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Join us when we go car shopping and look at the Rolls Royce Phantom III Extended wheel base! Is it the ultimate family car? ;-)
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Walk With Me Tim
Walk With Me Tim Pred dnevom
The Perfect Famaily car for RICH people! lol
Anonymous Pred 3 dnevi
The way they completely ignore the Carrera GT shows that they aren’t real car enthusiasts...
Johnny English
Johnny English Pred 17 dnevi
je savais pas que benny etait un laquet polyvalent ? nounou x chauffeur x videaste mdrrr, il est gratuit enplus ?
nicolas castells
nicolas castells Pred 20 dnevi
I see this Belgian RR every summer in Ibiza, with her white exact sistership!
Michael Hill
Michael Hill Pred 24 dnevi
Beautiful RR EWB!
Yuh Boris
Yuh Boris Pred 26 dnevi
16:21 hahaha
Tim Schaumburg
Tim Schaumburg Pred 28 dnevi
You should name it Charles
Stephan Fourie
Stephan Fourie Pred mesecem
Kardashians!!!!! Yuck!!!
no one
no one Pred mesecem
Can't believe you ignored the CGT. Your son spotted it straight away :D
Дмитрий Лоцманов
Дмитрий Лоцманов Pred mesecem
Finally OVERKILLING again🙏🏻
varjag Pred mesecem
06:15 its clear JANI does NOT like Benny :)
Frederick Hassler
Frederick Hassler Pred mesecem
With Belgium plates😅
chinatype Pred mesecem
Nice car Jon 😎
Fares A.H.H
Fares A.H.H Pred mesecem
“It’s like complete opposite but has the equal charm” that’s so sweet
Cleusa Ceihovicz
Cleusa Ceihovicz Pred mesecem
Beccilein Pred mesecem
Can someone please explain me how i can edit sounds like in 7:30?
MT Pred mesecem
If you live out in the country in the US, you definitely know at least 5 people with a truck that has a train horn
Rubí Hernández
Rubí Hernández Pred mesecem
MrFelixify Pred mesecem
That little boy has two cool dads.
Brenda Benoît Dudley
Brenda Benoît Dudley Pred mesecem
The car is beautiful inside. On the outside, not so much. I bet he does sell it after pimping it up!
flameout12345 Pred mesecem
why is someone that isn't even 40 buying a old mans car.
korkunge Pred mesecem
Who the fuck buys this car as a family car? SO stupid, BUT hey if you have the money spend the money.......
Muhammad Aliff Ahmad
Muhammad Aliff Ahmad Pred mesecem
May God bless all your viewers and subscribers with health, beautiful homes and cars
Rusty Ryan
Rusty Ryan Pred mesecem
RR Ghost would have been the best choice. No hate, but I don't see the point in a Phantom especially I do not understand why the EWB. That is a car for an understated over 65 year old billionaire couple with a chaffeur for drives to the country club. Finding suitable parking spots will be a pain in the ass and if Janni and Jon are sitting in front, the can't even reach the kids in the back (the kids don't care about the leg space by the way).
Bortom Stockholm
Bortom Stockholm Pred mesecem
Nice 🤩
Mastif 07
Mastif 07 Pred mesecem
Super fin bil
Luis Ortega
Luis Ortega Pred mesecem
Aye my last name is also Ortega :)
ImaCyclePath Pred mesecem
3:17 Is that Eleanor? Gone in 60 Seconds?!
Don Jr.
Don Jr. Pred mesecem
Incomming 26” rdb wheels
Przemek Moszczynski
Przemek Moszczynski Pred mesecem
Gordon Johnston
Gordon Johnston Pred mesecem
I am surprised to see that the back seats didn’t seem to have the recliners like the Mercedes Maybach 62. I am sure the kids will sleep very well in the back.
Alan Antony
Alan Antony Pred mesecem
make the royce full black
Sum brach
Sum brach Pred mesecem
Congratulations for your new car . Hope this will be another custom car .
