Kevin Lennel
Kevin Lennel Pred 24 minutami
The play in is Fluke. Kenny is 100% right.
Hector Matthews
Hector Matthews Pred 28 minutami
Lbj is a 🤡
Ahnaf Rashid
Ahnaf Rashid Pred uro
No one wanna hear Kenny
Hector Menendez
Hector Menendez Pred uro
I'm a massive Lakers fan & I'm very worried. Chip depends on health and we are not even close. Also, there isn't enough time to gel as a unit. It's the Nets championship to lose.
Breyon K Smith
Breyon K Smith Pred uro
I wish this guy was a Knick.
Bob Langford
Bob Langford Pred uro
The correct answer is Laurel...sort of. The voice is saying "Laurel." However, if you can pick up on higher frequencies, you might hear Yanni. Many children hear Yanni, because children can hear higher frequencies better than adults.
Paul Sanchez
Paul Sanchez Pred uro
Any time I need a good laugh I come back and watch this again.
Todd Lincoln
Todd Lincoln Pred 2 urami
Literally one of the biggest racist in the world Jane Elliot
strikehair55 Pred 2 urami
Candace said it best. Other than Jerry.
J Posterity
J Posterity Pred 2 urami
Charles Barkley has never won a ring
Chaz Klein
Chaz Klein Pred 2 urami
Man these editors! And Kevin Love is like: SLAP
LifeOfLove Pred 2 urami
Candace "Take the Suprise out yo voice" Parker.
hiluf abate
hiluf abate Pred 3 urami
Charles: Holmes...? "Whatup Holmes" 😆 🤣 😂
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue Pred 3 urami
The OG crew line up, can't beat it! Shout out to the Graphics crew on this one, 🤣🤣 all the way from 🇬🇧
imjusthere8 Pred 3 urami
40 yr old dude saying ‘sheeeesh’ shouldn’t be a thing...
Sam Smith
Sam Smith Pred 3 urami
Don't mind me, just watching this during Quarantine
Cory Wickenkamp
Cory Wickenkamp Pred 3 urami
Just to let you know I'm still not watching. Kick rocks NBA. Shaq your still awesome.
Clutch3Ball Pred 4 urami
Bet you don’t feel so happy now that these “awful” Lakers did a number on your Suns, punk.
LeLe Farley
LeLe Farley Pred 4 urami
They’re saying the same thing, Shaq’s just too obtuse to see that....
bill pap
bill pap Pred 4 urami
chuck is such a treasure 🤣🤣🤣
Jason Turner
Jason Turner Pred 4 urami
Shaq could say something like, "every NBA player should give to Barkley's charity". And Barkley would be like, "No, I don't agree with that." His perpetual chip on his shoulder for Shaq is getting played out.
Skye Vandiver
Skye Vandiver Pred 4 urami
Shaq is adorable 😍 😍😍😍
Jesus Dominguez-Perez
Jesus Dominguez-Perez Pred 4 urami
“Police presence” 😂😂😂😭
agentmt Pred 4 urami
Kevin love is such a punk lol
Joseph Diaz
Joseph Diaz Pred 4 urami
Love how Candace doesn’t back down from Shaq!
Robert Shroyer
Robert Shroyer Pred 4 urami
Lol chuck seems like he's not quite sure if it's really lavar ball or not.
Joe Bailey
Joe Bailey Pred 5 urami
That jacket was actually pretty cool considering the meaning and all the chuck has done for the game
Jerome Ponce
Jerome Ponce Pred 5 urami
Still Curry is the best shooter in the NBA 🤗
Leo Abundez
Leo Abundez Pred 5 urami
1:25 “I like this guy here Ernie” he told Ernie that like Ernie’s a father figure. 🥺
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith Pred 5 urami
Forgetting the Mavs in 2010-2011. They had lots of others and won it all.
Mark Norman
Mark Norman Pred 5 urami
The real point is that players evolve in their athleticism and yes I think that does somewhat translate to shooting. Now does that mean that the top ten three point shooters today by percentage with decent volume shoot better percentages than ever before? I’m not sure nor have the time to look, but I’d gather it’s true. Certainly Steph Curry and Klay Thompson as examples coming along at the exact same time would support that theory. What I don’t like is that the game has become so three-centric. If moving screens weren’t allowed and hand checking was allowed the game would be more balanced. Right now many guys get the green light to hoist threes and they are below that top tier of shooters and it looks like a night at the Y. Hardly NBA caliber.
James Pred 5 urami
Erybody love talking bout the Lakers when Bron out 😂
Josh Rennie
Josh Rennie Pred 6 urami
I love ja but he ain’t top 5
TheFrostyMan Pred 6 urami
Kuz totally tripped mpj there
Jaydev V
Jaydev V Pred 6 urami
Hey , check out this new episode of my podcast where I break down takes first take, undisputed and more. open.spotify.com/episode/5MRLlckKleABMkivt7nYHD?si=805d44c6f8cf40f3
watchthishemp Pred 6 urami
It’s disrespectful how chick don’t get respect just because he don’t have a ring. He’s one of the greatest power forwards ever at 6”3
Tron Bryan
Tron Bryan Pred 6 urami
Their all right! 🤷‍♂️
KilL3r Keemy
KilL3r Keemy Pred 6 urami
Jeremy Yu
Jeremy Yu Pred 6 urami
Fav Is The Third One
Oyo boy Paguio
Oyo boy Paguio Pred 6 urami
if jokic is black he is the mvp...black lives matter
Smokey Mafia
Smokey Mafia Pred 7 urami
Booooo hooooo LeChina doesn’t like the play in game now. He did a couple years ago when his didn’t have to be in it. KARMA!!! Maybe he should go play in China where all his shoes are made by people forced to make them.
