I Died in Hardcore while raiding 100 bastions... (FINALE)

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I Died in Hardcore while raiding 100 bastions... (FINALE)
It happened... F
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Yousif Salah
Yousif Salah Pred 23 minutami
F in the chat
Juicy whale
Juicy whale Pred 9 urami
you know Duckio just makes it even sadder and harder to watch by adding the recap and the sad music
Damarushankar Bhatta
Damarushankar Bhatta Pred 15 urami
BicostalShark 3
BicostalShark 3 Pred 2 dnevi
do a montage of epic clutches-some of the episodes have been close
Denis Gorbaciov
Denis Gorbaciov Pred 2 dnevi
The reason he died is 1: he wasn’t wearing his chest plate 2: he was attacking with his pickaxe
playX world
playX world Pred 2 dnevi
Clyde Tanteras
Clyde Tanteras Pred 2 dnevi
So sad:(
Shanobro Pred 2 dnevi
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Es Vynx
Es Vynx Pred 3 dnevi
Yo I think u died
Dumb Football
Dumb Football Pred 3 dnevi
This was an insane world, I haven’t watched Duckio in a while. Now I’m sad
MkpMoonlightShadow MkpMoonlightShadow
MkpMoonlightShadow MkpMoonlightShadow Pred 3 dnevi
So sad😭😭😭
Geeta Jaiswal
Geeta Jaiswal Pred 3 dnevi
jakub dziesiątka
jakub dziesiątka Pred 3 dnevi
BarevnáŠtětka Pred 3 dnevi
We will remember that hero: who kills 25 ender dragons with all advancements, diamond beacon, 500 debris in HARDCORE F
Saif Ali
Saif Ali Pred 3 dnevi
Whyy 😭😭
Vance Martin Celestino
Vance Martin Celestino Pred 3 dnevi
This is actually the first video that i dont like
I'm bad at video games
I'm bad at video games Pred 3 dnevi
oScoped Pred 4 dnevi
what would've happened if he made it through that crack?
Holden Pritchard
Holden Pritchard Pred 4 dnevi
Aayush SONI
Aayush SONI Pred 4 dnevi
6:58 painful
YoungBenneys2 Pred 4 dnevi
1 thing: Don't spam click you are doing like no damage to them. 2nd thing: If you EVER try and infiltrate a stronghold, wear a chestplate. ESPECIALLY ever since the brute was added.
Celta Pred 4 dnevi
ItzVexl Pred 4 dnevi
When you realise this was the episode after he tried dieing in every way . . .
Reddog425 Pred 16 urami
Reddog425 Pred 16 urami
kukunuri Suresh
kukunuri Suresh Pred 4 dnevi
very sweet memorys duckio bro
ItsJustCody Roblox
ItsJustCody Roblox Pred 5 dnevi
duckio would not die if he wore gold
Joshua Cervantes
Joshua Cervantes Pred 5 dnevi
Thungbemo Erik Humtsoe
Thungbemo Erik Humtsoe Pred 5 dnevi
I did not want the series to end but he should've just blast mine but he should've put on his chestplate for safety measures
Kay Bee
Kay Bee Pred 5 dnevi
I litereally cry😭😢
Alyiee Arman
Alyiee Arman Pred 5 dnevi
I stopped wathing you when ep42 after that I came back and saw that I cried
CW Lim
CW Lim Pred 5 dnevi
anime art
anime art Pred 5 dnevi
Silas van Oel Lammmers
Silas van Oel Lammmers Pred 6 dnevi
Święty Turecki
Święty Turecki Pred 6 dnevi
F for Duckio
ZERO TWOOO Pred 6 dnevi
NOO why
sighty Pred 6 dnevi
you are so bad for hardcore omg, you are spaming with sword, and trying to kill brute by pickaxe
[OLD] ArtemSkull
[OLD] ArtemSkull Pred 6 dnevi
That was panic .-.
Elijah Luis Bartosis
Elijah Luis Bartosis Pred 6 dnevi
Face reaveal pls
Morgan Converse
Morgan Converse Pred 6 dnevi
The brutes r so good, and FOR WHAT?????
Shaun Linz
Shaun Linz Pred 6 dnevi
“DuckioFTW experienced kinetic energy trying to escape Piglin brute” On the bright side, that’s a very rare death!
