100 Drops - [Among Us]
20 Drops - [Fortnite RTX]
100 Drops - [Fall Guys]
100 Drops - [The Grotto]
1000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]
Jeanett Harris
Jeanett Harris Pred 23 urami
day 120 was a good one started off bye free aroows and killing bitches to bad Luke the most Family Frendly Channel In minecraft. i thought u would never curse. i have to dislike im srry u cursed
Jeanett Harris
Jeanett Harris Pred 23 urami
and i ment day 20-21
Jeanett Harris
Jeanett Harris Pred 23 urami
sike u thout i was not going to dislike
¿Por que hay muchas personas que hablan puro ingles como ustedes y no español? ¿Pooooor quuuuuuueeeeeeeeeee¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡? Siempre me pasa a mi
Marcus Vinicius
Marcus Vinicius Pred 23 urami
Charlene Lacson
Charlene Lacson Pred 23 urami
Why you guys get Turtle pet and Cat
Liam Carlson
Liam Carlson Pred 23 urami
so i guess im in the minority but i hate the new graphics i played the whole halo ce campaign on the old graphics
LazyWeeb Artist
LazyWeeb Artist Pred 23 urami
This man is starting to become philza
Joegamer6 Pettifer
Joegamer6 Pettifer Pred 23 urami
Please don't tell me he's going to do this to the baby yoda in one day
HerMrsSki Pred 23 urami
2:30 ballange
Ace Peck The Hot Sauce Taster
Ace Peck The Hot Sauce Taster Pred 23 urami
100 days on SkyBlock would be the shiz
hen ko
hen ko Pred 23 urami
Plz make 200 days
Joegamer6 Pettifer
Joegamer6 Pettifer Pred 23 urami
Luke:I will play more next season Chapter 2 season 4:buys all the tiers
CrewPasta SM
CrewPasta SM Pred 23 urami
Swat, the worst playlist? UNSUBBED
Ella Williams
Ella Williams Pred dnevom
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Mike Mazeall
Mike Mazeall Pred dnevom
Him talking for a few seconds is the cry of a person having a stroke
TRE Pred dnevom
Stando POWAH
Jack Cotterill
Jack Cotterill Pred dnevom
You should make a enderman xp farm
Albertina Karima
Albertina Karima Pred dnevom
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Suzie Waters
Suzie Waters Pred dnevom
i have timmy boy
Megan Fisher
Megan Fisher Pred dnevom
Link the notable please make another episode of this maybe to 200 300 and 1000 and 2000 maybe you can even add a 3000 or a 600 I really like your videos can you make more Minecraft ones please
Megan Fisher
Megan Fisher Pred dnevom
Abimanyu WS
Abimanyu WS Pred dnevom
update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update
Sasha Martin
Sasha Martin Pred dnevom
OK I will!
Hannah Young
Hannah Young Pred dnevom
3000 days
Chickengod Bear
Chickengod Bear Pred dnevom
1:30 f
Nightmare Pred dnevom
How did Luke get an elytra but not kill the ended dragon??
Black Deliquent
Black Deliquent Pred 23 urami
Watch 200-300 days
Bread with a hat
Bread with a hat Pred dnevom
He killed the ender dragon 2 times
Henry&Papaya Pred dnevom
Anybody else notice that for the day 94 and he said game 94
nathan ratliff
nathan ratliff Pred 23 urami
Makes sense dude
Joegamer6 Pettifer
Joegamer6 Pettifer Pred dnevom
4:50 Luke the notable looked at the car thinking it was driveable Well you have to wait 3 more seasons for that
Zachary Zo
Zachary Zo Pred dnevom
how are you so good at hard core minecraft (you are so rich)
grant skyler
grant skyler Pred dnevom
bro killer hacker me
VIPER Pred dnevom
Arround 6 months for 3000 days
Ashley Schmid
Ashley Schmid Pred dnevom
The snotty representative inversely tickle because pair concretely spray of a damp phone. superb, hissing care
Joegamer6 Pettifer
Joegamer6 Pettifer Pred dnevom
1:55 fortnite need to make more challenges where you have to where specific skins
A Hastings
A Hastings Pred dnevom
i love that you started this trend
the gamer
the gamer Pred dnevom
The amount of six6nine9 jokes and all of them are funny
Lemonade Is Gud
Lemonade Is Gud Pred dnevom
When you realize this video was 1 year ago
American Farmer
American Farmer Pred dnevom
Dear Asher the cat, get a life and leave people alone in the comments.
Black Deliquent
Black Deliquent Pred 23 urami
Sample Email
Sample Email Pred dnevom
These comments to be fresh
Gaming with Luka
Gaming with Luka Pred dnevom
do 2000
NS - 05BK 805798 Palgrave PS
NS - 05BK 805798 Palgrave PS Pred dnevom
You mean 200
Anime for Weebs
Anime for Weebs Pred dnevom
Do you think he would add this world to the market place when he is done?
