Team Up for Change 2020
SAP GM School: Episode 3
Ash Gray
Ash Gray Pred 7 urami
Welcome to the lakers!!
Tivoj Athan Bacalla
Tivoj Athan Bacalla Pred 7 urami
the title shouldn't be "The BEST Golden State Warriors Plays From The 2019-20 Season!." it should be "MARQUESE CHRISS HIGHLIGHTS." Agree?
EyeEye Kay
EyeEye Kay Pred 7 urami
Why am i so tense even though i know the outcome
Thomas Finlay French
Thomas Finlay French Pred 7 urami
does anyone know who number 10 is
bouchoucha sofiane
bouchoucha sofiane Pred 7 urami
Definitly my favorite player , so smooth , so underrated
Number 8 The Great
Number 8 The Great Pred 7 urami
og's shot was ridiculous
ari arilo
ari arilo Pred 7 urami
What is the name of the beautiful girl from the beginning of the video
*WE R CREATORS* Love is the name
*WE R CREATORS* Love is the name Pred 7 urami
The bulls will be top 2 in the east within 2 years💯 They'll make the playoffs this year and Williams will get ROY
Michael Donaldson
Michael Donaldson Pred 7 urami
He has something against BigMen
Max Perlman
Max Perlman Pred 7 urami
I was at this game. Made me truly realize Kawhi is THAT guy + the value of Fred and danny green as shooters. wasn’t too shocked when they beat milwaukee. hell of a team. maybe kawhi should never have left 🤷🏽‍♂️
zero Pred 7 urami
Donovan mitchell, jason tatum and dearon fox got the maximum contract.. wow!!!!
grimreeper Pred 7 urami
Obama swag is on presidential....🤑
Wei Luo
Wei Luo Pred 7 urami
Bang Bang curry's bringing KD over to the bay area
weirman88 Pred 7 urami
Why cant WNBA players do anything remotely close to this, I thought they were just as good, if not better???
Jun Wei Tan
Jun Wei Tan Pred 7 urami
7:25 look at the Utah Jazz bench lmfao
Abhimanyu Chaurasia
Abhimanyu Chaurasia Pred 7 urami
Juston birbal
Dilla Engelwood
Dilla Engelwood Pred 7 urami
Overrated Nick Nurse took timeout and what happened?
TFK RHK Pred 7 urami
Tenzin Tsundue
Tenzin Tsundue Pred 7 urami
9:09 man in the background said fucking something.
Dreamer Thaone
Dreamer Thaone Pred 7 urami
Welcome to the Warriors
Batamare Pred 7 urami
Num 3 over the board and his Airness.
Fariz Idris
Fariz Idris Pred 7 urami
Fantastic effort from Ja Morant, the great IQ basketball to carry team and then ROTY later!! He very deserve!! 💥
NBA FUNNY Pred 8 urami
I am subscribing to everyone who subs me!!!
Beaver Joe
Beaver Joe Pred 8 urami
Someone: Those are bad shots
jhei'ar Layag
jhei'ar Layag Pred 8 urami
harrells look like a cyborg in his highlights.
Damon Nash
Damon Nash Pred 8 urami
Shout out to him for getting that extension
William Bohannon
William Bohannon Pred 8 urami
He went from this to hitting the side of the backboard
Matthew Dowling
Matthew Dowling Pred 8 urami
Nuggets: Defense.exe has stopped working
Psycho Kern
Psycho Kern Pred 8 urami
How the f can one jump so god damn high
Naya .
Naya . Pred 8 urami
missing him💗R.I.P💗
papito2lindo Pred 8 urami
Shouldn’t this video be a lot shorter
radhika ramanadham
radhika ramanadham Pred 8 urami
basically "Best of Marquese chriss"
Luís Amaral
Luís Amaral Pred 8 urami
Noobs Sushi
Noobs Sushi Pred 8 urami
20:10 look at man face bruh😂
NBA FUNNY Pred 8 urami
Subscribe me man
Vision fishy
Vision fishy Pred 8 urami
Who’s here when jack Harlow made a song with him
Wilhelm Winter
Wilhelm Winter Pred 8 urami
Rizq Dwika Valevy
Rizq Dwika Valevy Pred 8 urami
Jordan Sabourin
Jordan Sabourin Pred 8 urami
Kobe is all I want for Valentine’s Day :(
The Goal Buddies
The Goal Buddies Pred 8 urami
Hope Curry's doing ok
Carie Carson
Carie Carson Pred 8 urami
What about Kawhi
Dats Pred 8 urami
Slasher 99overall with difficulty in rookie mode
Jalenciaga .
Jalenciaga . Pred 8 urami
Lmao at least we not watching clippers Kawhi...😬😂🤣💀
2Klaw Pred 8 urami
Look back at this draft, this draft is so talented
Lucky Cheese
Lucky Cheese Pred 8 urami
Steph curry is an better offensive player than michael jordan prove me wrong
Luke Andris
Luke Andris Pred 8 urami
The fact that 2 free throws from Ray Allen ended his former teammates playing together.
keepMe 1996
keepMe 1996 Pred 8 urami
3:50 When the GOAT was Drafted
Balrogzz Pred 8 urami
He may not be prime d rose but he is the closest one
José Antonio Mas Reinders
José Antonio Mas Reinders Pred 8 urami
To Lakers Big chance to tie with his brother for a second ring
Jonna Soriano
Jonna Soriano Pred 8 urami
The greatest and the most meaningful history of the NBA game's
seabrook1976 Pred 8 urami
I was at this game and then atmosphere was electric.
A-B Scouting
A-B Scouting Pred 8 urami
enjoy my channel for scouting videos
Rapid 2K
Rapid 2K Pred 8 urami
Anthony bennet such a bust
Urstoff Pred 8 urami
This is like how a newbie plays 2k at max difficulty.
Anna Lewisf
Anna Lewisf Pred 8 urami
Giannis: I’m going to choose my African brother Yao Ming
Omer Bensimon
Omer Bensimon Pred 8 urami
Anunoby's shot against Celtics was the most clutch
Alex Murrell
Alex Murrell Pred 8 urami
Pelicans new line up could be PG Lonzo ball SG Brandon Ingram SF Zion Williamson PF Steven adams C jaxson hayes You can change Steven Adams and Jaxson Hayes position
Latkar Pred 8 urami
Michael Jordan of basketball
Serafin Mendoza
Serafin Mendoza Pred 9 urami
what yr and month kyrie left the cavs?
Ramon Marrufo
Ramon Marrufo Pred 9 urami
Avery Bradley didn't even participate in the bubble. I remember everyone was overreacting and thought Lakers were done.
Juanfri Navarro
Juanfri Navarro Pred 9 urami
Que manera de ganarle constantemente al Gil de Ewing
kemoh sesay
kemoh sesay Pred 9 urami
I never knew shaq was that skilled. I thought it was all about strength
Zhuo Liu
Zhuo Liu Pred 9 urami
this season was shaping up to be one of my favourites ever. shame it was ruined
Tianlu wang
Tianlu wang Pred 9 urami
Brandon Varte
Brandon Varte Pred 9 urami
Who else noticed he wore the same shoes for the first three games and the fifth.....its gotta be the shoes🤷🏾‍♂️