Common Allergy Myths BUSTED
Nike Challenged Me...
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Redhead Equestrian
Redhead Equestrian Pred 17 urami
Pam, “ I hungry 😂” Mike, “ No I fed you.” I could not stop laughing!
Mia Malone
Mia Malone Pred 17 urami
I’m here to tell you: Don’t get that vaccine. Just DO NOT!!! 80% of people with severe symptoms and who are dying are deficient in Vitamin D: the immunity HORMONE. 5,000-10,000 U a day. Studies are also being conducted on NAC for lung issues related to respiratory infections. Check Dr. Seheult MedCram channel on SLpost. Be safe. Be healthy. God bless
Aqua King
Aqua King Pred 17 urami
This is wack this girl is misleading
Aqua King
Aqua King Pred 17 urami
Fr, who else came to the comments to see what people had to say about the harp💀
G A M E B O I Pred 17 urami
Who's the dude in the red shirt?
SlayIsBae Pred 17 urami
I’d never take a covid vaccine it’s a joke , finna kill all u sheep
Pneumo- -chan
Pneumo- -chan Pred 17 urami
Lungs~ ("if oy my vision was 20/20...)
iamnellee 101
iamnellee 101 Pred 17 urami
Imagine sunflower bae comments on this
Makeup With Diabetes Louisiana
Makeup With Diabetes Louisiana Pred 17 urami
Did Conan have the Rona back then??
dark light gacha
dark light gacha Pred 17 urami
Let's all be honest we all came here just to see how these boys were gonna explain the menstrual cycle an not anything else
Diana Rolle
Diana Rolle Pred 17 urami
I am 38 years old, overweight, and have difficulty breathing normally, for everyday activities. (Is working on a plan with my doctor to change it) I'm very scared of getting covid because I know it's dangerous for overweight people, I'm especially scared to die of the virus. Do you know if it is something overweight die of easily? How dangerous is covid for obese people? Thanks from Denmark
Soph Soph
Soph Soph Pred 17 urami
I turn night shift on I don’t like it but I get used to it
Ember Rose
Ember Rose Pred 17 urami
1:36 Later in Grey’s Anatomy, they do change the cap to 80 hours a week.
Youth Walk
Youth Walk Pred 17 urami
What is the most important tool for medical surgery?
lol hi
lol hi Pred 17 urami
the gay men in the corner be like: 👁👄👁
winder zhao
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The nimble alibi biophysically cure because square immunohistochemically provide on a hurried interest. electric, godly fan
Mary Trost
Mary Trost Pred 17 urami
He has the laugh I make when I see myself at 3am☠️
Hahahaha...God bless you Dr Mike, your videos are amazing..
Molly Navarro
Molly Navarro Pred 17 urami
I love when he does that “phew” sound lol 🤫
Nicole Henrich
Nicole Henrich Pred 17 urami
Get a grip on yourself. Its not Biden vaccine!! Or bidens plan ...omg...
Daniela Garay
Daniela Garay Pred 17 urami
He saying Vaccines wrong in spanish is what i live for, it is "VacunAs" .
rebecca1mudd Pred 17 urami
Doctor Mike... if you review another Greys Anatomy, could it be season 9 episode 13 - Bad Blood... I'm really intrigued by this episode and would love your thoughts!!
Austin Fears
Austin Fears Pred 17 urami
On Jan 16, 2021 a report from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, (VAERS) a Federal Database in America, Moderna and the Pfizer-BioTech Vaccines have Killed patients within days from receiving their vaccines the death count from the vaccine as of now is 55. One symptom is Lethargic or so tired that the patients can't move or can't do physical movement. Reporters have reached out to the creators of Moderna and Pfizer didn't respond to the request for comments on the subject. The FDA said "Any reports of death following the administration of vaccine are promptly and rigorously investigated jointly by the FDA and the CDC." In addition people have reported 96 life threatening events following COVID-19 vaccinations, as well 225 hospitalizations, and 1,388 emergency room visits. Addendum: health officials on the VAERS website causion that a report to the system doesn't prove that the vaccine caused adverse effects, and that there is no proof that the event was caused by the vaccine. I PUT THIS OUT HERE TO HELP THOSE WHO MAY NEED THIS INFORMATION DO WITH IT AS YOU WILL. BUT ALL INFORMATION SHOULD BE USEFUL, IN CASE YOU NEED IT. THIS IS NOT AN ANTI-VAXX POST I'M 100% FOR VACCINES, BUT THIS VACCINE WAS RUSHED AND HASN'T GONE THROUGH ALL PROCEDURES THAT MOST OTHER VACCINES HAVE TO BE FDA APPROVED AND WAS NEEDED FOR THE PUBLIC. If you need sources please use multiple sources to get all of the information to make up your mind. You may find some of the info I used for my evaluation such as the VAERS and The Epoch Times.
