Funniest Boris Johnson Moments

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Funniest Boris Johnson Moments

Abdul Razaq
Abdul Razaq Pred 13 urami
Borris is Harry in 40 years
Johannes Hembre-Ingul
Johannes Hembre-Ingul Pred 15 urami
It is so sad to know that the bus clip is an attempt for him to change the google search results when you search «Boris Johnson bus» from the fact that his Brexit-tour bus had lies painted on the side of it. He is nothing more than a slippery rich guy who ruffles his hair before every interview in order to be reletable instead of posh
Michael Robertson
Michael Robertson Pred dnevom
I think that's ethans dad tbf
Michał Nowak
Michał Nowak Pred dnevom
Eamonn Russell
Eamonn Russell Pred 4 dnevi
Apparently everyone who knows him personally says he’s frighteningly intelligent. I think it’s a massive act
Michiel Pred 4 dnevi
Bruh they didn't show the tea moment
Toby Mills
Toby Mills Pred 6 dnevi
Boris is like a mark goldbridge wannabe with his phrases
Samiul Amin
Samiul Amin Pred 8 dnevi
Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May the original Sidemen
James Shone
James Shone Pred 9 dnevi
All I got from this video is they think if you run the country you can't have ever had fun in your life
Theo Sergiou
Theo Sergiou Pred 10 dnevi
Dave Lloyd
Dave Lloyd Pred 11 dnevi
ThIs iS oUr PrImE mInIsTeR
William Jordan Willis
William Jordan Willis Pred 11 dnevi
I love it how boris isn’t his real name I’ll tell in comments
Romel Negut
Romel Negut Pred 11 dnevi
If I remember correctly, Clarkson, Hammond and May were returning to the place they were staying after a long shooting day. They were tired and hungry and Clarkson expected some warm food. Unfortunately for them, that wasn't the case, Clarkson got into an argument with that director and punched him. I also remember that there was a petition signed by 100,000 or 1,000,000 people, asking BBC to get Clarkson back. They refused and the rest is history.
Vishal of marvel
Vishal of marvel Pred 12 dnevi
At least you guys have PM who don't want to kill or arrest you if you speak, against him,
the brain
the brain Pred 14 dnevi
As much as I disagree with him if a guy wants to makes busses let him do it in peace
Oses Pred 19 dnevi
5:56 he got the W2S jazz hands and everything
Blue Williams
Blue Williams Pred 19 dnevi
Definitely Harry when he gets old
Nicole M
Nicole M Pred 20 dnevi
I love Boris, personally I think he has a personality and can relate to fellow British folk unlike other snobby politicians, he’s great 😂
Ruby Mae
Ruby Mae Pred 21 dnevom
My favourite trioooo!!!
Jj is a Fatneek
Jj is a Fatneek Pred 22 dnevi
Me: sees title My brain: go on son this has to be watched Read my name.
FaintAcrobat Pred 23 dnevi
The reason he talked about busses was because he wanted that to be the first thing that came up on Google when searching "Boris Bus" since the one that came up before this was the bus with the text about the UK sending £350m to the EU, why not use it for NHS instead. He wanted to bury that in the search since all of that was a lie.
Gerardo Lozano
Gerardo Lozano Pred 25 dnevi
Damn I didn’t know Britain had its own trump
Mitchell Moore
Mitchell Moore Pred 25 dnevi
Why does Borris remind me of Harry in 30 years
Joel McKenzie
Joel McKenzie Pred 26 dnevi
Hes literallly an older version of harry
Joel McKenzie
Joel McKenzie Pred 26 dnevi
is it just me or does he not look like harry?
Duck_yuckington🦆 Pred 26 dnevi
I think anyone with the name Boris has at least a bit of thick in their head
JENS Pred 29 dnevi
Fun fact my dad had some beef with Boris and his class back when he was a kid
TKM Pred 29 dnevi
oh i ruined the comments it currently has 3,333 comments
Kruntle Pred 29 dnevi
American Here Who Know nothing abt british politics: bojo seems like a lad ngl. might be useless but he's a lad
Rome invicta
Rome invicta Pred 28 dnevi
he is a good meme
Rowdy Rottie Gaming
Rowdy Rottie Gaming Pred 29 dnevi
Damn joe Biden
Mastergamer44 Pred mesecem
Blondes, am I right?