AgainstTheGrain SportsHouston
AgainstTheGrain SportsHouston Pred 7 urami
best player in the league but we not gonna bring up defense ok, just checking where the goal post is, i guess harden went on his 30 point streak 2 yrs too early. cuz this is the sweet spot, orrrrr, the goal post is anywhere harden isn't 🤷🏽‍♂️
Eros Love
Eros Love Pred 7 urami
That music killed it
NenadSimulj Pred 8 urami
He has to talk like that in order to protect himself. You don't expect him to tell you how the center with the brain appeared and plays basketball like he could never play.
Leon Williams
Leon Williams Pred 8 urami
Thank you on leaving chairman James off the list
James Robinson
James Robinson Pred 8 urami
How can Chris Paul be the MVP of the league when he's not even the best player on his own team...
Emmit G
Emmit G Pred 8 urami
Fire Kenny immidiatley and bring in one of these guys. The show is 100x better without that bum
Shaq Chuck and Kenny totally over looked a big part why Embiid should be the mvp and thats because he is also a defensive player of the year candidate Embiid is dominant on both sides of the ball not just one
Shaun Pred 8 urami
Like chuck said “Lebron doesn’t want to compete “. The fans are excited for this new playoff setup.
Dah🔥 Pred 9 urami
I mean who else
julius dogta
julius dogta Pred 9 urami
I wanna rock with you all night.....
Macoy Tv
Macoy Tv Pred 10 urami
I thought Dwade would gave it 9.
Ken Beeckmans
Ken Beeckmans Pred 10 urami
Kyrie as 6th man Accept the roll and win a bunch of rings
diji Pred 10 urami
Giannis the ambassador of hope.
Troy Addict
Troy Addict Pred 10 urami
Kobe never flop NEVER you know who did MJ and Lebron
Mpanga Robert
Mpanga Robert Pred 11 urami
There goes Rajon Rando
Karate Chap
Karate Chap Pred 11 urami
Why they still got black lives matter behind the studio? They just got played by patrisse cullors lol
Alonzo Tanner
Alonzo Tanner Pred 11 urami
Dipo seems like a well spoken dude who has a pretty solid way to evaluate the game.
Can't Stop Bee Boo
Can't Stop Bee Boo Pred 11 urami
To answer the question = There's absolutely NOTHING LeClat can do, to be the greatest of all time. But easily the GLOAT.
Chris Walker
Chris Walker Pred 11 urami
Westbrook: No triple double this time.
Mpanga Robert
Mpanga Robert Pred 11 urami
Dwayne Wade is a good narater, the way he was narrating Jimmy story
Marcusht Pred 11 urami
Curry, Harden, Lebron, KD, AD
lilcaesa Pred 11 urami
Ceo santana
Ceo santana Pred 12 urami
They changed that play in convo quick so they wont make their king lebron mad so they started talkin bout boogers
Dzastynas Pred 12 urami
The cp3 mvp narrative is one of the weakest i’ve ever heard
chding zuure
chding zuure Pred 12 urami
That Kevin love ping pong thing is instant classic lol
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue Pred 3 urami
Number 3 would have been a traveling call on NBA 2K 😆
Shifon Gladys
Shifon Gladys Pred 12 urami
Shaq was lowkey cheating
marjorie nava
marjorie nava Pred 12 urami
Is it even a question in the first place? Like the stats speak for itself.
Blondie Shicklegruber
Blondie Shicklegruber Pred 12 urami
True pros don't get worried. They just play.
Giri Dharan
Giri Dharan Pred 13 urami
Jordan Kilgannon: Aaron Gordon of Dunk King Aaron Gordon: Jordan Kilgannon of Dunk Contest
kc casem
kc casem Pred 13 urami
49% from the three really isn't that good though
Ivan Viktor
Ivan Viktor Pred 13 urami
If that boy was on video checking the ball off lil Liv’s 4head before he crossed her up, the only interview he would be having would be with his local school board, pleading his case on why he shouldn’t be expelled.
VG Pred 13 urami
Should be 7th vs 10th & 8th vs 9th
Vanguard Pred 13 urami
Amari Jackson
Amari Jackson Pred 13 urami
It doesn't surprise me that Cynthia was overseas for so long, the Ladies make more money overseas, even in this day and age.
Karan Joshua
Karan Joshua Pred 13 urami
Shaq, a book is... hahahah. Legend
yulie135 Pred 13 urami
Can they turn up the music i can almost hear what they're saying
Joseph K Baena
Joseph K Baena Pred 14 urami
That all star stuff tho HAHAHA
Prince Kisaka
Prince Kisaka Pred 14 urami
Video game numbers 😂😂
Justin Schweitzer
Justin Schweitzer Pred 14 urami
Jokic is the MVP and in my opinion it's not close. Steph and Embiid would be the two I would say are right there