Starship SN10 Static Fire
Starship SN10 Static Fire Test
Steve Arnold
Steve Arnold Pred 21 uro
Not quite ready for passengers yet, but moving in a positive direction. Congratulations on the landing!
Waynesolo Pred 21 uro
not the most efficient looked like to my uninformed eyes anyways. hiring out the work to price competetive scrapping contractors would decrease the price of removal i would think and speed up the process but then if that crane was going to barge the rocket carcass out of there that would be faster yet
Valinor Mons
Valinor Mons Pred 22 urami
These guys got some great video of the flight of this rocket but their commentary would have been better being done by Larry, Moe & Curly.
Kale LeMaster
Kale LeMaster Pred 22 urami
Something that would be hilarious is if they could make the Raptor engine sounds (more like roar!) be programmable like they have done with the feature in some Tesla's (or all of them? I'm unsure if the feature is on all Tesla's made) where you can program any sound you want it to make so the hard of seeing knows a car is coming down the road. As it's relighting you can program it to keep saying "Much Land, Much Land, Much Land, with the same frequency of a back up beeper sound. Next, when it touches down for the last couple seconds the engines are still extinguishing including a few minutes later it can say "Wow Land, Wow Land or much safe, much safe or "wow much success." Then at the apogee while in hover right as it begins reorientation to it's belly you can have it say "much wow, much wow" You could have it in the initial ascent with all 3 Raptors still going and saying "much scary, much scary, w ow spooky, wow spooky or so fast, much furious." During ascent as each of the Raptors get shut off it'll change to something else. Maybe have it saying "wow, much hop, wow, much hop." Thinking about this idea the past 2 days has made me happy as hell. Thinking about this and hearing it in my head has me just busting out laughing outta nowhere. It's funny as shit to me. Lol I'm so burnt out man..
Bob Allen
Bob Allen Pred 22 urami
No wonder they're rolling out a Starship every few days. Look how fast those workers are moving! Elon hires only the best!
Jedi Council
Jedi Council Pred 22 urami
I would absolutely love to work for this company.
Kenji Okura
Kenji Okura Pred 22 urami
How things have changed!
Titancor Pred 22 urami
Anyone who is wondering, when the raptor originally came in it had a cardboard box attached to it saying “much box when land?” On it I believe so once the box was removed the writing changed to “much land where box?”
Steve Baker
Steve Baker Pred 23 urami
What is GSE #1?
james turner
james turner Pred dnevom
It would be awesome to have one of those destroyed Rocket Motors as lawn art
shreyansh singh
shreyansh singh Pred dnevom
What is GSE 1?
Happy Life
Happy Life Pred dnevom
The good thing is that SN10 is reusable...
huel tool
huel tool Pred dnevom
Why don't they take off on the side of earth that is on the side were it is pointed to the tail end of the earth in it's rotation. So then them taking off would move faster and earth would move away from rocket.
John Knox
John Knox Pred dnevom
Marcus doesn't have an accent; you other dudes do!!! From Melbourne, Australia... ;-)
James Howarth
James Howarth Pred dnevom
LOL is this one going to blow up too?
John Knox
John Knox Pred dnevom
Engine 2 seemed to have a yellowish tinge to its flame even on the way up and the mach diamonds weren't as pronounced.
alida flus
alida flus Pred dnevom
There's a starman waiting in the sky He'd like to come and meet us But he thinks he'd blow our minds
John Knox
John Knox Pred dnevom
It had to blow up - it would have been near impossible to detank...
scotty moondog jakubin
scotty moondog jakubin Pred dnevom
Sn 11 " come on down "
Glenn Brown
Glenn Brown Pred dnevom
Wasting no time. Great. Put that SN10 data to use.
charlie newbery
charlie newbery Pred dnevom
you would think that a plasma cutter would go through SN9 & SN10 wreckage a lot faster than the oxy,torch all this great technology. thanks Mary for all you do great job.
whiplash8011 Pred dnevom
Hey Elon starship is going to need a serious land led upgrade
KennedyApproach Pred dnevom
It landed, twice. Now do it with 450 ppl on board.
alida flus
alida flus Pred dnevom
Wayne Macomson
Wayne Macomson Pred dnevom
Average white guys picking up the pieces. Uh huh...
Patrick Borroum
Patrick Borroum Pred dnevom
SpaceX: well crap, now what do we do with it? Random engineer: I got an idea.
alexanderx33 Pred dnevom
8:06 Is this a dogge meme?
domeman2009 Pred dnevom
Lots of video on stacking the sections, but why not videos of them welding them together. Is that a secret process? Do they close the doors when they do-it?
Stephen White
Stephen White Pred dnevom
Does anybody know what one raptor engine costs?
iamjadedhobo Pred dnevom
Guestimates are around US$ 1mln
iamjadedhobo Pred dnevom
More than I make in a year ;p
Stephen White
Stephen White Pred dnevom
SpaceX is now lord of the rings! I’ve been watching this from the beginning and I’ve never seen so many ring segments... and the quality of the joints improves all the time!
David Renaud
David Renaud Pred dnevom
New stand looks like its for BN1 perhaps for future transport to launch site.
Cliff P
Cliff P Pred dnevom
BOX, Where's Blue Origin, SpaceX 😀
TimePro Pred dnevom
What is GSE 1?
iamjadedhobo Pred dnevom
Ground Support/Service Equipement
Zoran 9A3HP DIY
Zoran 9A3HP DIY Pred dnevom
Just SN need fire suppressor like airliner had, they kill fire in the engine im few seconds.
jagheterbanan Pred dnevom
Do we know what the “GSE tank” is going to be used for?
MegaloDane Pred dnevom
I asked today on the Discord feed, the reply was 'tanks for the new fuel farm', and Mary adds 'fuel' or 'LOX' when labeling them.
