The Reason I Became A Fighter (5 DAY COUNTDOWN)

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Jake Paul

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This is the most important week of my life...
Watch my fight on PPV through cable and satellite providers, or APRIL 17TH
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metamorfose MMA
metamorfose MMA Pred 2 urami
I am from MMA
metamorfose MMA
metamorfose MMA Pred 2 urami
Hello i am Cláudio Roberto i live in a house from Brasil!!!!
iTSCHRiSTYLEiGH4 Pred 3 urami
I am so glad u put this out.. opening up with ur feelings and showing the real u jake xoxo
Crystal Paradise
Crystal Paradise Pred 5 urami
Jake paul something Gamer, Prankees, Party with pornstar, boxer ,youtuber, musician ... What a life
Valeria Gonzalez
Valeria Gonzalez Pred 5 urami
You should fight canelo
yoselyn alvarado
yoselyn alvarado Pred 6 urami
)= sorry for you
Heyitsziggy Pred 7 urami
Who remembers when he used to be on Disney channel
Luis Knapp
Luis Knapp Pred 10 urami
He became a boxer. You can't even call yourself a fighter until you fight a real boxer. What a clown 🤡. Stop calling your self a boxer your nothing but a cloud chaser ☁️ 🏃 Mayweather is going to rock your 💩 so hard.
Fellsy Pred 10 urami
You're a female throw hands with Tommy Fury please because he is going to whoop that ass. Hahahaha
Daryll Lyngdoh
Daryll Lyngdoh Pred 11 urami
Andrew Meadows
Andrew Meadows Pred 12 urami
he say he will never be a pranks again that's a lie
king welsh
king welsh Pred 12 urami
Boy my life is crap to I am the lital brother I have had a crap life I cep telling my self got up
Joseph Garcia
Joseph Garcia Pred 14 urami
How he got 20 million subscribers and gets 1m views ????
Brittany Kezer
Brittany Kezer Pred 18 urami
Praying for you Jake
being artist
being artist Pred 19 urami
Why you are so famous
The Beret Ranger 28
The Beret Ranger 28 Pred 21 uro
I've been highlighted boiss
Fidel Rodriguez
Fidel Rodriguez Pred dnevom
Jakes in a dark place ever since he’s dad left his mom then his gf left him
Guy Gibbs
Guy Gibbs Pred dnevom
Then be a real fighter lol come see if you can take my hat please please for free i want zero money .
Cam_116 Pred dnevom
you ain’t a fighter Jake. wake up.
Jusu Karneh
Jusu Karneh Pred dnevom
I had subscribe after that body punch
Boe Jiden
Boe Jiden Pred dnevom
Bruh you haven’t fought an actual boxer why the hell are you calling yourself a pro boxer
Cyberblade163 Pred dnevom
Jake in life people are going to want to put u down they will beat u to ur knees and take everything away but u have worked ur way up and keep on fight for what u like
will the train spotter
will the train spotter Pred dnevom
Gotcha hat
The Beret Ranger 28
The Beret Ranger 28 Pred dnevom
3:01 me after faking getting out of school
Raees Shabbir Year 8
Raees Shabbir Year 8 Pred dnevom
Ryan Mcdaniels
Ryan Mcdaniels Pred dnevom
idgaf what any one says you want something u go get it u have it all and still are wanting more nothing can stop u u lit bro
Candido Vazquez
Candido Vazquez Pred dnevom
U a wannabe Conor McGregor. Try hard cringe god. You’ve never struggled in your life.
Sara Queen
Sara Queen Pred dnevom
We love youu❤️❤️❤️
SNIPEZ YT Pred dnevom
I feel bad how he get treated
Abdul Akmed
Abdul Akmed Pred dnevom
I’ve always been a fan fuck the haters best guy in my eyes
Cole Southgate
Cole Southgate Pred dnevom
Hey I got your hat
cr0nik gingii
cr0nik gingii Pred dnevom
You're a botass child. "I got your hat" that's why you're only looked by 12 year olds
Richmond Hughes
Richmond Hughes Pred dnevom
Lets fight
Cosmo Pred dnevom
Eren Dripper
Eren Dripper Pred dnevom
You ain't a fighter
Trey Welch
Trey Welch Pred dnevom
He was so much pride smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ I ain’t hating but come on stop being prideful being prideful is sin
Jianda Monique
Jianda Monique Pred dnevom
11:51 affirmations!!!
Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin Pred dnevom
Let us know when you become a fighter
JAY Pred 2 dnevi
I wanna see jake vs itsmagic jake call him out stop calling out these old boxers
WOLF Pred 2 dnevi
I bet jake could beat josh fabia in a boxing match.
XBL Clan
XBL Clan Pred 2 dnevi
Hey man I’m only 11 but I get that I get bullied every day and I look up to you and that remind me to never get down you never got down and I will never and I was here since day one on my other accounts
I remember years ago someone told me I should stop watching jake... and I said yeah no I’m good and now they want to be my friend because I never gave up on myself bc I watched jake and he has got me thru everything! Tysm fir posting still jake never give up on ur self remember we love you and if they stop loving you remember I will never stop watching ur vids and remember I love you and your whole team is there for you Love ur biggest fan Corryna
Fia Pedersen
Fia Pedersen Pred 2 dnevi
Hi. Bro.
Ryan Herrera
Ryan Herrera Pred 2 dnevi
Haha..this dude is straight trash.
pads Pred 2 dnevi
that's crazy because you're a bad person and no one asked
Rebel Gaming
Rebel Gaming Pred 2 dnevi
Nah, it's because you fucked up your SLpost carrer
〆.〆.〆 Pred 2 dnevi
just a thought
just a thought Pred 2 dnevi
What a dope 😂
What about tidus
Gotcha hat 🤣🤣
Kyle P.
Kyle P. Pred 2 dnevi
Can Jake Paul be more of a Prick!
Josh Parba
Josh Parba Pred 2 dnevi
Can you make “the reason I became a troll” video.. thanks love from Australia❤️
Basic Sunshine
Basic Sunshine Pred dnevom
can you make a video "how i stopped talking for 365 days"?
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams Pred dnevom
Can u post a vid on “how I became a retard” from USA
Jenna Marie
Jenna Marie Pred 2 dnevi
You know, I never liked Jake Paul's content before for the same reason as many others, but honestly he really seems to be human now and his real self. This was inspiring to see someone grow so much and continue moving forward despite the negativity. You can have it all and still have nothing and he now has the maturity to understand that. Everyone deserves to follow their desires and lead a happy life, many times that takes killing off an old identity that longer serves you. He did that and he's proof that anyone can. This was a great share, I'm glad you're in this world with us, Jake Paul!
Scott Mahon
Scott Mahon Pred 2 dnevi
Fighter 😂
Unown Pred 2 dnevi
Lol neek
Alex Fiction
Alex Fiction Pred 2 dnevi
You became a fighter to stay relevant
nicholas banter
nicholas banter Pred 2 dnevi
Yo that wasnt a real ambo right? Cause if so you really wasted and ambo on a fucken prank fucken good dickhead
Mustafa Shabazz
Mustafa Shabazz Pred 3 dnevi
Jake paul i am Mustafa shabazz el i want to challenge you in rap battle
smoke up
smoke up Pred 3 dnevi
Noone cares Jake.
Miley Falgout
Miley Falgout Pred 3 dnevi
I love you Jake Paul!!
Yusf Badi
Yusf Badi Pred 3 dnevi
You're just a kid
avram apelao
avram apelao Pred 3 dnevi
So sad😭😭😭😭😭
Malachi Pred 3 dnevi
Allen Sanchez
Allen Sanchez Pred 3 dnevi
Cause you're an attention seeking sociopath??
