Biden Victory Cold Open - SNL

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Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live

Pred 22 dnevi

Joe Biden (Jim Carrey) and Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) give speeches after the conclusion of the 2020 presidential election.
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Neil Lowery
Neil Lowery Pred 2 urami
Spot on... 🤡🤡
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous Pred 2 urami
i predict for tonight a sketch involving Giuliani in court trying to get allegedly Martian (or other extraterrestrial) voters/ballots) disqualified. I could see him (played by McKinnon) arguing to the judge that the Dems had recruited voters from Mars to vote for Biden. Then Big Bird and Snofelopogus. When pressed by the judge, and forced to swear under oath, he backs off, but only to recollect in his mind having seen "venetian blinds" at the polling place. "No, your honor, may have been mistaken as to the planetary origin of the unregistered extraterrestrial voters submitting ballots for Biden. But we now know they were not Martians, but VENETIANS. i am now prepared to swear, under oath, as to the presence of Venetians, sighted by myself personally, and 300 affidavits supporting this. We have good reason to believe the Venetians, not Martians, were supporting the Democrats, and will swear to this under oath..."
Brian Meaker
Brian Meaker Pred 3 urami
My hat's off to Alec Baldwin. We salute you sir now take a break big guy you have definitely earned it. Thank you for so accurately playing our dictator in chief these long four years
Miguel Cascante
Miguel Cascante Pred 3 urami
Honestly, the map of covi19 is not far away from the elections map. Just to be honest.
Joseph Perry
Joseph Perry Pred 3 urami
I enjoyed this skit just as much as I enjoyed CNN projecting Biden as The President Elect!
ShotgunSmoke Pred 4 urami
Damn, such a massive difference in AND LIVE FROM NEW YORK, IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT! in comparison to 2016.
Sunako N
Sunako N Pred 4 urami
Watch "WATCH: Diamond and Silk on Election Fraud vs. Voter Fraud" on SLpost
Flabbergasted Pred 4 urami
that loser part felt sooo satisfy8ing
Caleb Holloway
Caleb Holloway Pred 5 urami
I despise Jim Carey as Joe Biden. Looks, sounds, acts NOTHING like Joe.
Kenan Von Kaiser
Kenan Von Kaiser Pred 5 urami
Yajaira Ramos
Yajaira Ramos Pred 6 urami
Shane Howerton
Shane Howerton Pred 6 urami
We will win at the end!!!!!
MML MML Pred 6 urami
You about to lose your job!! Lok
Rise & Shine Self Help Coaching
Rise & Shine Self Help Coaching Pred 7 urami
No worries, Alex will be back on A LOT in 2021 because Trump will create lots of content acting a fool and hopefully doing jail house scenes🤣
sexyat44 jacks
sexyat44 jacks Pred 8 urami
I can literally watch this every week 😂. I am just so happy that he lost that I want to enjoy every part of making fun of this fool and his denial that he lost. Thank you SNL for a classic. Oh and the ending with LOSER by Jim Carrey is everything. Caught me off guard and loved it 😂 😂
DreamBeliever365 Pred 8 urami
What victory? You guys are a joke! Lol
Ariel Pred 8 urami
Do this BLM
Jaden 213
Jaden 213 Pred 9 urami
He nailed Biden’s movements and voice
Aceyon Owens
Aceyon Owens Pred 9 urami
Alex Clarke
Alex Clarke Pred 11 urami
I used to adore Jim Carey. This is so sad to see... 😔
TonyKanameKuran Pred 11 urami
Carrey nails his role as President-Elect Joe Biden.
Jesus M Lozano
Jesus M Lozano Pred 11 urami
Jesus M Lozano
Jesus M Lozano Pred 11 urami
Jesus M Lozano
Jesus M Lozano Pred 11 urami
Bubber Cakes
Bubber Cakes Pred 11 urami
Joe Biden is the new president... never have so few words felt so wonderful!
ChrisBrengel Pred 11 urami
That ending is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time!
Jesus M Lozano
Jesus M Lozano Pred 11 urami
karate teacher .commercial.t.v...." .hey hey ..with..mercy " Kid....with..... Willy Smith' son......SAID TO PUPIL....WITHOUT MERCY......U remember....oh.yeah....ha ha ha
Jesus M Lozano
Jesus M Lozano Pred 12 urami
Fishy Fish
Fishy Fish Pred 12 urami
Bidens(Rosmont Seneca Partners LLC) helped form Bohai Harvest RST(BHR). BHR exist for the purpose of injecting capitol into Sinopec(China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation) owned by sinopec Group which is owned by SASAC(Chinese Government).