Justme101216 Pred mesecem
Zeus should be the name of the car
Quico Pred mesecem
Not being rude, pretentious or snobbish, but to have the out most experience in owning a RR, it needs to be custom order from RR, if it is not custom order, you will find annoying detail that was not specifically tailor made for you and your family, and you will regret it, buying such an expensive means of transportation, just because of it's name, when you start seeing how expensive it becomes owning a second hand RR. But to each his own, do enjoy the your 2nd hand RR it will be an unforgettable experience nonetheless. JMHO.
tim lindner
tim lindner Pred mesecem
leon and benji "you´ve got a friend in me, you´ve got a friend in me"
Forever A Lister
Forever A Lister Pred mesecem
Bigger family, bigger car 🚗
JookerSK Pred mesecem
I would buy a BMW Alpina B7 or a Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 for sure over the Phantom :D .. For some reason it is such an unnecessary vehicle :D
The King
The King Pred mesecem
The rolls is a Stupidly Beautiful car that you wont be able to Park anywhere, which will make it impractical ,.... You will Need a Driver to drive it around while you shop or go anywhere!!! LOL ... get a LWB range rover or URUS >> URUS looks great Modified! Other Options would be The BMW X7 ,.,, which is Phenomenal ... Looks really Big and TOUGH!!! Alpina X7 is the best! slpost.info/dev/g5u0nK17opawnak/video.html
Benjamin Robert Graham
Benjamin Robert Graham Pred mesecem
Geeze. The entire line up is overwhelming. How do you pick just 1 !?!
Tioma Pare
Tioma Pare Pred mesecem
is it safe for the baby ... the lound sound of the Mustang ?
Abang Zafiq
Abang Zafiq Pred mesecem
Congratulations on the purchased...Really beautiful car and luxury
marcooooomit5o Pred mesecem
Call it Morten 😊👍🏼 Great video as always. Good to see you back on track!
John Bower
John Bower Pred mesecem
"Pablo" like Pablo Escobar because that Rolls Royce is a "BOSS".
Devin Carroll
Devin Carroll Pred mesecem
Send a message if you're interested.
Devin Carroll
Devin Carroll Pred mesecem
+ 1 3 4 6 4 0 2 4 5 1 1
Devin Carroll
Devin Carroll Pred mesecem
having an investment is probably what anyone should be thinking of rn,the lockdown taught us to invest more save less.
Devin Carroll
Devin Carroll Pred mesecem
Thijs Emonds
Thijs Emonds Pred mesecem
Name: James!
theoriginalvalen Pred mesecem
Sooo George 2.0? hahahaha
Dark Lake
Dark Lake Pred mesecem
You forgot the "V" in the title. Phantom 8.
Kaur Pred mesecem
another car he will make ugly and sell after driving 5 miles with it.
Kuba Invest
Kuba Invest Pred mesecem
And? He make money on it too
Yorrick De Vries
Yorrick De Vries Pred mesecem
Amazing, perfect for the family 🥰
anootis Pred mesecem
Kungar är ni
Alan YeLLeZ Rostovtsev
Alan YeLLeZ Rostovtsev Pred mesecem
Normal people: buying mid-size sedan Family: buying a minivan Jon Olsson: Buying a limo rolls royce.
Devin Carroll
Devin Carroll Pred mesecem
Send a message if you are interested and want more more info.
Devin Carroll
Devin Carroll Pred mesecem
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Linda Swartz
Linda Swartz Pred mesecem
@Devin Carroll how?
Devin Carroll
Devin Carroll Pred mesecem
Lol he didn't buy that with saving 😂, I'm very sure you can afford that if you invest in cryptocurrency.
Shaun Thompson
Shaun Thompson Pred mesecem
Shaun Thompson
Shaun Thompson Pred mesecem
Name the New Ghost -
Shaun Thompson
Shaun Thompson Pred mesecem
Knowing you, I give it until July...
Milan Stanic
Milan Stanic Pred mesecem
i watch this just becouse rickard ...Jon is fake! start from the fake smile ...
Devin Carroll
Devin Carroll Pred mesecem
If you are interested and need more info send messages.
