how they made yugioh cards

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here is how they decided what to put on yu gi oh cards
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this is how they made yu gi oh cards
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to Imbiamba Jombes to filming videos with his mom to pillow guy to the my pool guy to the Gus & Eddy Podcast to small town reviews to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this. Also subscribe to the Gus & Eddy Podcast please. Eddy Burback and I make it and it's ok.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.

Gus Johnson
Gus Johnson Pred 7 meseci
i have a bunch more of ideas so yu gi oh please contact me on twitter @Gusbuckets
Johnny Estaban
Johnny Estaban Pred 2 dnevi
@Jaime Khalid Definitely, have been watching on flixzone for months myself =)
Jaime Khalid
Jaime Khalid Pred 2 dnevi
a tip: you can watch series at flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching lots of of movies lately.
sc00bes Pred 4 dnevi
pizza robot that always has diarrhea
Arbaan Ahmed
Arbaan Ahmed Pred 8 dnevi
Jason Burns
Jason Burns Pred 19 dnevi
@CGJ Productions327 Yeah that's a boatload. Wow.
Dominic Habner
Dominic Habner Pred 4 urami
i dont believe there is a skript
gretaboze the first
gretaboze the first Pred 5 urami
hi mr johnson i very much enjoy this video and im memorizing speg's lines jsut though u might wanna know i am madly in love with speg thanks goodnight goosd morning idk what time it is for u
Justin Ace
Justin Ace Pred 5 urami
Pretty much what xyz cards look like
Devasta The Seeker
Devasta The Seeker Pred 6 urami
Boats but they're sushi
Kevin Ray
Kevin Ray Pred 20 urami
He's too damn funny...for real. Hurt my chest laughing man expect a court summons.
Big Gib
Big Gib Pred 22 urami
Booger wooger bugle boy is my spirit animal
Big Gib
Big Gib Pred 22 urami
I vividly remember the episode where Kaiba threatened the world with his Big ol' meatloaf in a Walmart parking lot
Charlie Hatton
Charlie Hatton Pred dnevom
There is a deck all about bees, it's called battle wasps, yeah yugioh has really gone that far, we also have an archetype called susships that's ships made out of sushi
Dark Parzival
Dark Parzival Pred dnevom
My opponent: *lays down all five pieces of Exodia* Me: *Plays Aunt Bee in attack mode* I win.
Blighted Ashes
Blighted Ashes Pred 2 dnevi
Jerry beans
BriarBro Pred 2 dnevi
I like all the draygon ideas
Yare Yare Daze
Yare Yare Daze Pred 2 dnevi
Hungry Burger is a card
Meanest Green
Meanest Green Pred 2 dnevi
I now want a card called "take-out fusion". Kinda like instant fusion but maybe you banish a card from your graveyard and the monster can attack.
Shane Sullivan
Shane Sullivan Pred 2 dnevi
Only recently discovered this channel, and I'd just like to say how much I love when you break and instead of re-shooting the line you leave in the laughter and just cut to the next line.
Conservative Guitar Singer JSC
Conservative Guitar Singer JSC Pred 3 dnevi
They’re making a spell ruler part 2?
Johny Cricket
Johny Cricket Pred 3 dnevi
I guess I root for Bee-types now
Mage of Ancients
Mage of Ancients Pred 3 dnevi
All these food ideas. lol. And guess what: I kid you not, but they are making Yu-Gi-Oh cards with ships that look like sushi!
Justinian Theodora
Justinian Theodora Pred 3 dnevi
In reality it's more like dragon waifu ideas and bee waifu ideas.
J S Pred 4 dnevi
Imagine being Mother Johnson, having 3 sons, but one of them turns out as Gus.
My dog died
My dog died Pred 4 dnevi
You made my day gus I watched all your videos and made my day
some dude
some dude Pred 4 dnevi
the saddest thing is that those could be actual card designs
Shaila Pred 5 dnevi
"It's a topdown view of a chinese takedown container and it's just OVERFLOWING with mayonnaise." It's so surreal and specific that I'm actually in tear right now.
JB Pred 5 dnevi
trollz the world one framez of garbagez at a time ayew sombrody mrake a vidarow bow soming else alray gawd deez gruys stupat
parodysam Pred 5 dnevi
I want that first one actually
PlozProd Pred 5 dnevi
I own a card called "curse of dragon the cursed dragon"
JD Van Viegen
JD Van Viegen Pred 5 dnevi
I've never played Yugioh or even really seen the card, and totally thought you guys were just making shit up, but these are actual cards!? Makes the video so much funnier!