John Brooks
John Brooks Pred 13 urami
Obama was first biracial president.
TonyKanameKuran Pred 11 urami
inSPIRE Music
inSPIRE Music Pred 13 urami
Jim carrey is a goat for this
dee doh
dee doh Pred 13 urami
Victory will be determined by courts............... not u idiots.
dee doh
dee doh Pred 11 urami
@JOSEPH EGBE or let courts decide. your feelings do not matter jo.
JOSEPH EGBE Pred 12 urami
Boo hoo cry about it. Trump lost
Zorian Pred 14 urami
Jim Carrey perfectly nailed Joe Biden's "Im dead inside" face lmaoooo
FrankieOoo Pred 15 urami
Dick Zuckerburg
Dick Zuckerburg Pred 16 urami
When the democrats chose this guy to be their candidate they were really scraping the bottom of the barrel.
이선영 Pred 17 urami
주 예수이름으로 명하노니 조 바이든과 미국민주당이 저지른 부정부패와 불법선거와 부정선거가 모든 미국인들에게 낱낱이 폭로되며 모든 미국인들이 알게 될지어다.// 주 예수이름으로 명하노니 트럼프대통령님을 저주하는 사단과 사탄을 숭배하는 자들과 안티파와 사회주의자들과 공산주의자들과 동성애자들과 마약하는 자들의 모든 악함과 거짓과 부패와 악함이 만천하에 모두 드러나며 모든 미국인들은 그들의 악함과 거짓과 부패함등을 모두 알게 될지어다. // 주 예수이름으로 명하노니 부정선거와 불법선거를 밝히는 변호사들과 증인들을 협박하는 모든 악한자들의 계획들과 그 일들은 철저히 부서지고 부서지며 부서질 지어다. // 주 예수이름으로 명하노니 죄 없는 뱃 속의 아기들을 죽이고 미국 땅을 소돔과 고모라 성으로 만들려는 모든 악한자들의 계획들은 낱낱이 폭로되며 그들의 모든 악한 계획들은 철저히 무너지고 무너지며 무너질 지어다. // 주 예수이름으로 명하노니 부정선거와 불법선거를 저지르고 계획한 모든 자들의 악함과 부패함과 거짓이 만천하에 모두 폭로되며 그들이 계획한 그 악한일들은 모두 무너지고 무너지고 무너지며 모두 뿔뿔히 흩어질 지어다. -아멘-
Ricky Greer
Ricky Greer Pred 17 urami
scott carter
scott carter Pred 19 urami
I got a feeling Biden will be a perfect fit for President of the United States. He'll fit just ................... EEEEEEELIKE A GLOVE!!!!
Chris Stone
Chris Stone Pred 21 uro
FAKE LOSERS!!! Joe Biden will never be the POTUS!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Chris Stone
Chris Stone Pred 8 urami
In your dreams 😂
JOSEPH EGBE Pred 12 urami
He is cry about it
Jamshaid Mushtaq
Jamshaid Mushtaq Pred 21 uro
What is this song played by the woman playing Kamala?
Laney Holliday
Laney Holliday Pred 22 urami
This just in, Alec Baldwin refuses to concede to Jim Carrey and says he’s never leaving SNL!!!
TonyKanameKuran Pred 11 urami
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Arlene Pred 23 urami
Wade Carmen
Wade Carmen Pred dnevom
Truly one of the best opening sketches!