vike jefferson
vike jefferson Pred 17 urami
witch one is more importint chess compressions or vacines
rickyyyY and mortyyy
rickyyyY and mortyyy Pred 18 urami
my hospital has 200+ beds for covid paients are put in isolation HDU , total of 1300+ bedded hospital
arlo247 Pred 18 urami
Now that man, Dr. Luis, is a great Doctor, an individual worthy of the role. "everyday I wrap my arms around my own ignorance." all of his genuine sharing about the human elements and components of doctoring and life, all of his wisdom from his heart and mind and human experience, more precious than silver and gold. You Sir Mike, are blessed to have this man in your life. Blessed to have one another. True friends are the rarest treasure in life. <3
Megan M
Megan M Pred 18 urami
Love these episodes of yours. But this one was hard to watch. My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 GBM. So this one hit way to close to home 🥺😭 No good outcome like his tho
9 6 4
9 6 4 Pred 18 urami
I sure do hope this isn't what happens on a real hospital, Doctor
Zoe Davis
Zoe Davis Pred 18 urami
Where is doc micstuffens
My Linh Lam
My Linh Lam Pred 18 urami
Norway Sounds Alarm As 23 Elderly Patients Die After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine
lemonade 2020
lemonade 2020 Pred 18 urami
😭😭😭me too.... During lockdown... My weight is gaining... Anyone please tell to reduce my weight 😓 Doctor please... I'm living in rural area.... Here no gym.... Here no safety for women who's trying jogging and walking..... 😪 I'm having PCOD.... Last 2 month I'm having abdominal and back pain
Tony Dochterman
Tony Dochterman Pred 18 urami
Now I don't like watching home alone anymore.
karekid2006 Pred 18 urami
thanks for the video. i would like to know why vaccines dont come in an option for pill form? especially for those who have phobias of doctors and needles
Global supplier
Global supplier Pred 18 urami
If you’re wondering what that these mobs are here: Purple-particle guy: Enderman. Teleports and hates water (btw don’t look at it in a mode called survival) Non-armed green dude: Creeper. Blows up when you get near on survival mode Bow holder: skeleton. Shots you on survival mode Green guy: Obviously zombie. Attacks you when you’re on survival mode Purple coat lady: witch. Throws you potions in survival mode If you don’t want these pesky mobs to be in you’re hospital there an option to remove hostile mob generator. You should search up how to turn it on in google because Idk how to explain it. Edit: Forgot to mention Bouncy bushes: Slimes. They act like zombies. If you kill one, it will duplicate until it cannot anymore
Mei Mitchell
Mei Mitchell Pred 18 urami
I have Tourette’s and when I clicked onto this video I did not expect Tourette’s to pop up
Masomax & Rilex Singleton
Masomax & Rilex Singleton Pred 18 urami
His voice would be very deep that’s for sure
World Nature 77
World Nature 77 Pred 18 urami
I like green tea.
Masomax & Rilex Singleton
Masomax & Rilex Singleton Pred 18 urami
She does not look or act blind? How?
Antonia Schofer
Antonia Schofer Pred 18 urami
You need to play the Friv doctor games. They are HORRIBLE
Kevin Tomman
Kevin Tomman Pred 18 urami
Our immune systems are 99.9 percent effective against viruses, the vaccine is 95 percent effective, f that vaccine
Toni Anders
Toni Anders Pred 18 urami
Does the vaccine mutate your DNA?
Toby George
Toby George Pred 18 urami
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