Jeff Tweedy: Gwendolyn
LP: The One That You Love
John Legend: Wild
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Sleaford Mods: Mork N Mindy
Dave Matthews: Mercy
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BOB DULAQ Pred 3 urami
As I'm watching Sidney Powell and Rudy present, the only thing that comes to my thoughts is remembering when Trump told the world that he only hires the best people. Wow, can't understand why the American people wouldn't what 4 more years of Trump???
Adam Thuman
Adam Thuman Pred 3 urami
Sidney Powell is Q
Amy Isaak
Amy Isaak Pred 3 urami
He's so right !! Grand Marquis' ride the best.!!
Julia Narvaez
Julia Narvaez Pred 3 urami
Dude some of these people are smart educated people, I wonder what crazy blackmail they have on them to spout these crazy lies for a lame duck. They only care about their own interest and now they're stuck in a sinking boat
Maggie McGinley
Maggie McGinley Pred 3 urami
The thing that bothers me most is the assault on our Constitution. It is horrifying! Depressingly so. Then there is the fact that many people don't even recognize that
Patrick Glass
Patrick Glass Pred 3 urami
Seth. Brilliant! Thanks so much. Sidney Powell bizarrely dresses in 'leopard spots'. Does this lady ever change her spots...?! [Seth's Team - Check it out. OK]
Terri Walker
Terri Walker Pred 3 urami
Seth is on fire in this monologue!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥 President Squatters Rights!😂😂😂
Nightlife Maps
Nightlife Maps Pred 3 urami
hi seth
Michael Heesen
Michael Heesen Pred 3 urami
I have never been very hi on Seth. I have to change that now. Seth just nailed this one. I will be following him, he seems to understand things clearly.
Andrii Ovcharenko
Andrii Ovcharenko Pred 3 urami
In 2016, Dictator Putin was among the first world leaders to congratulate then-candidate Trump. Dictator Putin nearly immediately congratulated Trump in the 2016 election before results had been certified. What happened in 2020 - Dictator unsatisfied?
Ginger Miller
Ginger Miller Pred 3 urami
rudy in court so far: Judge, we have my aunt Sally who said she saw, well, she wasn't really sure if she saw it or heard it because, well, sadly she has dementia, but she'll swear to it -- just not in court, but then there is that couple who right outside their voting location saw about 20 young guys all dressed in black dropped off by a jet and go into the Burger King across the street and they knew they were up to no good, and and and so-and-so said he saw this little old man, well, he doesn't really think it was a little old man but just someone dressed up and pretending to be a little old man -- and anyway, the someone who was pretending to be the little old man was carrying a big sack that looked just like voting ballots that were all for djtRUMP, they weren't positive but they really do think so, and and and then there's -- what Judge? You want me to get the h---out of your court? Buuuuuuut I have all this paperwork kayleigh gave to me and said djtRUMP would fire her if I messed up! And I've got this runny stuff running down my face and neck and I'm trying to wipe it off and then wipe my buggers and then wipe it all across my mouth -- what Judge? I have to get the h---out NOW? Ok, ok, ok, I'm going. I'll go to fox and they'll listen to me. What? No? Well, maybe "news"max . . .
Richard 303
Richard 303 Pred 3 urami
He's a warmonger.
Île-de- France
Île-de- France Pred 3 urami
Meanwhile 👇 ⚠️👉Watch *"Ted Cruz Mocks Covid-19 Safety Warnings As Texans Die* | All In | MSNBC" on SLpost 🚨👉Watch *"Kelly Loeffler: Not From Georgia"* on SLpost 👇 🚨👉 *Lindsey Graham Gives $1 Million to Perdue, Loeffler as Georgia Runoffs Draw Historic Donations* 🚨👉 *General Motors Withdraws From Trump Suit Against California Emission Regulations, Embraces Biden*
Pär Dahlström
Pär Dahlström Pred 3 urami
That thing around her neck look like a noose.....
Pascal V
Pascal V Pred 3 urami
Yes, sure, take a closer look at something you don't even see the broad picture... Then continue to think you are smart, you'll be of no danger.
Christopher Pohl
Christopher Pohl Pred 3 urami
Seth doesn’t have the brain to understand this move. He’s the one who embarrassed himself.
Alergeta Tofu
Alergeta Tofu Pred 3 urami
This guy is too funny! BUT SIDNEY IS NEITHER CRAZY NOR A LIAR! WATCH: DDayCobra (YT) "Sidney Powell Drops Bombshell During Newsmax Interview" for PROOF they knew, THEY ALL KNEW! @7:30
Crystal Phillips
Crystal Phillips Pred 3 urami
She looks and sounds like her parents are closely related
deb Kn
deb Kn Pred 3 urami
It should be a LAW that to even become a candidate for presidency, that strict rigid & through psychological testing be given prior to each possible candidate even wanting to run for the presidency then we won't find our country,our very lives in the hands of a paranoid schzophrenic & their crazies!
