How To Be A Professor - Gus Johnson

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Gus Johnson

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Follow this simple guide to learn how to be a successful professor.
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Today we learn how to be a professor.
Special thanks to nobody - I did it all myself.
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Bent The Metal
Bent The Metal Pred 4 urami
I don’t remember the earrape part being actual earrape my fricking ears
Ghost 510
Ghost 510 Pred dnevom
I’m in 7th grade and I’m already learning about how the mitochondria
Swing Low
Swing Low Pred dnevom
I’m in eight grade and I can’t stop laughin
Some Guy
Some Guy Pred dnevom
That thumbnail.
Hani's Experiments
Hani's Experiments Pred 2 dnevi
1:35 Well that is so relatable 😂
EpicSandvich01 Pred 2 dnevi
So is 2:45
Jody White
Jody White Pred 2 dnevi
This is exactly my previous teacher The entire class hated him
schiggy2319 Pred 2 dnevi
For me, the speaker thing is the opposite. Its too quiet, and if I miss something, its my fault for not paying attention and not being able to hear. Oh, and how can I forget the "This speaker is as loud as it can go, so dont even breathe loudly or else you'll miss a question."
Bryan Yap
Bryan Yap Pred 3 dnevi
You can tell this video was made after he got horrifying flashbackd
Stonks 001
Stonks 001 Pred 3 dnevi
(In Morgan Freeman voice) Little did anyone know, a young Eddy burback would see this video which would spark one of the best comedy duos the internet has ever seen..........
SlyHikari03 Pred 4 dnevi
If I ever become a music teacher, I’ll follow this video.
Mihkel Parve
Mihkel Parve Pred 4 dnevi
2.17 it wasn't email
Roman Roth
Roman Roth Pred 5 dnevi
the brother‘s not from colorado but alabama. netflix and chill
dio Pred 5 dnevi
The moment I become a teacher, the first day of school I will bring this video up, and tell them we do all this on purpose
Michael Berra
Michael Berra Pred 5 dnevi
Look the video part was on point! But the worse part is when they start the video 2 or 3 seconds in and don't play it from the beginning!!! Always hated that 😂
FlippyFishy Pred 5 dnevi
"Im not an artist but" *draws the mona lisa*
Meme Pred 6 dnevi
I have a teacher just like this
Wobochacha Pred 6 dnevi
“Better go to the bathroom” I am on the toilet and watching
Maanav Pred 6 dnevi
im just sitting here and wondering who all this is targeted at XD
Quicktime Events
Quicktime Events Pred 7 dnevi
Don't forget, you should call tech support every two goddamn weeks for stuff that anybody would instantly be able to tell isn't broken, just misused BY YOU, then when the tech support agent tries to explain how to use the equipment that, need we remind you, IS ESSENTIAL TO YOUR JOB AND YOU SHOULD ALREADY KNOW HOW TO USE, pull rank and remind the agent that you have a better degree than them, which immediately make you more qualified to comment on something YOU CALLED US ABOUT.
Big Boy Huandisimo
Big Boy Huandisimo Pred 7 dnevi
I am always surprised how stupid some teachers can be
BlondHairedDominic Pred 7 dnevi
*I as a professional professor or professional profession I can confirm this is how you do it.*
Carl Stuvek
Carl Stuvek Pred 7 dnevi
ok now do a zoom version
Gustavo 0020
Gustavo 0020 Pred 8 dnevi
I'm actually going to be a arts professor
Antyy Pred 8 dnevi
Who is in class
iHost Pred 9 dnevi
Ngl, he could literally be this person.
Doodandy Pred 9 dnevi
It hurts how relatable this is
TheRiddleGamer Pred 9 dnevi
I always had that one teacher that never skipped an ad that always moves slow to hit the pause button and then we're all yelling at the damn teacher that we are at this part because she accidentally skipped 5 minutes ahead trying to pause it
Charlie Londono
Charlie Londono Pred 9 dnevi
one of my favourite youtubers
jb Pred 10 dnevi
2:44 this is very very very accurate
ben cassidy
ben cassidy Pred 10 dnevi
Watching . this know my car on blyteooth in the drive thru almost blew my speakers
Shaina Bowling
Shaina Bowling Pred 11 dnevi
Kevin Durant messages
Ricki Austo
Ricki Austo Pred 11 dnevi
2017 what a golden age for humanity
Matthew Hinshaw
Matthew Hinshaw Pred 11 dnevi
Thanks for linking the mitochondria video.
