Luka Doncic Gets Furious After DeMar DeRozan Shocks Entire Mavs With Craziest Game Winner !

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Pred 29 dnevi

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GOAT Of NBA Parodies !
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Earle M
Earle M Pred 12 dnevi
That side step move is travel. I will not accept this progressive NBA with it's efforts to render this league as captivating as it was in years past. I can't stand the acceptance of new "moves" that in years past, you could't even do at the community gym because everyone knew better.
Bigking602 Pred 23 dnevi
Dam the nba gods don't like luka this year 😬😂😂😂
Sean Chung
Sean Chung Pred 23 dnevi
Furious, huh?! Smh!
Kunkka Huskar
Kunkka Huskar Pred 25 dnevi
Guess luka's not in a "fouling in love" mood with the refs?!
Bryan Barthlow
Bryan Barthlow Pred 25 dnevi
Dude is an assassin
Fernando Arboleda
Fernando Arboleda Pred 26 dnevi
derozan midrange master, the oh mama announcer also excellent, but sean elliot's whiny voice and lousy analysis is a bummer, pulls words out of his ass with no style or flow
Tc Blaize
Tc Blaize Pred 26 dnevi
DeRozan!!! My Midrange king
Leagai Tala
Leagai Tala Pred 26 dnevi
Luka's a good player that's obvious..he's kinda a lite weight complainer and poor sport............................... that might be the reason he becomes great
Stig Lapoint
Stig Lapoint Pred 26 dnevi
Go Spurs Go
kevinvc2 Pred 26 dnevi
Derozan is still trash If that was a game winner down by 1 or 2 he'd miss. I watched this bum for years in Toronto. See how we won after he left and we got kawhi? Good players make a difference 👏
Josh Pred 26 dnevi
Josh Ousley
Josh Ousley Pred 26 dnevi
I mean demar is a mid range bucket soooo 🤷🏽‍♂️
mallory Pred 26 dnevi
defence felt weak
Tee Williams
Tee Williams Pred 27 dnevi
Luka was mad at the end of the game like he was gunna hit that near half court fade away haha. Good shot Derozan. Mid range Assassin
Edwin C
Edwin C Pred 27 dnevi
“Craziest game winner” 😳
Mr. BlueKid
Mr. BlueKid Pred 27 dnevi
How was that getting furious? Of course a loss hurts, but he didn't do anything special to make you feel like "DAAAMN DAT BOY GON KILL SOMEONE!!" I'd say that the reaction from Donovan Mitchell when he was ejected is leaning more towards furious than this. Am i wrong?
Neil Oscar Salac
Neil Oscar Salac Pred 27 dnevi
Vintage Demar
Darth Kadd
Darth Kadd Pred 27 dnevi
Why Derek White look so salty
—1— Pred 27 dnevi
White was the furious one haha
robbratcherii Pred 27 dnevi
He's the most MJ like player in the league. That was an MJ finish.
Robert Blount
Robert Blount Pred 27 dnevi
He travelled. He brought his second hand to the ball before he side stepped. NBA refs ignore it like they ignore the 3 second calls.
Brandon Greulich
Brandon Greulich Pred 27 dnevi
Furious? lol so dumb.
Bernardo Oseguera
Bernardo Oseguera Pred 27 dnevi
Luka still on the road to a championship sooner than demar 🤣
Martin Kern
Martin Kern Pred 27 dnevi
That wasn't furious- talk about Exaggerating the truth.
Vincemac Pred 27 dnevi
Kobe ~~~~
Texas Rangers Super Fan
Texas Rangers Super Fan Pred 27 dnevi
This is what I hate about rick he goes for game winner but there was no shot so why did we not do alley-oop I don't get it
Gonzalo Muñoz
Gonzalo Muñoz Pred 27 dnevi
Luka no está bravo por la cesta de De Rozan, sino por fallar la de él y perder
Zeince XxX
Zeince XxX Pred 27 dnevi
So where's that furious Luka?
J L Pred 27 dnevi
Demar "DeChosenOne"
Damon Walton
Damon Walton Pred 27 dnevi
Luka look dirty always like he skips shower day.
Joel A
Joel A Pred 27 dnevi
Again for Luka Doncic, this happened to he like alot this season
Guy Williams
Guy Williams Pred 27 dnevi
He traveled!
