how the USPS delivers your packages

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actual USPS delivery footage
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this is a video about the US Postal Service
Welcome to the Gus Johnson channel, where the most average content comes to fizzle out.
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Gus Johnson
Gus Johnson Pred 2 leti
if you or a loved one has been affected by the US Postal Service, please follow me on twitter @Gusbuckets to get better
LeoVids Pred 16 dnevi
A lot of Tiktokers are replicating this video now.
Andrew Pred 19 dnevi
@BRIANNA LINARES yeah I'm a carrier and when I get my hamper. There will be all the lightweight packages in the bottom. And then a 30 lb box of dog food that was thrown on top of it all. Then I have to be the one who drops it at the door and hey.... It must have been me
Ian F. Music
Ian F. Music Pred 22 dnevi
The sub titles are... very interesting...
Aqueous_Fireball Pred 29 dnevi
you forgot the flamethrower
Frank Truesdale
Frank Truesdale Pred mesecem
Shut up you little turd
REANU KEEVES Pred 4 urami
Your baby has been deliverd.
Toko Fukawa
Toko Fukawa Pred 5 urami
You got it mixed up. it’s fedex
Funny radar
Funny radar Pred 6 urami
Actually where I live the usps is rather good with their packages
ZeroMoxie Pred 7 urami
That explains a lot
Hamburger And Fries
Hamburger And Fries Pred 7 urami
Don’t they use a truck?
Pat Reilly
Pat Reilly Pred 10 urami
This is reactionary smh
Jason Caffee
Jason Caffee Pred 13 urami
The accuracy
SavedPhelps Pred 14 urami
0:26 this is just mega accurate
REANU KEEVES Pred 14 urami
Ahh i love my job
Robert Pieper
Robert Pieper Pred 15 urami
Ace Ventura lol
a person
a person Pred 16 urami
Haven't experienced this yet
Django Reinhardt
Django Reinhardt Pred 17 urami
Don't forget the ever hilarious "expected delivery date" that is only off by 4-5 days. I've had tracking where the package left and arrived Detroit 5-6 times. No joke. Then 3 more days to get to me in Ohio 1-1/2 hours from Detroit. From INDIANA.
salazar mk2
salazar mk2 Pred dnevom
Poor box
Olliewog Playz
Olliewog Playz Pred dnevom
What the h@@@
Somewhat Knowledgeable Geek
Somewhat Knowledgeable Geek Pred dnevom
I must have good luck with USPS. I've had thousands of both incoming and outgoing packages. Maybe a few got lost or damaged. If you're shipping something of higher value just pay a little extra and get insurance.
Nathaniel Walker
Nathaniel Walker Pred dnevom
I would like to know who subtitled these videos. A+ job.
D3F4LT Pred dnevom
He breaks the package physically and mentally 📦
Sarah Hatfield
Sarah Hatfield Pred dnevom
no that is not how thay do it i got one today and thats not how thay do it.
Leviathan Films
Leviathan Films Pred dnevom
The beginning of Ace Ventura be like:
* raVen*
* raVen* Pred 2 dnevi
Gościu jest k*rwa mistrzem 🤣🤣🤣
sgt jayden
sgt jayden Pred 2 dnevi
It's true sometimes
Pop tart Gamer
Pop tart Gamer Pred 2 dnevi
Fake He treated the packages way too well
ARC Trooper Axel A-22
ARC Trooper Axel A-22 Pred 2 dnevi
Seems accurate
Gino Dejoseph
Gino Dejoseph Pred 2 dnevi
The way he delivered it at the door tho😭😭😭😭😂😂
son Pred 2 dnevi
l o o k a t m e $|)!+ y u r w ö r t l i s
Rin Tohsaka
Rin Tohsaka Pred 2 dnevi
USPS is the best postal service hands down and I will not tolerate slander
FewAllenplayz smith
FewAllenplayz smith Pred 3 dnevi
Use closed captions
Nerd of all things Awesome
Nerd of all things Awesome Pred 3 dnevi
Is this Gus or Ace Ventura
Leftover Spagehhti
Leftover Spagehhti Pred 3 dnevi
"Hey my new phone's here!"