Vinnie guiffrida
Vinnie guiffrida Pred 3 urami
She can't act, and if she wrote this she can't write. This is just cringe
James Armijo
James Armijo Pred 3 urami
This is all so crazy especially this women, I don't know if they planned this but wouldn't put it past them to stir up more imaginary stuff like this.
Jonathan Henry
Jonathan Henry Pred 3 urami
She looks like the uptight teacher, in every heavy metal band video: ROFL
Acat Ontheinterwebs
Acat Ontheinterwebs Pred 3 urami
The GOP is now the equivalent of a political abortion.
We Like Boogers
We Like Boogers Pred 3 urami
#1 rule of being a Trump ally or stooge: he will turn on you.
SpartanVirus Pred 3 urami
Just wait for the #Kraken to strike and strike and strike and strike. The epicness will be fireworks. Seriously though~ this is all part of the plan.
Chris Schelstraete
Chris Schelstraete Pred 3 urami
Only thing she is crackin is her own wind bag ass cheeks as she bounces out of all our lives for good.
Nicholas J. Johnson
Nicholas J. Johnson Pred 3 urami
What do we think about Seth's decision to not record laughter? I prefer to the echoy crew chuckles on other shows.
Ruby Sanders
Ruby Sanders Pred 3 urami
Trump literally told his supporters to vote twice and he still lost. That's gotta hurt lol
DIxie Normus
DIxie Normus Pred 3 urami
How did this "Karen" ever get a law degree? I feel so sorry for her family.
Dan S
Dan S Pred 3 urami
Bonkers! 😂
txlish Pred 3 urami
WM greeter dreaming of owning It analogy came true for sleepy Joe - Thanks to JaredWifeDoer. In fact Biden really looked Presidential as oppose to #SerialCon #SerialRacist #SerialRapist #SerialTraitor,...
bob avon
bob avon Pred 3 urami
You have it backwards. Sidney Powell meant that these voting machines that were used in the United States Presidential election were the same type used in Venezuela. Which means they can easily manipulate the votes granting any real loser a victory. Such as in the case of Joe Biden. Get off the conspiracy theory routine, which that phrase came from the 911 incident. Start thinking reality. And, reality is this presidential election is a fraud.
pj48 Pred 3 urami
I upvoted this video Seth, even though this internal internecine Late Night writers civil war doesn't really apply to anyone outside of the writers room.
TheAlphahyena Pred 3 urami
The woman behind this dumpster fire looks like she is in pain listening to Powell.
Rhyothemis princeps
Rhyothemis princeps Pred 3 urami
0:53 1:37 Best Closer Look ever
robstale Pred 3 urami
Peaky Blinders is just awesome.
Jay Zondi
Jay Zondi Pred 3 urami
Incredible shamelessness of the trump plague
We Like Boogers
We Like Boogers Pred 3 urami
IF Lindsay Graham is NOT held accountable for his actions, then DISRESPECT FOR THE LAW WILL NOT HAVE CHANGED, NO MATTER WHO IS PRESIDENT!
Erik Karlsson
Erik Karlsson Pred 3 urami
8:30 is that actually real?? :O
Jon-Vegard Pred 3 urami
Such an insane country
jmsomps Pred 3 urami
Axmctualky more cheating than ever before. The numbers don’t add up. So, if they let Biden and kamaltoe in, then they set a new precedent. So don’t complain when it happens against you... oh wait, conservatives don’t play that game. Well you got me there. See, republicans only reason to let it go is like when mom and dad are so freaking tired of the baby screaming and crying, they just let it do whatever it is that gets them someone peace and quiet do the baby just shuts the hell iPhone finally. Yes. Because Jeffrey Zucker got hurt feelings, he set the media against Trump. There is recordings of him telling his people to do whatever it takes, lie, manipulate, change the narrative, whatever it takes, take Trump down and from there, the crying babies grabbed the mics. Hope it was worth it. We’ll soon be changing our name to Amerika, land of the cheaters and home of the cry babies.
Shamya Freedom Works
Shamya Freedom Works Pred 3 urami
snowinblood Pred 3 urami
Sidney Powell, what is her problem? She sounds drunk, she just rambles on with baseless accusations. She must think trump is going to pay her but she will be in for a surprise.
DIxie Normus
DIxie Normus Pred 3 urami
The Dennis Miller was spot on!
Count Dooku
Count Dooku Pred 3 urami
Seth should have Sam Seder on
Edie Fagan
Edie Fagan Pred 3 urami
Totally agree with the covid comment Michael Moore said...if the virus had not happened, he could have been re-elected....yikes.
Abi Alexaki
Abi Alexaki Pred 3 urami
ALL of the Trump lawyers must have gotten their degree from Trump University. 😂😂😂
Roy Bean
Roy Bean Pred 3 urami
Tucker Carlson now believes in facts and evidence?!
