Foo Fighters: Chasing Birds
980ssb Bearcat
980ssb Bearcat Pred 9 urami
I think Hollywood did that to piss China. We all know racism does exist in the US entertainment industries.
MsPoshlife Pred 9 urami
What a useless tool this Myers is....
Victor Santana
Victor Santana Pred 9 urami
People that support the GOP are either super rich or uneducated fanatics. I mean, they can see a Republican shot someone in public and simply deny it.
Clay Shippy
Clay Shippy Pred 9 urami
Where did you find that "Travis" clip?
mjimih Pred 9 urami
supermankev2001 Pred 9 urami
Back a losing horse because he is the loudest. Dumb de Dumb Dumb
Kayla Lowman
Kayla Lowman Pred 9 urami
I am so sad he is removing his tattoos. :(
Jonny Gertmunger
Jonny Gertmunger Pred 9 urami
Seth Meyers is such lying trash - everybody knows the 2020 election was stolen by Democrat criminals
themrnorwood Pred 10 urami
this dude dont miss.
W.T.F Pipe Dream with hopefully a Brain Fart
W.T.F Pipe Dream with hopefully a Brain Fart Pred 10 urami
OMG. American TV mentioned Generic drugs.
misswhiskeykittie Pred 10 urami
He looks like he's in a good place :)
Kristy's Edits
Kristy's Edits Pred 10 urami
Why did he dye his hair white as if he was old? 😂
Brad Hilton
Brad Hilton Pred 10 urami
P.S Adam sandler SUCKS!
Brad Hilton
Brad Hilton Pred 10 urami
Look right in too Seths eyes... you can see the fear knowing that we found out that there only .2% of the worlds population. Now it public knowledge, my lord what a lie . All this time we thought you were something special when in fact it is we the Christians that are “ Truly Gods choose people “ . I mean seriously .2 % hahahahaha hahahahaha .2 hahahahaha hahahahaha well if any thing you people claim you have a good sense humour. Hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha what a knee slapper .2 % that hilarious.
Brad Hilton
Brad Hilton Pred 10 urami
.2% of the worlds population hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha I stand with Whhhhoooo ????? Dear Seth I’m afraid that once Lauren go’s , your next ! NBC wants its network back!
suzy Pred 10 urami
omg his hair is graying already
Lilacs and Lavender
Lilacs and Lavender Pred 10 urami
She's so cool, love her!
Maddie Jacobs
Maddie Jacobs Pred 10 urami
Dude looks like Pedro from Napoleon dynamite with the stache
Martin ONeill
Martin ONeill Pred 10 urami
Could you late night people shill any harder for the Democratic Party?
j tech
j tech Pred 10 urami
to sum up this video anti white garbage if you cant make quality content dont make anything at all
J B W Shane
J B W Shane Pred 10 urami
Actually, "LCD" stands for "liquid crystal diode, " *not* "liquid crystal display. " So, the point goes to Mr. Myers. Or as Tom Smothers put it, "Touchy, touchy!"
abikimyan '-'
abikimyan '-' Pred 10 urami
She is breathtaking 😍
Arran Dinsmore
Arran Dinsmore Pred 10 urami
Northern Irish here, we have dual citizenship (Irish/British) and so still have the option to hold an EU passport. Also the country itself still operates within the EEA due to the Northern Irish Protocol 👍
Eric W
Eric W Pred 10 urami
Im so confused, i thought the GOP was against fox cause trump was against it, but then desantis signs bill on fox? poor newsmax lol
Mari Mota
Mari Mota Pred 11 urami
Both sides are mad, America has lost the plot, Cheney is a terrible person she just didn't support Donald Trump and cancel culture are a bunch of as...
Ann Kugler
Ann Kugler Pred 11 urami
Good for you.
Dani Cleckley
Dani Cleckley Pred 11 urami
I love when people are like, "Y'all still mad about slavery?" And I'm like, "Bruh, it hasn't even been 200 years. My great-great grandma was a slave. She was raped a few years before slavery ended." And I'm in my 20s. Fun fact: the plantation she worked is now a historical landmark that can be rented out for weddings.
Ann Kugler
Ann Kugler Pred 11 urami
Love the corrections. Great segment. Gift that keeps giving.
DCCoreDrive Pred 11 urami
he is persistent, i give him that.. but it is getting ridiculous...
marcelaruby84 Pred 11 urami
Are you happy to see me or is a mic 🎤 in your pants😳
marcelaruby84 Pred 11 urami
Are you happy to see me or is a mic 🎤 in your pants😳
Joshwa Crasta
Joshwa Crasta Pred 11 urami
"My brother and me" 😂😂😂
Neil Godson
Neil Godson Pred 11 urami
Guys, I want to be a backup singer in your band! :) It's my favourite song from the new album. I think this is the first live performance of that song. Sounds great!
Jill Adelman
Jill Adelman Pred 11 urami
A couple of weeks ago during Corrections, Seth referenced Lil Jon but said "Little John." I don't think he meant to refer to Robin Hood's friend.
An Ra
An Ra Pred 11 urami
This celebrities are looking worst ajjaja
Eddiecherv Pred 11 urami
try to recount the number of idiots who actually thinks that this guy is funny
Lea MPunkt
Lea MPunkt Pred 11 urami
Wow she is gorgeous! Not only stunningly beautiful, but very funny too. And she lives Avery 90s girl dream....being with Pacey❤️
Luigi Nastro
Luigi Nastro Pred 11 urami
Does Seth have a contractual obligation to make either a Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson impression in every episode? Keep 'em coming.
dratini Pred 11 urami
it's like those videos where a dog has made a mess and the owner is asking all their dogs which one did it to see who looks the most guilty 😂😂😂
Jae Harp
Jae Harp Pred 11 urami
Eddiecherv Pred 11 urami
how gay is this guy
Eddiecherv Pred 11 urami
im a no talent liberal idiot
danielle Pred 12 urami
just WOW
TheLoreleiS Pred 12 urami
I love the look on Seth's face when she does Kristen Wigg!
