McLaren MCL35M fire up
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Pred uro
McLaren has earned a new fan in gaining Ricciardo... let's GO!
Jason Lay
Jason Lay Pred 2 urami
Wait, why is Carlos doing signing ricciardos doll? 3 is definitely the magic number.
Ivan Bermejo
Ivan Bermejo Pred 3 urami
Carlos? Are you there? :/
Karl Owen Aurelio
Karl Owen Aurelio Pred 3 urami
As a tribute to their getting back together, both drivers should've pulled up driving orange colored McLaren Mercedes SLR s 😁😁😁
Ben J Motorsport
Ben J Motorsport Pred 3 urami
I think it would be cool to see a FE driver swap cars with an F1 driver
SuperSpatman Pred 4 urami
Zak seems like the kind of boss that we all wish we had.
Wouter Cornet
Wouter Cornet Pred 4 urami
I can already see Carlos running to Lando to hug him after a race
Chetan N A
Chetan N A Pred 4 urami
I heard Senna talk from the heavens :)
SAILXR MXNRXE Pred 6 urami
6:05 the hate for daniel ricciardo is real lmao
New Normal
New Normal Pred 7 urami
good job chat
Grabthar Pred 9 urami
Dear McLaren. Please make new episodes of Tooned with Dan and Lando.
BULLDOG Pred 10 urami
As Daniel ricciardo fan , I am now a McLean fan , I hope they improve to second spot this year🙏🙏🙏
Curious Pug
Curious Pug Pred 13 urami
You guys tried your best to not revealing the car too much eh?? Keep zooming on the cockpit area so the rest of the car's aero didn't get leak, especially the barge board area😏🤔
Michael Hubert Lamla
Michael Hubert Lamla Pred 13 urami
Thank you, McLaren!
Jamie Fox
Jamie Fox Pred 18 urami
Lando needs jarv back.
zoraeb saleem
zoraeb saleem Pred 19 urami
what is the music called?
Amey Jangde
Amey Jangde Pred 22 urami
I wonder who are this 404 people who disliked this master piece!
Matej Barac
Matej Barac Pred dnevom
Kubica did won the race
Saaber95 Pred dnevom
Amazing, but the Ferrari V12 sounds so much better...
Suthida Senachum
Suthida Senachum Pred dnevom
carloz is underrated
Dojome 21
Dojome 21 Pred dnevom
I fucking love Danny ric's helmet
chloé Pred dnevom
Carlos's head mechanic is such a beautiful man
Kleber Souza
Kleber Souza Pred dnevom
LN4 MCL is great, but L4N BOT is better.
Elmarxiano Mars
Elmarxiano Mars Pred dnevom
puede que daniel sea mas extrovertido, per la conexion lando-carlos, era muchisisisimo mas fuerte
chloé Pred dnevom
He put death as one of his fears yet he's an f1 driver
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Pred dnevom
This is the calmest I've ever seen Danny Ric
Clark Pred dnevom
The two best personalities (in my opinion) on the same team? This year is gonna be incredible.
Владимир Пак
Владимир Пак Pred dnevom
Please hire me as camera operator. I would make it so much smoother ))) P.S. I'm not joking
Ryan B Cushman
Ryan B Cushman Pred dnevom
Tbh would love to see Jimmy Johnson in F1
Pierre Gasly
Pierre Gasly Pred dnevom
Covid is a scamdemic
Galactic_Nerd-sk Pred dnevom
A river dirt cheese
Nick Barnes
Nick Barnes Pred dnevom
The doubtful stretch comparably agree because nickel neurochemically suppose out a overwrought scarf. slippery, splendid department
Phil Dapain
Phil Dapain Pred dnevom
Emma M
Emma M Pred dnevom
Why does this exist?
NoblePineapples Pred dnevom
Zak seems like SUCH a good boss to work for.
c p
c p Pred dnevom
Pinkham sighting...
Such a beautiful video
抹ちゃう動物 Pred dnevom
6:12 everyone does until they apply for a visa rmao
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas Pred dnevom
how fkn sexy does that car sound
Winsor.Racing Pred dnevom
No please
Zach Wareham
Zach Wareham Pred dnevom
2:55 so getting smacked by Alain Prost is a part of life? Seems legit.
Noor Ahmed
Noor Ahmed Pred dnevom
Does the car sound vastly different from last season?? I feel it so but not sure. Really different, like rather strange.
Noor Ahmed
Noor Ahmed Pred dnevom
@Echoe yes that's true, and I am aware of that but it's soooo different. Didn't you feel so? Especially on the deceleration.
Echoe Pred dnevom
Because they are using Mercedes engine this season. Last year they we using Renault engine
Moaz Pred dnevom
What kinda car were they driving when the pulled up?
OboeCanAm Pred dnevom
McLaren GT, "Grand Tourer".
Tiziano Soliz
Tiziano Soliz Pred dnevom
Prometheus Pred dnevom
I'm so fucking hyped for Lando and Daniel this season, can't wait to see them throw around the new engine
Viviane de Oliveira Cunha
Viviane de Oliveira Cunha Pred dnevom
McLaren's orange highlights Lando's eye color, looks beautiful. I was longing for the Unboxed and anxious to see what Lando x Daniel will be like.
