NewsNOW Stream - 5/9/21
NewsNOW Stream - 5/8/21
Misanthropic Cracker
Misanthropic Cracker Pred 4 urami
Lock all ANTIFA up, and put them in with the woods.
Brian Mitchell
Brian Mitchell Pred 4 urami
People who move here remember why you move here and why you left your state
Robert Power
Robert Power Pred 4 urami
covid was sent by china to distroy trump and when it never worked the cheated badly the whole world knows dispite the mobilisation of the world press and social media hail china the new 3rd reicht
El Troyano
El Troyano Pred 4 urami
Love Florida ,thanks desantis.people for comunist state Mike new York AND California stay away from FL.we knows this people moving yo FL yo vote democrat.get out.
Stephen Bates
Stephen Bates Pred 4 urami
DeSantis is talkin out his ass. there have always been repercussions to breaking the law. but now he is the big tough guy? give me a break
CVMA1895 Pred 4 urami
I'm thinking about drawing unemployment, because it looks better than Social Security right now that I will get after I milk this unemployment BS I've paid into for over 40 years!
Rick Doge
Rick Doge Pred 4 urami
We went from Malibu Barbie to Raggedy Anne-Jen PshitShow, the left is so oblivious that they just stopped trying
Wes Pred 4 urami
Funny how this was not an issue with the right back in 2008-2010 when unemployment was extended and enhanced for 18 months as well.
cpamacjd Pred 4 urami
Stock Market Soaring to all time highs!!! Thanks Joe for all the coins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shelby Sue
Shelby Sue Pred 4 urami
In Florida EVERYONE in the hospitality industry NOT going back to work is purposely choosing to do so because they are making more money by NOT working. Some are even double dipping by collecting unemployment from a prior employer & working also. Businesses in this segment have so many openings but can't fill them because no one comes forward. 🤷🏼‍♀️
ChArLiE BeAtZ Pred 4 urami
Inspiring Minds
Inspiring Minds Pred 4 urami
It’s helping the collapse of the middle class! This is the democrats idea of equality!! Everyone will be poor... except the 1% of course. Basic minimum wage. You will own nothing and be happy....
Flush The toilet.
Flush The toilet. Pred 4 urami
David Cousins
David Cousins Pred 4 urami
Well said
CVMA1895 Pred 4 urami
OMFG!!!!!!! The US is doomed under this Government!
Darryl Godwin
Darryl Godwin Pred 4 urami
So...I guess your fighting for conservatives at well..right? Ha Ha Ha
Dreama Closser
Dreama Closser Pred 4 urami
Fear mongering administration to get what they want. Psaki, is their front line liar.
janet smith
janet smith Pred 4 urami
And you have no control over our bodies so shove your biological weapon up your a$$.
Kevin Riley
Kevin Riley Pred 4 urami
DeSantis 2024
Marie Di Lembo
Marie Di Lembo Pred 4 urami
This is the absolute WORST administration you are slowly killing our Country answer to God for your sins
Moxie Drapo
Moxie Drapo Pred 4 urami
DeSantis is a beast!!!! Standing up to those woke, crt, identity confused idiots who burn, loot and murder!!! Love this guy.... when will you will running for President??? I plan on keeping my second home in Fl just to support this guy😎
Royallamonique cosmicheavyenergyrainbowgold
Royallamonique cosmicheavyenergyrainbowgold Pred 4 urami
Imma hve basic robots working and we can all get served by them
janet smith
janet smith Pred 4 urami
Wow. What a bunch of lying liars. Give me a break!! Your administration is a JOKE!
Phonz Nguyen
Phonz Nguyen Pred 4 urami
I’m a combat vet. WHAT A COWARD. !!!! What an embarrassment he is for the military. We join to serve American. We serve on the behalf of the American people. Get that piece of crap to jail ASAP !!!!!
Fresh Pantelli
Fresh Pantelli Pred 4 urami
She is a joke and a clown 🤡 just like her president.......