Devin Carroll
Devin Carroll Pred mesecem
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Devin Carroll
Devin Carroll Pred mesecem
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chikara Pred mesecem
Chillee Pred mesecem
The name for the Bridal Car, maybe Golden Years, like the retirement home, let’s face it, only Wedding Hire & the retired own Phantom LWB.
Devin Carroll
Devin Carroll Pred mesecem
@Chillee 👍
Chillee Pred mesecem
@Devin Carroll amazing and this info is being given for free on SLpost 😂. As soon as the money transfer has arrived from the Nigerian President, I’ll have around $80 million to invest, taking a while though, the next $2,000 transfer I do should free it from the customs hold.........🤪🤪🤪🤪
Devin Carroll
Devin Carroll Pred mesecem
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Linda Swartz
Linda Swartz Pred mesecem
Elon musk knows that too 😂😂
Devin Carroll
Devin Carroll Pred mesecem
even if the economy crash,bitcoin won't. investing on bitcoin would be the most amazing thing you'd do for yourself.
Clément Pred mesecem
Even if it's not my car, it upsets me to see the kid mistreating the seats
Devin Carroll
Devin Carroll Pred mesecem
Send a message if you're interested.
Devin Carroll
Devin Carroll Pred mesecem
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Devin Carroll
Devin Carroll Pred mesecem
you can make more investing on bitcoin,I made $5600 investing $1500 on my first trade with bolttech.
SimpleBeatsMusic Pred mesecem
If that car is a girl, she's from Thailand.
Devin Carroll
Devin Carroll Pred mesecem
Send a message if you are interested and need more info.
Devin Carroll
Devin Carroll Pred mesecem
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Devin Carroll
Devin Carroll Pred mesecem
Invest with bolttech,they are legit and trusted.
Dwarfer230 Pred mesecem
does anybody know what happned tthe house they were building in lompock did they just not buy it and gave up on it
Ste.fiorav Pred mesecem
And I can't wait to see what mods you will do on this car !!!
Bu3amraz Pred mesecem
Oh and the shorter wheelbase in monaco the green one is long enough, or the cullinan ...
Bu3amraz Pred mesecem
Chop the roof off, lift kit, camo wrap, low profile tires, 27” wheels ...
Chillee Pred mesecem
All those cars and you’re looking at, wait, you going into the Wedding Car Hire Business “C’est normal Bridal”. Seriously, we gonna get videos of you play Golf next........psssst there’s a Porsche 918 3 meters away..... The look on the sales people, like “get that kid outta there, it’s not a play pen, buy it, then you’re kid can do what he wants” ......
DRIVECLUB-is-timeless Pred mesecem
Why not buy the new S-Class ?? 😎😎😎
Frenk De Graaf
Frenk De Graaf Pred mesecem
John the Rolls
Mathys Westra
Mathys Westra Pred mesecem
Send it to Absolute :)
ThePandaahBear Pred mesecem
Do they speak English or Swedish when they’re not filming?
Carpe_Diemas Pred mesecem
Skip the stars and cut off the roof again....its a very good idea !
LiveInBokeh dentist cinematographer
LiveInBokeh dentist cinematographer Pred mesecem
why Jon? why did you buy this rolls royce boat? why?
vgolfoz Pred mesecem
These "should I buy it" videos are so predictable. You never have any intention of buying such an expensive car...unless it's lent on promotion. It'll be you taking it on a test drive. Bla bla...then "we'll see"...and then nothing. EDIT. RINSE. REPEAT
Cary Coller
Cary Coller Pred mesecem
They put the baby in the front seat of a 40 year-old Mustang 😳! Then took him for a ride not ina car seat 😳!
Billy Wang
Billy Wang Pred mesecem
Thats a good looking baby
AKU LAHTINEN Pred mesecem
I have to say, I miss the Audi RS6 "Leon💔"
Chess Divas
Chess Divas Pred mesecem
Maintaining this car will cost you around 15k-20k in the month , have no clue how much fun is that
Matt™ Pred mesecem
What a dumb car...
