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November 9, 2019 -- KSI vs. Logan Paul 2 from Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.
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Dennis Harris
Dennis Harris Pred uro
Floyd could take all 3 ksi Logan and Jake back to back
Dennis Harris
Dennis Harris Pred uro
Jesus this makes boxing look bad they should just quit
Tbone Pred 4 urami
What an amateur fight! Not pros at all
Shommy Pred 4 urami
KSI wanted it more, plain and simple, in terms of pure skill they are very even, but KSI is the one who came to fight
Charles Keil
Charles Keil Pred 6 urami
It was a racist decision look where ther at
2 Dope
2 Dope Pred 8 urami
“From The United Kingdom”. Once the crowd heard that tho. Still Gives me goosebumps everytime
d.u.g. Drilly
d.u.g. Drilly Pred 9 urami
Paul did hold him by the back of the head to land the uppercut. Cheap shot
Layhla Grace
Layhla Grace Pred 9 urami
Why are all Americans so obsessed with their country
travis lafountain
travis lafountain Pred 9 urami
i’m a sidemen fan, but i think logan might have got robbed...
mzh Euv
mzh Euv Pred 10 urami
Anybody watching in 2021?
cantbsdave Pred 11 urami
I think that was scored fairly (minus the two point hit) and the winner deserved
Khalil gray
Khalil gray Pred 12 urami
I'm down like that yeah down like that oh wow I love KFI music down like that
GGIshaanOp Pred 13 urami
Y does Logan keeping hugging jj during the fight u got a hug after the game chill bro..
Patrick Laviolette
Patrick Laviolette Pred 14 urami
Lol Logan’s gotta hit....not like a school girl eother
mrstealyourgirl99 Op
mrstealyourgirl99 Op Pred 15 urami
Freezy and Harry LETSSSSSS GOOOOO JJ, Simon OH NO WHAT HAPPENS IF JJ LOSE, josh and tobi 😐 7:18
Iyaz Rozaimi
Iyaz Rozaimi Pred 15 urami
What a nice guy both of them, they love to hug 😀
THE BEAST GAMING Pred 16 urami
Who won
Renier Briel
Renier Briel Pred 19 urami
Hahahaaa, Logan smoke ski with a big uppercut, the guy gets a 5 min breather?! Laughable! Bs
Alamgeer Azam
Alamgeer Azam Pred 21 uro
Calfreezy: 👁 👁 👃 👄
GGIshaanOp Pred 13 urami
U came from jj’s recent Reddit video didn’t u....
Josh H
Josh H Pred 22 urami
Floyd is going to MOP up Logan 🤣
ultra stintict
ultra stintict Pred 23 urami
Ksi = Ps5 Logan Paul = XboxSeriesX Bigger numbers but worse performance.
jayden jarrett
jayden jarrett Pred 23 urami
logan won
Radio Man
Radio Man Pred dnevom
Logan, didn't throw the right hardly at all.. what in the world
Ryan Laprade
Ryan Laprade Pred dnevom
I feel bad for whoever paid to see this garbage.. I've seen more action in a friendly sparring session than whatever this is..
Scott Mattern
Scott Mattern Pred dnevom
Look at all the desperate-for-fame people in attendance to watch fake boxers. This might be humanity's worst moment.
Clayton Davis
Clayton Davis Pred dnevom
logan poul come on you got this bro then next jake paul gots this
Omega Iceman Cometh
Omega Iceman Cometh Pred dnevom
Logan Paul was robbed plain and simple
Danny woodbury
Danny woodbury Pred dnevom
Kyo _
Kyo _ Pred dnevom
Kyo _
Kyo _ Pred dnevom
More then a year on and I’m still watching this, and still shaking
Theswedishfish _fish
Theswedishfish _fish Pred dnevom
Theswedishfish _fish
Theswedishfish _fish Pred dnevom
They should fight again i think those two points taken away was not fair and the other people said it but ksi should not fight jake I'm warning him.
