Teaching a Robot Dog to Pee Beer

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Michael Reeves

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come get yall juice
lilypichu came with me all the way to Boston to record a 10 second meme, thanks lily
Thanks Poki and Toast for helping w/ the dog
Funky Galileo - open.spotify.com/track/0TAHhMjG17P5pzlSm1sgSl?si=621fb254df494e50
Flamingosis - Sunset Park

Michael Reeves
Michael Reeves Pred mesecem
Godlike Merch: pissbaby.art/
Lynxリンク Pred 4 urami
CIA Pred 8 urami
@Zachary Kulsa first
Zachary Kulsa
Zachary Kulsa Pred 11 urami
CIA Pred 2 dnevi
@The Piano Boy stop
Tyree Wilson
Tyree Wilson Pred 2 dnevi
It's so fucking cool
KL Scale Models
KL Scale Models Pred 4 minutami
make a toilet that tazes you every time it detects a poop going past the seat
Federal_soup Pred 41 minuto
learned c# thought it would be fun now i see why you are the way you are
Lam Thai
Lam Thai Pred 55 minutami
Best anime revenge of 2021
Alan Gamer
Alan Gamer Pred 59 minutami
A robot that screams at you when you take a step
Cole Wilson
Cole Wilson Pred uro
Michael uses some bomb ass music in his videos
Osvaldo Ruiz
Osvaldo Ruiz Pred uro
Make a Tazer Pillow
LND 17
LND 17 Pred uro
You should make a roomba that vacuums up the dirt then dumps in on carpets
LND 17
LND 17 Pred uro
I wish more people were this smart
HunterBoi40 Pred uro
He clearly likes it!
Mustafizur Rahman
Mustafizur Rahman Pred uro
Felinehand Pred uro
Its so fuckin rad how it regains its footing after it slips
Lex Baalim
Lex Baalim Pred 2 urami
sell ding ding
tejlerek minecraft
tejlerek minecraft Pred 2 urami
make a fucking toilet that tazez a when you shit or pissssssssss XD why not just do it
Prashil3k Pred 2 urami
11:01 that's Aria right?
NEprimo Pred 3 urami
this is hurting my brain so badly. like I'm anthropomorphizing this thing so hard in my brain, feeling bad when it was peeing in the house. future humans are fucked when we make lifelike robots
Blue Fire
Blue Fire Pred 3 urami
Now make it able to find and retrieve erasers that you drop during class
Formalitys Wand
Formalitys Wand Pred 4 urami
hope you dont have any Spot remover in the garage
Midnight Breeze Life
Midnight Breeze Life Pred 4 urami
At Least He's Not Shocking People
Peep Pred 4 urami
i love this shit
El Caponè
El Caponè Pred 5 urami
To be fair, Adam savage does look like a construction worker
El Caponè
El Caponè Pred 5 urami
The only thing left is to make it poop ice for your whiskey. Also make it lift its leg when it pees
Aaron Vixionni
Aaron Vixionni Pred 6 urami
Oh my god. That shit literally made me cry laughing. I may have leaked beer. Also, hey! I'm from Oklahoma! [This comment is not affiliated with Oklahoma governmental policy nor does it express the opinions or view of Oklahoman policy makers or the Oklahoman public.]
You should make a door that whenever someone walks through it they get shocked
Colin Draws
Colin Draws Pred 7 urami
Make a robot that shoots nerf darts at whoever says among us
Skythe White
Skythe White Pred 7 urami
Build a robot which can harvest lotus silk from lotisplant. If it works I get 50% of the idea 😉
Galaxy Studios
Galaxy Studios Pred 7 urami
there is a very thin line between genius and stupid, michael snorts that line he is just smart enough to be a dangerous dumba$$
Wyatt Mayes
Wyatt Mayes Pred 8 urami
Make a bicycle that tazes you if you stop pedaling
oekiemonstertje Pred 8 urami
Make a f*cking battlebot and destroy the whole competition with ur killer robot. (One of those robot fights to the death)
Gaurav Agarwal
Gaurav Agarwal Pred 9 urami
This video is way too underrated considering the views being less than 10mil after almost a month now...
Sandy Diaz
Sandy Diaz Pred 9 urami
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Saor Pred 10 urami
You should rig up someone's streamer chair with a pair of electrodes to the bum or back and program a taser to shock them whenever you press a few keys on the keyboard. Not just one key, a few random ones 😂😂
Iw Z
Iw Z Pred 10 urami
Mäke a Bēd that ejêct you when3ver the alãrm ringïng.