Celathian Aaron
Celathian Aaron Pred 27 dnevi
Devils Advocate
Devils Advocate Pred 27 dnevi
Yeaaaaa rapsss goattt
David Crosby
David Crosby Pred 27 dnevi
Why has every spurs game been like a one point loss where Denar misses a shot other than this one
gastate9 Pred 27 dnevi
For me, this is one of the major things Lebron is suppose to be doing to be GOAT, taking on game winning shots and making them.
Caleb Burleson
Caleb Burleson Pred 27 dnevi
That Was The Kobe In Him After All That Is His Favorite Player Took A Page Out Of His Idols Book
Justin Humphrey
Justin Humphrey Pred 27 dnevi
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Emils Cirulis
Emils Cirulis Pred 27 dnevi
That was veeeeeeery furious 😆
Dean Cafe
Dean Cafe Pred 27 dnevi
That's travelling.
chester hammond
chester hammond Pred 27 dnevi
Virus whatever you call yourself,u groupie
chester hammond
chester hammond Pred 27 dnevi
Go join a circus clown!
H2 Lo
H2 Lo Pred 27 dnevi
The defense was on point, but the shot was much better.
Alex Dawson
Alex Dawson Pred 27 dnevi
3 steps. Travel. No debate. Thanks Harden for making this garbage main stream.
Rahz Al-Ghul
Rahz Al-Ghul Pred 27 dnevi
Furious? More like disappointed
Jason Rodriguez
Jason Rodriguez Pred 27 dnevi
Ummm??? At what point was he “furious” talk about a full of sh*t video😂
Takaaki Asano
Takaaki Asano Pred 27 dnevi
Tyson Allen
Tyson Allen Pred 27 dnevi
thats to easy for Demar, we have forgotten what he can do. smh. why would Luka back off, it was clear he wanted last shot.
kingofdeadlift Pred 27 dnevi
Pretty good D, too. That's gonna hurt no matter what.
we know his voice
we know his voice Pred 27 dnevi
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Kyle O'Brien
Kyle O'Brien Pred 27 dnevi
He's such a crybaby
VTony Vicente
VTony Vicente Pred 27 dnevi
Didn't really seem furious at all but maybe that's just me smh
Dominic Damore
Dominic Damore Pred 27 dnevi
YaBoi Rob
YaBoi Rob Pred 27 dnevi
Derrick White did NOT look happy lol
John Carlo Cruz
John Carlo Cruz Pred 27 dnevi
KOBE!!!with step back
Srey Dee
Srey Dee Pred 27 dnevi
Im so happy for Demar.. still miss him
Sang Yang
Sang Yang Pred 27 dnevi
Dam he busted a Paul piece move with the step back.
G Ramos
G Ramos Pred 27 dnevi
Lmao why d.white look so bummed out like he could’ve done better💀
Shinay Aristhene
Shinay Aristhene Pred 27 dnevi
Oh so luka you don’t like it when they do it to u eh But you always doing it to everybody else 🤔
Encendio Gamer
Encendio Gamer Pred 28 dnevi
Pops coaching style crazy lol he turned his back like that did not happened 😂😂😂
Ronnie Alston
Ronnie Alston Pred 28 dnevi
I seen much crazier game winners
Va Swift
Va Swift Pred 28 dnevi
That was tuff. Demar you been legit.💯
tmakinthehouse Pred 28 dnevi
Furious is a little dramatic. I'd say he looked disappointment.
Ricardo Hernandez
Ricardo Hernandez Pred 28 dnevi
Luka should have came for the double team. Yeah he would have left white open for the Three but I would have took my chance because DeRozan's Mid-Range is unguardable. He's lethal and will hardly ever miss with the MID-RANGER shot ! So I would have took my chance n double teamed DeMar.
nominee0 Pred 28 dnevi
Luka doncic isn't only a great baller he is a winner. His talent is absolutely amazing and i'm sold. What he needs to learn how to do at this point in his career is maintain and not let emotion overcome patience. I don't have a doubt in my mind that he isn't the future of the NBA nor that he won't win a championship in the next few seasons. Stay healthy...stay will come.
The Discussion
The Discussion Pred 28 dnevi
Mavs gotta stop opposing players hit game winners on their home court 😂
Me Isme
Me Isme Pred 28 dnevi
LOL....that was travelling. He picked up his dribble long before he stepped to his right. Not Luka or Harden quality.
Jerm Pred 28 dnevi
Furious? I don't know about that, upset maybe. I appreciate the passion. You should be upset when you lose most players could care less and are just happy to be collecting paychecks.
Nate Pred 28 dnevi
DeMar should’ve been an all star.