Keefe Yokum
Keefe Yokum Pred dnevom
KSI’s knockdown against Logan Paul Commentator: yeah that was a knockdown, but we have to go with what the referee says. Logan’s knockdown against KSI Commentator: well we think that 2pts is harsh and KSI won the fight because of it
Keefe Yokum
Keefe Yokum Pred 13 urami
@Duje Nejašmić troll
Duje Nejašmić
Duje Nejašmić Pred 19 urami
Kawai Stream
Kawai Stream Pred dnevom
Gabriela Koceska
Gabriela Koceska Pred dnevom
Not a Loganstar but I think he should have won
Kunal Rampal0p
Kunal Rampal0p Pred dnevom
Logan could have won bro dodge the crazy overhand and throw a big punch this what Shanon should have said
Utsav Avaiya
Utsav Avaiya Pred dnevom
This was the worst fight ever....
Terrydon Pred dnevom
Zen Does ZR
Zen Does ZR Pred dnevom
You came to this video in 2021 cuz ur bored
Krillin Roshi
Krillin Roshi Pred 2 dnevi
So, im a bit slow here? Who is this Logan Paul ? Whats he done to be famous for? and why am i watching this?? Absolutely nothing to learn here? Except watching 2amateurs trying to land a punch or a bunch🤣😂 what? I think his 15mins has run its course? Anyone? Much ado about nothing? Thnk you!
S H Pred 5 urami
Be quiet your clearly a fan
fireman66 Pred 2 dnevi
ryan was soooooo biased towards logan.
nathaniel h
nathaniel h Pred 2 dnevi
Paul won
Lu Bell
Lu Bell Pred 2 dnevi
This is garbage.
Rashard Davis
Rashard Davis Pred 2 dnevi
rice gum
Rashard Davis
Rashard Davis Pred 2 dnevi
bruh i just seen the ace fam
jaksi Tikerpalu
jaksi Tikerpalu Pred 2 dnevi
You now I'm Kai team but I do feel bad for Paul you train so much end you just take L I fell bad from Logan but I'm Kai team you now
Goat.shooter -
Goat.shooter - Pred 2 dnevi
He got the chicks
jay bee
jay bee Pred 2 dnevi
Boxing nowadays requires no skills
Tony Kekua
Tony Kekua Pred 2 dnevi
Props to the Referee for calling it fair. Need more like him
NELBERT kcideguh
NELBERT kcideguh Pred 2 dnevi
Round 3 for sure should have been a knockdown
Casey Mcgonigle
Casey Mcgonigle Pred 2 dnevi
The referee shocks let them fight
Dominic Russo
Dominic Russo Pred 2 dnevi
Yo logan paul won that in my opinion tbh
Terrydon Pred dnevom
He could've If he didn't hit him on the back of the head when he was going down
ItsPolo Bro
ItsPolo Bro Pred 2 dnevi
Personally I think Logan should have won. I like both of them but rewatching it, ksi form was sloppy and so were his punches, everytime he threw a punch it always landed on the back of logans head but would miss majority of the time. He would throw a punch and it would barley touch him and go past his head. A lot of the hits that everyone was hyping up and that they counted, didn't actually land and you can see that if you slow down the fight and rewatch it. Again I'm not bias twords Logan, I like both of them but Logan got robbed of this win.
Arnav Sutodiya
Arnav Sutodiya Pred 2 dnevi
7:20 KSI's girlfriend
Abel Saldana Juarez
Abel Saldana Juarez Pred 2 dnevi
This looks like a typical sparring match
Xmas Pred 2 dnevi
7:21 Simon looks streased
Xmas Pred 2 dnevi
25:05 yo it’s Bruce buffer
Xmas Pred 2 dnevi
16:56 112112112112
LUCY TV Pred 2 dnevi
Happy To see That the one person make laugh . Beat Up some Bully. Lol
LUCY TV Pred 2 dnevi
Too old for being immature
Albert Aanes
Albert Aanes Pred 2 dnevi
Yo that was sick 2:45
Taylor Jones
Taylor Jones Pred 2 dnevi
I wish KSI Was fighting jake because i want to laugh at jake
jboib101status Pred 2 dnevi
The crowd is exactly like this fight a joke
Waynetrain Pred 2 dnevi
This was so rigged lol 6 round was won by Paul lol
Oliver Hudson
Oliver Hudson Pred 2 dnevi
I’m a Ksi fan, but I think Logan won this
Aiden Shevlin
Aiden Shevlin Pred 2 dnevi
I like how the camera points at the sidemen😅😅😆
Agustin Garcia
Agustin Garcia Pred 2 dnevi
Round 3 is KSi round
[deleted channel]
[deleted channel] Pred 2 dnevi
lol they just huggin
Jim Duggan
Jim Duggan Pred 2 dnevi
Wow I just went to rewatch this and its amazing that in the first 10 seconds Logan puts him in a headlock and starts punching him in the body and head. The ref had to speak to him right after that telling him he can't do that. Can't believe I didn't see that before.