Mazimum125. X
Mazimum125. X Pred 12 urami
make a robot that you can control with your brain
hand rest
hand rest Pred 12 urami
he should make next video using the security camera
can you do a robot that cleans watar? ooooo yea and it has to be good for the fish
TrueAidooo Pred 14 urami
You should build a drone that will hover over people and drop shit on their heads at random times
cooked_Marmar Pred 15 urami
Make a programme that makes it’s so that we can skip an add in less than a second
JUSTABOI X Pred 15 urami
Can we appreciate how much of michaels acne is gone
pody235 yak
pody235 yak Pred 15 urami
Make a drone that tazers people when it finds them
Ike gamer 1234
Ike gamer 1234 Pred 16 urami
Make a robot that can pickup cup whatever it should do and don’t get the cup
kazuto nishiki
kazuto nishiki Pred 16 urami
if elon was a drinker:
kazuto nishiki
kazuto nishiki Pred 16 urami
Francis E. Dec
Francis E. Dec Pred 16 urami
you know what else is totally flat michael? your girlfriend
Sam yeetz
Sam yeetz Pred 16 urami
2:30 why tf do you have an Obama cutout? Did I miss that?
The Golden Apple
The Golden Apple Pred 16 urami
Michael I know you might not see this and you hate robot ideas from viewers but you should make a homemade cnc Machine or a laser cutter out of a 3-D printer
Luca Jacobs
Luca Jacobs Pred 17 urami
Put a taser on it
Lily Draws
Lily Draws Pred 17 urami
So that'swhybits been a month since you last posted youre in jail
ChrisP Hatdog
ChrisP Hatdog Pred 18 urami
Nas Daily: That’s 1 minute see you tomorrow! Michael Reeves: That’s 16 minutes see you next year
HoisinsSauceIsLiTtTtTtTtTtTtTtTtTt • 34 years ago
HoisinsSauceIsLiTtTtTtTtTtTtTtTtTt • 34 years ago Pred 18 urami
Hey how about build a robot that tase you whenever you stop focusing on something ur doing like homework, maybe using the brain wave scanner thing to see when u zone out
Sonia Immad
Sonia Immad Pred 19 urami
Make a machine that slaps you everytime you try to pick up the phone during night
Ron F
Ron F Pred 20 urami
Oogabooga Subbed 🤪crazeeee
Just Johnny Wu
Just Johnny Wu Pred 20 urami
Everybody gangsta til the cup on the table '_'
Robot Frank
Robot Frank Pred 21 uro
Oh nice a robot dog! Boy, I'll never have to housebreak that dog. Teach dog to piss beer. Oh wait...
Antonio Jackson
Antonio Jackson Pred 21 uro
Make a robot that tazer anyone that says bad robot ideas
TacHimselfToo Pred 22 urami
Make a long range taser
Ghest1pro _
Ghest1pro _ Pred 22 urami
Create a Ted plushie that when squished ha says bad words
Sebastian Altamirano
Sebastian Altamirano Pred 22 urami
This is the first video I saw on your SLpost channel and I already hate you
Sebastian Altamirano
Sebastian Altamirano Pred 22 urami
What are you going to do next make it so it poops chocolate into whatever
xander Sonnex
xander Sonnex Pred 22 urami
I searched "crackhead preschooler" and your channel came up.
N.Phillips Pred 22 urami
Live Laugh Love
Live Laugh Love Pred 22 urami
it takes him three rotations of mercury to upload
Nicholas Guzman Padilla
Nicholas Guzman Padilla Pred 22 urami
Make an ax bomb, you know the horrible cologne? Just make it like a portable Auschwitz gas chamber but ax body spray.
Jacob Hukill
Jacob Hukill Pred 23 urami
lol this was made on my birthday and this was the greatest video to watch
Zexify FN
Zexify FN Pred dnevom
3:20 me at 3 am
Joshua Tindall
Joshua Tindall Pred dnevom
Bout to commit while watching this. Michael. Your buitfal voice will be the last I hear. Thank you
todomo Pred dnevom
okay but when he pushed the dog in his own pee and it righted itself that was really cool
Adam Mráz
Adam Mráz Pred dnevom
Ahoj Áďo owo
Caden Dicky
Caden Dicky Pred dnevom
I don't know whether to be amazed or worried by this guy.