Ronald Malone
Ronald Malone Pred dnevom
GROUP THINK You do realize the pied piper is leading you all. When all the legal votes are counted and last minute illegal vote dumps removed, we will find the worst voter corruption in America's history. Don't take my word for it or the biased media's. Read the evidence for yourself. It is available and documented with hundreds upon hundreds of sworn affidavits from Democrats, Republicans, independents, voter officials, observers and "turned-away" rightful voters. This is evidence! Set aside the winner and looser... do you want a corrupt voter system determining winners? If the situation were reversed, would you stand by? Do you believe any means justified the ending? Do you believe the media is unbiased? Everyday I listen to several network news programs. Each one of them almost say exactly the same thing, with the same words and always worded in a way to make the president look bad. It's as if someone writes the news for the day, sends it out to the journalists and they read it on air or write their newspaper article from it. That should bother all of us and make us wonder. I want to hear different sides. Isn't there one thing Trump has done right which they can cover? This is why I check out SNL. Do a test. Write a comment that a Trump joke was not funny. You will find out with some hate comments that it wasn't a joke, people believed it. Have you read Dr. Reiss and Dr. Epi's book on the "Corona False Alarm"? The authors and hundreds of independent, recognized doctors have written and signed their disagreement on use of masks, closing schools, "shut downs", etc. is there a chance they may be right? Think for yourself. Collect information to form your own conclusion. We have allowed "Group Think" (look it up) to silence anyone who would disagree or have a different opinion. Is there a chance contradicting facts and information is being kept from you? How do you know what you don't know? Anytime I hear one source, who should be unbiased, take a side, I listen with caution. That's why I listen very little to Fox Cable. I was hearing only one side and blatantly biased. If you listen to only sources you agree with, you will never be able to form your own opinion and can easily be led astray from truth. I know most of the comments will call me names or the "elites" will school me on "proper thinking". I choose to think for myself. I vote from my mind and heart. My decisions are based on what I believe, not what others tell me to think. I enjoy hearing people's idea and insights from those who see it all different. Calling each other names is silly.
christopherc93 Pred dnevom
You are fake news!
Hugginsince79 Pred dnevom
So Kamala is president ? Joe said he was running for Senate three times.
christopherc93 Pred 10 urami
@Hugginsince79 Fake News.
Hugginsince79 Pred 17 urami
@christopherc93 He’s got dementia who would vote for that
Hugginsince79 Pred 17 urami
@LoMejorDeLoMejor SLpost Joe saying I’m running for Senate I just posted below. He has dementia who would vote for a sick old man.
christopherc93 Pred dnevom
Giuliana Serrecchia
Giuliana Serrecchia Pred dnevom
Stupid Trump 2020
Artie Fox
Artie Fox Pred dnevom
Biden is a thief. 1. "Democrats just got caught rigging elections. Tim Pool. 2. "Democrats caught, judge ple3ds guilty" 3. "Election Judge pleads guilty to ballot box stuffing for democrats" 4. "Democrats' Election judge pleads guilty - Federal court." 5. DOJ Democrats paid Pennsylvania election officials to."
TonyKanameKuran Pred 4 urami
@Artie Fox In other words, you don't know a fucking thing.
Artie Fox
Artie Fox Pred 11 urami
@TonyKanameKuran The troll who says words that bless no one, is you. A am not Johnson.
Artie Fox
Artie Fox Pred 11 urami
@JOSEPH EGBE The Bible is shit to the Devil. The source is God through people. Believe me to have life in you. Why will you die? You will curse me had I tell you the human source. Devils will do that. Resist the Devil that is in your mind. That being will flee from you.
TonyKanameKuran Pred 11 urami
@Artie Fox Troll harder, Artie Johnson.
JOSEPH EGBE Pred 12 urami
@Artie Fox stop saying Bible shit and name your sources
veryunclear Pred dnevom
Baldwin's response: There was fraud massive fraud enormous fraud. There's never been fraud like this before. It's UUUUUUUGGGEEE!!!
jae Judith k
jae Judith k Pred dnevom
Should we remain silent and accept it if we win a legal vote and lose an vote? Trump is fighting for democratic values.if there is no illegality and he does not accept it, it deserves criticism. However, the United states has long been the world's most powerful nation, but dishonest foeces have been doing so. The reason why try to reveal the truth even by taking out the rotten American disgrace this time is that if we allow any more in justice, we can conceive greater injustice and eventully sink the U.S ,a model of liberal democracy. This could lead to the sinking of free democracy around yhe world.
christopherc93 Pred dnevom
You are fake news.
Shawna Rad
Shawna Rad Pred dnevom
Thank you for your message and Happy Thanks Giving to you as well. I am trilled and grateful to have you as my president and First Lady. I am republican, but there was no way I could vote for some one as corrupted as Donald Trump. Knowing that there were so many ignorant people who voted for him, I will pray for your success for coming years. My best wishes to you and your extended family.
