Jennifer Lopez Carpool Karaoke

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The Late Late Show with James Corden

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James Corden and Jennifer Lopez carpool to CBS singing some of her most popular tracks before James takes Jennifer's phone and sends a text to Leonardo DiCaprio. Watch Jennifer Lopez in the Shades of Blue season finale this Thursday March 31st on NBC, and the American Idol series finale April 7th on Fox.
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Each week night, THE LATE LATE SHOW with JAMES CORDEN throws the ultimate late night after party with a mix of celebrity guests, edgy musical acts, games and sketches. Corden differentiates his show by offering viewers a peek behind-the-scenes into the green room, bringing all of his guests out at once and lending his musical and acting talents to various sketches. Additionally, bandleader Reggie Watts and the house band provide original, improvised music throughout the show. Since Corden took the reigns as host in March 2015, he has quickly become known for generating buzzworthy viral videos, such as Carpool Karaoke."

jackie rosenbloom
jackie rosenbloom Pred 5 urami
I'm old and its after midnight and I can't stop watching!! So much fun!!
Melinda Mullins
Melinda Mullins Pred 5 urami
I love this one👑👑⭐⭐✌✌💛💛
Asta-Tro Pred 18 urami
James you have the BEST JOB in the world!!! ♡♡♡ Love you🖤🖤
Alaire Faye
Alaire Faye Pred dnevom
On behalf of all womankind I cant accept your apology.... That was PERFECT!!!! I love your answer Jlo!
sand bach
sand bach Pred dnevom
She is SO beautiful
Timothy Ryan Wang
Timothy Ryan Wang Pred 2 dnevi
I don't know her
Rafaela Greg Assis dos Santos
Rafaela Greg Assis dos Santos Pred 3 dnevi
O titulo tá em portugues 😱
Petro Cronje
Petro Cronje Pred 4 dnevi
Jlo is so amazing even in 2021
Âzìz Àzzoùg
Âzìz Àzzoùg Pred 4 dnevi
2021 ✌!!
Arif H
Arif H Pred 4 dnevi
J-lo never getting olderr.. she still looks young, fresh, and cheerful
Marian Arija
Marian Arija Pred 4 dnevi
Divine moment Amaziiiin Mr. Gorden
Mahmuda Kabir Moni
Mahmuda Kabir Moni Pred 4 dnevi
Just watch the same youtube video 6 months later, you will know how much you have changed.
Caren Saberola
Caren Saberola Pred 5 dnevi
Hi may name is Caren from phillipines .. i can request Carpool Karaoke with BlackPink pleaaaseee 🙏🙏🙏 i saw Araina Grande , Selena Gomez , lady Gaga ,Mile cyrus and Jenniper Lopez ..i love it im super injoy watching is very fun and injoy each other 🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘
Alia Air
Alia Air Pred 5 dnevi
Drake needs to go on this dude
Swong 04
Swong 04 Pred 5 dnevi
They could be LoCo
Michelle Rojas
Michelle Rojas Pred 5 dnevi
Porque le pegaba tanto jajajaja pobre James
Michelle Rojas
Michelle Rojas Pred 5 dnevi
✨jlo hablando en español ✨
Kylee Smith
Kylee Smith Pred 5 dnevi
OMG I live jennifer lopez
Alicia Pred 6 dnevi
Smh Leo thought he was about to get some Jlo and then he sees this....🤣🤣
Krystal Huston
Krystal Huston Pred 6 dnevi
Love that Leo responded and was so sweet too
Krystal Huston
Krystal Huston Pred 6 dnevi
when Jen did the music video faces montage....literally deceased
Diane Zimmerman
Diane Zimmerman Pred 6 dnevi
The best one EVER!!!!!!
