Pugzz Pred 22 urami
omg I need to put on my makeup Girl: h a i r
drina torreblancas figueroa
drina torreblancas figueroa Pred 22 urami
0:01 jajaja
Nic DiLo
Nic DiLo Pred 22 urami
Ah, yes, my favorite word: “dreamt”
ItsCharlie Pred 22 urami
Wait, so if i'm out of patches I need to puree a whole cucumber then use patches to absorb the cucumber puree? How does that make any sense?
Pugzz Pred 22 urami
5 minute crafts me folding a paper 5 hours later
Exo Xplorer
Exo Xplorer Pred 22 urami
Use scisors to cut the straps dont be dumb
Ellie_GL Pred 22 urami
I knew 5 minute crafts before it hit 500k
Mariah Daneal
Mariah Daneal Pred 22 urami
I thought you didn’t have patches
Carmel Pred 22 urami
These Idea's are AMAZING and CREATIVE!!! GOOD JOB!!!
Real_WilliamBot Pred 22 urami
or you could just (pull the small peace of wood out your finger
Zakir Hussain
Zakir Hussain Pred 23 urami
G8u.t69ti 3prp 9d6f97n yù8pP
Tauany M.
Tauany M. Pred 23 urami
i have so many questions rn
Мария Петрукович
Мария Петрукович Pred 23 urami
Rom3 Pred 23 urami
ima but alot of salt
Tauany M.
Tauany M. Pred 23 urami
1:47 thats already a whole look right there 😂
Charles Funderburk
Charles Funderburk Pred 23 urami
5:49 is it me or does that lady have a mustache
Candace Simpson
Candace Simpson Pred 23 urami
some of these really work and some are such a bad idea
Nimbe Lizbeth Fernandez Zamudio
Nimbe Lizbeth Fernandez Zamudio Pred 23 urami
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣q risa
Charles Funderburk
Charles Funderburk Pred 23 urami
2:48 it real acrylics it not leaves play it the slowest as possible and pass it when she flips her hand over it red it not green like a leaf
Jordan Jones
Jordan Jones Pred 23 urami
2:59 I meant that in the first comment
Cool Guy0262
Cool Guy0262 Pred 23 urami
More like 10 minute crafts cuz of how long this video is
Alyssa Holguin
Alyssa Holguin Pred 23 urami
5 minute crafts, I love your videos!
Ilona Papounidou
Ilona Papounidou Pred 23 urami
Jordan Jones
Jordan Jones Pred 23 urami
2:58 259 3:00 3:24 3:25 and3:26 A boy is acting like a girl
이연지 Pred 23 urami
So good movie.
chicken tITs
chicken tITs Pred 23 urami
Love lol 😍 did not get
Kirsty Tibble
Kirsty Tibble Pred 23 urami
11:14 I'm a girl but im the opposite....
Kirsty Tibble
Kirsty Tibble Pred 23 urami
I no stretchy but I remember
Mary Wemigwase
Mary Wemigwase Pred 23 urami
Oh my god ! I want my son to marry one of these genius women! Best video ever!!!
Nimra Fiaz
Nimra Fiaz Pred 23 urami
Alert: Guys, don't try putting henna on your lips at all because every henna is different and it might give you a orange shade and the henna won't come off untill for a few weeks!!!!
ACCEDDS Pred 23 urami
the money one is bad cause it could get hot af
Nimra Fiaz
Nimra Fiaz Pred 23 urami
Sorry, at party you will find or have sharpener and a hairdryer . 😂😂
Todoroki Shoto
Todoroki Shoto Pred 23 urami
I only watch these to read the comments or to past time
doctor wenus
doctor wenus Pred 23 urami
Why would you feed baby food to your 7 year old?
Caspian Playz
Caspian Playz Pred 23 urami
Tails94able Pred 23 urami
John Smith, more like Ranger Smith.
Luz Quiñonez
Luz Quiñonez Pred 23 urami
What's awesome
Olivia Durhan
Olivia Durhan Pred 23 urami
who ever really does these crafts
Nafi Jurat
Nafi Jurat Pred 23 urami
Just use a tissue,a spoon ,not pads 😩
Azam Patel
Azam Patel Pred 23 urami
Nobody:- Me : Adding glue and some fruits and making a thumbnail of my video on my morning routine 😎
Maria Eduarda
Maria Eduarda Pred 23 urami
5 min de ideias bostas
• Saddie Plays •
• Saddie Plays • Pred 23 urami
Is that a growing period pad
Kylee Showens
Kylee Showens Pred 23 urami
This is the BEST video ever!
Omarya Show
Omarya Show Pred dnevom
I don’t like five minute crafts
Allison Kay
Allison Kay Pred dnevom
when the girl put eyeliner in her eyeball i was like WHAT how
AJ Saigh
AJ Saigh Pred dnevom
So. Poop
Callzo Playz
Callzo Playz Pred dnevom
Anyone else here from Tik Tok?
Forzumakii Pred dnevom
oh no they tuck their pants
Some Guy
Some Guy Pred dnevom
Why us 5 minute crafts on my shorts tab thing lol
ElectricMadness Pred dnevom
conclussion: respect the ones who deserve it and destroy joe mama of the one who don't
romina barona
romina barona Pred dnevom
2:42 y si se te cae el cel y se te rompen las sombras ahsss que tonterías todo lo que hacen no sirven para nada
Marit Romy
Marit Romy Pred dnevom
2:52 is from tik tok
lina Pred dnevom
Me : oh let me pass him a card that say I love u . Guy: um this says I love u u know u can just say it to my face right ? Me:😐
lina Pred dnevom
Did any body notice that these hacks be the same as the others
Alexis Brooke
Alexis Brooke Pred dnevom
Notes for me: 5:20 5:34 5:54 4:16 2:45
Carl Mcfall3
Carl Mcfall3 Pred dnevom
Carl Mcfall3
Carl Mcfall3 Pred dnevom
Chapach0 Pred dnevom
Ke pasó ahí we
Keegan Gorle
Keegan Gorle Pred dnevom
6:02 . *SHE DREW ON HER EYE!!!!!*
Drew Smith
Drew Smith Pred dnevom
4:05 I have no words