Field of Blood
Field of Blood Pred dnevom
Trump speaks to economic clubs across the country from White House 832,781 views•Oct 14, 2020 real talk all us ex Democrats see whats going on. Our own party is destroying us and our families
Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan Pred dnevom
A dull, bland, boring Biden presidency sounds perfectly welcome after the last few years. Especially if it means we get more of Jim’s impersonation.
trail riding
trail riding Pred dnevom
Funny part is biden going to tax all these media corporations to give me free health care. Biden 2024
Scary Cherry
Scary Cherry Pred dnevom
I loved this 😂😂😂 Jim is so funny
Antonio Munoz
Antonio Munoz Pred dnevom
The best show ever
Rick Pontificates
Rick Pontificates Pred dnevom
One thing we learned that’s different between Hillary and Joe is that Hillary LAUNDERS MONEY through a foundation, and Joe LAUNDERS MONEY through Hunter. “HOLD 10 FOR THE BIG GUY”
christopherc93 Pred 2 urami
@Rick Pontificates Obviously more than Hunter Biden that's for sure. I'm not obsessed with him like you.
Rick Pontificates
Rick Pontificates Pred 2 urami
@christopherc93 what’s in your head, BESIDES AIR?
christopherc93 Pred dnevom
Always about Hunter Biden, that dude is in your head rent free 24/7.
black_sheep_nation Pred dnevom
You know Jim Carrey enjoyed delivering that “Laaaa-loooser” as much as we delighted in hearing it😂
Raja Mustafa
Raja Mustafa Pred dnevom
Ben Hill
Ben Hill Pred dnevom
Kaskadia Jackass Watch
Kaskadia Jackass Watch Pred dnevom
Kira47 Pred dnevom
that end is the closet we have to jim carrey comedy in a while
Three Treasures
Three Treasures Pred dnevom
I cannot get enough of this cold open. While I’ll miss seeing Alec Baldwin, it will be good to see Jim Carey and Maya Rudolph regularly, And if this makes anyone feel uncomfortable well...I don’t give a funt,
christopherc93 Pred dnevom
I think Alec Baldwin will keep coming back.
Sim Simmer
Sim Simmer Pred dnevom
Love Jim Carrey but this isn't a role for him. It's just not like Biden at all.
Ted Style
Ted Style Pred dnevom
Laugh it up, commies
masoud786 Pred 2 dnevi
we miss the president! it's been a while!
gabriel wendell
gabriel wendell Pred 2 dnevi
jim carrey is fire marshall bill all over again.
Pro2A Liberals suck
Pro2A Liberals suck Pred 2 dnevi
When Trump wins the election in court I am watching this video everynight!!!!!
Pro2A Liberals suck
Pro2A Liberals suck Pred dnevom
@HΞLIZ ok? unlike liberals we do not burn our cities down when our candidate loses!
uncle iroh
uncle iroh Pred dnevom
biden was elected, look I get it your a facist, but if trump somehow gets to have a 2nd term (which he won't) the world would go into choas and a civil war
HΞLIZ Pred dnevom
I’m saving this comment for after the election, so I can laugh at you every single day for thinking Trump had a chance.
Mike Hedden
Mike Hedden Pred 2 dnevi
Yeah bidens win iis a fucking joke and thats what SNL does so it fits
uncle iroh
uncle iroh Pred dnevom
I'm surprised they haven't don't a snl skit on your birth BECAUSE ITS A JOKE
YourNatureBoy27 Pred 2 dnevi
She's got the voice down.
Janice Mercier Mercier
Janice Mercier Mercier Pred 2 dnevi
Best day ever!!! Saturday the 7th the world celebrated! Jim Carey still got it. And yes, RIDIN WITH BIDEN!!!
Miguel Martinez
Miguel Martinez Pred 2 dnevi
30k dislike
Nick Gamez
Nick Gamez Pred 2 dnevi
Macho macho man!
BobaFrap Pred 2 dnevi
How did they get Kamala’s outfit so perfect in a short amount of time
John Brown
John Brown Pred 2 dnevi
It’s funny that people actually think Biden’s going to be President
christopherc93 Pred dnevom
Reality is going to be hard for you in January.
americanhottie3333 Pred 2 dnevi
Does anyone else hear at 4:26 "what the fuck?" from the audience or just me?
NYMArts Pred 2 dnevi
Ya know, This Not comedy shit has to end. This garbage is Not comedy. It's a hostile takeover of an American Art. Vaporize these Communists. Supplant the communist interlopers. Better yet, FACEPLANT these communist interlopers. THIS is comedy : "Sure, I straighten up the house...between cats". Copyright NYM Arts 2020. You can't use it. So, seriously, are YOU funny ?
christopherc93 Pred dnevom
You going to threaten people with violence and end up in jail.