accel gamer Virey
accel gamer Virey Pred 6 dnevi
Good bye beautiful word
Sherri Tarrant
Sherri Tarrant Pred 6 dnevi
The end made me cry a little
piglin brute
piglin brute Pred 7 dnevi
I am hacker in hardcore
Leo Flores
Leo Flores Pred 7 dnevi
You died because it’s episode 65... If you understand pls kill me
твоя пробелма
твоя пробелма Pred 8 dnevi
KI 576
KI 576 Pred 8 dnevi
I remember the day you started the hardcore world so sad it's gone now 😭 But hey, you learned A LOT
Miguel Angel 42
Miguel Angel 42 Pred 8 dnevi
Your biggest error was you didn´t put yourself your chestplate and that provoked you to lose more hearts quickly
Knaap Alice
Knaap Alice Pred 8 dnevi
Me: Noooo Duckio died :(( 2 minutes later Start a new season
Official Stitch Playz
Official Stitch Playz Pred 8 dnevi
6:52 he would have lived if he USED HIS SWORD INSTEAD OF HIS PICAXE
Broken Arcade Studios
Broken Arcade Studios Pred 9 dnevi
Duckio: sees diamond loot Also duckio: doesn’t pick it up
Esdras Raymundo
Esdras Raymundo Pred 9 dnevi
R.i.p world id love it
Mary Solorzano
Mary Solorzano Pred 9 dnevi
Dawidek Walencik
Dawidek Walencik Pred 9 dnevi
Dziugas Rimgaila
Dziugas Rimgaila Pred 9 dnevi
f im o sad
Dziugas Rimgaila
Dziugas Rimgaila Pred 9 dnevi
Dziugas Rimgaila
Dziugas Rimgaila Pred 9 dnevi
Egirl Gaming
Egirl Gaming Pred 9 dnevi
U cant get more than a stack... u died in ep 65
vhinsan maranon
vhinsan maranon Pred 9 dnevi
Noooo dukio sesone 3 is come
anonymous 2021
anonymous 2021 Pred 9 dnevi
6:19 Someone with netherite armor: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING someone with no armor: THIS IS THE BEST CHEST EVER IN EXISTENCE
anonymous 2021
anonymous 2021 Pred 9 dnevi
5:59 Duckio: having fun Piglins: no fun in our kingdom
zahraa kamal
zahraa kamal Pred 9 dnevi
Playz Slimeboy
Playz Slimeboy Pred 9 dnevi
It will be a little bit bad but if you use cheats and write gamemode survival, you can respawn
ItsJustCody Roblox
ItsJustCody Roblox Pred 9 dnevi
you should have had a backup save
Andy Joel
Andy Joel Pred 9 dnevi
Respect ✊
Mel John Nate Beecroft
Mel John Nate Beecroft Pred 9 dnevi
Duckio: I’ don’t know what I’m doing Piglin: you picked the wrong house fool. Shot in the head
Kamala Pokhrel
Kamala Pokhrel Pred 9 dnevi
100K likes in this video
Plekzu Pred 9 dnevi
I watched duckio when he still used no mic and never watched this series, but the sad montage at the end makes me sad
Hiba Khan
Hiba Khan Pred 10 dnevi
P amresh Pandey
P amresh Pandey Pred 10 dnevi
Dfhhvg Dghh
Dfhhvg Dghh Pred 10 dnevi
ali Pg3d
ali Pg3d Pred 10 dnevi
Adamaspro GamingAnVolgs
Adamaspro GamingAnVolgs Pred 10 dnevi
Aspiired Pred 10 dnevi
that 'okay' was more scary than some of the hellish screams ive heard
avocado [••]
avocado [••] Pred 11 dnevi
So long season 2 and hello season 3
_Creationz_ Pred 12 dnevi
You’ve come so far.
Long Gaming
Long Gaming Pred 12 dnevi
I will miss this world if I was you I will cry
gaming Assassin
gaming Assassin Pred 12 dnevi
When you said ancient netheriet scrap ( 1:53 ) it was soo funny. And don't be sad coz failure is the key to success and you will be alive more years in Minecraft Survival hardcore series 3. The mighty line. Don't worry be happy.😄😄🤓
Char_ 208
Char_ 208 Pred 12 dnevi
D: that’s sad
Matthew Strang
Matthew Strang Pred 12 dnevi
Mans really used a pickaxe
PUCHITO XD Pred 13 dnevi
Fluffy Panda
Fluffy Panda Pred 13 dnevi
shaul gottfeld
shaul gottfeld Pred 13 dnevi
so sad ):
makis_ sirinakis
makis_ sirinakis Pred 13 dnevi
SAD 😭😭💔
Salman_Essa Pred 13 dnevi
i want his shaders settings... can anybody help me?
wektor Pred 13 dnevi
i'm so sad
Mallikharjuna Reddy
Mallikharjuna Reddy Pred 13 dnevi
No man ever could survive 1152days in hardcore you are the best
Mallikharjuna Reddy
Mallikharjuna Reddy Pred 13 dnevi
This is soo sad😭😭😭😭😭😭
Mallikharjuna Reddy
Mallikharjuna Reddy Pred 13 dnevi
Literally you are soo sad Because you cannot respawn in hardcore
GoodGuy Kielツ
GoodGuy Kielツ Pred 13 dnevi
Aw men😢😭 why u Die i likr ur Vids in My Another Phone why u die😭😢😢😢
Robby the Dragon
Robby the Dragon Pred 14 dnevi
Damn... I binged these cuz your vids weren't popping up in my feed for a while and I just now caught up. I'm genuinely sad to see this end.
Tyler Hinkle
Tyler Hinkle Pred 14 dnevi
andres david matiz grisales
andres david matiz grisales Pred 14 dnevi
NPC Stalker
NPC Stalker Pred 14 dnevi
Gumballelo Pred 14 dnevi
Do you remember Thug?
Michaelvlogs Player
Michaelvlogs Player Pred 14 dnevi
This is why I make back ups
vIggyto vIggyto
vIggyto vIggyto Pred 14 dnevi
F for duckio, the bravest hardcorer ever existes
Kevinn Pred 14 dnevi
1:25 how did u do that XDDD
White boy Skatze
White boy Skatze Pred 14 dnevi
this made me want to cry for you you could tell you were so sad when you died
Moist - BrawlStars
Moist - BrawlStars Pred 12 dnevi
I agree bro!!😥😭 It's so sad
Eshvnnn 098
Eshvnnn 098 Pred 14 dnevi
Could have used shields instead
Tyler D.
Tyler D. Pred 14 dnevi
I almost cried
Su gur
Su gur Pred 15 dnevi
Николай Маринов
Николай Маринов Pred 15 dnevi
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