
Good game guys. Off to the next one! :D
Timothy Clay
Timothy Clay Pred 21 uro
Luka walked on that one drive and they didn't call it. Dude took about 5 steps before getting a layup. That was so funny, and no one on the Milwaukee bench was complaining...
Timothy Clay
Timothy Clay Pred 21 uro
Boban should get more minutes, and Luka would get more assists with him in there. Dude doesn't even have to jump to get a pass. He can simply stand under the basket, catch it, and score all day. Most teams don't have anyone that can defend him.
Timothy Clay
Timothy Clay Pred 21 uro
The dude is averaging a triple double over the last 6 games. And the only reason he didn't get one in the Clippers game is because he only played 26 minutes with them blowing the Clippers out.
minij hooi
minij hooi Pred 22 urami
2:28 shout out to Followill that was a great call
Ice Dripper
Ice Dripper Pred 22 urami
I’m taking him over giannis idgaf what nobody says he’s way more skilled and his game translates to the playoffs better
Jakob Pred 23 urami
Anyone here who knows where to get the sweater hes wearing? Pred 23 urami
Hilda Cardozo
Hilda Cardozo Pred 23 urami
Luka needs to calm down specially towards his coach and teammates, after the coach told him his reasoning he realize it wasnt a bad shot, after all kp was wide open, the game wasn't too bad for missing that many players
wilson fisk
wilson fisk Pred 4 urami
Heat of the moment
NBA Players and games review channel
NBA Players and games review channel Pred 23 urami
Luka is the MVP we all know that
Hilda Cardozo
Hilda Cardozo Pred 23 urami
The only mistake for me was not fouling giannis more, the shot by tingus pingus was a Wide open shot after all, and the foul on Brook Lopez at the end worked, the clock was against us, not too bad for missing that many players
Andris Kalnins
Andris Kalnins Pred 22 urami
Shut up Hilda, are you the next coach ?
stajlarn Pred dnevom
They changed the stats, he got a triple double
Thragdain Pred dnevom
Could we get the post game interviews posted, you know, post game? Not this next day business, it's a tiny video, what's the hold up?
mario reynoso caro
mario reynoso caro Pred dnevom
But the ball didn't get to the best player that's the problem. If they make the shot it's all good but most mavs fans are not gonna be happy if luca doesn't get to shoot because they missed.
Ronald Armstrong
Ronald Armstrong Pred dnevom
Luka is playing ok buy sloppy he can play so much better thats just how great he is and he needs to get off that 3 pointer he's awful at it I do think he will get better at threes
Stephen Swaim
Stephen Swaim Pred dnevom
Love that he doesn't want to air personal conversations with teammates in the media. You watching JH?
Sintucitis k
Sintucitis k Pred dnevom
KP the best player in the world
Zarif Hashmi887
Zarif Hashmi887 Pred dnevom
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy Pred dnevom
10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Adam Oviedo Heredia
Adam Oviedo Heredia Pred dnevom
Spanish 🔥🔥
Charie P. Roque
Charie P. Roque Pred dnevom
I interested to watch NBA because of him.💪🏻 💕🇵🇭
Rng Trash
Rng Trash Pred dnevom
Mann, you forgot the one on the Knicks. The one he shot over Carmelo
Tom Schrader
Tom Schrader Pred dnevom
The Mavericks are really fortunate to have Luka. Mature beyond his years. The future is bright.
aaa bbb
aaa bbb Pred 4 urami
@VERSE verse right back at ya 👍🏽
VERSE verse
VERSE verse Pred 5 urami
@aaa bbb ... If no one and nothing, like you, who have never and will never do anything worth writing about, uninvited shares advice and evaluates the adulthood of someone who has succeeded as a minor, it is malicious and despicable, but if in addition that no one and nothing incapable of writing anything wort reading, then the case is definitely tragic ...
