Who Approved This Blockbuster Training Video? (with Eddy Burback)

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Gus Johnson

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What is going on with this Blockbuster video?
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Gus Johnson and Eddy Burback watch a Blockbuster training video from the 90s. Gus typed this out in third person.
Welcome to the Gus Johnson channel, where the most average content comes to fizzle out.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.

Gus Johnson
Gus Johnson Pred 2 leti
wow this video is so good i can't wait to go follow me on twitter @Gusbuckets
Brandon Gibson
Brandon Gibson Pred 2 dnevi
An opportunist is someone who takes advantage of people when given the chance
Gary Walton
Gary Walton Pred 14 dnevi
This is weird.
Watermelon Bass Fishing Mr Carp
Watermelon Bass Fishing Mr Carp Pred mesecem
@Gus Johnson hey love your content. You should do a dad “down at the pond fishing skit” type of thing that would be funny!
Thought_ie ________
Thought_ie ________ Pred 13 urami
Legend has it that buster sales is still stuck in all the left over televisions torn from every shut down BlockBuster
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi Pred dnevom
I thought the same thing when he said “you’re only batting .500” lmao
Dexter Grif
Dexter Grif Pred 3 dnevi
Can we get a Blockbuster Cinematic Universe? I want a Buster Sales origin story, or maybe even a Bryan and Doug teamup movie.
moonhotdog Pred 3 dnevi
(starts unbuckling pants) 😂😂
LukeRen SSB
LukeRen SSB Pred 4 dnevi
The names Buster. Block Buster
Samuel Arana
Samuel Arana Pred 4 dnevi
You cannot escape buster sales he can smell you
Samuel Arana
Samuel Arana Pred 4 dnevi
I still watch this video and laugh
Audrey Ziebell
Audrey Ziebell Pred 5 dnevi
Slater 360
Slater 360 Pred 6 dnevi
That whistle was so loud that buster woke up my sister
Joseph Clarkson
Joseph Clarkson Pred 6 dnevi
That sponsor tho
Atomix117 Pred 6 dnevi
The 60's movie buff is absolutely Tony DiNozzo.
Dom the Bomb
Dom the Bomb Pred 8 dnevi
Blockbuster used to sell rasinettes?
Team Cyborg
Team Cyborg Pred 8 dnevi
Buster Sales is somehow both chaotic neutral and lawful evil
JQKER 9 Pred 9 dnevi
'hElLo mARiE'
Joe Borrello
Joe Borrello Pred 9 dnevi
How did they do the thing where he threw stuff and it came out of the TV? The special effects were WAY ahead of their time.
Meg Czaban
Meg Czaban Pred 11 dnevi
this is my emotional support video
Tim Strawberries
Tim Strawberries Pred 11 dnevi
I woulda sold marge a vcr or vcr cleaner
Rex Jolles
Rex Jolles Pred 12 dnevi
Buster is in the non canon star wars wiki
Rex Jolles
Rex Jolles Pred 12 dnevi
I wonder what else Buster did with his life, and how much they paid him to do that Edit: well I guess it's Tony Hale. Huh.
boy in a room
boy in a room Pred 12 dnevi
Lmfao my brother's name is spike
Kian Mainit
Kian Mainit Pred 13 dnevi
*doug is a no no*
Mister moss man
Mister moss man Pred 13 dnevi
I think I've seen buster sales before, he lives in my basement, he live only to tell my mom she's washing the laundry wrong
Blu Pred 13 dnevi
Anyone who has seen the 1990s show perfect strangers would love this lol
Koriian Pred 13 dnevi
And yes I have seen someone rent that many movies plus 5 or 6 video games and they normally never bring them back.
Xikeyba Pred 15 dnevi
Funny you call that nerdy boy with the bow tie that, cus I actually had someone like that dweeb in university. Looked the part, shot pigeons with his airsoft and later on killed his mom. Fun times.
Leo Pincin
Leo Pincin Pred 16 dnevi
I cut to 17:43 and started dying
PleXquared Pred 17 dnevi
"ay it's me- Ball Buster here" should've gone with "Bustyer Balls"
Lou Stancu
Lou Stancu Pred 18 dnevi
I like how Gus tries to say Business Man Daniel was out of ideas but I still thought he was hilarious haha
Mason B
Mason B Pred 18 dnevi
(Random) rewatching this noticing that by 'every 20 hours', they're talking about movie time, so if you watch like 10 two hour long movies, you should clean it.
Kaleb Fisher
Kaleb Fisher Pred 18 dnevi
I just realized I bought the exact same sweatshirt as Eddy, and I am wearing it aswell bahaa!
HexCodeFF Pred 18 dnevi
An opportunist is a person who is quick to take advantage of a situation in a way that primarily benefits them without any regard towards morality or their own responsibility.
