a video about PETA

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Gus Johnson

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this is a video about PETA
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this is a video about PETA.
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Gus Johnson
Gus Johnson Pred 2 leti
wow gus this is so topical and hilarious. i can't wait to go follow you on twitter @Gusbuckets to continue with the fun.
TheoNumberZero Pred 8 dnevi
Roman Aldaine
Roman Aldaine Pred 10 dnevi
Gus were you doing a Leonardo DiCaprio impression in this video? Is that an easter egg?
TOPSHAWTTA Pred 26 dnevi
@RubyWarriorYT ???
RubyWarriorYT Pred 26 dnevi
TOPSHAWTTA Pred mesecem
dude wtf is peta ;_;
MrAndthoughknee Pred dnevom
I watched this video after the last one I watched of Gus's and I still have no idea which side he is on.
Logan Reed
Logan Reed Pred dnevom
Peta is crazy and I don't like them but I do support no cruelty to animals
Joel Smith
Joel Smith Pred 4 dnevi
he forgot that peta grilled an actual member of the peta association just so thst they could say "meat is meat" i dunno bout u but i go out and kill what ends up in my freezer meat is not just meat when u grill a person
Cole Cole
Cole Cole Pred 4 dnevi
Dats crazy
Chappy Pred 4 dnevi
Duck peta.... yes it was intentional
Paul Crump
Paul Crump Pred 4 dnevi
Peta also got an underage girl to model for an ad that said "vegans go all the way"
Wtfzipcode Pred 5 dnevi
fuck peta RIP steve
Jim Lahey
Jim Lahey Pred 5 dnevi
Like peta from family guy
Billy Loper
Billy Loper Pred 5 dnevi
fuck peta
BruhAnt Pred 5 dnevi
Baby Trouble
Baby Trouble Pred 6 dnevi
Sort by new and get ready to waste the next 2 hours of your life arguing with strangers on the internet
Ali Pred 6 dnevi
BoniBon 666
BoniBon 666 Pred 3 dnevi
Yep just go to their Twitter account and see their supports say the most absurd ideas It's like talking to a flat earth believer
Benjamin Hager
Benjamin Hager Pred 6 dnevi
Maaan but what if a PETA person set up bear traps around a park to stop hunters but that nearly gets a dog to lose its leg? Now that would be completely ridiculous
Quentin Fugee
Quentin Fugee Pred 6 dnevi
peta did all this stuff...
Nerida Pred 6 dnevi
as a vegan, we dont claim em
WR S Pred 4 dnevi
You are a good person thank you
Burrito Man
Burrito Man Pred 7 dnevi
Your shitposts never get old
Mac Russell
Mac Russell Pred 7 dnevi
1:41 well obviously they feel that the animal would prefer to die then live in a home with a loving family...Yea the people who run Peta are hypocritical subhumans.
WR S Pred 4 dnevi
This comment gives me hope
Ethan Young
Ethan Young Pred 7 dnevi
I showed this to my sister who likes peta andbshe immidiatly dug her nails into my arms so far that I bled
Griffith Pred 7 dnevi
I fucking died at the hermonica part
nick ferries
nick ferries Pred 8 dnevi
I’ve only heard of half of these but I believe them all
I don’t know what to name this
I don’t know what to name this Pred 8 dnevi
Now what if PETA cancelled Animal Crossing 🤔
TheJustinKelsey Pred 9 dnevi
This is still my top fav Gus video.
Gay As A Rainbow
Gay As A Rainbow Pred 9 dnevi
"Now what if Peta ate a fucking dead body" - Gus Johnson 2025
Jayden Evers
Jayden Evers Pred 10 dnevi
Put on the subtitles and watch this
Sjoerd Veltman
Sjoerd Veltman Pred 6 dnevi
“Now what if penis..”
ReactiveEarth 25
ReactiveEarth 25 Pred 10 dnevi
What if peta claims that milk gives you autism
Ando Larousse
Ando Larousse Pred 10 dnevi
Why would you all criticize something that does pathetic attempts at animal justice (to which i agree are pathetic) when you don't give a shit at all about animals to begin with? it always seemed like an escapegoat to me, a method people that don't give a shit use to wash their own hands, the same kind of jerks that defend animal industry in a world with tons of alternatives that are better for health and environment through ultimatum arguments such as "what would you eat if you were alone with a cow in an island?".