T Roddy
T Roddy Pred 3 urami
Robert David Steele, Simon Parkes, John DeSouza, Kerry Cassidy, Laura Eisenhower, or the MSM who told us guys with box-cutters brought down 3 towers with 2 planes. If you believe that lie, the MSM can spin you thousands more. Look up and listen to the people listed above and you can see the contrast in information. 9/11 was an inside job, as was JFK, and the same Deep State still runs the show and controls the narrative, which has Trump haters believing Dominion is not corrupt and didn’t change votes, even though democrats in the past have also complained about it? I guess it’s only worth pursuing if your side loses eh? Otherwise it must be legit. I wouldn’t get your hopes up that this is over. Again, do your own research, AWAY from the talking heads. The world is waking up, join the party, or remain asleep to the lying liars you’ve grown to depend on. But have a Happy Thanksgiving either way.
Hayat Riyad
Hayat Riyad Pred 3 urami
Sidney Powel needs a psychiatrist. Thats all! 😂😂😂
Zesty Pred 3 urami
Sidney Powell's Kraken up.
Wongwongwong 1000
Wongwongwong 1000 Pred 3 urami
Will the MSM go after Joe Biden or will they let him have a free pass? What will The Closer Look like after Trump is gone will it even be on Seth Myers show? Joe Biden will make mistakes because he is 78 years old and I hope the media treats Biden the same. I hope those media dinners come back and President Joe Biden shows his sense of humour because Donald Trump had zero and his Presidency wasn’t fun like the rest.
D Walker
D Walker Pred 3 urami
Brilliant brilliant Seth...great writing and great delivery
Deborah Pugh
Deborah Pugh Pred 3 urami
She looks like a programmed space alien.
Lou Wooden
Lou Wooden Pred 3 urami
We need a stinky Kevin. Always
Mike Fisher
Mike Fisher Pred 3 urami
Where do these people come from or what rock did she crawl from under?
Dark Smurf
Dark Smurf Pred 3 urami
Stripper-magician? I'd watch that, as long as the illusions and nipples are on point.
David Vacarciuc
David Vacarciuc Pred 3 urami
God she looks unreal, stunning woman
tlozfreak888 Pred 3 urami
"People bussed in from Camden" Are you kidding? They'd sooner just hijack the bus and scrap it for parts.
Rachel G
Rachel G Pred 3 urami
Okay how TF did I miss this?? Tracy is my idol and a legend
We Like Boogers
We Like Boogers Pred 3 urami
ATTENTION TRUMP TROLLS: This is your daily reminder that Joe Biden is your President! ;)
sunrisespark Pred 3 urami
Sounds like he says Nazi cabinet picks.
Groomy The Clown
Groomy The Clown Pred 3 urami
"Bobbi Flekmannn, the hostess with the mostess. Yew, know. Yew know."
Philip Duncan
Philip Duncan Pred 3 urami
Orange man bad! Woman who helps democracy even badder!
Hector Flores
Hector Flores Pred 3 urami
The BEST thing of saw Trump loose his 2nd term, is to see one attempt, after another, and another of this laughable Coup. Is like a non-stop-laugh-all-you-want buffet!! Donald, we won't forget you 😉
Andrew Killick
Andrew Killick Pred 3 urami
This Seth bloke is funny, he plays a really stupid person really well!
Pat Doyle
Pat Doyle Pred 3 urami
Yes, he does do a pretty good Trump impression when he wants to.
Gustaf Sjöblom
Gustaf Sjöblom Pred 3 urami
Teresa Pait
Teresa Pait Pred 3 urami
you suck Seth -
Alyssa Alyssa
Alyssa Alyssa Pred 3 urami
Trump is a practical joke that went too far. - George Conway
Dan Packard
Dan Packard Pred 3 urami
good point on the court date.
deedubslite Pred 3 urami
When the electoral college does it's thing. PLEASE call him AN OFFICIAL LOSER!
keaton family
keaton family Pred 3 urami
What a nut
Mike McLintock
Mike McLintock Pred 3 urami
Donald Trump: "If I've lost Tucker, I've lost QAnon."
v j
v j Pred 3 urami
Keep giving the mal-informed followers the impression that you're still fighting and they'll keep donating to the 'war fund'.
Bobbie Bobbejaan
Bobbie Bobbejaan Pred 3 urami
Fake news
mhharley - Books Alive!
mhharley - Books Alive! Pred 3 urami
Seth's, "You ain't never gettin' adopted" line had me in tears.
Connie Pred 3 urami
Sarah Cooper is our national treasure!! She has helped save MY sanity, and I can't thank her enough! 🤣😂😁
mhharley - Books Alive!
mhharley - Books Alive! Pred 3 urami
When you're too crazy for Faux News, you're pretty dang crazy. hahahahaha
Alyssa Alyssa
Alyssa Alyssa Pred 3 urami
Given Lindsey Graham’s recent actions, maybe South Carolina needs a recount.
faro717 Pred 3 urami
He has a tremendous, very stable prostate...he’ll outlast the lot of all you sorry starfish...