Annette S
Annette S Pred mesecem
Seriously, why would one need this car? Maybe if you want to flaunt your wealth? It's a grandpa car, and Bennie's going to be a chauffeur now.
Alex H
Alex H Pred mesecem
Good family car only if using the Seat Belts in the back, and the Child Seat. It's mandatory in France. In a Phantom EWB too.
Freeski Swizzy
Freeski Swizzy Pred mesecem
Janni doesn't even bother liking the cars anymore. She knows it'll be sold before it's even done 😅
midland Pred mesecem
Just buy a Limo Jon.
pischelales Pred mesecem
Rich people don't have to fasten seat belt?
Devin Carroll
Devin Carroll Pred mesecem
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Devin Carroll
Devin Carroll Pred mesecem
The rich stay rich by investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich.
Matt Owen
Matt Owen Pred mesecem
The RR Phantom is simply too big, ostentatious and impractical, Jon. The smart move is the New Ghost.
Vägen mot skilsmässan
Vägen mot skilsmässan Pred mesecem
The official "drive all the neighbors kids to soccercamp" car! :)
Maurizio Arrivabene
Maurizio Arrivabene Pred mesecem
Benni, why are you driving with your phone out, while there is someone elses kid on the passengerseat?
Adri King
Adri King Pred mesecem
You should see the rolls Royce phantom tempus collection is sick 😎😎
Ivo Schelhaas
Ivo Schelhaas Pred mesecem
No AMG?😅
koekjeerbij007 Pred mesecem
Lord Hans was too high for the Monaco garage, so you cut the roof off. Jon are you cutting the back off the Rolls so it fits in one parking spot? 😂
koekjeerbij007 Pred mesecem
"Rolls Royce phantom EWB hatchback"
Ciej Pred mesecem
To be sold a week after finishing the mods. How about getting one car and keeping it, so that Leon wouldn't have to ride on a front seat of an interesting yet dangerous car? You still could play with project cars, just wouldn't need to pretend You are going to keep it
Devin Carroll
Devin Carroll Pred mesecem
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Devin Carroll
Devin Carroll Pred mesecem
It called invest,just like investing in an estate but investing on cryptocurrency is way more profitable than that 😊
DrunkShooter Pred mesecem
I don't think this is the ultimate family car. It's a chauffeur car, I don't think it suits a family or Jon. Bentley Flying Spur, Urus, Bentayga, Cullinan, DBX, RSQ8 or wait for the new Maybach GLS or Urus Performance
ova bella
ova bella Pred mesecem
Those cars with the big gas eaters soon will be history we have to care more about the planet me personaly i stop watching you vlogs i am out
Tony Pred mesecem
He will sell it for a profit after a few months anyway 👍
Devin Carroll
Devin Carroll Pred mesecem
*+* *1* *3* *4* *6* *4* *0* *2* *4* *5* *1* *1*
Devin Carroll
Devin Carroll Pred mesecem
Not much profit will be made,investing on cryptocurrency earns you more profit.
Linda Swartz
Linda Swartz Pred mesecem
Definitely 😂
Tony Pred mesecem
Could just get an AMG mini-van
Fendt1237 Pred mesecem
Mohammed Uways
Mohammed Uways Pred mesecem
Why not the panamera 😭
Алекс Сенсей
Алекс Сенсей Pred mesecem
Boring black saloon....😬
Michael Russell
Michael Russell Pred mesecem
#months time will be Jon : we are selling the Roll Royce Phantom
Petr Kolarik
Petr Kolarik Pred mesecem
Jon , talking about the guy’s name for the new Rolls. What about “Phantomas” aka “Fantomas” as per Louis de Funes movie 👌🏻
Jihsu Kim
Jihsu Kim Pred mesecem
wait jannni is pregnant again right??
manuel aguiar
manuel aguiar Pred mesecem
Its good to begin luisten again or voice and blogs,very good luck id a new car... Nice and beautiful family.. Hugs and kiss
Mersudin Kovacevic
Mersudin Kovacevic Pred mesecem
The monster of car should be named Thanos
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