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Andrew Harris
Andrew Harris Pred 8 urami
Oh my god the slender man reveal. I lost my shit. I thought it was gonna he edited in or something; I was not expecting a man in a party city Halloween costume. And god the stance looks like a video game avatar in a character selection screen
Malak Negm
Malak Negm Pred 23 urami
literally nobody: Cody: FAX THATS FAX
Saxon Jenkins
Saxon Jenkins Pred dnevom
“Everything bad starts good”, that’s bull shit
Mr. Nameless
Mr. Nameless Pred dnevom
Jesus Christ you scared me
Expandapants II
Expandapants II Pred dnevom
i accidentally clicked on the video and said " oh no" then you jumpscared me and i screamed lmao
Tyrone von Benecke
Tyrone von Benecke Pred 2 dnevi
Is Cody and Kelsey still together?
Parker Noesen
Parker Noesen Pred 4 dnevi
It’s me, I’m the vpn
Altoguy Supreme
Altoguy Supreme Pred 4 dnevi
man this video's way to mature for me, I can't handle how many times theyre saying frickin...
Jake Pred 4 dnevi
14:52 there’s a huge peen in the sand
Jacqueline Aminu
Jacqueline Aminu Pred 5 dnevi
This might be completely unrelated, but I just realized when our favorite youtubers die, we'll have millions of digital footage and memories to look back. That kinda makes me sad.
Zack Mendes
Zack Mendes Pred 5 dnevi
its so funny how Cody always likes the videos he’s talking bad about 😂
THE UNKNOWN MLG Pred 5 dnevi
anyone notice that its a pre recorded drone footage. they werent looking at the drone when they were looking at each other
VitaminO4 Pred 6 dnevi
You didn’t scare me cody
Billie is my wife
Billie is my wife Pred 6 dnevi
Imagine walking through the trail and see two random dudes putting a piece of paper like sticky note on top of a tree, I mean sorry excuse me the creepy people. 🙈😂😂😂
angryanimations Pred 6 dnevi
that clown fight was someone wwe crap
Jacob Reiss
Jacob Reiss Pred 7 dnevi
Clown state beach is literally just a beach in Oceanside California that’s so dumb
Evan Gibbons
Evan Gibbons Pred 7 dnevi
as a lad from Canada, I'm disappointed that Canadians are like this. I promise that's not all of us.
Wyatt Neeb
Wyatt Neeb Pred 7 dnevi
Is it just me or is Cody ko always monotized by 805
Zack Kluver
Zack Kluver Pred 7 dnevi
i saw that ad coming miles away
Jack Mullins
Jack Mullins Pred 7 dnevi
Woah that intro scared me. I’m unsubscribing and disliking all your videos.
Cameron Hurst
Cameron Hurst Pred 7 dnevi
I can punish 3 mcdoubles like it’s nothing
Matt Styles
Matt Styles Pred 7 dnevi
Oh shout out to xtremegames. They pretended they were both dying. 1 was dieing from CROOOKED NECK
Chewygamer06 Pred 8 dnevi
He wasn’t writing that he was saying what they are
Chewygamer06 Pred 8 dnevi
my guy
my guy Pred 8 dnevi
Cody is literally just a Reaction channel but it’s always interesting
mason moore
mason moore Pred 9 dnevi
Lmao no way. I had that same slender man morphsuit in 5th grade for halloween
Trevor Lifton
Trevor Lifton Pred 9 dnevi
Cody reminds me of the guy from New Girl. Just me?
Tabbi Meeker
Tabbi Meeker Pred 9 dnevi
I die when you start in on your Express VPN spiel. Perfect segue.