H20 - Melons
H20 - Melons Pred 3 dnevi
My packages always end up with the corners of the flaps ripped off, and the tape isn’t sealed all the way
i think this is a little watered down
Lann Pred 3 dnevi
Just like DHL in EU. Shittiest fucking delivery service, ever. Even for businesses.
Jake Lake
Jake Lake Pred 3 dnevi
As someone who worked in a FedEx warehouse, I can confirm that this actually slightly more respect than packages get there.
Rhys Pred 3 dnevi
Jackie donger would like to know your location
Teaspoon Tonn
Teaspoon Tonn Pred 3 dnevi
I just bought thousand lb neodymium magnets and ordered usps shipping... He does this to them he wont be delivering anything ever again
GEO ANTONY Pred 4 dnevi
This is how exactly USPS delivery send the package to me
zayden buck
zayden buck Pred 4 dnevi
its the scotch tape for me
Steve Hofmann
Steve Hofmann Pred 4 dnevi
Watch it with closed captions
42Dugg Pred 4 dnevi
So right
Aah Kay
Aah Kay Pred 4 dnevi
damn, i didn't know Ace Ventura mad a moustache
Tina Lugo
Tina Lugo Pred 5 dnevi
I am sooo digging the tan shorts ;)
CHIROP Pred 5 dnevi
The dislikes on this vid are all just USPS Delivery People
Yup Yup
Yup Yup Pred 5 dnevi
Imagine seeing some guy beat up a package in the middle of the road
Zack Zimmer
Zack Zimmer Pred 5 dnevi
Fake, they wouldn’t have even delivered it.
Pastasketti Pred 5 dnevi
imagine what the neighbours saw when he was recording this video
Eric Pred 5 dnevi
Yes that’s about right in 2020.
Spider_Ham36 Pred 5 dnevi
The fact gus will smoke repeatedly for videos is commitment
František Světlík
František Světlík Pred 6 dnevi
And I thought the postal service in my country was the worst!
Al N
Al N Pred 6 dnevi
[insert opening scene from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective]
Peyton Andrew
Peyton Andrew Pred 6 dnevi
Bruh ur not funny, at all
Coen Bijpost
Coen Bijpost Pred 7 dnevi
I have actually seen a mailman kicking a package down the street and delivering it afterwards. Mailman used to be a respected job...
John Lillyblad
John Lillyblad Pred 7 dnevi
Ace Ventura did it first
Eric Pred 7 dnevi
All that happens at the hub not on the truck during delivery...
Alex Causey
Alex Causey Pred 7 dnevi
Gus's lungs and Charli's lungs ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛
Drew Needham
Drew Needham Pred 7 dnevi
*ad* For extra funniess turn cc on and have a good laugh
Moonpie Mars
Moonpie Mars Pred 7 dnevi
It’s true and work there
Lin Pred 7 dnevi
I just witnessed a man pee on a box in los angeles in the middle of the road 𝕎 𝕙 𝕒 𝕥 𝕋 𝕙 𝕖 𝔽𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 𝕦 ... 𝔽𝕦𝕕𝕘𝕖
Dylan Devine
Dylan Devine Pred 8 dnevi
it with captions is funny af
Rylan Konen
Rylan Konen Pred 8 dnevi
When you look out the window and see a grown man pissing on your package in the street you think about your life choices and then are forced to decide if you are the one doing shit wrong or if the grown man pissing on your package in the street is doing shit wrong.😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳👀👀🤔🤔
Gaming With Matthew
Gaming With Matthew Pred 8 dnevi
Every bodies gangsta until the thing in the box was a vase with somebodies moms ashes 🤭😨
the Tacogamr
the Tacogamr Pred 8 dnevi
Locked captions are a must have
Evan G4ming
Evan G4ming Pred 9 dnevi
No wonder my packages are always missing things
Joe Yost
Joe Yost Pred 9 dnevi
pretty much the opening scene from Ace Ventura, but it was still funny
Ricki Thigpen
Ricki Thigpen Pred 9 dnevi
Happy Easter!