Royallamonique cosmicheavyenergyrainbowgold
Royallamonique cosmicheavyenergyrainbowgold Pred 4 urami
Hey I need a check sent to me
Royallamonique cosmicheavyenergyrainbowgold
Royallamonique cosmicheavyenergyrainbowgold Pred 4 urami
Hire everyone tell them sale they soul to God n bring paradise heaven on earth
Royallamonique cosmicheavyenergyrainbowgold
Royallamonique cosmicheavyenergyrainbowgold Pred 4 urami
We need a HR department on board
KR33P1NG D34TH PC Pred 4 urami
🤣🤣🤣🤣 unemployment is making ppl LAZY!! these ppl are blind to the truth🤣🤣
taleda noneya
taleda noneya Pred 4 urami
Tim Suthern
Tim Suthern Pred 4 urami
Those bigger factors in NYC are getting knifed in the subway or beaten on the street.
Fresh Urb
Fresh Urb Pred 4 urami
Basically government Created all these problems, and now they are trying to "solve" them. However, they are just making things worse
taleda noneya
taleda noneya Pred 4 urami
Nora Clynes
Nora Clynes Pred 4 urami
That’s a lie... I’ll bet every person in this country knows at least 5 people who aren’t working or working miserly hours due to their unemployment check!!!!
BUZ1952 Z
BUZ1952 Z Pred 4 urami
Jen you can lie all you want. Some us see right through it.
Roy Robertson
Roy Robertson Pred 4 urami
Loconojoko Daytrading
Loconojoko Daytrading Pred 4 urami
These idiots are running our country , how did this happen
Andrew Cotter
Andrew Cotter Pred 4 urami
Nails meet your hammer.
Terry Carr
Terry Carr Pred 4 urami
Great man
BUZ1952 Z
BUZ1952 Z Pred 4 urami
Sign an ethics code???? Didn't MSM scream about Trump and his supposed wanting allegiance to him?
Ichabod Crane
Ichabod Crane Pred 4 urami
Labourers and workers are what makes America Great. Eat the rich.
Jonathan Sebo
Jonathan Sebo Pred 4 urami
What are the “other” “bigger” factors? Psaki is a professional nothing-burger
Juanita Smith
Juanita Smith Pred 4 urami
I REALLY like this Governor..Stand your ground Desantis! The world is watching. He is not a weak leader & THIS is what’s needed in this country.
Robert Johnston
Robert Johnston Pred 4 urami
_This is what it looks like_ when you are _PAID TO LIE,_ *EVERY DAY .*
taleda noneya
taleda noneya Pred 4 urami
Loconojoko Daytrading
Loconojoko Daytrading Pred 4 urami
This can't be real
Terry Schiller
Terry Schiller Pred 4 urami
randy osborne
randy osborne Pred 4 urami
We never have Chapter 7 Bankruptcies anymore. All we have is Chapter 11 reorganization. Which adds to all the Zombies. Is it possible the Zombie rate is not 20%? But possibly 50% or even 75% ?
Robert Johnston
Robert Johnston Pred 4 urami
*● ● ● Z O M B I E S ● ● ●* 🧟🧟🧟🧟🧟🧟🧟🧟🧟🧟🧟🧟
Mark Doug
Mark Doug Pred 4 urami
So glad our state is cutting this off. People need to get back to work employers are begging for people here.
Wes Pred 4 urami
What employers Mark? The small businesses everyone is talking about, who pay their employees minimum wage?
taleda noneya
taleda noneya Pred 4 urami
@Dreama Closser exactly
taleda noneya
taleda noneya Pred 4 urami
Exactly. They don't want to work because of the unemployment benefits. It's so many places hiring
Dreama Closser
Dreama Closser Pred 4 urami
@Leviatiem, BS. You're just lazy
Leviatiem Pred 4 urami
Have fun working 3-4 jobs and with antivaxers coughing all over you. Oh and premiums you can't afford with 1 job.
