America's Next Top Florida Man
America's Next Top Karen
Who's The Best Imposter?
Who's The Best Imposter?
Marjorie Coloma
Marjorie Coloma Pred 13 urami
Gus johnson
spencer studios
spencer studios Pred 13 urami
Wait...where did the past 10 years go?
Brice Brown
Brice Brown Pred 13 urami
Mark Lenton
Mark Lenton Pred 13 urami
Damien is my Favourite LOL
Willie Kuehn
Willie Kuehn Pred 13 urami
I'm so happy I get a show with my two favorite smosh cast! These guys never fail to make me laugh!
Rodel Gaufo Belen
Rodel Gaufo Belen Pred 14 urami
Ian got me with the "Cereal". lol!
Marqueso Da Goat
Marqueso Da Goat Pred 14 urami
this feels like a fever dream
Darkshadow Gaming
Darkshadow Gaming Pred 14 urami
Funny watching this video again just to see them call Jake from Adventure Time a dog with Glasses lol
SatanSupimpa Pred 14 urami
02:17 Ify: I'm Edgar Allan Poe closed caption: I met a girl in poo
Jerebov Pred 14 urami
When Damien said "I pick a show and a video game and I do 2 things at once" I related cause I'm playing WoW and watching this at the same time :P
Ivoryrose Pred 15 urami
me just over here for the good content, watching Damien slice that bagel and what is that i hear in the background? is is that the theme song to Calliou.............. why... why would you do this lol
Rain Pred 15 urami
Courtney should try Trixie Mattel makeup on one of her boys
Ethan Henry
Ethan Henry Pred 15 urami
Let's see some nerd based questions like video games, comics, marvel, d&d, etc
MrSpanners Pred 15 urami
The biggest question I had from this video was Why the hell does being from the future make scrotus Australian?
sweetcake Pred 15 urami
I thought that monica was joking about pregnancy symptoms and the reason sarah was leaving was because she was pregnant... like wants attention having bad taste and stuff
Emily Oliver
Emily Oliver Pred 15 urami
Damien, this sandwich looks delicious! I’ve got to try it sometime!
sweetcake Pred 15 urami
It would be so cool if somebody is making a sandwich in a costume with gloves while answering some question with a voice changer and the people that will eat needs to find out who is the sandwhich chef its like a mashup
Cameron Kelly
Cameron Kelly Pred 15 urami
Love how they pick boxes with stiff in at the start and for the first bit Courtney uses none of what she got 🤣
Kalyrie Wells
Kalyrie Wells Pred 15 urami
This is like a psychoanalysis on 16 year old Courtney's psyche
Ben Fulfer
Ben Fulfer Pred 16 urami
I like how every time Courtney Freakin Miller stops speaking the rock music stops too
Kokichi Ouma
Kokichi Ouma Pred 16 urami
Why tf is ted so tall how did I not know this-
stillatin Pred 16 urami
Lol Rachel's face 8:03
Timothy W. Lawrence
Timothy W. Lawrence Pred 16 urami
Aidan Xavier
Aidan Xavier Pred 16 urami
That CHAPTER TWO is the funniest moment on all of Smosh
Jessica Berger
Jessica Berger Pred 16 urami
As a New Yorker I’m offended that Courtney was so disgusted by pizza folding
Abbey McCarthy
Abbey McCarthy Pred 16 urami
Garrett missing the brief in the best way possible
Sami Owens
Sami Owens Pred 16 urami
Matt Raub looks like Barney Rubble and Fred Flintstone at the same time.
NUGGet3562 Pred 16 urami
This is making me sad that I don't have any Reese's on hand...
Darren Anliker
Darren Anliker Pred 16 urami
Garrett missed a great chance to say " alas, earwax " as Dumbledore
Aidan Xavier
Aidan Xavier Pred 16 urami
Courtney should have tried Boneless....
Scarlet Clough
Scarlet Clough Pred 16 urami
wheres the hype for sims marriage story????
Anonymous Pred 16 urami
"They hope to one day work in the film industry." Little did they know, they created the new film industry.
