Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook Pred 18 urami
D rose the boy
Len Len
Len Len Pred 18 urami
Free my cousin Cole, he got 7months for slapping the shit outta Karen at 7/11...
Elijah Van
Elijah Van Pred 18 urami
Fuck the hornets!
Len Len
Len Len Pred 18 urami
Free my cousin Cole, he got 7months for slapping the shit outta Karen at 7/11...
buddha namaste
buddha namaste Pred 18 urami
Only if the Knicks didn't get screwed against the Suns smdh. Refs control to much of the game.
Handsome Gunner
Handsome Gunner Pred 18 urami
Watching Drose go off makes me so happy. Gonna watch this video again
Len Len
Len Len Pred 18 urami
Free my cousin Cole, he got 7months for slapping the shit outta Karen at 7/11...
LeBron James
LeBron James Pred 18 urami
Len Len
Len Len Pred 18 urami
Free my cousin Cole, he got 7months for slapping the shit outta Karen at 7/11...
D B Pred 18 urami
Sexton started it. IMO, Luka defended himself. Dirty call by the refs. I can't say it enough. SMH
John Swain
John Swain Pred 18 urami
1:53 is a good lesson to all the young bloods out there - flex too hard, and you're bound to fall. Dude almost injured himself kicking his legs out to try to look cool.
simple gats13
simple gats13 Pred 18 urami
Good job mavs.....
TeamDreams Gaming
TeamDreams Gaming Pred 18 urami
3:57 he really tried to play d rose. No sir
Srxmz Pred 18 urami
Life of Agony N.Y.H.C
Life of Agony N.Y.H.C Pred 18 urami
Basketball is by far the 6th best sport in the US. Football. Baseball. Hockey. Golf. Ping pong. Then basketball. It was the 4th best but LeBron ruined the game.
Chase Shorts
Chase Shorts Pred 18 urami
I feel like 1993 bucks as better quality then 2001
Therret Pred 18 urami
Los Angeles Brick Layers out there tonight holy shit.
Peter S
Peter S Pred 18 urami
Dr. J. was stunned. He was thinking that he couldn't even do that. Actually in his day nobody even thought of a dunk like this. Dr. J. might have been able to do it if he had thought of it. Lavine was spectacular.
Harry louis monteverde Castillo
Harry louis monteverde Castillo Pred 18 urami
That was a close game for hornets.
Zaire Myers
Zaire Myers Pred 18 urami
76ers going to the finals no cap and i don't care about y'all opinions my guy
Nadeem Sawan
Nadeem Sawan Pred 18 urami
O boy ! Knicks now have a great chance for winning the chip. What a signing by the Knicks in the form of D Rose ! Well done management 👍
Ena Nebres
Ena Nebres Pred 18 urami
Nuke Nubz
Nuke Nubz Pred 18 urami
The bulls have the best duo in the league. Felicio and valentine. 👊👊
Jerry Golan
Jerry Golan Pred 18 urami
Lifetime Celtics fan and I truly hate to say I love to see C's losing !! SSSTEVENS is a JOKE!! His D Is pathetic!!the C's are an embarrassment!! Get rid of SSSTEVENS,BILLY Donovan would have been the choice!!
Thewriteway2fail Pred 18 urami
NBA please let this duo cast the Play in games
김민겸 Pred 18 urami
볼때마다 소름이 돋네..
Power !!!
Power !!! Pred 18 urami
Mathematics Specialist
Mathematics Specialist Pred 18 urami
Killian showed his aggressiveness tonight he is a specialist in the paint
Champion's Corner Channel
Champion's Corner Channel Pred 18 urami
DRose and PG13 - two players who sufferred horrible and career ending injuries still playing at an elite level and have their own signature shoes is an inspiration to those suffering and will suffer such injuries.
Soundiata Keïta
Soundiata Keïta Pred 18 urami
Waou what a comeback respect KD
GFlo Pred 18 urami
It’s just funny how good curry is at this point
King Diaz
King Diaz Pred 18 urami
I was there and let me tell you. Knicks fans ran that building. WAY more Knicks fans than clippers forsure.
Pete Rogness
Pete Rogness Pred 18 urami
Way to go bulls
James Hirrard Balonda
James Hirrard Balonda Pred 18 urami
Heat in finals
Ecesar Dimaandal
Ecesar Dimaandal Pred 18 urami
Bloom rose 🌹🌹🌹🌹
Marq V
Marq V Pred 18 urami
Thank you and God bleds
Alemon 88
Alemon 88 Pred 18 urami
I am rooting for the knicks overall but as a Clips fan C’mon bro not cool, seriously tho its so good to see D Rose find success
Joshua Woodard
Joshua Woodard Pred 18 urami
Top tier teams going at it.