Mr boss dog7441
Mr boss dog7441 Pred 10 dnevi
I like how there even an eye hole on “slender man”
SomeRandomGuyOnTheInternet Pred 10 dnevi
K D Pred 10 dnevi
I’m watching this six months after this was posted and holy crap Cody looks so bare cause his hair is short
Carallena Anderson
Carallena Anderson Pred 10 dnevi
“You think he saw the drone?” You mean the drone that the clown jumped and waved at when you first saw it?
crazy guy sports
crazy guy sports Pred 10 dnevi
crazy guy sports
crazy guy sports Pred 10 dnevi
He says he would just die but he should actually try to get
Jeremi Marchiano
Jeremi Marchiano Pred 11 dnevi
13:31 "I see U" or "Hello :)" would be much better
Skuppy Wuppy Films
Skuppy Wuppy Films Pred 12 dnevi
THANK YOU!!!!! This is all he has been posting and it's so boring.
Miles Lehman
Miles Lehman Pred 12 dnevi
You’d think the killer clowns would bring down the value of the houses
Itz_Just_ Grayyy
Itz_Just_ Grayyy Pred 13 dnevi
Jester sounds like a 12 year old
Itz_Just_ Grayyy
Itz_Just_ Grayyy Pred 13 dnevi
They clearly recorded themselves in the car after they went flying 😂 Because there’s no way he flew in between the pilot following lmaooo
Mr Nightmare
Mr Nightmare Pred 13 dnevi
"what is that? some kind of clown dog?" lmao XD
whelp me Skurzewski
whelp me Skurzewski Pred 13 dnevi
I dont give a fuck that this is scary i watch eavry video
Morgan Woolford
Morgan Woolford Pred 14 dnevi
I just love how no one noticed the giant dick drawn in the sand
coy 2
coy 2 Pred 15 dnevi
Insert cringe here
Insert cringe here Pred 15 dnevi
16:25 sounds like a slightly less greedy Gollum
NARZA Pred 15 dnevi
13:09 i’m dead 😂😭🤣
Spider 2 Y Banana
Spider 2 Y Banana Pred 16 dnevi
Fam fam faaaaammmm
jeff Pred 16 dnevi
Check out gem________ (8 underscores) on twitch .. chill music and vr
brayden ruzicka
brayden ruzicka Pred 16 dnevi
14:45 we just wont talk about the penis just chillin there
faze obo
faze obo Pred 16 dnevi
Evrithing that's bad starts bad 😂😂😂😂
Sugar And Tears
Sugar And Tears Pred 17 dnevi
Cody looks like that guy from Grave Encounters
Nathaniel Pred 17 dnevi
Jacob Anteau
Jacob Anteau Pred 17 dnevi
14:47 Classic move when there's a drone in your area
Jacob Anteau
Jacob Anteau Pred 17 dnevi
"Quantity over Quality" is tiktok's mission statement I think
Gacha London
Gacha London Pred 17 dnevi
9:18 FACTS
CameronKilz97 Pred 18 dnevi
Truck Man
Truck Man Pred 18 dnevi
Fun fact stromedy lives in the town next to mine
SpikeEye Pred 20 dnevi
´´Everything that's bad starts good´´ Yeah, just look at the Assssin's Creed games!
Dakota Lenzi
Dakota Lenzi Pred 20 dnevi
These are the kids absolutely no one fuckin likes in school and ONLY chill together, and EVERYone thinks they’re fuckin losers....
Breeandpuppycat Pred 20 dnevi
I’ll have whatever they’re on
Florian Erdmann
Florian Erdmann Pred 20 dnevi
The only thing scary is, that this is not a "That's cringe" episode.
Xanthos Pred 21 dnevom
not gonna lie the first time slenderman appeared my heart genuinely jumped
karen smith
karen smith Pred 21 dnevom
isnt this the same dude that felix made a video about for the dArK wEb bOx
Cosplay Jay
Cosplay Jay Pred 22 dnevi
That Ronald McDonald one is literally just them committing a crime
LexTheRex Pred 22 dnevi
AAAAAH you scared me
S Na
S Na Pred 23 dnevi
He really said “thank you for being brave enough to do this” brave enough to do what, sit in a car? 😭
Blue Collar Men Productions
Blue Collar Men Productions Pred 25 dnevi
More pretending your gaming while drone videos please
Blue Collar Men Productions
Blue Collar Men Productions Pred 25 dnevi
Can you do a that’s cringe on my channel? Or on TheEthanators channel
Blue Collar Men Productions
Blue Collar Men Productions Pred 25 dnevi
16 videos a day? 😂 what!