BellaChi Pred 16 urami
Matt lost hella weight I almost didn't recognize him but his voice is unmistakeable
Bannananinja Mcnuggies
Bannananinja Mcnuggies Pred 16 urami
Damn, Sharen sounds like a South Park character.
mandy30pls Pred 16 urami
Bruh she's so un funny
Marshy Pred 16 urami
Courtney was honestly brilliant bouncing off everybody's bits. I lost it when she said she gets Lasik every couple of years so she doesn't mind giving away her eyes lmao
Simone Andreassen
Simone Andreassen Pred 16 urami
Love this 😂❤️❤️
Aidan Xavier
Aidan Xavier Pred 16 urami
We need more malfunctioning Shayne
Scarlet Clough
Scarlet Clough Pred 16 urami
you guys were so bad at war today >:d
Angelynn Neal
Angelynn Neal Pred 17 urami
2:00 What is it he responds to isn’t it something like these two are lucky to not have premature balding at this point in their lives? LITTLE HAMMY
Colby Strada
Colby Strada Pred 17 urami
this is rly cool! plz do this again!!
crazykay27 Pred 17 urami
im so glad these videos are still up
Stephanie Eckhart
Stephanie Eckhart Pred 17 urami
God I love these people. Wonderful video!
Ange Pred 17 urami
We will miss you Sarah 🥺❤️
Kenneth Keene
Kenneth Keene Pred 17 urami
Lol I love this
Keo R
Keo R Pred 17 urami
What’s the name of the song at 10:09?
june the noodle
june the noodle Pred 17 urami
they oddly look like Flynn Rider Rapunzel and pascal
HYPER O Pred 17 urami
PLEASE put this on Board AF
Zeta Scorp
Zeta Scorp Pred 17 urami
Year 2021, I still ship "Sha-rtny"... if only because they're both cute AF. Sorry, not sorry. Awkward cute is still cute <3
Aidan Xavier
Aidan Xavier Pred 17 urami
I had to pause at "Surprise this is heck" to avoid passing out
king smiles
king smiles Pred 17 urami
Olivia must mate with shayne
Kidc0re - Vanny
Kidc0re - Vanny Pred 17 urami
I'm sorry but this entire video had me ROLLING AKDVJABFHD
Aidan Xavier
Aidan Xavier Pred 17 urami
Holy shit that Ash impression
Mackinley Watson
Mackinley Watson Pred 17 urami
justice for horse man devil man
Kassi Adapa
Kassi Adapa Pred 17 urami
Courtney is good at everything, period
Rock girl
Rock girl Pred 17 urami
I'm starting to think that the HR manager might somehow lowkey be the funniest person working there...she floors me everytime
Stephanie Shapiro
Stephanie Shapiro Pred 17 urami
Why are Olivia and Shayne blurry?
Robo Surfer
Robo Surfer Pred 17 urami
I love how they made courtney a judge and shane a karen instead of the other way around
Mya V.
Mya V. Pred 17 urami
Why did I think Olivia was supposed to be Mr. Bean😅 someone help me
Mismatched Socks
Mismatched Socks Pred 17 urami
just saving my fav place :) 9:35
Very unusual Comments
Very unusual Comments Pred 17 urami
Can someone tell me a tldr of why Sara is leaving smosh
Alan Tarazona
Alan Tarazona Pred 17 urami
I loved this show, please make more episodesss
The Templar
The Templar Pred 17 urami
This show has potential for really fancy sandwiches like Damien’s and then there’s Noah’s...
pou Pred 17 urami
noah's excitement with the pikachu soda hshahs cutie<333
Stiofan Beam
Stiofan Beam Pred 18 urami
Keith has some issues... but then so do I.
PH33 Pred 18 urami
"Do you USE the bidet???" cut to 2020 toilet paper shortage so the entire world starts using the bidet.
CKG 1130
CKG 1130 Pred 18 urami
hoping for doesn’t effect sarah leaving.
Kathleen Ruddles
Kathleen Ruddles Pred 18 urami
I have such a friendship crush on both Damien and Shayne
The Templar
The Templar Pred 18 urami
That’s it, I need Shayne as a Dungeon Master with his story making interest.
Verris Pred 18 urami
i had to pause the video because i was in physical pain from smiling
Arianna Rodriguez
Arianna Rodriguez Pred 18 urami
Pls do this with Courtney friken miller
MagnaSkies Pred 18 urami
MATT looks so different without his beard!! WHAT
Rock girl
Rock girl Pred 17 urami
What did Matt go through over the past couple of years?
Clogurt Pred 18 urami
it’s the caillou jingle for me lol
Drewpott Pred 18 urami
See I think the difference is, all the smosh dudes ARE funny, but they're more accustomed to bouncing off each other, as where gus is used to being just a stand alone funny man which gives him an edge in stuff like this
Sarah Bila
Sarah Bila Pred 18 urami
Matt looks AMAZING
The Templar
The Templar Pred 18 urami
Release the Vulgar Matt Raub Cut!
Ally Chaffin
Ally Chaffin Pred 18 urami
Star wars theme
Brandon Sutherland
Brandon Sutherland Pred 18 urami
That's the only time I've seen the people on camera say "Bleep that out" and the editors listen.