Black Deliquent
Black Deliquent Pred 23 urami
Is 7Up Okay
Is 7Up Okay Pred dnevom
I played hardcore for 29 days was actually really fun also has anyone calculated how many days were spent afk xp farming :P
TJ Sares
TJ Sares Pred dnevom
Are you going to do 3000 days in hardcore minecraft
Jaiden Andrew
Jaiden Andrew Pred dnevom
Stephanie Lohmiller
Stephanie Lohmiller Pred dnevom
Matt Coulter
Matt Coulter Pred dnevom
Nathan Ho gaming
Nathan Ho gaming Pred dnevom
Shout me out !
EpiclyY Pred dnevom
Shut up
Hi Lol
Hi Lol Pred dnevom
No hard mode u still can die of hunger
Mrs.Kakashi Hatake
Mrs.Kakashi Hatake Pred dnevom
you can build a trident farm
Epic Animations
Epic Animations Pred dnevom
I have watched this series like 5 times this is my 6th
RaAsia Jackson
RaAsia Jackson Pred dnevom
Andrew D YT
Andrew D YT Pred dnevom
Tors is pog
Who is watching in 2021
Forever Neverland
Forever Neverland Pred dnevom
I'm playing on the playstation 3 and the version 1.13 and there the nether is flat... But let me tell you it's literally hell, Ghasts and wither skeletons everywhere 😭😂 And amazing video btw😉 I watch these whenever I play minecraft just so I don't feel so alone while doing so 😅😢😂
TheRusty Pred dnevom
Super flat like super strait
Pixel Pancake
Pixel Pancake Pred dnevom
34:08 😩
Halo god Lyons
Halo god Lyons Pred dnevom
Do another play through with the tors
重弁当 Pred dnevom
Destin Hamilton
Destin Hamilton Pred dnevom
Pink sheep at 1:02:57 I did not watch 1st part 1000 days
Detect1ve Pred dnevom
I feel like he's never recording when he does important stuff like getting another dog, cat or getting more diamonds 🤔...
重弁当 Pred dnevom
日本人の人 ↓
Kameron Simmons
Kameron Simmons Pred dnevom
LTN: And now for a moment of silence for the dead villagers! SLpost: *ad*
Sydney Klumph
Sydney Klumph Pred dnevom
More series of this plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Drink Me
Drink Me Pred dnevom
Maddie Pred dnevom
Luke said bitches instead of witches accidentally
It’s Zanger
It’s Zanger Pred dnevom
Ruiming Liang
Ruiming Liang Pred dnevom
@Maddie lmao
Anime for Weebs
Anime for Weebs Pred dnevom
How do you count the days?
steven fletcher
steven fletcher Pred dnevom
Luca Di Vizio
Luca Di Vizio Pred dnevom
30.000.000 views and only 3.000.000 subscribers? Are people THAT lazy?They just have to press on the subscribe button:/
Sara Pred dnevom
Luca Di Vizio
Luca Di Vizio Pred dnevom
@Anime for Weebs those people are excused but the ones with a SLpost account aren't excused.
Anime for Weebs
Anime for Weebs Pred dnevom
Some ppl are not signed in :D
OtakuWeebinTheFranxx Pred dnevom
its turning into attack on ttian
TheJacksonHouse Pred dnevom
Hey why at 30:48 he hav no levels. Is that just glitch or did he die and didn’t expect anyone to notice
Dutch van der linde
Dutch van der linde Pred dnevom
Is anyone else really confused on my he doesn’t sprint..?
Hi what’s up
Hi what’s up Pred dnevom
Slime rancher 2
Notbored k
Notbored k Pred dnevom
Valheim 100 days?
Determined Beast
Determined Beast Pred dnevom
If you want to use the anchor then use it in the nether. Kind of like an Opposite bed.
F Lac
F Lac Pred dnevom
1 millions pls cus i we would love it and i ame subd sins 5.2 or 3k subs ave a notobale days m8
Meat Sausage
Meat Sausage Pred dnevom
sir, are you on crack
Redstonebasics Pred dnevom
Wtf is this comment
Samuel Kulish
Samuel Kulish Pred dnevom
When r u going to make 200 days
Luke is a ŠĮMP
Kirill Kupov
Kirill Kupov Pred dnevom
The scintillating handicap lately mine because birth anecdotally paddle upon a frequent baboon. garrulous, mellow robin
Just_A_Mincraft_boii272 Pred dnevom
Ads go wow
AlfieDDog Dixon
AlfieDDog Dixon Pred dnevom
No Dublin the irish is done for
Jakedestro237 Pred dnevom
Day 3000 of waiting for 3000 days.......lol
A1 playz
A1 playz Pred dnevom
200 DAYS