Gamer E 2008
Gamer E 2008 Pred 10 dnevi
This so accurate
fimicolos Pred 10 dnevi
maybe he should be a pet detective instead
BlueFlammedTech Pred 10 dnevi
Is this why my packages break so easy...?
MonkeyBomb Pred 10 dnevi
Looks accurate. They delivered my last package to the wrong address. 1 mile down the street
Alinutz Alin
Alinutz Alin Pred 10 dnevi
It's 1 am, and I'm trying not to laugh hard. Argh, my tears are making me blind >.
J Cud
J Cud Pred 10 dnevi
Oh ok just copy ace Ventura
Elizabeth Pred 10 dnevi
I love how his neighbours must be thinking he's having a mental breakdown
Stephen Casias
Stephen Casias Pred 10 dnevi
Shame, now the next porch pirate is gonna have piss on they're hand's
elder bastard
elder bastard Pred 10 dnevi
I just got a package last week that was stamped resealed at post office and everything I had ordered was missing except the business card of the company
Un0r1h4dox Pred 11 dnevi
He’s the new Ace Ventura
Tweevle Pred 11 dnevi
this is legit the scene from ace ventura
Donnie Drumbus
Donnie Drumbus Pred 11 dnevi
Isn't dis a tiktoks??
Mackenzie McIntyre
Mackenzie McIntyre Pred 11 dnevi
Canada post and pullrator too
Justine Saputra
Justine Saputra Pred 11 dnevi
Once they open that is gonna be suprised
Robert Richatd
Robert Richatd Pred 11 dnevi
Why does he have the exact same enthusiasm as Jim Carrey's Grinch
Nate's Page
Nate's Page Pred 12 dnevi
Soccer ball
Kaylynne Schubert
Kaylynne Schubert Pred 12 dnevi
I bet he’s posting this cuz this happened to him
Bruno Brekalo
Bruno Brekalo Pred 12 dnevi
Love the subtitles
BRINSON GAUL Pred 12 dnevi
The fact he spits and says "YOUR WORTHLESS" to the box is comedy for me
Nathan Haimson
Nathan Haimson Pred 12 dnevi
Guys please turn on the captions. Also plot twist; it's at the wrong address.
Cashboss_YT _
Cashboss_YT _ Pred 12 dnevi
Bruh, Like no joke, the lady that deliverers my USPS packaged is litterly like the type of person to give you cookies for no reason
Jeremy Boulerice
Jeremy Boulerice Pred 12 dnevi
Sponsored by Amazon
Ash Pred 12 dnevi
Someone watched ace Ventura
M NIEVES Pred 13 dnevi
Imagine people seeing you thinking. “ hell’s wrong with the mailman...? “
FrogPog Pred 13 dnevi
I hope my ps4 doesnt come from usps
Shadøwfly Øfficïal
Shadøwfly Øfficïal Pred 13 dnevi
My favorite tool date
Vernell Hinson
Vernell Hinson Pred 13 dnevi
Jersey Mike's
cvxvcvxcvcxvcxvcxvxc Pred 14 dnevi
If you got it on the correct block you're miles ahead of my USPS branch...
Jen G
Jen G Pred 14 dnevi
Ok Ace Ventura
AnneMarie Caiati
AnneMarie Caiati Pred 14 dnevi
One time I got shipped the package with nothing inside
Treqzie Ps4
Treqzie Ps4 Pred 14 dnevi
I work at a package handling hub for a company i will not name, and this cannot be more true lmaooooooo
Cinnamontoast999 Pred 15 dnevi
I’m telling you it’s not the carriers, it’s the machines in the processing plants and distribution centers!!!
Cinnamontoast999 Pred 15 dnevi
Packages get fuuuucked up from some of those machines, I’ll tell ya
pǝɹoᙠɹıS Pred 15 dnevi
Ethyn Periman
Ethyn Periman Pred 15 dnevi
let me brighten your day really quick... turn cc on...
User XIIIXIMMI Pred 15 dnevi
I love the walk at the and.
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