Skywarp Pred 4 urami
Florida is gonna boom $$$
Stan Lande
Stan Lande Pred 4 urami
Ethics??? Democrats don’t know what those are.
Teresa Chriscoe
Teresa Chriscoe Pred 4 urami
Special kind of stupid
Werdna Drassel
Werdna Drassel Pred 4 urami
It’s chucky
Kenia L
Kenia L Pred 4 urami
Anyone that loves their home won’t destroy it. Protests peacefully and make a difference but when you are destroying... common sense !!! Journalist where is your common sense heads. Desantis is correct go to and live there and see how quickly you will come running back to here !! He is right and you have many politicians in our homes fighting against common sense 60 minutes reporters - be ashame of themselves... stop that kind of people
We The People
We The People Pred 4 urami
DeSantis 2024
Mike Fox
Mike Fox Pred 4 urami
Great Governor! Standards that mean something and work for the people!
TLA Pred 4 urami
This man is Amazing! Praise God he is my Governer
Alex Khoury
Alex Khoury Pred 4 urami
Warns "rioters"****
Dylan Pred 4 urami
This guy get it's 👏👏
Altamont Darby
Altamont Darby Pred 4 urami
Like Sheriff Grady Judd, but unfortunately black men, black women, or black children needn't have a gun, or have committed a crime, to be murdered.
Teri B
Teri B Pred 4 urami
Good for Desantis‼️👏👏👍👍
Blue Dragons
Blue Dragons Pred 4 urami
Desantis for president!
Harvey Brown
Harvey Brown Pred 4 urami
Real talk 💯 American thank you for standing with the law enforcement wish all state do the same
totorofosho Pred 4 urami
Please run for President.
Brad Willis
Brad Willis Pred 4 urami
You notice that everyone one of these police shootings are to people not obeying commands In the act of a crime with long rap sheets . These Cops are just doing a very important job. If these fine young men would just obey the law everyone of them would be alive.
C Sanford
C Sanford Pred 4 urami
Now that's what you call a leader! Governors of other states should follow Gov. DeSantis' example.
John Price
John Price Pred 4 urami
Proud to be a Floridian.
XRP Global
XRP Global Pred 5 urami
Violence is the conduit to change. Because Politics define peaceful as a "yes" to their misconduct in office.
Sherick69 Pred 5 urami
It’s all Biden lovers
Cohiba 768
Cohiba 768 Pred 5 urami
Desantis is awesome congrats on commonsense
Wyatt Thompson
Wyatt Thompson Pred 5 urami
DeSantis 2028
I Am That I Am
I Am That I Am Pred 5 urami
He knows the terrorists blend in and take advantage
wmsprez09 Pred 5 urami
This guy is Too Stupid to be a republican! And That's Saying A Hell of a Lot!
Lisa Renee Batista
Lisa Renee Batista Pred 5 urami
Come on people why are you all acting so uncivilized... What's wrong with you???? Get a grip we are better than that....
stephen blessed
stephen blessed Pred 5 urami
Can he be Governor of two states? Californian here. Just asking.
Alex Pred 5 urami
Here a fellow neighbor, Texan. We fully support this governor.
Hologram0 Pred 5 urami
I’m moving to Florida !!!!
Roberto M
Roberto M Pred 5 urami
Man i hope the children were wearing 13 facemasks and have been quadruple vaccinated. The army trainee isnt near as dangerous as covid!
FranksN Beans
FranksN Beans Pred 5 urami
I was wondering when American says enough is enough.
This guy
This guy Pred 5 urami
Steve Camarano
Steve Camarano Pred 5 urami
Galileo Galilei
Galileo Galilei Pred 5 urami
Good need more governors like this zero nonsense policy. not letting your own people get their communities burned down with no consequence and full endorsements from the mayors.
Chris Pred 5 urami
I'm from NY. Can we trade governor's please?