Rip Pred 3 dnevi
Glad to say i been here since day 1 With The Ksi v Joe Weller To Ksi v Logan Paul Now Whos Next... Ksi All The Way
ichigo Pred 3 dnevi
Commentators are bias , haha
Daniel Stanley
Daniel Stanley Pred 3 dnevi
And this guy is calling out Mc Gregor 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Derek Encineas
Derek Encineas Pred 3 dnevi
go ksi you got this
picolog nigi
picolog nigi Pred 3 dnevi
2028 Zoe Santana
2028 Zoe Santana Pred 3 dnevi
ooooooooo i saw the ace family
Matthieu Bayle
Matthieu Bayle Pred 3 dnevi
Logan Paul knows how to jab only hahahahaha
OmgiMeccanoid Pred 3 dnevi
Logan way better
Cack-yo-ween Pred 3 dnevi
Who would win? A blonde guy with a HUGE ego or burnt marshmellow boi
Meme Spice
Meme Spice Pred 3 dnevi
What 2 point 2 point shut up I slap you.
Anthony Salamanca
Anthony Salamanca Pred 3 dnevi
You Logan pual
Cameel Habib Habab The Camel
Cameel Habib Habab The Camel Pred 3 dnevi
i didnt even know this happened
Sraaf For all
Sraaf For all Pred 3 dnevi
Black guy VS White guy
Aria ria
Aria ria Pred 3 dnevi
Imma put this in advanced 2022?
Don Wilson
Don Wilson Pred 3 dnevi
There's another rig to fight that's why I don't watch boxing anymore the guy gets knocked down and he wins the fight had to take points from the other guy so he could win that is an embarrassment in an in a shame to boxing
Ahsan Ali
Ahsan Ali Pred 3 dnevi
logan OP
death _g0blin
death _g0blin Pred 3 dnevi
Logan could have won if he went at him after he knocked him down Bc Ksi was running away
Ancient Slayer
Ancient Slayer Pred 4 dnevi
Logan Paul should’ve won he shouldn’t have gotten 2 points taken away it was all fair
nova rose
nova rose Pred 4 dnevi
this is like the weakest fight i have ever saw- but im happy that KSI won
K!113r Pred 4 dnevi
This coming into your recommended be like
Irene Pongarrang
Irene Pongarrang Pred 4 dnevi
Logan paul: 7*8: to KSI KSI: ...... RESULT 56
SKILLZ SETT Pred 4 dnevi
The black ring girl is beautiful 🤩🤩🤩
Potato Potato
Potato Potato Pred 4 dnevi
Teacher: no fighting in school The kids in the bathroom:
Owen Wade
Owen Wade Pred 4 dnevi
The cool rifle canonically peck because battle postauricularly list with a feeble feigned steven. longing, quaint burglar
Nash Wood
Nash Wood Pred 4 dnevi
Nash Wood
Nash Wood Pred 4 dnevi
Voracious Reader
Voracious Reader Pred 4 dnevi
we this bored huh
GamboIsTheName Pred 4 dnevi
Logan was robbed
Derreck Abate
Derreck Abate Pred 4 dnevi
Reporters are supposed to be neutral.. they don’t even hide their side.. SHAME!
A S Pred 4 dnevi
And Jake this guy challenging CM 😭😭😂 WHAT A JOKER
saintcruzin Pred 4 dnevi
For being considered one of the finest refs, Jack Reese makes waaay too many mistakes. His two point penalty decided the fight...
Samuel Han
Samuel Han Pred 3 dnevi
Yeah but didn’t they not count KSI’s knockdown so I mean that evened the score
saintcruzin Pred 3 dnevi
Michael Ayandiran 56/55 decided the fight correct?? I rest my case..
Michael Ayandiran
Michael Ayandiran Pred 3 dnevi
If you saw the score board the two point deduction would mean anything ksi was still ahead by 3 points even if you take the two point deduction away
Mike Hancho
Mike Hancho Pred 4 dnevi
Gave him time after wobbled to that's bs
Sebastian Pozzi
Sebastian Pozzi Pred 4 dnevi
la nena logan paula no le gana a nadie
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