BoniBon 666
BoniBon 666 Pred 3 dnevi
Cuz they are the ones who are hypocrites and judge everyone else
Baby Trouble
Baby Trouble Pred 6 dnevi
Hehe “escape goat” What an intellectual
I'm the Snake King
I'm the Snake King Pred 7 dnevi
The criticism comes from the fact that they are hurting more than they are helping. PETA is a fucking joke. Its not like they are making fun of a local ASPCA kennel or a small organization, PETA genuinely does more harm than good as they make animal activism look like a fucking joke to the majority of the populace. PETA is there for money, and publicity gets them that. If they really gave a shit about animals, they wouldn't put down 90+% of them. Don't support PETA, they are borderline eco-terrorist but they are too fucking stupid to actually accomplish anything of real value or note.
lj bomber plays
lj bomber plays Pred 10 dnevi
Monke deserve his photo gib photo to monke
lj bomber plays
lj bomber plays Pred 7 dnevi
@Max H Monke
Max H
Max H Pred 7 dnevi
Owenator Pred 10 dnevi
Now what if PETA made a series of ads linking dairy products to Autism?
Rory Triscuit
Rory Triscuit Pred 10 dnevi
I love the air wick video about bringing “nature” into our homecms after this
Wider Thumbs
Wider Thumbs Pred 10 dnevi
Damn this all actually happened peta is fucked but i didnt know it was that fucked
J R Pred 11 dnevi
came for the comedy, stayed for the pretty
Aizat Kamal Arifin
Aizat Kamal Arifin Pred 11 dnevi
Yup, Gus is a beautiful man
Yankee Rider
Yankee Rider Pred 11 dnevi
PETA: the comedy that writes itself
GianniRossa Pred 11 dnevi
why is he like the wolf of wall street on a phone call
Tiffy Vella
Tiffy Vella Pred 11 dnevi
Damn Gus, I watch your channel for laughs, not truths. This is a perfect illustration of Poe's Law. When rl is such a farse, where is the room for parody?
The Hairy Potato Couch
The Hairy Potato Couch Pred 12 dnevi
dude the 1.3k people who disliked this video are peta supporters who think this shit is okay
DeadlyGamer57 Pred 13 dnevi
*plays all three movements of moonlight sonata* So what if...
Sunnishine Sky
Sunnishine Sky Pred 13 dnevi
W H A T I F peta tried to convince the world that milk causes autism
SingleLensReflex Pred 13 dnevi
I swear to God PETA is a psyop by the meat industry to make vegans looks crazy.
August Pred 14 dnevi
Okay, disclaimer, I as an ethical Vegan Activist fucking hate PETA and all the stupid shit they do. But I hope people understand the reason why a majority of the animals they rescue are euthanized. Its because PETA will literally take any in animal they come across in any condition and so most of the time, these animals having been abused and neglected, no matter how much care is given to them, they will be too far gone and so putting them out of their misery hy euthanizing them is the only ethical thing to do. PETA isnt like a 'kill shelter'. They do what they can. And tbh, yeah Steve Irwin was a good guy, but he and his family did disturb quite a lot of wildlife and exploit those animals in subtle ways even unintentionally. And he was a hypocrite by loving certain animals and eating others. Js
I'm the Snake King
I'm the Snake King Pred 7 dnevi
Well PETA has literally kidnapped peoples dogs and just fucking murdered them. I also doubt that 90+% of those animals were in that bad of shape. There are local shelters who can do a lot more with a lot less, so PETA looks shitty because those organizations around them are much better alternatives.
MIKE 1 Pred 14 dnevi
Wow i didnt know about the steve Irwin part and he was very much for animals their rights and conservation
Mintce Pred 14 dnevi
The nation Turkey exists: Peta: and I took that personally
Mintce Pred 14 dnevi
This man's form of comedy is straight up spittin' facts. Very, very, depressing facts
young skrub
young skrub Pred 14 dnevi
imagine if peta sued turkey because their name is based on a turkey
Isaac Rodriguez
Isaac Rodriguez Pred 15 dnevi
Gabriel Cremona
Gabriel Cremona Pred 15 dnevi
comedy gold!!
LVBBoi Pred 15 dnevi
This video would probably be a week long if Gus mentioned everything they did.