Jeremy Brewington
Jeremy Brewington Pred 19 dnevi
Can confirm, you should regularly clean your vcr and cassette tape player heads. Otherwise the quality starts to suffer terribly.
WL P Pred 20 dnevi
Launch podcasts on Monday
Tom -08
Tom -08 Pred 23 dnevi
It paused for an ad and it was the thumbnail
Blockbuster Video
Blockbuster Video Pred 23 dnevi
Jake Martin
Jake Martin Pred 24 dnevi
top gear 14:37
MIKE R E V I E W S Pred 24 dnevi
Second time watching Gus did not disappoint
Noah Sabin
Noah Sabin Pred 24 dnevi
Fun fact they shot Buster Sales in the back of the head the day before they declined to purchase Netflix.
Matthew Pred 26 dnevi
14:17 You have to clean your VCR heads ever 20 hours of video played instead of ever 20 hours a day, btw great video
Lindsey Robbins
Lindsey Robbins Pred 26 dnevi
every 20 hrs of use
The Pity Party
The Pity Party Pred 27 dnevi
The original Flubber had come out decades before this lol. The 90s film was a remake.
Twin Razor
Twin Razor Pred 27 dnevi
I don’t know if anyone enjoys this commercial more than me. I don’t know why I enjoy it to the degree I do but I do.
Kyrillos Dawoud
Kyrillos Dawoud Pred 27 dnevi
The plucky forgery probably dream because jaw understandably regret of a silky moustache. fearful fearless, calculating streetcar
Salvage Monster
Salvage Monster Pred 28 dnevi
Well seeing as woody Allen and Peter sellers are comedians you would have to “look at very single movie”
Jack Bettis
Jack Bettis Pred 29 dnevi
Hardest I've laughed in days. Thank you guys for the content
nickie Burke
nickie Burke Pred 29 dnevi
SCP 6579- Buster Jones
Corey Pollard
Corey Pollard Pred 29 dnevi
pretty sure every 20 hours meant every 20 hours of play time, so like 10 movies or so, but still I ain't never touched those bitches in my life and the VCR outlasted its expected life.
Flamboyant Warlock
Flamboyant Warlock Pred mesecem
Buster Sales is clearly a bored trickster god.
KageFan_2765 Pred mesecem
are you ok? buster sales
KingMB XJ Pred mesecem
16:01 *I a m c a l l i n g s e v e r a l p o l i c e*
Daniel Linton
Daniel Linton Pred mesecem
Yo, Marie! Take your damn schizophrenia pills!
Newbier Pred mesecem
11:53 Those are some huge Kit Kat bars...
8MoonKnight8 Pred mesecem
Gus and eddy need to dress as buster sales and Marie for Halloween
Commander Cody Cc-2224
Commander Cody Cc-2224 Pred mesecem
I am got to respect Doug’s ability to do math that quickly
Rusev Dai
Rusev Dai Pred mesecem
Hannah Hartung
Hannah Hartung Pred mesecem
It does definitely feel like a horror movie and he’s haunting her
one eyed chef
one eyed chef Pred mesecem
20 hrs of use
SomethingEdgy Pred mesecem
I still watch VHS films.
Michael Ballew
Michael Ballew Pred mesecem
First 2 minutes and Gus doesn’t know that Flubber is based on an older ass movie
topeagle7044981 Pred mesecem
Wait blockbuster went out of buissiness? What have i been renting dvds from??
Swollen Thooth
Swollen Thooth Pred mesecem
“That’s just the thing for my collection!” Dude knows blockbuster’s for ✨renting✨movies right
Swollen Thooth
Swollen Thooth Pred mesecem
Brb shipping Brian and Doug, and their cool friend Marie, and their homophobic parents she helps them hide from but now they’re getting up her ass too. How will the trio get outta this one No pls make it
Swollen Thooth
Swollen Thooth Pred mesecem
The secret purpose of buster sales is to teach employees what workplace harassment looks like
Griffin Morgan
Griffin Morgan Pred mesecem
Gus Johnson video: pops up on my recomended me: I see an opportunity here
Logan Draper
Logan Draper Pred mesecem
The hunt for red october! Several james bond movies!
Seth Kauffman
Seth Kauffman Pred mesecem
16:42 "but we doo-doo on a weekly podcast" You're sick.
Hayden Brooks
Hayden Brooks Pred mesecem
Buster *Fires Deagle. "Sorry, I was just trying to get your attention."
Robert Schwartz
Robert Schwartz Pred mesecem
I would have thrown a bowling ball through the TV screen.