Angling Prima Sakti
Angling Prima Sakti Pred 6 dnevi
There is a deck called deskbot and it's literally a stationary robot mecha
Silver Films
Silver Films Pred 6 dnevi
Yo uguys re funny
DeathGun Pred 6 dnevi
AKA Why Yugioh is fucking awesome
MR. Sturm
MR. Sturm Pred 7 dnevi
Used to make little videos like this and we'd always have more outtakes than usable footage
TheMitchwich Pred 7 dnevi
Hands down my favorite Gus Johnson video - I laugh out loud every time and share with my friends and family immediately.
Slankysausage Pred 9 dnevi
Is your camera man ok? I am legit concerned for him lmao
Gi Goblin
Gi Goblin Pred 9 dnevi
id buy these
FKushano Pred 11 dnevi
Just wait until they see the "Mild Turkey" card that already exists.
Ben Stark
Ben Stark Pred 11 dnevi
But I like Yu-Gi-Oh and da cards can be pretty cool
J.N. Richey
J.N. Richey Pred 11 dnevi
Why do half of Gus's characters remind me of Melissa McCarthy's characters on SNL?
TheFullSkundo 2800
TheFullSkundo 2800 Pred 11 dnevi
My favorite gus video of all time
JJCUBER Pred 11 dnevi
1:30 yugi-dookie
Ian Maternowsky
Ian Maternowsky Pred 12 dnevi
I remember making fun of one of my neighbors for playing yugioh and i said something along the lines of "oh is 'Bubble man' a card?" AND I FUCKING SHIT YOU NOT GOES INSIDE AND COMES BACK WITH FUCKIN BUBBLE MAN
Tyler King
Tyler King Pred 12 dnevi
I would frame the "uh oh mayo" card
Excl Yuzu
Excl Yuzu Pred 12 dnevi
Fax bro like just epic monsters then suddenly BAM a pot smiling at you
softaimxatr Pred 13 dnevi
This has made me laugh til I cry 4 times now and I’m ready for a 5th
killerweasel Pred 13 dnevi
You need some mock ups if you want to be taken seriously. seriously.
Oyster Pred 14 dnevi
So no comments about Mystic Tomato?
xavier thompson
xavier thompson Pred 14 dnevi
do how pokemon cards were made
SaveTheAmazingCakes Pred 15 dnevi
I still stand by my opinion that there are too many Dark Magicians.
Digidude140 Pred 16 dnevi
Why is the white dragon stronger than the black dragon? The guy in the hat is racist its confirmed.
Kendall King
Kendall King Pred 16 dnevi
You're welcome Konami
Al Pred 17 dnevi
Aren't the card designs in-universe supposed to be based off ancient Egypt? What kind of hieroglyphs was Maximillion Pegasus looking at?
Stephanzoes Pred 17 dnevi
What if we had McDonald’s sell a frog card but it’s like a liquid.
hotXsx rod
hotXsx rod Pred 17 dnevi
The ending dang it lol
Suship Best Deck
Suship Best Deck Pred 18 dnevi
This is how Suship was made😆
Dante Lomma
Dante Lomma Pred 18 dnevi
I always wonder who the kind of people are to dislike this type of video. Like what do you dislike?
T.H Beats
T.H Beats Pred 18 dnevi
Petition to have more...”Speg”-“speg”-character-videos
Zackery Wyatt
Zackery Wyatt Pred 18 dnevi
I actually have a yugioh card called cyber larva
Edward Daniero
Edward Daniero Pred 19 dnevi
2 gallons of lsd and a keg of vodka straight from Vladimir Putin’s personal stash.
Rickypol 007
Rickypol 007 Pred 19 dnevi
B card You cant use cards whit the letter b for 2 turns
Confused Caveman
Confused Caveman Pred 19 dnevi
How about a card thats a freezer just absolutely loaded with expired Graham crackers. And its too full to close so you need a bungee cord wrapped around to keep it shut. Also its not a nice freezer its a really old nasty dirty freezer like the one your uncle has had in his garage for 20 years.
Roy Chen
Roy Chen Pred 21 dnevom
if any of gus' ideas were actual, what were they? sort-of hard to find them if they do exist.