Hotcocoislife Fghr
Hotcocoislife Fghr Pred 11 dnevi
At 2:27 I was at max volume and my ears are bleeding
This statement is false Nothing is true
This statement is false Nothing is true Pred 11 dnevi
0:38 ok Mr. Johnson
Andrea S.
Andrea S. Pred 11 dnevi
i'm a teach- I mean a corn dog
Andrea S.
Andrea S. Pred 11 dnevi
jk i would be eaten by now
Felix Palmberg
Felix Palmberg Pred 12 dnevi
Seems like you’ve had some bad teacher experiences
Ian Duncan
Ian Duncan Pred 12 dnevi
Why is the unskippable ad so true
Le chamoix
Le chamoix Pred 13 dnevi
Oh Fuck it feels so real
Gon Freecss
Gon Freecss Pred 13 dnevi
Watching this in the restroom sooo the joke is in fact... on you
Masen Brafford
Masen Brafford Pred 13 dnevi
2:35 volume
Joseph Grant
Joseph Grant Pred 13 dnevi
If my grandpa was still here, he would laugh his butt off.
George Otteson
George Otteson Pred 13 dnevi
Showed it to my professor father, he was *really* amused
Kate Eppich
Kate Eppich Pred 13 dnevi
This is so true
Schwepp _
Schwepp _ Pred 13 dnevi
God the part where he pressed the pause button in the corner is so accurate it's disgusting. I'm off school for a week and this gave me flashbacks
Sumocheeto Pred 13 dnevi
bruh i dont wanna go to college now
xbox clipzz
xbox clipzz Pred 13 dnevi
My 3rd grade teacher did the exact same stuff
Master Pokéball
Master Pokéball Pred 13 dnevi
When it comes to showing the class a ”educational” youtube video a teacher (or a professor) doesnt have the volume up to max, but instead chooses the least educational and least sense making video to insure the class doesnt understand anything they just watched
KHA BOOM Pred 13 dnevi
how is it so accurate
SennaTheSenna Pred 13 dnevi
Also don't forget to have at least 15 powerpoint tabs open at the same time.
8BitBystander Pred 13 dnevi
3:00 i had my mouse on the bar the whole video without noticing until he mentioned it, at first a thought it was a joke he was doing... NOPE JUST ME BEIN DUM...
the,communist,Russia Pred 14 dnevi
most relatable thing I have ever seen on youtube
Avetts World
Avetts World Pred 14 dnevi
cvxvcvxcvcxvcxvcxvxc Pred 14 dnevi
This was not my experience with professors
HYKANTUS Pred 14 dnevi
You have no right to be so relatable
unkillable_dog Pred 14 dnevi
Never gets old
Kaleb Adams
Kaleb Adams Pred 15 dnevi
Is it like parents and teachers don't know what time is like : why didn't u use the bathroom when u were there? BECAUSE I DIDNT HAVE 2 AT THE TIME BRO R U DUM
Cureetos Pred 15 dnevi
i showed this to my teacher. surprisingly he laughed, a lot
Greg Schoellhammer
Greg Schoellhammer Pred 15 dnevi
Just had to fit in a Mitochondria mene didn't you?
Mopsspoof Pred 15 dnevi
You forgot middle-school teachers.
Robert Distefano
Robert Distefano Pred 15 dnevi
I didn't go to the bathroom before this video
Thonking Thatcher
Thonking Thatcher Pred 15 dnevi
so professors are millenial boomers
Just a Biscuit
Just a Biscuit Pred 15 dnevi
Make sure to ignore any signs of help from students when it comes to the technology you don’t understand
THE_GIF Pred 16 dnevi
I've been to a flight school where boomers paid to fly all kind of different airplanes struggled to perform basic actions on a PC. :|
X DuskAshes
X DuskAshes Pred 16 dnevi
An educator educating educators about educating
Marsupial Mason
Marsupial Mason Pred 16 dnevi
Leaving the cursor there is the fucking most iconic thing any teach/prof/etc. Has ever fucking done. It happens in my nightmares sometimez.. i remember once i was stuck in an essay for 9 consecutive hours... and every time he wanted to show a random essay question that we could anyone could ask to replay over and over if need be. He LEFT THE MOTHER FUCKING CURSOR ON IT!!!!! Worst nightmare ever. I have every so often
F0xO_O Pred 16 dnevi
i got fired
Evan Keaney
Evan Keaney Pred 16 dnevi
This was very informative. Danke sehr.
