Mona Pred 21 uro
Justin Y
Lloyd Jackson
Lloyd Jackson Pred 21 uro
At this point its cody's falt
Sean Sutton
Sean Sutton Pred 21 uro
It all started with a basketball, an $80 basketball goal and a video camera in the back yard of their student house. Now, 56 million subs, several videos of Stereotypes and Overtime, a live tour, a music video, Bucket List, Olympics, World Cup and collaborating with some of the biggest names in sport later, they're still going. And long may they continue to do so.
Deedie Springer
Deedie Springer Pred 21 uro
Team coby
Kip Howland
Kip Howland Pred 21 uro
Dang, it’s really been 5 years
Aaron Giesbrecht
Aaron Giesbrecht Pred 21 uro
nice shooting.
brendan m
brendan m Pred 21 uro
Blaise Steele
Blaise Steele Pred 21 uro
Josh Blevins
Josh Blevins Pred 21 uro
The pumpkin picking was onto something I really relate to it
coolstarwezo Pred 21 uro
please do more music!!!
mitchell pavel
mitchell pavel Pred 21 uro
New boy band???
MisterWelcher Gaming
MisterWelcher Gaming Pred 21 uro
dude I don't know why but i love this song!! you all have a amazing singing voices
Akise Gündüz
Akise Gündüz Pred 21 uro
Soccer , basketboll voleybol | know english 👇
sneakz Pred 21 uro
it all started with me being home sick one day in 2016. I was a 10-year-old who had no idea what he was doing on SLpost. I came upon Dude Perfect. I watched it for 5 hours straight having the laugh of my life, and ever since then I loved your content. CONGRATS!!!!
Boom Box
Boom Box Pred 21 uro
I’m so lazy I would be the 6th member of dp.
:-: Pred 21 uro
See you guys when this is recommended 10 years later 😀.
Ashley Watkins
Ashley Watkins Pred 21 uro
Gerret is so chill
Something Random
Something Random Pred 21 uro
the production value of this video
Madduluri Manjula
Madduluri Manjula Pred 21 uro
Who are expecting bloopers 😂😂
Yassine Dahbi
Yassine Dahbi Pred 21 uro
My cat was next to me when I was watching this and he thought that was disrespectful.
Ben Roorda
Ben Roorda Pred 21 uro
4:26 why is that so funny
Godly Ace
Godly Ace Pred 21 uro
Telling my kids this was big time rush.
Mr. Robot ORC
Mr. Robot ORC Pred 21 uro
1:05 they sound like btr
Mancini Mania
Mancini Mania Pred 21 uro
Clive Gerlach
Clive Gerlach Pred 21 uro
I forgot when their last sports video
Braden Czarnecki
Braden Czarnecki Pred 21 uro
This song is my Petpeev
jemboharb Pred 21 uro
My son wants you guys to do school stereotypes. (He's almost 10 years old. 🤷🏻‍♀️
xd_Mario Torres
xd_Mario Torres Pred 21 uro
Was that real dogshit?
Dylan Bauer
Dylan Bauer Pred 21 uro
Team COBY for life
Preston Mahon
Preston Mahon Pred 22 urami
What it a that April joke ?
Piggies Kingdom
Piggies Kingdom Pred 22 urami
Beginning was my favorite 🤩
Mercedes Blankenstein
Mercedes Blankenstein Pred 22 urami
Dude perfect
Brywitt Pred 22 urami
They just destroyed there algorithm with this video there at 5 million instead of 40million.
Gingeman Pred 22 urami
Is there anything Tyler can’t do like seriously
tryspherk Pred 22 urami
Cars don't run
Abdullah ariz
Abdullah ariz Pred 22 urami
Who loves cory when singing in golf area
IAN ACOSTA Pred 22 urami
Did they just take a shot at the Astros? "I hate sign stealing cheaters" I think it was
Ibrahim Ktashaf
Ibrahim Ktashaf Pred 22 urami
5:26 I am dying
Panda_Lover Pred 22 urami
I love you guys
John Fanning
John Fanning Pred 22 urami
Blake Cappella
Blake Cappella Pred 22 urami
Josie Furnish
Josie Furnish Pred 22 urami
I have watched this so many times
Games Clasher
Games Clasher Pred 22 urami
2:57 One moment of silence for tyler
Tyslo_ XX
Tyslo_ XX Pred 22 urami
3:25 bruh why u puttin ur AirPods in are you in a call
mike wazoski S
mike wazoski S Pred 22 urami
Caleb Raymond
Caleb Raymond Pred 22 urami
this sucks
Theoffice Pred 22 urami
The return of tys famous bird sweater they made him take off in OT
Caleb Raymond
Caleb Raymond Pred 22 urami
please stop
Kate Bila
Kate Bila Pred 22 urami
Okay but I was expecting something a lot worse, but I really enjoyed listening to this lol! Well done!
MTB Trailmaster J
MTB Trailmaster J Pred 22 urami
Hi do you like being Texas then you like been US
Maxgp Pred 22 urami
kerl gaming kerl gamer
kerl gaming kerl gamer Pred 22 urami
Team tall
MTB Trailmaster J
MTB Trailmaster J Pred 22 urami
Gaming with Sam
Gaming with Sam Pred 22 urami
"the maniger geter" me i come from the future its call a karen
Malia Pettinger
Malia Pettinger Pred 22 urami
I’m gonna name my kid Abcde
Muhammad Muzeef
Muhammad Muzeef Pred 22 urami
Samantha eubanks
Samantha eubanks Pred 22 urami
Hi spot
Razertheglory Pred 22 urami
The only people that can get all the prizes in a carnival.
Mase Brojy
Mase Brojy Pred 22 urami
If I hear this song too much and people sing this, that will be my number #1 pet peeves!
Mase Brojy
Mase Brojy Pred 22 urami
Dudes! put this on Spotify plz?? thxx
Blu3Dud3 Pred 22 urami
1:39 um.. that wasn’t blackjack, I think
Yuki The Qt
Yuki The Qt Pred 22 urami
Why didn't TT get a 1 game suspension? That's not fair
David Rogers
David Rogers Pred 22 urami
Kaden Lewis
Kaden Lewis Pred 22 urami
And ty takes th lead in another video
Kent Jones
Kent Jones Pred 22 urami
He added 1 more bloon
Caleb Raymond
Caleb Raymond Pred 22 urami
the cringe is real
Kent Jones
Kent Jones Pred 22 urami
Sparky cheated
Jasper Lawrenz
Jasper Lawrenz Pred 22 urami
It’s ok but stick to spots
Cruz O
Cruz O Pred 22 urami
1:15 I always wanted to do that
Who gave my fox a Sniper
Who gave my fox a Sniper Pred 22 urami
I’m half Japanese so I am rooting for japan
DayPlayz Gaming
DayPlayz Gaming Pred 22 urami
16 bounces
NewYorkSportsFan Pred 22 urami
I thought that this was going to be literally trash…not too shabby 👏
Daniel Pacheco
Daniel Pacheco Pred 22 urami
Did they took down the bloopers for this video because it showed that alot of stuff was fake?