rabbid man
rabbid man Pred dnevom
these are so cool, i love this level of rabbid behaviour, its how they were designed to be
LetsFeedTogether Pred dnevom
Guess we are getting our "Age of wolves" and "Time of reckoning" now huh?
Hoo Man
Hoo Man Pred dnevom
First, pls fix a lot of broken things on your game..
Yigit Pool
Yigit Pool Pred dnevom
I cant believe its been 1 year :O
Cris Vela
Cris Vela Pred dnevom
His lmg feels so weak though i always just get assists
BilliamJames Pred dnevom
Anyone else notice the P90 sound effect from docs shotgun when he was shooting at Finka?
DeathlikeSilence Pred dnevom
This was my dream game when I was a kid. Now it's finally happening.
BiG RaGe no. 2
BiG RaGe no. 2 Pred dnevom
I love how he said "There's a lot of em" right after yall said "intense tactical cooperation" 🤣
C Rozza06
C Rozza06 Pred dnevom
Guys i had kevins jacket in steep but its gone now what do i do?
Enrique Flores
Enrique Flores Pred dnevom
Please. Rembember rayman :(
Enrique Flores
Enrique Flores Pred dnevom
Please rembember rayman :(
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman Pred dnevom
1:18 that pose is so strong
Milk_png Pred dnevom
are all these executions just movie references?
Dr. Zom
Dr. Zom Pred dnevom
Repicking would be a HUGE change to the attackers side
Little Big Truths
Little Big Truths Pred dnevom
I freaking love this game.
Tzitziki Tzitzikas
Tzitziki Tzitzikas Pred dnevom
It looks good! And Sunny 😎 I enjoyed so much the original story which is a funny and full of pleasure game! I just hope it has an almost same long story (not just grinding) as original campaign
Erick Mamede
Erick Mamede Pred dnevom
Rainbow six siege mobile
Erick Mamede
Erick Mamede Pred dnevom
Rainbow six siege mobile can we live that dream one day?
Wamplei Pred dnevom
add apollyons sword for warmonger
BlackWhiteShadow Pred dnevom
Everyone: DAUBENY! Me: All of you, my Wolves
Mehmet Akif
Mehmet Akif Pred dnevom
Ubisoft! please fix this title! this is maniaplanet! not Trackmania Turbo!
iamav15 Pred dnevom
“I got hoes in different city states” 😂
Metal8Ball Pred dnevom
Plans and skills dont matter when you dont address the cheating. It's bad on PS4
Corey Janes
Corey Janes Pred dnevom
Vincent Mcpeak
Vincent Mcpeak Pred dnevom
Anyone else somehow keep being drawn back to this game?? Wonder if cause it’s good or it’s literally drugging me every time I watch
Ross Pred dnevom
The game that killed the franchise for good..
LETHAL GAMER Pred dnevom
Is this remake created in India because if it is then I want more all Indian remake of this SERIES
ThatDudeGSF Pred dnevom
Ireland? my ancestors were kings and queens of Ireland long long ago. i actually can't wait to see how they portray this. i'm keeping my eye out for this one.🤩
J. Benjamin
J. Benjamin Pred dnevom
I really think that every piece of gear should be available to ALL players... we literally pay a fortune just to get told half of the sets of the entire game have to be bought with real money. How fuxken' greedy can they get???
bykatielynn Pred dnevom
I miss the snarky banter from my Wildlands AI group. I was so sad that these guys are so stale.
Shmeb Pred dnevom
0:36 maximilianmus
Matheus Santana
Matheus Santana Pred dnevom
Esse sotaque e mt bom kk
Andreas Lavok
Andreas Lavok Pred dnevom
Can you make Rainbow Go Home 2 yes or no
themostposhdog Pred dnevom
Crazy, too bad Gryphon still aint nerfed
MSM Pred dnevom
So far, the first DLC is one of the worst DLCs I've ever played, The main game is an open world with some side puzzles, but "A New God" is a liner puzzle game! WTF, I want my money back.
AngWoof Pred dnevom
i think it's stun grenade not stunt grenade on 3:36 :D @Ubisoft North America :D
Jerome Rosales
Jerome Rosales Pred dnevom
This looks rlly real gj
Jerome Rosales
Jerome Rosales Pred dnevom
Parkinson Pid
Parkinson Pid Pred dnevom
Why black and other monster playable ???
Tachanka Main
Tachanka Main Pred dnevom
Wait are we protecting the people or raiding them
Tachanka Main
Tachanka Main Pred dnevom
Who’s the enemy
Jayden Bullock
Jayden Bullock Pred dnevom
''dont use teamates as bait here'' yeah ok
Omg we are waiting crazy gamers ;)
greg bob
greg bob Pred dnevom
Imagine now blackbeard rifile sheid already like a paper
Calcul4tor Pred dnevom
They honestly should of made this tachankas elite animation
Skull214 Pred dnevom
*Be advised, hostile RC-XD spotted*
The Revenant
The Revenant Pred dnevom
*You know what you did, Ubisoft, and I love it.*
Orion Lyons
Orion Lyons Pred dnevom
i love this game trailer it's awesome.
Abe Iwan 1183
Abe Iwan 1183 Pred dnevom
Why you hit Allah name.... I saw Allah name at Jerusalem
Tomas_ Hol1
Tomas_ Hol1 Pred dnevom
I don’t like that you have to start fresh cus some people might have a good character’s and now it’s just gone it will be fun but it will be bad at the same time cus everyone has to restart . I’ve been getting the best of the best so I can get better than all of my friends
Jean Philiboux
Jean Philiboux Pred dnevom
I miss so much the time when all heroes had their own executions, those one are lazy and not even funny
Radoslav Kolev
Radoslav Kolev Pred dnevom
Is it just me or Zeus sounds like Socrates from AC: Odyssey? 😂
Unidentified Flying Waffle
Unidentified Flying Waffle Pred dnevom
Red Hood
Red Hood Pred dnevom
Its crazy to think that constantine himself played a pirate lmao
Blueple Man
Blueple Man Pred dnevom
Why he look liked Glaz elite skin
Alin Senju
Alin Senju Pred dnevom
Now Jackal gets banned everytime
Daniel kalidy
Daniel kalidy Pred dnevom
Dude defenders getting washed in every one of these 😑
Seth Eser
Seth Eser Pred dnevom
driver games, driver games! driver games! DRIVER GAMES!
Nubuki Pred dnevom
Medieval batman
Çağatay Salman
Çağatay Salman Pred dnevom
Nerf ash
Radec Stark
Radec Stark Pred dnevom
Next season should be An Apocalypse enemy faction their Goal is to wipe all sides out and end everything.
Beta Pred dnevom
It’s been 2 years since r6 has had a new map???
Beta Pred dnevom
@Anas Stf it isn’t a permanent map mate
Anas Stf
Anas Stf Pred dnevom
InFlacHe Pred dnevom
just for this, take my money !! 2:10-2:26
Ritzzar Pred dnevom
You should focus on all the cheaters instead. This game is unplayable.
REC Pred dnevom
I hope they speak Irish in this !