Something Animations
Something Animations Pred 16 dnevi
I seriously can’t tell if this guy is in his twenties, his thirties, or his forties
Mirtha Lehmann
Mirtha Lehmann Pred 16 dnevi
The alert pocket aetiologically tick because peen incidentally match underneath a thundering brother. cooperative, jealous spinach
Joachim Johnsen
Joachim Johnsen Pred 16 dnevi
You forgot how they always force you to buy their books.
Mixup 221
Mixup 221 Pred 17 dnevi
0:58 I wonder if they just showed up on set and those dead markers were already there
Jay the Killer
Jay the Killer Pred 17 dnevi
My teacher leaves the email open and I got a phone number and address so there is a reason
Anna Meegan
Anna Meegan Pred 17 dnevi
oNe Of ThE mOsT aMaZiNg FuNcTiOnS me, with AirPods in: *seizure time*
Рози Роза
Рози Роза Pred 17 dnevi
In the voiceover he sounds like Rusty Cage a little bit
Dirty Cheeto
Dirty Cheeto Pred 17 dnevi
pretty sure my freshman world history teacher follows this video word for word
Scpwhy Pred 18 dnevi
My teachers always pressed the bottom left lol
Jayden Evers
Jayden Evers Pred 18 dnevi
2:16 my fucking professors do this every fucking day
Andy Peoples
Andy Peoples Pred 18 dnevi
The pause button habit killed me, both humorously in this video, and psychologically when my teachers actually did this.
Maxie Pred 19 dnevi
This is so accurate
James Pred 19 dnevi
Literally every single one of these things were true
RG 1000
RG 1000 Pred 19 dnevi
You forgot the rocket launcher and the gun
Mostly Baton
Mostly Baton Pred 19 dnevi
This video is literally all of my secondary school science classes
Mind Diamond
Mind Diamond Pred 19 dnevi
Imagine Professor-wannabe finds this when trying to find a tutorial 🤣
JellyCheetos Pred 19 dnevi
0:50 SweET HoME alAbaMa
Maximilian Mitchell
Maximilian Mitchell Pred 19 dnevi
This is so true
Aishwariya Roy
Aishwariya Roy Pred 19 dnevi
I go to school in Nigeria. This shouldn't be so relatable.
J T Pred 20 dnevi
It makes me happy that sometimes the professor's are almost as bad at drawing as me
Ben Grütering
Ben Grütering Pred 20 dnevi
IIsatomi3ii Pred 21 dnevom
So neck rolls and boomer
Mr Peanut
Mr Peanut Pred 21 dnevom
The 1.5K dislikes is from professors knowing its true
Goro Majima
Goro Majima Pred 21 dnevom
I hate when teachers say “wElL I caNt Go tO thE tOilEt dUrIng cLASs”
Brody Sanders
Brody Sanders Pred 21 dnevom
I can't begin to say how God damn accurate this is
Connor Esmond • 73 years ago
Connor Esmond • 73 years ago Pred 21 dnevom
Ok this is SCARILY accurate.
the god like player
the god like player Pred 21 dnevom
I had a teacher who had us write the entire url
Collin Meehan
Collin Meehan Pred 21 dnevom
Rip headphone users
Frankie Garcia
Frankie Garcia Pred 21 dnevom
Lucas Shaker
Lucas Shaker Pred 22 dnevi
Boy do i love jus gonson
Zack Browning
Zack Browning Pred 22 dnevi
Gus Johnson is a legend. He can literally master any character out there.
iwillmicrowavepikachu Pred 22 dnevi
"How To Be A Professor" more like how to get fired no offense lol
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