Macc The Moderate
Macc The Moderate Pred 28 dnevi
Playoff spots are tough this year
ACT1O1 Pred 28 dnevi
Luka need to learn how to defend 🤷‍♂️
LPFE 1972
LPFE 1972 Pred 28 dnevi
Spur's won't make the playoffs anyway.
Bird Pred 28 dnevi
I never got why he can’t back up to the 3pt, some his mids are so deep anyway. Still underrated af
Terrence Dean
Terrence Dean Pred 28 dnevi
This page be reaching. Gonna block them
TShorty929 Pred 28 dnevi
Easy mid range winner winner chicken 🍗 dinner for Deebo. Absolute mid range assassin
mikedizzle40 Pred 28 dnevi
Shot not the craziest. And Luka not that furious.
flytii Pred 28 dnevi
Kareem Andres
Kareem Andres Pred 28 dnevi
Lord knows he traveled
s mitsos
s mitsos Pred 28 dnevi
Lucas your daddy......
Shaun D.
Shaun D. Pred 28 dnevi
Luka should have stayed up and not switched. He knew he was BBQ chicken. Let me read the comments to see who thinks the same.
Juan Pereira
Juan Pereira Pred 28 dnevi
Why so furious doncic?
Re1ive Pred 28 dnevi
0:03 White: Oh, Derozan has 2 defenders, surly he will kick out to me for the game-winning 3 0:13 White: So you have chosen death
jahedamilasan187 Pred 28 dnevi
Bro that mamba moves by derozan
Monk Amani
Monk Amani Pred 28 dnevi
And I'm Feeellling GOOD!
Jonathan Wong
Jonathan Wong Pred 28 dnevi
Where is the furious part??
WdnUlik2no Pred 28 dnevi
WOW 😮😮😮 Luka was SOOOO FURIOUS!!! I thought he was going to flip over the scorers' table and smash some cameras!!
Dan Sheffield
Dan Sheffield Pred 27 dnevi
Texas Rangers Super Fan
Texas Rangers Super Fan Pred 27 dnevi
Bro it does not matter who anyone will get mad
TheCursedMessiah Pred 28 dnevi
losing to the pathetic spurs. A team that cant even go to the playoffs but they are still trying. So goofy lmao
Lou Gotti
Lou Gotti Pred 28 dnevi
Derrick White looked saltyyy
dj grindhard
dj grindhard Pred 28 dnevi
He’s a goat
MK G Pred 28 dnevi
Ain't no damn Larry Bird lol
David Rahamatulla
David Rahamatulla Pred 28 dnevi
The guy at the key mad he didn’t get the ball 😂😂😂
JBF Pred 28 dnevi
Oh momma
BirdySoFly Pred 28 dnevi
apparently being disappointed and hanging your head in a loss now means you're furious
1/4 Seven
1/4 Seven Pred 28 dnevi
Derozen be like Defreeze this lol. Luka be like: you got game! Mad respect.
Mangaproduction 2481
Mangaproduction 2481 Pred 28 dnevi
Damn Luka lost in front of his girlfriend... ouch that’s hard
Too much Remy
Too much Remy Pred 28 dnevi
Lol pop turning his head having a conversation most coaches glee would’ve been caught in the camera pop look like he didn’t even notice
Θωμάς Κρουαζιέρας
Θωμάς Κρουαζιέρας Pred 28 dnevi
"I'm just like DeRozan, if I shoot it it goes in"
Greg Rowell
Greg Rowell Pred 28 dnevi
$200k/per game... he’ll be just fine.
Michael Allison
Michael Allison Pred 28 dnevi
Drama Queen Doncic
Mang Kanor
Mang Kanor Pred 28 dnevi
Doncic gets furious Doncic on video : bows his head Well thats furious
Charles EP
Charles EP Pred 28 dnevi
Happy for Derozan. He's one of the most unclutch players ever (not an exaggeration) so this is huge for him.
Charles EP
Charles EP Pred 27 dnevi
@Walrus I meant with taking last second shots, not the 4th quarter. He does have some good 4th quarters but under 2 minutes, things start to get shaky. I'm a spurs fan, so I have been watching him since we got him.
Walrus Pred 27 dnevi
I don’t think you’ve watched any Derozan in a 4th quarter have you, in fact I believe he’s .02% worse shooter in the clutch than MJ which is pretty impressive. It’s playoffs where he struggles, he usually keeps his team in it for the 4th then a guy like mills or Lowry would knock down the game winner, he can sometimes take it himself and score too tho like this case here where it was clearly a play to give Derrick White a 3 ball.
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