Luke McEllin
Luke McEllin Pred mesecem
Flubber certified blockbuster staple
Chewy ChooChoo
Chewy ChooChoo Pred mesecem
Buster do just be haunting people's consciousness
JD Pred mesecem
16:00 wtf are you doing XD
Mighty_Me Pred mesecem
Marie is low-key cute
BioYuGi Pred mesecem
I hate the scenario at 7:23. That guy apparently knows there exists a movie that has Peter Sellers and Woody Allen but doesn't know the name? How does he know it even exists then???
Light Pred mesecem
It's sayd that when block buster was closed down they shot buster 258 times in the head
Kono Kringe meme da
Kono Kringe meme da Pred mesecem
Marie do be looking kinda bad tho
Sir PePe
Sir PePe Pred mesecem
Dillon Owens
Dillon Owens Pred mesecem
Every 20 hours... of run time. Lol.
Mysterion Pred mesecem
I’m crying
Man with a Cr10
Man with a Cr10 Pred mesecem
I think It meant 20 hours of watching
Sorus Alachite
Sorus Alachite Pred mesecem
Please I need more of these videos there hilarious
ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ Pred mesecem
I legitimately thought Marie was gonna become the next Buster Sales.
GDUDEify Pred mesecem
Oh i thought that was johntron
Mikah Andony
Mikah Andony Pred mesecem
I think I own, the same model, or very close to the dot matrix printer in the background at 14:15. is this relevant? not at all its 3 am and I'm procrastinating going to bed, but I do own the same or similar printer so yay lol
dark ninja
dark ninja Pred mesecem
gus and eddy wow
Wrior Pred mesecem
tfw they say spike is a dog name but your name is the most popular dog name for literally decades....
Josh Pollock
Josh Pollock Pred 2 meseci
This will always and forever be what I come to when I need to laugh
Ryan Kearney
Ryan Kearney Pred 2 meseci
Every 20 hours meant "every 20 hours of PLAY".... not literally every 20 hours...LOL!!! Come on guys, I know you are Gen Z and everything is digital now, but this is 1986 technology. It wasn't hard to figure out. Magnetic heads attract dust... clean them. Also, your commentary on this was fucking hilarious. Thank you. 🤣🤣🤣
Alec Richards
Alec Richards Pred 2 meseci
"Hi, my name is (insert name here)." (voices in unison) - """Hi (insert name here).""" "I am a former employee of Blockbuster. And on multiple occasions.... Buster Sales.... oh i'm sorry! I can't do this." "It's okay, you're in a safe place. We are here to help you." "Every time there is a loud noise or something bumps me or is thrown at me.... IN MY MIND IT'S HIM!! IT'S HIM!!!! WILL HE NEVER GO AWAY?!?!" "I'm so sorry.... But no. That's actually him, and Buster Sales will never leave you alone. You're screwed. Would you like some twizzlers and popcorn?" "AAAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHH!!!!!"
Austin S.
Austin S. Pred 2 meseci
Thay bit with Doug got pretty dark
Luke Pred 2 meseci
The hookup lines are just proper 90's material
DrAmazing Pred 2 meseci
I'm going to check out that podcast
Spring_Time_Fun gaming
Spring_Time_Fun gaming Pred 2 meseci
When he said margsimpson my value was low I heard simp when they were confused I was like he invented simps
Genuinely Moist
Genuinely Moist Pred 2 meseci
I fill my bedsheets full of farts, the warm brown air encases me I rub my hard part and think about Gus.
Alexis D
Alexis D Pred mesecem
Here's the attention you're seeking*'*'*'*'
Peter Harris
Peter Harris Pred 2 meseci
Whats new pussy-cat woaaoohoaoaoh
BroKing858 Pred 2 meseci
Tommy Matthews smells
BroKing858 Pred 2 meseci
I agree with whoever wrote this
Kanaan Landon
Kanaan Landon Pred 2 meseci
the 2nd def of opportunist is a person who exploits circumstances to gain immediate advantage rather than being guided by consistent principles or plans.
bl4de chipmunk
bl4de chipmunk Pred 2 meseci
I love fluber
Brant Anderson
Brant Anderson Pred 2 meseci
Anyone else seen this on jacksepticeyes's channel?
Unemployed Ostrich
Unemployed Ostrich Pred 2 meseci
Mя. Gц$ is Gus short fir Gustafson or Gustington or Gustag?
Unemployed Ostrich
Unemployed Ostrich Pred 2 meseci
Or is it short for Guster sales
Pablo Herrera
Pablo Herrera Pred 2 meseci
Just play the fuckin video please.
Alexis D
Alexis D Pred mesecem
Its a reaction video. If you want to watch the video go to a different channel or find it yourself. Don't be upset with them for doing a reaction. Most of us WANT to hear their opinions and see them react.
Luke Ryba
Luke Ryba Pred 2 meseci
wait they don't know what an opportunist is?
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