Hardik Pred dnevom
Make a phone case that tasers you in a in 5 minutes when on it to long
Tyree Wilson
Tyree Wilson Pred dnevom
Kill me
Abdelrahman Hussein
Abdelrahman Hussein Pred dnevom
i got a robot idea make a alarm clock thatmakes you a cup of coffee when you wake up
Jenn Sramek
Jenn Sramek Pred dnevom
make a particle accelerator
CodyDragon Pred dnevom
make a robot that beat people everytime they say crackhead,nightmare and ok boomer
Jackson Lechleitner
Jackson Lechleitner Pred dnevom
I’m not sure if this might have been a problem with the dog. Once Pissbot pisses in the cup the cup no longer has the brightest pixels. Or maybe it does and I’m totally wrong.
Diego Sosa
Diego Sosa Pred dnevom
make the robo dog to shot a taser pistol
AbsolX Guardian
AbsolX Guardian Pred dnevom
We need to give this man all the Boston Dynamics dogs we sieze from the police
Im Garbage Animations
Im Garbage Animations Pred dnevom
Build a machine that when you press a button it knocks on your friends door
Wuigi Pred dnevom
You should make a drone hoverboard
Péter Henzsel
Péter Henzsel Pred dnevom
Make a modified alarm clock. When you wake up it makes you coffee but it isnt irratateing. Like playing the “F***ING WAKE UP DIPSH*T” beeping sound. (And when you want to turn it off it elecricutes you with a TASER)
My life
My life Pred dnevom
I need one of these pissbots. All I need is over $80,000
Reyna Pred dnevom
when you're a genius but also dumb
Generic Animations
Generic Animations Pred dnevom
make it shit like peanuts, ice cubes or like twix
Demon Child
Demon Child Pred dnevom
Man tec has come so far he started with a wake up tipod thing
grant lack
grant lack Pred dnevom
teaching a robot dog to pee beer, or: party training your dog
Lexicon 574
Lexicon 574 Pred dnevom
Hello video idea make your own spot
gaming jet fhither
gaming jet fhither Pred dnevom
make a robot puk dog shit plise
eyeVANDALeyes Pred dnevom
People : AI will take control of the world AI : 11:48
Siddhant Raju
Siddhant Raju Pred dnevom
Can u make it shit out Dorito's and have another mode of taking a dump called Diarrhea where it shits out (or pukes)cheese dip or salsa ?
The Craftsmans Guide
The Craftsmans Guide Pred dnevom
It's just like having a real dog!
Gabriel Cadillo
Gabriel Cadillo Pred dnevom
Hey Michael had an idea to improve piss bot. Wanted to make it on my own but not to well versed in coding. the worst part being having to program it to avoid incoming objects. personally I would have name mine Red Rocket HaHa. Any ways I had the thought when watching the video instead of an air tank try using a peristaltic pump. this will milk it out and will help keep the beer from aerosolizing. it would greatly reduce the weight and add much more party fluid. maybe too try make some mixed drinks just for some variety. not sure how the pressure would be (should at least be consistent) but he might need an extension or neutering. hope you see this and give it a go m8.
Westfilms co.
Westfilms co. Pred dnevom
its just like a real dog.
SRQ Pred dnevom
Michael looks like Vector with RTX
Jahu1104 Pred dnevom
6:47 Michael after impregnating a woman
Acrkin Pred dnevom
Can you build a sova drone in valorant plsssssssss
Jordyn Young
Jordyn Young Pred dnevom
Surely you should try to map the cups in a 2d plane representing the floor. Then you can use a pathfinding algorithm to position it and to avoid it post-piss... I may be overthinking this
Sean Railey R. Pulmones
Sean Railey R. Pulmones Pred dnevom
Michael Reeves: Telling us that he is dumb Me: Am I a joke to you
Romeo Demafelis
Romeo Demafelis Pred dnevom
Michael make a robot that throws straws when it sees a turtle (pls this is just a joke im sorry dont take it seriously)
Mr. Sadist
Mr. Sadist Pred dnevom
idea make a computer that curses at you when you do anything with it
matthew gnanaiah
matthew gnanaiah Pred dnevom
Build a robot that when you turn on your computer it automatically switches to p hub
Bella Poof
Bella Poof Pred dnevom
I bet he's not even joking about the couple of popped tires... told you.
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