Daniel Benner
Daniel Benner Pred 2 dnevi
7:33 You can tell she's trying hard not to laugh.
dabbeddafckout allday
dabbeddafckout allday Pred 2 dnevi
Wow fake Biden talks more than real biden
Pusher Love Man
Pusher Love Man Pred 2 dnevi
Maya breaking at 7:29 tho!! I’m just happy to see her happy... and, you know, for her to be gainfully employed the next 4 years.
IRISH-LAD Pred 2 dnevi
Trump 2020
uncle iroh
uncle iroh Pred dnevom
Your 3 weeks behind buckaroo
mike richards
mike richards Pred 2 dnevi
At least your show can poke fun of Biden!
Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan Pred dnevom
SNL has poked fun of every president since they first started. Some, like Trump, are just that much easier to poke fun at.
Jakub Bielak
Jakub Bielak Pred 2 dnevi
"It was like having sex with Sting" - underrated line🤣🤣
KanchoKomancho Pred 2 dnevi
The pretence is over: It looks like Ms. Harris could become U.S. president in the next few years. Biden is just a vehicle ( A convenient vehicle for bringing the first female president to the White House; which is a continuation of an idea that was previously, albeit unsuccessfully (at least initially), embodied by Hillary Clinton. I'm really interested in what her first activities and first decisions in the White House will be (especially when she finally becomes president), and I'm also interested in the continuation of the media-led transformation of her person's public perception, ...from a woman with an ‘interesting’ past to a new hope of ‘disenfranchised and oppressed’ identity groups Most of the American politics from 2015 on is basically a gender politics (wrapped up in one thing or another) and it started defining the social narrative almost everywhere in the world in a way never seen before. So we can now expect even stronger pushing of the ideology that puts collectivism over individualism, social constructivism over biological realism, safety over risk taking, cooperation over competition, political correctness over freedom of speech, communitarian-based corporate culture over merit-based one, group identity over meritocracy, emotionalism over facts/rationalism, ‘fempowerment’ over ‘toxic masculinity’,... Conclusion: Most people who disagree with a good portion of the worldview of this omnipresent collectivist / woke / PC / feminist / social constructivist / quasi-progressive ideology will now have to be even more careful about what and how they discuss things, and to whom they tell what they actually think, so that the ‘thought police’ would not quickly label, shame, cancel and silence them as toxic sexists and regressive misogynists.
Miriam Hernandez
Miriam Hernandez Pred 2 dnevi
Boy these two are going to shine for the next four years or maybe eight 😁 I love Alec.
CutsieFace McGee
CutsieFace McGee Pred 2 dnevi
Why are people cheering cuz of her race????? She's a garbage human being but as long as she's bi-racial it's all good?
CutsieFace McGee
CutsieFace McGee Pred 2 dnevi
How could people like Biden over Trump? I just don't get it.
Scott Free
Scott Free Pred 2 dnevi
BIDEN by the Rules🧐 Idk why I don’t have a slogan job by now🤣
sammy sam
sammy sam Pred 2 dnevi
2:23 “or a cracked out hot mess like FL.” 😂
Leonardo Castagna
Leonardo Castagna Pred 2 dnevi
Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson Pred 2 dnevi
That Macho man skit has me in tears lol
Dr. Gray
Dr. Gray Pred 2 dnevi
Best ever
Shahad Ahmed
Shahad Ahmed Pred 2 dnevi
I like when he say loser all the time
Luis Ramirez
Luis Ramirez Pred 2 dnevi
Jim Carrey nailed this impersonation, like a glove😂😂😂
John Dinh
John Dinh Pred 2 dnevi
Fake Joe
uncle iroh
uncle iroh Pred dnevom
Well yeah no shit
Rosemay Jeanty
Rosemay Jeanty Pred 2 dnevi
Rosemay Jeanty
Rosemay Jeanty Pred 2 dnevi
Yid u
Richard Scott
Richard Scott Pred 2 dnevi
The Tangerine Panda is dead....Come on down Sleepy Joe.
Luke Pred 2 dnevi
Yay corporatism this is what america needs! We love Joe Biden lets keep voting for him he takes no money from donors or foreign countries!
christopherc93 Pred dnevom
And Trump doesn't? lol
Steven Chaisson
Steven Chaisson Pred 2 dnevi
Bobalover Pred 2 dnevi
Is the person who plays Kamala, Kamala’s sister? Because her voice sounds exactly like Kamala’s
Richard Beacham
Richard Beacham Pred 2 dnevi
Bidens dance 😂 😂 😂
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