Joscar Raymond
Joscar Raymond Pred 3 dnevi
“Got your hat” got your nose
Captain Eyebrows
Captain Eyebrows Pred 3 dnevi
I believe in jake Paul.
kidjosegamer Pred 3 dnevi
So u got sword on ur back cause u got back stab
jackson harris
jackson harris Pred 3 dnevi
VR with Midas
VR with Midas Pred 3 dnevi
When are you coming back to the gym
Ronnie Pickering
Ronnie Pickering Pred 3 dnevi
The bad doesnt matter. Ignore all that pain and let it go.. apologise learn from it and move on.. And head in a positive direction and keep going and never stop.. just do as much good as you can.. and then you can be really happy and proud of what you have done.. doing good is far harder than doing bad Jake.. enjoy the positive life you build jake.. good luck X
Ronnie Pickering
Ronnie Pickering Pred 3 dnevi
Lose the bad public imagine and just be a good person and work hard and treat others well.. then you'll get somewhere Jake
Ronnie Pickering
Ronnie Pickering Pred 3 dnevi
Mike Tyson needed a good mentor to become great.. without that he mixed with wrongs things and crumbled
Ronnie Pickering
Ronnie Pickering Pred 3 dnevi
Parents and mentors should set wholesome boundary's and goals and reward good behaviour and punish wrong behaviour
Ronnie Pickering
Ronnie Pickering Pred 3 dnevi
Think of all the good Jake could do to help people and still afford the useless material things
Ronnie Pickering
Ronnie Pickering Pred 3 dnevi
Jake admits here he's been empty and abusive.. maybe he will grow up and start helping others less privileged and learn what real happiness is about..
BRADY DOBSON Pred 3 dnevi
Bro I love your videos I wish I could meet you I know your a great boxer
Andrew Frost
Andrew Frost Pred 3 dnevi
‘I’ve been in really dark places’ - Literally every SLpostr who knows they’re a c**t.
Harlan Vo
Harlan Vo Pred 3 dnevi
Emma eXo
Emma eXo Pred 3 dnevi
Jake do you ever look at yourself and just cringe 😬😂
Kivan Faulstich
Kivan Faulstich Pred 3 dnevi
Call out canelo sissy boy betcha wont
Big Faucheux
Big Faucheux Pred 3 dnevi
People who think it's real 🤡
Big IrishBalls
Big IrishBalls Pred 3 dnevi
Big IrishBalls
Big IrishBalls Pred 3 dnevi
All I know is you were f’ing HILARIOUS taking dumbos hat off absolutely hilarious 😂
Rafael Subhan
Rafael Subhan Pred 3 dnevi
Fuck your sense of humor lmfao
B dog
B dog Pred 3 dnevi
Kalum Hardydunn
Kalum Hardydunn Pred 3 dnevi
Love you videos you have changed to the first team 10 videos
Shazlina Wolford
Shazlina Wolford Pred 3 dnevi
because he wannabe mcgregor
Kody Still
Kody Still Pred 3 dnevi
I’m sorry you feel like that bro stay positive and happy for all of us k
rayanne dopsonn
rayanne dopsonn Pred 4 dnevi
I miss the old Jake Paul 😭🤐
Mahawavy Pred 4 dnevi
When is some gonna just stomp your brains out already
Galantine Madive
Galantine Madive Pred 4 dnevi
To become the biggesr clown there is
Sheldon Brown
Sheldon Brown Pred 4 dnevi
i Love yur views yo jake Paul
joe Squad
joe Squad Pred 4 dnevi
Jake get more and big bodyguard
Anthony Boucher
Anthony Boucher Pred 4 dnevi
To slow
Anthony Boucher
Anthony Boucher Pred 4 dnevi
To slow
Anthony Boucher
Anthony Boucher Pred 4 dnevi
I would ko u u are too slow
Dean Richards
Dean Richards Pred 4 dnevi
Jake your a mug mate
Chines 2k
Chines 2k Pred 4 dnevi
BeatDown Gaming
BeatDown Gaming Pred 4 dnevi
How did those shots from Mayweathers boy feel.
AbsolutelyBella Pred 4 dnevi
Lol no one cares
Curtis Jarnagin
Curtis Jarnagin Pred 4 dnevi
You should go back to being a SLpostr 😬 before you get hurt
Fat Street Rat
Fat Street Rat Pred 4 dnevi
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