Tom MacDonald - "SELLOUT"
Tom MacDonald - "Cancer"
Tom MacDonald - "My Fans"
Tom MacDonald - "Famous"
SoR Santa Ana
SoR Santa Ana Pred 2 urami
Great video and great message, again and as usual. Thanks for sharing Tom, and thanks for being true to yourself!
Eric Lawson
Eric Lawson Pred 2 urami
People don't like seeing people get clean and better themselves brother
m.u.m ruf
m.u.m ruf Pred 2 urami
Ooofffff --- wooow 👍 gets me deep
Duane Goodson
Duane Goodson Pred 2 urami
Wow so this generation has a voice and has a chance. Us in the older generation did not blame everything on everyone. It's time you made the world better by starting with yourself.
david moenich
david moenich Pred 2 urami
Shut the fuck up this tom guy is serious funny as fuck
Your Dad
Your Dad Pred 2 urami
You think you are anyway Talk about kissing ass homie Did you know the first slave traders were African? Study History before you make sweeping statements
Lonnie Skriver
Lonnie Skriver Pred 2 urami
What kind of person disliked this song. Love it.
Yoseph Hadwan
Yoseph Hadwan Pred 2 urami
How do these raps not get 10 million plus views absolutely fire every single song 🔥✊
bluediesel Pred 2 urami
Just found out today that my Dad has the rarest type of thyroid cancer-anaplastic thyroid cancer- and he was given 4-6 months to live with treatment. He has always been my best friend, the best Dad, he was there always- my Mom was a abusive waste of space...he has had 8 heart attacks and survived those, and now cancer is going to take him in 6 months or less? I'm beyond heartbroken. I have uncontrolled seizures, and I don't work or drive (per my Dr.s) and he's always helped me get where I need to go. We're literally so close. Great relationship and I am so thankful for having such a wonderful Daddy. I'm not ready for him to go...I'm scared... Hug your loved ones, the people that you appreciate, and tell them over and over how much you love them. Because you never know how quickly something like this can happen. 4-6 months...🥺💔 God bless anyone who has lost someone to cancer or who is currently dealing with cancer. 🙏🙏💗
Z Dub
Z Dub Pred 2 urami
Realist rapper ever swear love your tunes bro
TT258 Pred 2 urami
Keep the Truth coming my Brother from another Mother. Stay focus HangOverGang and have fun with it and spit that FIRE Truth. Sub and looking at the store right now my order is coming soon count on it
DiscountDisrespect Pred 2 urami
not_a_private_username txt
not_a_private_username txt Pred 2 urami
I don't exactly agree with everyting he just said, but he is one of my most favourite rappers because his lyrics actually make sense, have a thought and spread a message. This kinda lyrics should be played in schools as an example for a good rap lyrics.
Real One
Real One Pred 2 urami
F A C T S ! !
Andre Villalba
Andre Villalba Pred 2 urami
Big bad Dave got that Ellen co-sign Cool Tried to ride that wave to the Hollywood sign Fool xD
m.u.m ruf
m.u.m ruf Pred 2 urami
😢😢😢 sooo gooood
Titah Chumbuin
Titah Chumbuin Pred 2 urami
This guy's song has a wonderful message
mr mine
mr mine Pred 2 urami
Man always loved your music since it's been underground to your live q & a on facebook you saved my life a few times.
Lady Kat
Lady Kat Pred 2 urami
omg i loved it, i want more
Amber Draven
Amber Draven Pred 2 urami
Love this song. So underrated #hangovergang
Free to be ADHD
Free to be ADHD Pred 2 urami
I keep sayin I hate rap, but keep comin back to this man's page. If his based self keeps it up, Imma need to call myself a rap fan 😂
Orginism X
Orginism X Pred 2 urami
I like the way how your not scared to say what's on your mind keep up the good work king
m.u.m ruf
m.u.m ruf Pred 2 urami
This World needed you, Thanks
Chelsea Eiben
Chelsea Eiben Pred 2 urami
You seem pretty likeable to me :)
tree5673 Pred 2 urami
Liberals: Black lives matter Conservatives: All lives matter Globalist Elites: No lives matter
BAD MALI Pred 2 urami
you did not come out ok you cam out grate like if you love tom
Troy N
Troy N Pred 2 urami
This is the most accurate description of anxiety I've ever heard.... not ashamed to say I got emotional listening to this. Anyone who has it, it feels like hes describing your life in this song.
Seventh Seal
Seventh Seal Pred 2 urami
I wish I was talented so I can be rich.
DroppinCash420 Pred 2 urami
I REALLY love the sound bits that were put into the video! Great idea whoever came up with that one
m.u.m ruf
m.u.m ruf Pred 2 urami
Dear " Mister McDonald" Why give this Song so much hope in my Sole? THANK YOU 👍💖
Iceman Chambers
Iceman Chambers Pred 2 urami
I wish you have Billions of Views Tom. Your Music is just Different.
Portuguese NPC
Portuguese NPC Pred 2 urami
jezzs i can see tom is a fun guy to hang around ahah... and boy this story gave me goosebumps...
Steven Lutonsky
Steven Lutonsky Pred 2 urami
I love this guy so good
Iceman Chambers
Iceman Chambers Pred 2 urami
When a Canadian Man Goes on to Save America Your Music Rocks Tom
Johnny Allen
Johnny Allen Pred 2 urami
Hey bro you got to do what you Gotta do I’m not hating on you I respect you to be able to do what you’re doing and still spit in the Corrupt people spaces your bad ass you’re not a sellout you just wanted to be able to give your girl a good life and help your parents out if anybody hate you for that forget them your bad ass and forget about all the haters thank you for the music