DailyTech Business Computers
DailyTech Business Computers Pred dnevom
"Must land where, Boss ?", or "Must land box, where ?"
Mellobot X
Mellobot X Pred dnevom
I am an aeronautical engineer in Delft, M.Sc degree.
Mellobot X
Mellobot X Pred dnevom
really good work guys
C Pred dnevom
They need something bigger than water guns to put out fires:)
Chris S
Chris S Pred dnevom
Imagine the progress made in such a short amount of time?
max2win Pred dnevom
I wonder if that new Heavy Duty Stand is for BN1 full stack. In that case it would be interesting to measure its diameter.
Mr. Skylla
Mr. Skylla Pred dnevom
What’s BN?
Elad Askari
Elad Askari Pred dnevom
What is that big white thing that says ‘NASA’ under the US flag in the beginning of the video ? Looks like the Artemis version of Starship to the moon.
Paul Topping
Paul Topping Pred dnevom
What's GSE 1? It's early and the coffee hasn't kicked in yet.
Paul Topping
Paul Topping Pred dnevom
@Traildad Of course! I knew that! Thanks.
Traildad Pred dnevom
Ground support equipment. Tank #1. Likely to be placed at the orbital launch mount for fueling Super Heavy.
Dan Stone
Dan Stone Pred dnevom
Yes you did just get a notification.
Mythricia Pred dnevom
New raptor looks different. Not sure if it's just the absence of pipes flapping in the breeze or if there's actual changes to the engines. They look more dense - there's more stuff (as if they weren't already jam-packed with "stuff") but it seems to be more compact at the same time. Interesting!
Ry Swim
Ry Swim Pred dnevom
Guys what are GSEs?
Andryan Gouw
Andryan Gouw Pred dnevom
I am wondering the same thing. not Ground Support Equipment I guess
Would some liquid nitrogen from the hoses instead of water have helped? There's so much nitrogen in the tank farm....
vitaly koss
vitaly koss Pred dnevom
Raptor Engine is amazing industry art! Everything on the site are the best performances. Like the stage of Metropolitan Opera. Just enjoy to watch that. Thanks a lot!
Ross Pred dnevom
A fun recap of one of the most exciting weeks in Spaceflight for a long time, really appreciate the international flavour that Marcus brought to the livestream, it's great to see different channels collaborating like this, keep going with all the good work you all do to bring these oh so welcome distractions to us in continuing challenging times.
Cameron Macdonald
Cameron Macdonald Pred dnevom
Looks very reusable .
Captain Daedalus
Captain Daedalus Pred dnevom
Using the logic that having no part and having no process are the least likely to fail, at this point in development, wouldn't it be best if the landing legs were deployed from the start in their landing configuration without having to swing out?
David Renaud
David Renaud Pred dnevom
Tankzilla doesn't look tall enough to place BN1 onto the Orbital Launch Pad for testing.
Richard Nightcore
Richard Nightcore Pred dnevom
raptor 47 wen hop much wow raptor -- under doge raptor 58 much land where box
ITTF_equals TenFPS
ITTF_equals TenFPS Pred dnevom
Tmccreight25Gaming Pred dnevom
SN10 venting sounds like a Tornado Siren
Rob Bannstrom
Rob Bannstrom Pred dnevom
5:57 - looks like Raptor SN57
jan-erik wahlberg
jan-erik wahlberg Pred dnevom
Is it always this windy at Boca Chica?
Charles Pelletier
Charles Pelletier Pred dnevom
what happened to the gantry crane
y'all should just make a show where you blow shit up. ppl like explosives
rfswsi Pred dnevom
Is he using a cutting torch? I didn’t know that worked on stainless
Евгений Евгений
Евгений Евгений Pred dnevom
По виду мой ботинок изящнее летит в нагадившего кота! =)
Eskander X
Eskander X Pred dnevom
Love how that crane lifted the Sun.
Jorge Mario Diez Aranzazu
Jorge Mario Diez Aranzazu Pred dnevom
Finally the sun at dawn.
David Roikit
David Roikit Pred dnevom
I got a ZEUS robot dog T-Shirt @t
unbekannt Pred dnevom
Does anyone know what the thing at 0:13 is that has "Nasa" written on it?
John Doepker
John Doepker Pred dnevom
An now they are picking up the pieces of SN10, HUGE ASS orbital launch site being built, an all kinds off cool stuff...they've come along way in a short time!!!
unbekannt Pred dnevom
Was there any message like this written before that we know of?
sokin jon
sokin jon Pred dnevom
Absolutely amazing, thank you NSF team. Next up, SN11
Yeeton Pred dnevom
Media: SpaceX blew their rocket what a waste SpaceX: *Recycles the SN10 scraps and builds 2 more* Media: :O
Tmccreight25Gaming Pred dnevom
Wait, I think ive missed a few videos. What are GSE domes for?
Pasqual Erben
Pasqual Erben Pred dnevom
They really need a big shredder next to the launch side :D
nigtturner Pred dnevom
I think a small pieces of the ground breaking star ships where sold with authentication certificates could probably pay for a SN, even te little messages posted on the raptors etc, even not being well off I would buy a piece of SN10.
bazanime Pred dnevom
Is the scrap metal reused for future builds or sold off?
Addala Karthik
Addala Karthik Pred dnevom
How come the wow came a second before the blast
NASASpaceflight Pred dnevom
Because the person controlling the cameras (me) was surprised. I have a preview monitor where I can see all the incoming video about 1 sec before the server (so I can decide what feed to show), but my audio is real time. Suddenly, my entire monitor turned orange. -Das
sokin jon
sokin jon Pred dnevom
wooow space X