mohamedplays_ roblox
mohamedplays_ roblox Pred 6 dnevi
I don’t know her
mohamedplays_ roblox
mohamedplays_ roblox Pred 6 dnevi
She still can’t sing
YAM FALAS Pred 7 dnevi
This guy job is the best in the World
Thomas Zürcher
Thomas Zürcher Pred 7 dnevi
Di Caprio? 🤫😎 A bigger Number 🤠🌹
David L
David L Pred 8 dnevi
Thanks for the great laughs
Chris AU
Chris AU Pred 8 dnevi
so this year its going to be zoom karaoke right
Carlo Di Orio
Carlo Di Orio Pred 8 dnevi
You guys have to do a Shakira carpool karaoke
Siema Jurawan
Siema Jurawan Pred 9 dnevi
Mila Lachman stop it with my broers lachmannnnn . You are gewaarschuwd
Siema Jurawan
Siema Jurawan Pred 9 dnevi
Mila Lachman kan niet zwager vrouwen ,(vrouwen schoondochters) lachman .Siema Jurawan he schoonzus .Siema Daselva ..J.l.o
Siema Jurawan
Siema Jurawan Pred 9 dnevi
God wil love you (be blesed in the name ofJezus( Mila Lachman bhouwdjie
Siema Jurawan
Siema Jurawan Pred 9 dnevi
Siema Jurawan
Siema Jurawan Pred 9 dnevi
Aardsengel in de bus car ...24/ 7
Siema Jurawan
Siema Jurawan Pred 9 dnevi
Broer Lachman(Mila bhouwdjie )
Siema Jurawan
Siema Jurawan Pred 9 dnevi
Levendesteen hollandse gezin 2 kinderen
Siema Jurawan
Siema Jurawan Pred 9 dnevi
Igmar levendesteen bedreigd ons .broer mila
Siema Jurawan
Siema Jurawan Pred 9 dnevi
Prasna en fausia ,Farisha ,Monique ,Mila are folowining us .in the name of Jezus out of the clip your face
Siema Jurawan
Siema Jurawan Pred 9 dnevi
Werner your face
Siema Jurawan
Siema Jurawan Pred 9 dnevi
Where is sarahhhh ? In the film .richting Rotterdam stad ?😶
Siema Jurawan
Siema Jurawan Pred 9 dnevi
Hai can you please get out of the movie *(thank you) Jenifer lopez its not profer werner body ...God blesed you (Mila folowing for m o n ey
Grey Niemes
Grey Niemes Pred 9 dnevi
David Guevara
David Guevara Pred 10 dnevi
James Corden, The Human Shazam
Amanda Tan
Amanda Tan Pred 11 dnevi
The enormous cooking conventionally marry because action additionaly trot forenenst a wandering game. cagey, imaginary path
Ия Pred 11 dnevi
Hi guys. Please write someone what he wrote to Leo? I want to understand a joke, but still poorly understand English at the hearing(
Story Russell
Story Russell Pred 12 dnevi
He needs to do a daddy yankee carpool
Dr Xaayoow
Dr Xaayoow Pred 12 dnevi
love Jlo
mitchell himmel
mitchell himmel Pred 12 dnevi
I am an old man Mitchell Himmel public relations Pri Body Guard
mitchell himmel
mitchell himmel Pred 12 dnevi
Jenefert am i still your privatee
Emsi Pred 12 dnevi
Watching 12:15 in 2021 and all the club memories flood my brain. Oh boy what have me missed so far.
Jamie Grob
Jamie Grob Pred 13 dnevi
Jlo is very rude and roles her eyes and someone I know worked for Jlo and told the manager not to make eye contact with her which I think is rude
steve weiser
steve weiser Pred 13 dnevi
I cannot believe she has been only proposed to 5 times...but maybe ..her game would be intimidating but if you really loved her go for it.
Mike Derouin
Mike Derouin Pred 13 dnevi
Can you not put bad parts in there I am only 10
Mike Derouin
Mike Derouin Pred 13 dnevi
I mean 8
Reality TV
Reality TV Pred 14 dnevi
I love James! He gets INTO his tunes! LMAO!
Thomas Zürcher
Thomas Zürcher Pred 14 dnevi
I give no comments just this: Driver you don't have to Drink i will Controll 😜😜 and your Voice - please forgive me is 🤮🤮
marofis broissin olmedo
marofis broissin olmedo Pred 14 dnevi
Is she mean? wonder... tan bonita, tan talentosa y se dice que es muy mala con las …personas... Is she?
Brigit Anyango
Brigit Anyango Pred 15 dnevi
At least Leonardo replies fast
Edward Fitzgerald
Edward Fitzgerald Pred 15 dnevi
This dude knows the lyrics to every song ever written. WTF
Jessica Smithy
Jessica Smithy Pred 11 urami
He knows who he is going to have on and the songs are pre-picked so he studies.
Lily Rose
Lily Rose Pred 14 urami
Except Coldplay
Brenda Savu
Brenda Savu Pred 3 dnevi
What is so strange or wtf about it? It's called being musically inclined.
Redman UK
Redman UK Pred 5 dnevi
That's impressive whilst driving but if you wanna really impress me James do it in a Manual 😉..
July Colon
July Colon Pred 10 dnevi
I mean obviously he prepares for what so ga they’re gonna sing
Pamela Howell
Pamela Howell Pred 15 dnevi
Loved this
Ahdi Suhadi
Ahdi Suhadi Pred 15 dnevi
Next agnez mo😊
savannah Garcia
savannah Garcia Pred 15 dnevi
I feel like jlo been dropping alot of money to headline superbowl and new years but she is fading out the spot light just go gracefully she hasnt had a hit in over a decade
Jacob White
Jacob White Pred 12 dnevi
You truly don’t pay attention to what she is doing and they asked her to do the super bowl because it was in Miami, in that town she is one of the most beloved people there plus she’s getting Oscar buzz for her movies she has three in the makes also a new album. There is still a demand for her. And her hits are in the Latin world like she a huge star there. Because you don’t listen to her music, she has 142 million followers on Instagram more then most and 16 million on SLpost. And her last Spanish songs hat came out like 4 months ago was at #1 for many weeks. So she is still dropping hits but because you can only focus on the small picture does mean someone is fading the person who needs to fade away is Mariah Carey
Rachid MEZHER Pred 15 dnevi
how do you get jlo to come with you ?!
steve weiser
steve weiser Pred 16 dnevi
This video was absolutely funny and great...