Jim English
Jim English Pred 12 urami
Less Pete. Less tattoos. Less stupidity.
john satterlee
john satterlee Pred 12 urami
keisha 21
keisha 21 Pred 12 urami
Ughhhhh she is such a delight! just her talking about apartments and distancing was so funny and relatable
cavemancamping Pred 12 urami
Pack it in Seth. There is a a small Virgin Island you can buy, you can retire there. These second string writers you have are burying you.
Sarah Riddle
Sarah Riddle Pred 12 urami
#SaveSheikhJarrah #FreePalestine 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸
zYukiro Pred 12 urami
Paul Obrien
Paul Obrien Pred 12 urami
Yaaay .. Grreat vaghn...
macforme Pred 12 urami
I find it really telling that the Progressives are embracing Michael Cohen's turn around and repentance ...and the Oh So Pious Christian GOP are damning him. They are supposed to following Jesus' teachings of forgiveness but they still can't stop worshiping the idol they have put on a pedestal. They are worshiping and protecting a false god... even to the point of trying to over throw their own country ( Jan 6 2021.) Talk about herd mentality, eh... none of the hangers-on want to be the first to break from the pack because their lord will damn them in public and they will shunned by the masses. Instead they throw stones at the ones that have seen the light: eg: Cohen, Romney and Chaney. What the hell happened to the Republican Party??? It got Trumped.
Stanford Lee
Stanford Lee Pred 12 urami
mitt Romney much better than her maybe I think when i was considered carefully, i like to decide to choose Mitt Romney for GOP representative
akondar Pred 12 urami
You had an "how many rrrs in that" joke right there.
Tuba Man's Mom
Tuba Man's Mom Pred 12 urami
Mom raised him right. She also let him have his wings to fly. Dave to me, is just so genuine and real. What a good egg he is. :-) One burning question..does Dave have a phone by the toilet at home......? Not sure how I feel about that. j/k LOL
Sunli Ganghi
Sunli Ganghi Pred 12 urami
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ron bZoom
ron bZoom Pred 12 urami
Never heard of her. But errr.... me likey.
Eva R.
Eva R. Pred 12 urami
Ziwe literally has everything, amazing style, beauty, humor, quick wit and intelligence, I wish it were easier to watch her new show here in Europe!!! But nevertheless so glad she's getting the platform she deserves (in her gorgeous platform boots too)
Edward Yeung
Edward Yeung Pred 12 urami
Cyrius Pred 12 urami
He’s rich, like many other rich celebrities, artists and politicians, he is untouchable because of his elite status. It’s disgusting. But when you realise just how many of the world’s most powerful are involved in sexual misconduct and/or pedophilia, you’d be shocked
Ned Flanders
Ned Flanders Pred 13 urami
Dave Grohl looks like a bearded old lady
fred james
fred james Pred 13 urami
There is a huge "its a conspiracy” cultural flaw in the usa. An example is flat earth cult as almost all of them are americans, another is the paranoia with guns. Why dump supporters can’t see dump lied to them is clear evidence of how easily a conspiracy culture can be brainwashed. It’s similar to how Hitler conned the Germans long ago.
Naira Roland Renault
Naira Roland Renault Pred 13 urami
My heart goes with the Obama family. Indeed, Bo was a national treasure. Alas, he died of cancer as he was exposing himself by meeting the entire nation (carrier of multiple viri). He was like at a duty station. Bo, you are loved and remembered.
W Thomas
W Thomas Pred 13 urami
Hope this
juliette walsh
juliette walsh Pred 13 urami
that thumbnail was roughhhhh
shewenttomars Pred 13 urami
He’s so adorable plsss
Me Key
Me Key Pred 13 urami
love that Iverson remix shoes and the firefighters cross on his chain .
Fared Sharudden
Fared Sharudden Pred 13 urami
I am so pissed at her left eye lashes like oh my god i wanted to just pass her the lash glue and fix them oh my godddd
Glen Saul
Glen Saul Pred 14 urami
Moses Ayala
Moses Ayala Pred 14 urami
Trump causes fear amongst democrats
Sahadevan Ayyappan
Sahadevan Ayyappan Pred 14 urami
Jeff Wright deserves his own show instead of Amber.
* Amber Rose White*
* Amber Rose White* Pred 14 urami
Still a great show none the less ☺️
* Amber Rose White*
* Amber Rose White* Pred 14 urami
He's just all casually we have been screwing it up for 6 years lol 😆😆😆😆😆😆 it's all good
nubivago Pred 14 urami
Kissed by fire 💔
piratemonkeh Pred 14 urami
amazing comedian
Aparna Pandey
Aparna Pandey Pred 14 urami
Here's a thought, "PETE DAVIDSON READS THIRST TWEETS!!!!!"🤤🤤🤤🌝🌝
Maria G.
Maria G. Pred 14 urami
Not only did DeSantis allow only Fox to cover the signing, the people around him are members of a trump fan club. No effort to pretend that this was nonpartisan
lurkerrekrul Pred 14 urami
Sadly, waiving the patents on the vaccines isn't that easy. The waiver has to be approved/endorsed by a whole bunch of different countries and Germany has already come out against it. :(
Person McRealfellow
Person McRealfellow Pred 14 urami
Ah yes, queen Liz' popular catchphrase "I'M SURROUNDED BY WANKERS"💂
Thea Mac
Thea Mac Pred 14 urami
A gates divorce! WOW ...