Hannah Savage
Hannah Savage Pred dnevom
Lando Is a sexy Alien 👽😂🤦‍♀️
Hannah Savage
Hannah Savage Pred dnevom
Lando is Actually 5ft 8
THEssSFM Pred dnevom
Max Stevenson
Max Stevenson Pred dnevom
Y'all really don't listen to your fans do you?
Zeke Snow
Zeke Snow Pred dnevom
lizardywizard Pred 2 dnevi
chloé Pred 2 dnevi
I love that they always have Carlos introduce these games when Lando's first language is English and Carlos' isn't hahaha
Dan Hamilton
Dan Hamilton Pred 2 dnevi
Get the pit crew some more blue in there uniforms. It looks like a bunch of prison inmates doing a pit stop 😂
Kshitij Sinha
Kshitij Sinha Pred 2 dnevi
The camera got an upgrade too? COOL
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Pred 2 dnevi
This is the calmest I've ever seen Danny Ric
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Pred uro
Is this Silver stone track?
Michael Agyeman
Michael Agyeman Pred 2 dnevi
4:04 what's the name of the car
David Thompson-Mack
David Thompson-Mack Pred dnevom
I believe the McLaren Grand Tourer
Térence Gros
Térence Gros Pred 2 dnevi
Voilà une bonne chose de faite . Le retour de l'alliance McLaren Mercedes est un choix ambitieux de la part de l'équipe de Woking qui vise cette année la victoire,les podiums mais surtout c'est les progrès de la saison dernière avec Renault ce qui avait conduit McLaren à la troisième place du championnat du monde des constructeurs. Après l'échec avec Honda , la Renaissance avec la firme de Boulogne Billancourt Renault et enfin l'ambition avec Mercedes sans oublier l'arrivée de Ricciardo entraîne une émulation au sein de cette équipe qui veut retrouver les sommets de la F1.
Zoltán László
Zoltán László Pred 2 dnevi
Great champion the 1970- s master driver: Emerson Fittipaldi. First brazilian champion.
Jon Pain
Jon Pain Pred 2 dnevi
They're trying to replicate carlandos chemistry but it's just not there
geovanesjunior Pred 2 dnevi
Amo vcs todos , McLaren ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
misskit123 Pred 2 dnevi
I really hope these boys have a good season. I'm crossing everything!
Andre Luiz
Andre Luiz Pred 2 dnevi
Patrick Neill
Patrick Neill Pred 2 dnevi
Bravo Zulu folks 😎
hogemini09 Pred 2 dnevi
Why dont they just drive in there mclaren on the track whould be fun?
Kulthum Mohamed
Kulthum Mohamed Pred 2 dnevi
stop it 🥺
Jonty 3331
Jonty 3331 Pred 2 dnevi
Welcome to McLaren Daniel we the fans are delighted to have you in the team and the energy and enthusiasm you will bring
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Pred dnevom
Anna Venturi
Anna Venturi Pred 2 dnevi
beautiful video 100 lode lando norris
incredibly beautiful video !!!
m Pred 2 dnevi
You guys pulled out all the stops looking at your footage and especially sound. Just how I like it. Great Job!
Bharat mata ki jay
Bharat mata ki jay Pred 2 dnevi
i like Mclaren very much
Maczka Hanzel
Maczka Hanzel Pred 2 dnevi
Honestly, everyone at McLaren seems to be a lot more excited and happy about their work than any other team. I think that kind of positive and friendly environment is a part of their success that we’ve been seeing over the past couple of years. I mean, even the Boss has a sense of humour! 😄 When the drivers talk with Zak you can see that he is friendly and supportive and I bet it’s the biggest motivation for them. I love this team! It’s a joy to watch them on track and out of it as well.🥰 Moreover, drivers like Lando and Daniel with the most fun personalities make the sport even cooler than it already is. 😎✌️
MINKIHL Sim Racing
MINKIHL Sim Racing Pred 2 dnevi
Your wide open eyes... crazy... full concentration shown in this face...incredible even this is a test drive
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Pred 2 dnevi
Deep sound. I like it.
Pablo Pred 2 dnevi
Monday at 10:00. Lando smartphone: 11:12 :D
Wind of change
Wind of change Pred 2 dnevi
Love this team, you can practically feel how high the morale is.
Rebekah L
Rebekah L Pred 2 dnevi
Ah to be riding woth the onboards again. I didn't realise how much I missed it
Celeritate7 Pred 2 dnevi
Top left angle is fckin siiiick!! 😍😍
JK7kaye Pred 2 dnevi
I know these engines aren't the best of f1 In terms of noise but I love that merc hybrid engine startup sound.
Tachyon Gamer
Tachyon Gamer Pred 2 dnevi
Can anyone tell me the name of the music please?
Hani A
Hani A Pred 2 dnevi
I still wonder who write the birthday note at carlos room
pandachuzero Pred 2 dnevi
every iracing player : stop cutting away at the corners! give us a full lap from cockpit view...