simon kifle
simon kifle Pred 26 dnevi
I though he was going to say nordvpn
Julie May
Julie May Pred 27 dnevi
They definitely have lacrosse team energy
That boi Carter
That boi Carter Pred 27 dnevi
does anyone else see the weener drawn in the sand in the background at 14:48
Glizzy Gobbler
Glizzy Gobbler Pred 25 dnevi
KuriousK Pred 27 dnevi
3:39 was a bad time to pause the video
Glizzy Gobbler
Glizzy Gobbler Pred 25 dnevi
Octoboi Pred 28 dnevi
oh no its low polygon cgi slender man what do you do?
falsedeath Pred 28 dnevi
That was so not facts bro.. well it was.. but..
Love Angel
Love Angel Pred 29 dnevi
why does cody look so pretty
Dan Smith
Dan Smith Pred 29 dnevi
Cody had such an easy chance to say “Scarizona” but decided to go with “Fearizona” cmon man be better
Bubble Gum
Bubble Gum Pred 29 dnevi
0:00 damn I pised my pants
Jordan Jefferson
Jordan Jefferson Pred mesecem
“Can I quiz u on FACTZ facts?”
Nobody 1
Nobody 1 Pred mesecem
0:00 Man you got to warn me I just shit my pants 😡😡😡Thanks a lot man!!!!
Artichoke Art
Artichoke Art Pred mesecem
right as you did the intro my pencil fell off my desk
Melika Salihu
Melika Salihu Pred mesecem
Stromedi is the best
Melika Salihu
Melika Salihu Pred mesecem
Lier stromedy did this video
Airborne RC
Airborne RC Pred mesecem
That laugh in the beginning slowly progressed into Cody's Fboy laugh
san Pred mesecem
"is it some kind of clown dog" KILLED ME
Lado Pred mesecem
They could just have the drone footage alone without them or any "scary" things. Like, drone footage of a nature park and a sunny beach is beautiful alone. But they HAVE to have "oh slenderman's nature park OOOooooOOOOaooaoososasqjsandihaehwadyg".
Marcin Klimczak
Marcin Klimczak Pred mesecem
Lol at the start of the video, if you on PC, then spam left arrow and let go after and BOO. :P
Hazelnut Cream
Hazelnut Cream Pred mesecem
Yes because as we all know clowns are nocturnal
Nakul Sajeev
Nakul Sajeev Pred mesecem
The way he gets the conversation to flow into his sponsors... Legendary
Nansis Escobar
Nansis Escobar Pred mesecem
Did anyone notice the d*ck drawn in the sand in clown beach? 😂😂😂
NAMELESS Pred mesecem
The scariest this is his intro
MsEiko Pred mesecem
dude but like the two guys in the back did all....they just sat in the back yelling "BROOOO!" and when that dude attacked the clown his punches after he tackled him were so sad 😔
A Person
A Person Pred mesecem
2:55 jumpscare was way scarier than the video itself
itsmeEli Pred mesecem
As someone who throws weak punches, I can confirm that the clown is okay 👌
Tanay Verma
Tanay Verma Pred mesecem
14:16 uwu what's this
Silver Lady
Silver Lady Pred mesecem
Am I missing something or does Cody not realize the slenderman video was a joke?
jenna :0
jenna :0 Pred mesecem
this is such a funny video this is my third time watching it🧍🏼
Tuala Curley
Tuala Curley Pred mesecem
But the fact that he actually got scared of the bark
deion farara
deion farara Pred mesecem
i cant stop laughing
Founder Fletcher
Founder Fletcher Pred mesecem
Why is “B” the shoot button my guy
Adri Turner
Adri Turner Pred mesecem
14:16 my man really said OwO whats this?
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