Dont Mess with me
Dont Mess with me Pred 18 urami
Rose carried the knicks tonight off the bench.
Terrill Dongmo
Terrill Dongmo Pred 18 urami
Akina Morikama
Akina Morikama Pred 18 urami
It is time for Mavs to move on and waive or trade for a pair of twinkies Kristaps Porzingis. Cos that dude is brittle as twig and that dude is like the grown up man of the white kid with a backpack who dances by waving his arms sideways. But yeah Kristap is lame ass whos even a hothead and useless inside so they need to get rid of him
No Yb
No Yb Pred 18 urami
Knicks will continue this play deep into the playoffs. Then, next year, ownership will find a reason to break up the team. Probably bring in some Lithuanian and get rid of RJ lol
YNB MC Pred 18 urami
Lamelo got tooken out in crunch time 🤦🏾‍♂️ why?
Jason Chan
Jason Chan Pred 18 urami
To whoever says westbrook isnt clutch just watch the 2 clutch free throws and then the block go ahead westbrook haters with ur comments
byron douglas
byron douglas Pred 18 urami
Both these teams boring asl to watch
Nader Itayem
Nader Itayem Pred 18 urami
Coby white seems to play much better when he’s starting with Zach and vooch. Lauri is my guy but he just doesn’t seem to have defense which stinks:/
Defasiam 94
Defasiam 94 Pred 18 urami
Rim sound weird to me nowadays
Sport Addict
Sport Addict Pred 18 urami
No Lamelo and Lonzo on the thumbnail
Robert Jacobson
Robert Jacobson Pred 18 urami
Every single comment is about Derrick Rose. 😁 Happy to see that.
EmRA Pred 18 urami
I don't care if the lakers loss, I'm just happy to hear Kevin Harlan again commentating in a laker game
Robert Jacobson
Robert Jacobson Pred 18 urami
The description of the video should say Derrick Rose led the Knicks not Julius Randle lol Randle had 14 while D Rose had 25.
Ronin? Pred 18 urami
Literally footage of a real unicorn.
Paolo SG Pingol
Paolo SG Pingol Pred 18 urami
I just wish Miami can be this consistent and get back to the Finals.
loserface Pred 18 urami
Luka is a dirty player and I'm tired of people pretending he's not
Nicholas Gonzalez
Nicholas Gonzalez Pred 18 urami
Did we really just beat the clippers ? WoW I'm so proud of my guys !!!! Keep up the great work fellas. 💪
Pick & Roll Street
Pick & Roll Street Pred 18 urami
DRose will gonna rock on playoffs. I guarantee.
Samuel Koshy
Samuel Koshy Pred 18 urami
Micah Hee
Micah Hee Pred 18 urami
Jaxson hayes is an all star with starting minutes.
Javon Day
Javon Day Pred 18 urami
Was that really a foul at the end 🤨
Ena Nebres
Ena Nebres Pred 18 urami
Go Portland
NationJJ Pred 19 urami
Watching Rose succeed makes me so happy and knowing Taj is with him, makes me more special. ♥️🌹
Rose 117
Rose 117 Pred 19 urami
Why couldnt we have Vucevic to start the season 😫
Chad Alba
Chad Alba Pred 19 urami
the hornets gave up too many and-1 plays
Hector Gonzalez
Hector Gonzalez Pred 19 urami
Jazz Lead 3-1
Just A Gamer
Just A Gamer Pred 19 urami
For the thumbnail it looks like Bledsoe is taking a mug shot
Katrina Lee
Katrina Lee Pred 19 urami
ECI 10
ECI 10 Pred 19 urami
Anthony edwards looks like he’s at least 6’6
Derek Okada
Derek Okada Pred 19 urami
NL B Pred 19 urami
the most impressive thing of all of his attributes of passing is the passes were always in stride and from all angles too, they weren't in back or off line and made for better scoring opportunities for team mates
Hum Dee
Hum Dee Pred 19 urami
I am so glad that the Randle, Rose, Thibs... pretty much the whole team, including Execs, have proved all the doubters and media alike WRONG! Most Improved is Julius Randle! 6th man is Rose or Carmelo Anthony! Imo 🤷‍♀️ so please don't hate, just excited for the Knicks! ... Portland is my fave team though! Lol
Shane Recacho
Shane Recacho Pred 19 urami
Lennox Ferguson
Lennox Ferguson Pred 19 urami