Andru Chung
Andru Chung Pred 21 dnevom
2:38 Uh-oh, 没有
ー ボイドジービ
ー ボイドジービ Pred 22 dnevi
imagine it with the clarence voice
HappyPhrog Pred 23 dnevi
This wasn’t scripted was it?
Terry Flynn
Terry Flynn Pred 23 dnevi
There is a malicevorus archetype that is straight up the silverware idea. Lol
Daniel Kong
Daniel Kong Pred 23 dnevi
I'm, confused, are these actual cards or not? Yugioh can be random af sometimes, i seriously cant tell
22burnsie Pred 24 dnevi
I love that he keeps in a lot of bits where they break
C V Pred 24 dnevi
Donavan McNabb throwing pancakes🤣🤣🤣
Jonny Castle
Jonny Castle Pred 25 dnevi
look at these dancing monogamous forks
Jina Garrett
Jina Garrett Pred 26 dnevi
Y is speg not making yugioh cards he has better ideas than the people make the ones right now
Gator Design
Gator Design Pred 26 dnevi
Cant tell if these are his offspring or brothers, because they kind of look more like gus than gus does.
ch4parr0 Pred 26 dnevi
Theres already an iconic bean card
Cherudon Pred 26 dnevi
The only cards I must have in my deck are the Marron cards. We stan the goodest boi
Dylan Burt
Dylan Burt Pred 28 dnevi
Here is a couple cards that somehow Konami actually released: Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon Mild Turkey Humpty Grumpty Jerry Beans Man Hungry Burger
Oliver B
Oliver B Pred 28 dnevi
Every time this shows up in my recommendations I have to watch it until "what's the most poop you've ever seen!"
Cade Kachelmeier
Cade Kachelmeier Pred 28 dnevi
I think fire breathing dragon is a pretty uninspired card design anyway.
GippyHappy Pred 28 dnevi
I don't know anything about Yugioh so as far as I'm concerned this is 100% accurate.
Noice Pred mesecem
Did speg make the cat ghost thing the yughio card
John Jacobs
John Jacobs Pred mesecem
Yugioh, more like pukeio
Braydin Pitts
Braydin Pitts Pred mesecem
gusses ideas are magic the gathering no-glue cards
Gamer E 2008
Gamer E 2008 Pred mesecem
I thought the b card was cool
David Decero
David Decero Pred mesecem
This is exactly how it went down.
Captain K
Captain K Pred mesecem
Booger wooger bugle boy is genuinely genius
Shruikan -
Shruikan - Pred mesecem
“A Chinese takeout container, but it is just OVERFLOWING with mayonnaise!” That got me so good!
Joe The Turtle
Joe The Turtle Pred mesecem
They complain about long names, yet they release stuff like interplanetarypurplythorny dragon... I’m not even kidding, look it up
Spiderpawnch Hueler
Spiderpawnch Hueler Pred mesecem
I laughed so hard macaroni went up my nose
mostly memes
mostly memes Pred mesecem
the cameraman laughing the entire time is hilarious
CG23 Plays
CG23 Plays Pred mesecem
This may be a meme video but there are cards called Uh Oh! ... like the uh oh Mayo
Luka Mijajlovic
Luka Mijajlovic Pred mesecem
Stone S
Stone S Pred mesecem
Can't stop this tootin' scootin' little guy.
Plant Based Matter
Plant Based Matter Pred mesecem
Josh Clardy
Josh Clardy Pred mesecem
I'm going to make "look at these dancing monogamous forks" my senior yearbook quote"
Kirb0 Pred mesecem
Me when the
Bareli Z
Bareli Z Pred mesecem
Dantaht Pred mesecem
Honestly this is already 100x the effort the real Yugioh USA does since they just copy everything in the Japanese version and translate it to English.
Owen Robertson
Owen Robertson Pred mesecem
Aunt b was a good one 😂
VISION Pred mesecem
What about a snow man
Digi1O11O Pred mesecem
Gus' character is literally everyone doing meme Yu-Gi-Oh cards
Schlatem! Pred mesecem
greg = jeffry dommer
Jacob Lodge
Jacob Lodge Pred mesecem
Ha ha ha
Nathaniel Krasic
Nathaniel Krasic Pred mesecem
i made all the bad video ideas people gave me
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