VERSE verse
VERSE verse Pred 8 urami
@VArsovski10 .... Well let´s see, Luka 28/13/10 - in the last 5,5 min of 13 points in Dallas, Luka scored 9-4/6, the rest of the team 4-2/6 and those 2 with Luka´s ass, from 7 reb Luka 4, ( Holiday 0 p ) and so it keeps Dallas above water until the aforementioned breakout against 3-4 Bucks, as teammates fell asleep on their own half. So let´s say Luka ( last 5 game 30,6 p 11,4 reb 11,2 ass ) is to blame for this defeat, because he failed to defeat Bucks himself and let the rodents spit on Luka, because the resistance could be interpreted as fanaticism ....
aaa bbb
aaa bbb Pred 19 urami
@Noah King trust me I know, Rick is expendable but bro, you see how the nba going hell giannis was boutta be outta there and I bet he off that squad in the next 2 years
Noah King
Noah King Pred 19 urami
@aaa bbb If Luka wanted Carlisle gone Carlisle would be gone tommorow. They ain't cutting him over not agreeing with the coach... HES A MVP CANIDATE AT 21
Reuben Pred dnevom
Chris Perry
Chris Perry Pred dnevom
When Giannis barely beats Luka while Luka is missing the 4th,5th,6th and 8th most important players on team.
Arturs Skabarnieks
Arturs Skabarnieks Pred dnevom
Go Zingis Pingis ❤️
Mister Roman
Mister Roman Pred dnevom
Why this in tops 2?
Lifestyle of Human
Lifestyle of Human Pred dnevom
Baby Latvia in Da House
waterglass21 Pred dnevom
2:46 His face 😂
gabriele diblasi
gabriele diblasi Pred dnevom
Luka needs to work on his legs to be more fast e And a little more exsplosive
gabriele diblasi
gabriele diblasi Pred dnevom
@Leon Gemer pLe i ???
Leon Gemer pLe i
Leon Gemer pLe i Pred dnevom
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay Pred dnevom
Not bad with so many players out, when KP gets his rhythm back, it’s gonna be wild...
kafka talmud
kafka talmud Pred dnevom
@Xilvern So true
Xilvern Pred dnevom
@Rico Pierre Josh Richardson didn't play, Maxi Kleber, Dorian Finney smith and Jalen Brunson. 3 are starter and jalen back up PG.
Rico Pierre
Rico Pierre Pred dnevom
Stop the excuses because Milwaukee could say torrey Craig didn't play that's how silly u sound Luka played porzingis played and hardaway played that's Dallas main guys
Tatiana Styles
Tatiana Styles Pred dnevom
andres aquino
andres aquino Pred dnevom
The white arrow is back 😍 doncik has to stop crying
badri al
badri al Pred dnevom
He got 10 rebound ..why they didnt count it !?
Swarscoff John Ronquillo
Swarscoff John Ronquillo Pred 16 urami
they changed it he got a triple double matching michael jordan in most trips
Ronald Armstrong
Ronald Armstrong Pred 21 uro
@Kris Kong it still don't show on game stats
Kris Kong
Kris Kong Pred 21 uro
they did after the game ended .. he got triple double
Ronald Armstrong
Ronald Armstrong Pred dnevom
On that last foul shot luka got the rebound and shot past half court I don't know why they didn't give it to him the rebound I mean
Albert Hingabay
Albert Hingabay Pred dnevom
Luka is the new goat in her era
Rico Pierre
Rico Pierre Pred dnevom
U funny everybody knows Giannis is the face of the league when lebron puts his shoes up
Nidzeks Mocni
Nidzeks Mocni Pred dnevom
Jimmy Kotha
Jimmy Kotha Pred dnevom
Rick, this isn't the first time you haven't timeout call in a clutch moment, you're repeating this mistake, why? Do you have problems with the reaction time, or do you not understand that at the decisive moment you must not hope, you have to react. Last year we lost too many matches due to similar mistakes..every match counts if we want to be in the top four :(((
gospa ironija
gospa ironija Pred dnevom
@Ronald Armstrong No they dont know that is what is sad about it.... they get ofensive rebound like 20 sec to go down 2 LOGICAL you should take timeout to draw a play for the win or tie.... stupid decision that is why Luka was mad just "amater" level from Dallas bench...
Ronald Armstrong
Ronald Armstrong Pred dnevom
Rick knows more than u abt coaching buddy he knows what he's doing the coach are on bench they don't score its up to players
Manuel López
Manuel López Pred dnevom
Grande Luka 💪😍🇪🇸
Seattle Seahawks fan
Seattle Seahawks fan Pred dnevom
I was on the road when the game started but we did make a lot of mistakes
Dok Jupidu
Dok Jupidu Pred dnevom
give that last ball to luka....:(((