Master Procrastinator
Master Procrastinator Pred 15 dnevi
I'll be honest, I feel most of the internet know how full of sh*t PETA is Im surprised they still have supporters
Veggiebone 32
Veggiebone 32 Pred 15 dnevi
Alright shut up, what if peta called black people animals
Veggiebone 32
Veggiebone 32 Pred 13 dnevi
@AngelicCinnamonBun yeah, This year's Super Bowl denied their commercial but they put it up anyway
ThatRose925 Pred 15 dnevi
I love the extra in this video and frankly every video Gus makes
Tack Pred 15 dnevi
I got a PETA add before this video
lowiigibros Pred 15 dnevi
As a hungergames fan, I must say I despise this slandering of Peeta.
xXobtusekid Pred 15 dnevi
Lol that would be crazy if they di... whaaaaaaat?
The Tin Pilot
The Tin Pilot Pred 15 dnevi
I know how to end the video Say, “***k you PETA”
Mason Smith
Mason Smith Pred 16 dnevi
PETA sounds like a liberal
Mason Smith
Mason Smith Pred 14 dnevi
@AngelicCinnamonBun I think it do tho
TheGamerInTheBox X
TheGamerInTheBox X Pred 16 dnevi
Pokémon is animal abuse you force animals to fight ;-;
stephen kaminski
stephen kaminski Pred 16 dnevi
Did this all happen
1xDiabolicx1 Pred 16 dnevi
That girl looks at least 45
Chad With A Big Iron
Chad With A Big Iron Pred 16 dnevi
Wait those are actually true?
Neil Clerk
Neil Clerk Pred 16 dnevi
I want that shirt
Something Something, Username
Something Something, Username Pred 16 dnevi
"what if PETA gave thousands of dollars to a known Arsonist and had contact with him prior to the Arsonist burning down a MSU research Laboratory?...no no no, what if PETA donated money to ELF *after* they had been convicted of several violent crimes"
Jerry Sanchez
Jerry Sanchez Pred 16 dnevi
That's peta for you
Daniel Prieto
Daniel Prieto Pred 16 dnevi
Nint 915 43
Nint 915 43 Pred 17 dnevi
Peta: Pokemon is virtual animal abuse Also Peta: *PLAY POKEMON GO*
bungus doo gungus
bungus doo gungus Pred 17 dnevi
Peta said that mario promotes animal abuse because mario was wearing a tanuki suit
Izz Syamil
Izz Syamil Pred 17 dnevi
Did all the things gus said was true
MinecraftAnimator Pred 17 dnevi
Here’s something I live by “take my dog and I take your life”
Vincent Cameron
Vincent Cameron Pred 17 dnevi
PETA pissed off an Entire country when they attacked Steve Irwin
Mac Thompson
Mac Thompson Pred 17 dnevi
They didn't "attack" Steve Irwin. It was a tweet that stated a few facts about him and said its better to leave wildlife alone. Which is true. I LOVE Steve Irwin but his method is a far cry from something like a BBC documentary. He had a hands on approach that is very dated. And it got him killed. Steve himself wouldn't argue that. The google doodle they were criticizing was a cartoon of Steve holding a crocodile over the google logo. I see why PETA would have problem with imagery like that. Its spreads the wrong message.
Caden Smith
Caden Smith Pred 17 dnevi
wait until peta finds out there’s a whole country named turkey
Mac Thompson
Mac Thompson Pred 8 dnevi
@Protego Kapulto Says generic nameless faceless person with nothing to add to the conversation.
Protego Kapulto
Protego Kapulto Pred 8 dnevi
@Mac Thompson get a life
Mac Thompson
Mac Thompson Pred 15 dnevi
@AngelicCinnamonBun Why aren't you following your own advice? There is a reply button. Thats the intended functionality.
Mac Thompson
Mac Thompson Pred 17 dnevi
@Caden Smith Your joke wasn't funny. Neither is this video. A few youtube comments to raise awareness to animal issues is the least of what I can do. Like I said, I have an animal issue I am currently working on. I worked in dog sled racing and Im trying to raise awareness that it is cruel AF. I made sure to include that in my comment, so it really never is a waste of time. If you want to help raise awareness that sled dog racing sucks, I have links to way you can do that in the descriptions of the videos on my channel, just click on my name. My goal ATM is to get Blair at the channel Iilluminaughtii to talk about it, she sorta already did, but she missed alot of stuff. So if you would tweet at her you'd like her to make a video about the iditarod that would be hecka cool.
Caden Smith
Caden Smith Pred 17 dnevi
@Mac Thompson you decided to spend maybe ten minutes to explain all of this to me, to a comment intended to be a joke, and I also already know turkey was not named after the bird. Maybe you’re the joke, and in that case, your joke was superior to mine. Good work, friend.