Leon Patton
Leon Patton Pred mesecem
Some say Boris is just an older Lewis capaldi
Nathan R
Nathan R Pred mesecem
Ngl boris was kinda handsome in his younger years
Ian Lopez
Ian Lopez Pred mesecem
It's the letterbox man
Brett Hallam
Brett Hallam Pred mesecem
I swear Clarkson punched his director cuz his steak was cold. Well deserved left hook
demonsluger Pred mesecem
I feel like this is how it would be if Harry became prime minister.
Craig Bethell
Craig Bethell Pred mesecem
Borris needs el fonzo on that trim
Lethabo Siphika
Lethabo Siphika Pred mesecem
React to matt Hancock funny moments
ツRxspect Pred mesecem
Him and joe Biden would be good friends
WhyAlwaysMe1888 Pred mesecem
Horrible Tory
Lisa Gorman
Lisa Gorman Pred mesecem
Anna Carty
Anna Carty Pred mesecem
Harry for Prime Minister
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Pred mesecem
Nobody: People trying to cancel Jeremy Clarkson: Ethan: “and I took that personally”
Enda Hynes
Enda Hynes Pred mesecem
Amazing how bojo has weekly meeting with the queen
Master Chef
Master Chef Pred mesecem
craig liddemore
craig liddemore Pred mesecem
So much swearing
Ghazel Barakat
Ghazel Barakat Pred mesecem
hi guys like if harry look slike boris johnson its for a good cause ty
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Pred mesecem
Is Harry wearing a Christmas Jumper in March????
wiz-on-yt Pred mesecem
Wait what
Mystix_FN Pred mesecem
I think harry is in the wrong season
zaman hijrah
zaman hijrah Pred mesecem
Hahahaha...lucu bangettt
Go Washington Huskies Football
Go Washington Huskies Football Pred mesecem
Borris is actually very smart. Went to Oxford and graduated top 10 in his class. He’s extremely smart!
cregg fagan
cregg fagan Pred mesecem
yo i know for a fact they have that gordon Ramsey video in the works
U.S Congress
U.S Congress Pred mesecem
Boris UK trump
Anna Weber
Anna Weber Pred mesecem
big Boris did the harry fingers when he made that basket lmao
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Pred mesecem
😂 when Harry said he’s not been doing his dips I genuinely asked myself if I was retarded, I was so confused on why dips would have done anything to his legs 😂
Sharon Perkins
Sharon Perkins Pred mesecem
OMG and this is the PM!!!!!!!!!!!
CB CELTICS Pred mesecem
My dad was freind with borris
Sergio Carrillo
Sergio Carrillo Pred mesecem
This man can’t BE REAL
Sour Patch
Sour Patch Pred mesecem
Boris looks like floyde from dumb and dumber
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Pred mesecem
Borris looks like Harry’s dad 😂
K.A.H. Pred mesecem
How dare you pricks laugh at me.
Laura James
Laura James Pred mesecem
Is Harry wearing a Christmas Jumper in March????
ItsBart Pred mesecem
He’s unironically funny
Jo h
Jo h Pred mesecem
Rayyan Sayeed
Rayyan Sayeed Pred mesecem
21 savage reacts well
Tom Stoneham
Tom Stoneham Pred mesecem
How do you not play him tackling the little kid
Edit Name
Edit Name Pred mesecem
7 minutes and 56 seconds but because of the outro 8 minutes and 30 seconds,
Tripple Six
Tripple Six Pred mesecem
Why does harry have the pizzagate pull on i see that logo and the color blue
Lukasz Michalski
Lukasz Michalski Pred mesecem
Oh video for snow flakes about B.J. by snowflakes .... to make B.J. look coooooool again .... atempt to give some likes for B.J.