Spucki1402 Pred 16 dnevi
1 of the Biges things , She is A great Mom
Mrs Smith
Mrs Smith Pred 17 dnevi
Its hard not to like her ! They have a great connection they would be good friends if they aren't already.
Charith Perera
Charith Perera Pred 17 dnevi
aria dupree
aria dupree Pred 17 dnevi
I need another movie with her like ASAP
JKo Pred 18 dnevi
I’m already searching for the remix of “waiting for tonight”. Can someone help me?
israel valdovinos
israel valdovinos Pred 18 dnevi
Amira M
Amira M Pred 18 dnevi
Soooo amazing show. So great! Thank you 💋♥️
Camilo Gómez
Camilo Gómez Pred 18 dnevi
I cannot believe James is straight and married to a woman hahaha XD
Víctor Pestana
Víctor Pestana Pred 16 dnevi
Me neither lmao
genZ CRACKHEAD Pred 18 dnevi
Am I the only one here in 2021 watching this for the 100th time in my zoom class
Jean C. Triumph
Jean C. Triumph Pred 18 dnevi
I swear that van on auto-pilot....we'll still watching this in 2021...we need more carpool
Ben King
Ben King Pred 20 dnevi
Shes so amazing. And james is hillarious. And Leo is just the best ever
Liam Mallon
Liam Mallon Pred 20 dnevi
James can sing AMAZINGLY WELL, his voice is so underrated.
Cristian Edimer Porras Martinez
Cristian Edimer Porras Martinez Pred 17 dnevi
omg thats so true
Marjie Ann
Marjie Ann Pred 20 dnevi
How many artists almost lost their hoop earrings in this car. hahaha
AutumnAfter8 Pred 21 dnevom
I want James to do a carpool karaoke with Tom Ellis it will be so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😎
Daniel C
Daniel C Pred 21 dnevom
She’s the Thanos of engagement rings
Simon Hessler
Simon Hessler Pred 21 dnevom
Jennifer ❤️
Opinion X
Opinion X Pred 21 dnevom
Anybody else paused and zoomed in at 11:35 ?
Kenneth Steven
Kenneth Steven Pred 21 dnevom
I lost my job due to covid and a friend of mine recommended sir Luiz and ever since trading with his platform I have been benefiting a lot
Susan Gillette
Susan Gillette Pred 22 dnevi
I always thought some models insure their legs. ?????????????
Soft Pink
Soft Pink Pred 22 dnevi
Luv jen. She is a diva but she doesn't act like one.
Vania Wijaya
Vania Wijaya Pred 22 dnevi
LAUGH OUT LOUD. *Dicaprio part
Robert Jeter
Robert Jeter Pred 22 dnevi
She should be married to Meeee!
Antonella Iammarino
Antonella Iammarino Pred 22 dnevi
Grazie, io adoro Jennifer Lopez. È brava, bella, semplice e professionale.
krimaaa1 Pred 22 dnevi
i think this is the funniest carpool karaoke ever !
Ange Pred 22 dnevi
I love her. She’s definitely not the best singer but she’s one of the best entertainers. And she works hard, survived this long, and didn’t do drugs & overdose etc. That takes discipline. My brothers hate her though. But I think deep down, they’re just in denial 😂🤣😂🤣.
Cercea Lary Cercea
Cercea Lary Cercea Pred 22 dnevi
dsg cloud
dsg cloud Pred 23 dnevi
Can she actually sing? I can barely hear her voice. It looks like she's just mouthing the words.
Charlin Jorge vargas
Charlin Jorge vargas Pred 23 dnevi
You should translate some of your videos so that your Hispanic followers can understand the conversations a bit. Good videos 🙏🏼😘
Daryl MC Death
Daryl MC Death Pred 23 dnevi
I want to see Carpool Caraoke with Eminem and then you sing Rapgod and Godzilla... :-)
membribesrr Pred 23 dnevi
I've heard about guitar players, like Nuno Bittencourt, insuring their hands. Makes sense to me.
Kerros973 Pred 23 dnevi
She is absolutely gorgeous 👏 and booty ♥️
Mimi Yi
Mimi Yi Pred 23 dnevi
Shes such a good singer! One of my favorite artists
Sivana Velt
Sivana Velt Pred 23 dnevi
J lo is so much fun😂
Sai Rochan
Sai Rochan Pred 24 dnevi
Dude some guy in the rangerover is following you
AboutMy_FathersBusiness Pred 20 dnevi
Probably security
Sandra Silva
Sandra Silva Pred 24 dnevi
I would just like to let you all know that there are songs in Spanish about yogurt and shrimp
Mar Ortega
Mar Ortega Pred 25 dnevi
Alguien puede traducirse el texto que envía a Leonardo DiCaprio y la respuesta de este?
Grzegorz Potaczek
Grzegorz Potaczek Pred 25 dnevi
'All I Want for Christmas' Carpool Karaoke
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