Caracatita Frumoasa
Caracatita Frumoasa Pred 14 urami
When Trish said she was about to pass out may be emotional exhaustion, I feel that after opening up a lot and talking about emotionally charged subjects. They both looked tired and low energy after
Julie Taleb
Julie Taleb Pred 14 urami
It’s a little hard to watch the early episodes before they became BFFs. They have grown so much. 💃🏼🕺🏻
i.de.varlos Pred 14 urami
On the next few eps could you guys talk about what's going on in Israel & Palestine atm? Some heavy shit is going down and I'd love to hear you guys' take
Kolton Jay
Kolton Jay Pred 14 urami
At 1:01:40 ab talks about the doll and how he was scared it could become chucky. Look at the window to the right. You will see lights flicker, that never happens.
pipi Pred 14 urami
Hila looks great
1OF1 Pred 14 urami
This cured 87% of my anxiety.
anjaangell Pred 14 urami
Was I hearing things or did Trisha say Hila was pregnant?
Caracatita Frumoasa
Caracatita Frumoasa Pred 14 urami
I agree that Ethan is confident and he can definitely defend himself, i love it
Wade Williams
Wade Williams Pred 14 urami
Used to be a fan of you Ethan and he's suing you, weren't you the one jumping on cancel culture trying to call him a rapist over accusations.
Yoanne Draws
Yoanne Draws Pred 14 urami
37:38 why does that sound like a fart lol
Akvile Kiezaite
Akvile Kiezaite Pred 15 urami
Where’s Theodore 😣😣😣😣
hey there
hey there Pred 15 urami
ahhh shit here we go again
J Franc
J Franc Pred 15 urami
Trisha’s come a long way! I’m so happy for her!! This is chill af and I’m digging it!
CheesecakeLasagna Pred 15 urami
The first time I heard Durte Dom’s name during the Seth situation, I legit typed in “Dirty Dom” because I thought that was his online name.
Neellav Gogoi
Neellav Gogoi Pred 15 urami
Wow time has changed
Shianne Louise
Shianne Louise Pred 15 urami
Hahaha the hillbilly segment 😂
meagan Pred 15 urami
I’ve watched Trisha for many years through all the ups and downs, and have seen different people come in and out of her life. I really get the feeling that these people really care about her.
Candyciel Pred 15 urami
This is the growth that we love to see <3
Luis Velez
Luis Velez Pred 15 urami
CaptainCataracts Pred 15 urami
The impersonator is so good.
HealthyAsAHorse! Pred 15 urami
Don’t you just hate when one of your hands gains weight from all the salt you just ate? 💁🏼‍♀️
Caleb Chadwick
Caleb Chadwick Pred 15 urami
The guy who does Trump needs to have a stand-up special as Trump fr 😂
Guilty Pred 15 urami
Im so happy watching this!!!!
Kayla Marie
Kayla Marie Pred 15 urami
"Do you have your passport? Did you get your shots? Girl, Would you like to come back with Rob to America? America."
Mr Wax
Mr Wax Pred 16 urami
H3: You’ve forced my hand, Keemstar. I didn’t want it to come to this. *The large double doors of the court room open* Nintendo: Fee fi fo fum. I smell a Gamecube emulation! 👹 Keemstar: P... PL... PLEASE. H3 PLEASE RETRACT THE REPORT
Serena Roderick
Serena Roderick Pred 16 urami
is this video down for anyone else or just me
Jay Dog
Jay Dog Pred 16 urami
Watch keem now post a video trying to justify those files in his computer
Kayla Marie
Kayla Marie Pred 16 urami
Random thought. But Ethan and Hila haven't changed since day 1. Going from broke to rich, and they aren't getting caught up in the fame and money! Never flexing, just being grateful for what they have ❤️❤️ love it! Wish that was more common
ni Pred 16 urami
Timothy Swanson
Timothy Swanson Pred 16 urami
I didnt know she was british...
Vanessa Rodriguez
Vanessa Rodriguez Pred 16 urami
If there’s a heaven I truly hope Bowser’s got a top seat up there and those phileepees go to hell
Kira Anastasia Andersen
Kira Anastasia Andersen Pred 16 urami
Imagine being an independent creator and knowing as little about the legal system as Keemstar😩
kim Gah
kim Gah Pred 16 urami
One of them isnt English unfortunately 😂😂😂
Casey Peter
Casey Peter Pred 16 urami
My family had two dogs when I was born, one bit me, to the point where I needed stitches. We didn’t kill the dog. My mom gave it to a close family friend (who also had kids) turned out Sasha just wasn’t a good fit for us and our house and happily and peacefully lived out the remainder of her life right down the road. We even saw her when we’d go over there. What a sick couple omg 🤢
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Pred 16 urami
2:00:00 that dude looks like a high elf/Altmer
Chris Wave
Chris Wave Pred 16 urami
@2:20:52 Hila been hagin' around Latinos? Lol
laik Pred 16 urami
"First off I dont even want u to know I exist" Well I mean its kinda my friends & Instagrams fault