Jon D
Jon D Pred 17 dnevi
What if Peta, who was a baker by trade, burned bread?
:Unidentified Comment:
:Unidentified Comment: Pred 17 dnevi
0:31 And they did the *EXACT. SAME. THING.* with Hamburg as well, I get that it’s a joke to say P.e.t.a. is terrible but they are genuinely making not only immoral actions, by not actually helping many situations that animals are in, mainly hurting them in the process but also focusing on the dumbest of shit
Olivia Nava
Olivia Nava Pred 17 dnevi
To be fair about the monkey lawsuit, the argument was that because the monkey pushed the button, and not the photographer, that the copyright belongs to the monkey. It's stupid, but what you said just wasn't true.
TGP Killzone
TGP Killzone Pred 17 dnevi
Erel Levy
Erel Levy Pred 17 dnevi
Haha that would be crazy
Fortnite Gamer
Fortnite Gamer Pred 18 dnevi
The fluffy spider computationally try because expert spectroscopically learn onto a inconclusive revolve. four frail, yellow feather
Ben Pred 18 dnevi
I am a bacon of tolerance.
Michael Davis
Michael Davis Pred 18 dnevi
My God this is awesome
Robert Swifts
Robert Swifts Pred 18 dnevi
Hey guys I know this might sound crazy and totally out of the question because PETA would never do such a thing as I’m about to say right now at this exact time but what if PETA said that drinking milk causes Autism
Dodge Check'em
Dodge Check'em Pred 18 dnevi
I admire the person who writes your closed captions lol
To Those Who May Be Concerned
To Those Who May Be Concerned Pred 19 dnevi
Hypothetically, what would happen if PETA.... a fuck ton of Lobsters in Missouri and freed them into a fresh water river (Lobsters are Salt Water crustaceans)
marsi Pred 19 dnevi
P ussies E ating T heir A sses
Bazooka Llama Productions
Bazooka Llama Productions Pred 19 dnevi
peta "shearing sheep is cruel because they need their wool" actual sheep (d''i''e from s''m''o''t''h''e''r''i''n''g if they go too long without a shear)
Ashton L
Ashton L Pred 19 dnevi
The worse-than-shi**y-porn kind of acting that Gus does in his videos is quite possibly funnier than most blockbuster comedy films I’ve seen in my entire life
Gas Mask D
Gas Mask D Pred 19 dnevi
"Now what if Peta-" Yes, yes they did.
Gas Mask D
Gas Mask D Pred 19 dnevi
What kinda crack were the Peta employees snorting when they literally put on KKK uniforms and then proceeded to call the dog show employees KKK members. _That's like calling someone racist while wearing a "If you speak spanish, you don't belong in my country" T-Shirt_
Micheal Twigg
Micheal Twigg Pred 20 dnevi
PETA is the worst by far
QSL Archive
QSL Archive Pred 20 dnevi
The fuggin harmonica made me die
Cameron R.
Cameron R. Pred 20 dnevi
what if peta sued pitcher randy johnson for killing a bird in the middle of a pitch
Peezpy Pred 20 dnevi
0:54 read the subtitles
pewpew megapew
pewpew megapew Pred 20 dnevi
Peta is like fuze because they both kill the creatures there trying to save hostage and animal alike
pewpew megapew
pewpew megapew Pred 20 dnevi
Fuze is from rainbow 6 siege if you dont know
Olek Fijołek
Olek Fijołek Pred 20 dnevi
Now what if PETA made a roguelike about cats shooting robots with FUCKING TOMATOES Oh wait it exists
Clone 1
Clone 1 Pred 21 dnevom
Fun fact: you’re looking for any comments made by peta
Crowmaann Pred 21 dnevom
Fucking legend 🙌
Samuel Waterman
Samuel Waterman Pred 21 dnevom
PETA:people eating tasty animals
LightSwitchEater Doorknob
LightSwitchEater Doorknob Pred 21 dnevom
Yeah, Fuck peta
_Pandda _
_Pandda _ Pred 22 dnevi
Turn on captions and read every time he says PETA
Zack Browning
Zack Browning Pred 22 dnevi
I just love how Gus can master every character possible.
master gamer
master gamer Pred 22 dnevi
Is it just me or does that girl look like music and wins wife🤔
Ethan Molek
Ethan Molek Pred 22 dnevi
me: exists near dog peta: FUCKING MURDERER
Korosh Eht
Korosh Eht Pred 23 dnevi
how reddit handles internet justice
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