jessratcliffe Pred mesecem
Ethan and Harry I’ll have u when lockdowns over, get me babe
Troll Gamer
Troll Gamer Pred mesecem
5:58 I swear that's harry The hands and lips😂😂
Julian Pred mesecem
Honestly boris is jokes
Sebastian Pohl
Sebastian Pohl Pred mesecem
5:58 he did the harry lips
Sinner Pred mesecem
Borris looks like Harry’s dad 😂
Mackenzie Shovelton
Mackenzie Shovelton Pred mesecem
How tf can behz talk about loving Jeremy Clarkson and call him Jay. Disgraceful
Daniel Harris
Daniel Harris Pred mesecem
There’s a theory that the busses thing was to make it so when people searched “Boris Johnson Bus” they would find this instead of the brexit bus
Cole Does Everything
Cole Does Everything Pred mesecem
This has to be a banger
Mahek j
Mahek j Pred mesecem
you know damn well he was bullied in school for the way he acts
Shuraim Akram
Shuraim Akram Pred mesecem
i swear my dream is to be the youngest prime minister of the UK and i swear i will be 6:56
JSWmlg Pred mesecem
Boris Johnson makes lots of things 😉🤣🛏
Sachin Kalinga
Sachin Kalinga Pred mesecem
Sidemen Top Gear collab are you kidding me?
Jamie Steinhauer
Jamie Steinhauer Pred mesecem
So proud not to live under this man
joshdotnet Pred mesecem
Boris Johnson is the divock origi of the English government: mostly useless but a master of shithousery
El txrapo
El txrapo Pred mesecem
Sidemen x old top gear needs to happen who would get the fastest track time in there car maybe 🤔
Yung Mogli
Yung Mogli Pred mesecem
Harry is reacting to his long lost brother.
Naka Chinjah
Naka Chinjah Pred 3 dnevi
@Youcef Mokrani it's now exactly 609 likes, don't wanna ruin it
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Pred 9 dnevi
Thusa Nadarajah
Thusa Nadarajah Pred 9 dnevi
Aydin Amin
Aydin Amin Pred 10 dnevi
Well hes not rly lost is he cos hes at 10 downing street rn 😂😂😂
Khizr Ikram
Khizr Ikram Pred 11 dnevi
@Micah Rogers then don't get pissed lmao
JJWINC Pred mesecem
Jeremy Clarkson not jake Clarkson
Tal. A
Tal. A Pred mesecem
To understand Boris properly, try to see JJ as a PM.
Bernardas Janušauskas
Bernardas Janušauskas Pred mesecem
Johnson saying he makes buses was to cover up the Brexit bus which lied about how much the UK sends to the EU
Asmir Grozdanic
Asmir Grozdanic Pred mesecem
BJ looks like if fat ethan and Harry would have a baby together.
Richard Park
Richard Park Pred mesecem
The react video to the Boris Johnson Video has more views then the actual video
Leanne Hunter
Leanne Hunter Pred mesecem
Omg Harry is the young Boris Johnson 😭😂😂
Zach Abbott
Zach Abbott Pred mesecem
Tobi is so boring
Kian Shayegan
Kian Shayegan Pred mesecem
U shud react to out of context top gear
Ollie _
Ollie _ Pred mesecem
Anyone else think that Harry looks like the younger Boris Johnson
Arthur Bloyce
Arthur Bloyce Pred mesecem
It's what he wants this kinda attention and it pisses me off so fuking much
Conor Pred mesecem
I like Boris, has a good sense of humour tbh, quite a quintessentially British one
alsunpilsut Pred mesecem
This guy is a prime minister. May God have mercy on us all.
TheCyclone Pred mesecem
why do all the sidemen hate the conservative party?
Jack Hession
Jack Hession Pred mesecem
React to top gear funniest moments!!!!!°°
Super Sammy Gamer
Super Sammy Gamer Pred mesecem
I love the sideman
Eddie T
Eddie T Pred mesecem
Reaction to Harry in 40 years
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